Friday, July 07, 2006

My New Old Flame, Fabio Cannavaro

OK, I did it. I managed to turn this week's feature review of Tracy Anne Warren's "The Bride Trap" into a tribute to Fabio Cannavaro. You can check it out now at Romance: B(u)y the Book! Per favore.
I'll admit it. I'm running out of great novels to feature as "Old Flames" at Romance: B(u)y the Book. I need your help desperately.
What romance novels
-- published 6 months ago or more --
should I be reading?
Thank you, Kathleen Eagle, for your GuestBlog yesterday, and thank youz, Bellas, for dropping in to make Kathleen feel welcome. We'll hear from her again when "Ride a Painted Pony" is released. Don't forget to visit Riding with the Top Down.
Encore! Forza Italia! Go Azzuri!
Encore due! Yes. I am going to be intolerable when Italy wins. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Stacy~ said...

Heiress for Hire or Mouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthy

Blackmailed Into Marriage by Lucy Monroe

Jamie by Lori Foster

Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson

I'll keep thinking...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I can always count on you first thing in the morning, Stace. OK. Now, is UAU romance or chick-lit? MJD said she's GuestBlog, and I keep forgeting to set it up. I so need this upcoming vacation.

Is Lucy Monroes a series/category romance? Didja like the chicken coop scene in HFH? My fave E Mc is "Houston, We Have a Problem." Thanks for the recs!

MsFlexie said...

6 or more months? LOL you realize this list could be never-ending! Here are a few from last fall that come to mind (assuming you've already read JR Ward's books and Liz Carlyle's 1-2-3 books):

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (and the whole Outlander series) by Diana Gabaldon

Wicked Fantasy (and Fever Dreams just came out) by Nicole Jordan

Courting Midnight by Emma Holly

Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

Only with a Highlander by Janet Chapman

Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare

A Taste of Crimson by Marjorie M. Liu

Want more???

Rach said...

Morning, Michelle! I have to say I like Fabio sans hair better. Not that he isn't a snaxy kinda guy with hair =). My hubby is convinced Italia is gonna *cream* France on Sunday! Bring the gloating on =).

Okay, recently published books.




That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'll keep thinkin' =).

Oh, to Julie, can't WAIT to hear about your JQ adventure!! =)

Jadewolff said...

An old classic that I was thoughtfully reminded of. Of course, I can't reread it since it's sitting at my parents place 10 states away.

A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.

Also, Judith McNaught books are always great. My favorite of hers is Paradise.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Re MizzyF: Bring it on!

Yeah, JulieO! Deets, deets!

Rach, I'm thinkin the same as your husband, but what superstitious Italian likes to say these things out loud. I'll just write them, cross myself, and kiss the backs of my fore- and middle fingers to God.

And, Bellas, gimmee the Old School titles, too. I actually prefer them.

How about Fabio, though, Rach, goin down to the skin? Smooth, sleek. Uh, what was I doing again? Oh, yeah. Back on track.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, jadewolff! Welcome! Glad you stopped by. Love Judith McNaught, too, especially the medievals, Whitney, too. Haven't read Knight, but will look for it. Keep chiming in, ok?

Rach said...

Okay, old "old flames".

Let's see:

Any Taggert/Montgomery book--Jude Deveraux

Heather Graham's Civil War trilogy--ONE WORE BLUE, ONE WORE GREY, ONE RODE WEST

SEP's Chicago Stars series

Trying to think on very little sleep here. I'll get more as they come to me.

Manda Collins said...

Be careful what you ask for, Michelle...hehe. Here goes:


Lynn Kerstan's trilogy, THE GOLDEN LEOPARD, HEART OF THE TIGER, THE SILVER LION. These were three of my fave books of the year (2003/04) when they came out but they didn't get much attention.

Mary Jo Putney's FALLEN ANGELS series.

Anything by Carla Kelley. Regency trads, and hard to find b/c of keeper status, but soooo good. It's a crime that she can't find a publisher.

Anything on Edith Layton's backlist. My particular faves are THE CONQUEST and TO WED A STRANGER.

If you can find a copy, Jo Beverly's EMILY AND THE DARK ANGEL and DIERDRE AND DON JUAN are classics that are on my best romances of all time list. Also MY LADY NOTORIOUS which started the Mallorens and AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE, which started the COMPANY OF ROGUES. These books were groundbreaking.

Okay, I could go on forever, but these are the ones that I'd include in my romance canon:)

Hope everybody's having a happy Friday! Did I mention that I LOVE Friday?

Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert here in DC last night. Let's just say, I thought the average age would be 11 years old or so. I was wrong. It's more like 8! LOL!

OK Michelle - How about THE WINDFLOWER by Tom and Sheila Curtis? It is one of my favorites! Or A KINGDOM OF DREAMS by Judith McNaught? Or THESE OLD SHADES by Georgette Heyer? How's that for old school?!?!

And Julie...we're waiting!!!

MsFlexie said...

OK here goes... my BEST OF FOREVER GOODIES list:

*Adele Ashworth - Winter Garden
*C.J. Barry - Unearthed series
*Liz Carlyle - anything she ever wrote
*Janet Chapman - MacKeage/Highlander series, Phffin Harbor series
*Pamela Clare - anything she ever wrote
*Quinn Taylor Evans - Merlin's Legacy series
*Julie Garwood - Honor's Splendor, The Prize, Prince Charming, Saving Grace, Lion's Lady, The Gift, Castles, The Bride, The Wedding, Ransom. The Secret
*Rachel Gibson - See Jane Score, Simply Irresistable
*Susan Grant - Star series
*Sandra Hill - Vikings series, Cajun series
*Emma Holly - historicals, midnight series, demon series
*Nicole Jordan - ANYTHING SHE EVER WROTE (I'd read her grocery list)
*Dara Joy - Matrix of Destiny series
*Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor - anything she ever wrote
*Marjorie M. Liu - Tiger Eye
*Deirdre Martin - anything she ever wrote
*Patrice Michele - Bad in Boots series (and I don't even like cowboys!)
*Karen Marie Moning - anything she ever wrote
*Patti O'Shea - Ravyn's Flight
*Susan Elizabeth Phillips- Chicago Stars series
*Karen Ranney - Highland Lords series
*Lisa Valdez - Passion
*J.R.Ward - both books
*Rebecca York - Moon series

... gotta get back to work now :)

Manda Collins said...

Yeah, Julie. This is so unlike you! Am I gonna have to break into limerick? Don't make me! I'll so do it!

Michelle, also forgot to add ANYTHING by Laura Kinsale. Esp. FLOWERS FROM THE STORM.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, yeah, Manda. Like pie, it's always a good time for a limerick. Feel free to riff one off for Fabio whenever the mood strikes.

Thanks, MizzyF. Can I tell you how great Rachel Gibson's "I'm in No Mood for Love" is? It's out in Oct, I think. Your list is awesome, and much appreciated.

Hey, Marykate: Groovy cool! Did you bop? Never read Curtis. Will look for it. Heyer. Good call. Love McNaught medievals.

JulieOOOOOOOh! Where Arrrre Yooooo

Monica Burns said...


Knight in Shining Armor is a DEFINITE old flame! It's got it all!

Sabrina Jeffries' Pirate Lord was my first intro to her work.

Amanda Quick's Mistress!! my first by her. Any of her other books BEFORE she did romantic suspense. I can't remember all the titles, I'm soooo bad about that, but I loved all of her books

I didn't read contemps or Paranormal a lot until recently, so have nothing to offer up there. Sorry

Rach said...

MK, AWESOME!! I bet you had a blast! Boppin' with the eight year olds. Excellent =).

Manda, I'm sure a limmerick would lure Julie out ;o).

Michelle, I asked my sister about WINDFLOWER (Jess is the be all end all goddess of all info romance) and she said it is nearly impossible to get your hands on. Great. It is also published under the name Laura London. I've heard nothing but good stuff about this book. I've heard that Cat, a secondary character practically steals the show.

Rach said...

Oh, and Michelle, don't you have *enough* books lying around without adding a ton of these to the piles? Your dh is going to want to *kill* us!

amy kennedy said...

I love Laura Kinsale, Mandacoll.

You guys all had such good advice--
I know you've done The Wolf and the Dove, how about some other Kathleen Woodiwiss--Petals on the Wind (gosh, I hope that's right)

Get thee to the library and browse--I'm sure someone could help you there. Ha!

amy kennedy said...

Rachd love the updated pic.

Kati said...

I bought a copy of THE WINDFLOWER from Mostly Romance (Sandy can find ANYTHING!) for about $15.00 a couple of years ago. All I'll say about it is that it is probably one of the best, most complete romances ever written. The prose shines, the characterizations are delightful, the heroine is smart and quirky, the hero is ALPHA in the best way and it boasts two of the best secondary characters I've ever read.

I'm not kidding, it's worth every penny and should be read by every single romance reader out there.

Teresa Medieros is the one who recommended it to me. She's such a big advocate of the story that when it was reissued, the Curtis's asked her to write a forward.

It's truly an amazing story!

Rach said...

Thanks, Amy =).

MK, I get to borrow my sister's copy, so I don't have to spend the money--yet. Of course, knowing me I'll want my own copy after I've read it. Teresa put it at the top of her list the other day, so I'm sure it must be incredible!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Are you guys telling me I'm gonna actually have to buy a book? the last book I bought was Liz Carlyle's Three Little Secrets. Oh, poo.

Kati said...

Michelle - I'll make you deal, you send me LOVER AWAKENED, and I'll send you THE WINDFLOWER. ;oP

Kati said...

I just checked Mostly Romance - They have two copies of THE WINDFLOWER for sale.

MsFlexie said...

The WINDFLOWER is by Laura London (the combo name for the Curtises)- GOOD ONE!!!!

Michelle - I almost forgot..

Robin Schone's "Lady's Tutor"
Loretta Chase's "Lord of Scoundrels"
Susan Johnson's "Outlaw"

Also, I'm glad to hear about Rachel Gibson's new book! Any hockey players in it??? *G* Her latest, "Sex, Lies and Online Dating" was pretty cute too!

Manda Collins said...

Poor Michelle.

On the good side, lots of these you can get on ebay for cheap.

And you'd be surprised at what you can find at the UBS...

Speaking of, I might head over to mine at lunchtime. I'm in the mood for an old flame:)

Julie O, this one's for you.

There once was a writer named
Who's signing did Julie attend.
The Bellas all hungered
For news, and they wondered
If Julie'd come blogging again.

Manda Collins said...

Nice try, Mary Kate:)

Kati said...

Doesn't greed look good on me? I figured I've already sucked up and begged and grovelled, maybe she'd take in trade. I'm seriously jonesing for a BDB fix! They're like romance crack!

Juuuuuuuuuulie??? Where are yooooou?

Manda - Awesome limerick!

Kati said...

BTW - Fascinating discussion going on over on the Squawk today re: Rescue Me and forced seduction.

Just FYI.

Rach said...

Julie!!! Come out and play with us!!!

Manda, fantabulous job =).

MK, I've been lurking at Squawk all day. Very interesting topic--Lisa sure did stir it up!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'll head over there then back here.

I did it, Bellas. I bought the book! Get it? I just ordered The Windflower. Pirates, Bellas! Shiver the timbers of me femininity. I hope it has some Old School forced High Seas seduction. Oh. I better not say that til I go over to Squawk Radio.

Rach said...

Michelle, I'd be interested in your opinion of the book. I'm planning on reading it as soon as I can get it from my sister. Mmmmmmm, love me some pirates!

Valeen said...

I'm sorry if I'm repeating something someone has already said.

I definitely recommend Lori Devoti's Love Is All Around - its not an old classic but its over six months. Its funny, light and alot of fun!

Judith McNaught's Perfect for sure.

Jude Deveraux's The Duchess
Julie Garwood - The Bride (we are doing a spotlight on this one on my blog right now. :)
Nora Roberts - Birthright
Karen Robards - The Senator's Wife
Kathleen Woodiwiss - The Flame and The Flower

Valeen said...

Oh! and Lisa Kleypas' Dreaming Of You. :)

Kati said...

I can't wait to hear what you guys think! It's such a good book! Michelle, let us know when you get it, and I'll reread it too and we can blog on it!

Rach said...

Excellent idea, MK! I'll email Jess right now and "remind" (read: harangue) her to bring it with her when she visits =).

Manda Collins said...

Michelle, so glad you chose the Tracy Ann Warren books. I've been tempted by them but wasn't sure about taking the plunge and buying them...

Now I know, and as GI Joe tells us, knowing is half the battle...GI Jooooooooe. (Yes, I watched way too much tv as a child.)

Kati said...

Speaking of JR Ward, she's got new excerpts up for both Lover Awakened and Lover Revealed. I'm falling for Butch now. I don't think either book can come fast enough for me.

SIGH. I need to get a life!

Manda Collins said...

Mary Kate, if that's true for you, then it's true for the rest of us.

If you want to feel better about yourself visit the Eloisa James BB where we pretty much daily work ourselves into a frenzy over Mayne. Who may or may not be paired with Josie in EJ's next book.

Thanks for the heads up on the JR Ward stuff. I need some distraction from my other cyber obsessions:-)

Rach said...

Okay, no more Miss Patient-guy--Julie, where ARE you??? It's 5:00 (EDT) and you should have reported in by now!!

I'm dying to know what happened with JQ. Bella, you're killin' me here!

Manda Collins said...

Hmmm...Didn't she have to go to Michigan for the JQ signing? (I seem to remember it was a few hours from her). Maybe they spent the night cause it was too far to drive back...Is it creepy that I remember that?

Julie in Ohio said...

OK, OK, OK. Sheesh. I could hear ya screaming lots of miles away. :o)

Actually it was Manda's limerick that did it. Thanks. I am laughing so hard, I'm actually cryin'.

The signing was awesome. She did a Q & A before in which I learned something very interesting. Maybe I ought to let that simmer for a bit. *g*

The book store was huge. Now mind you, I come from a small town so my definition of huge is probably different than those of you who have been to NY or Chicago or the like. I don't have much to base it off of, but there seemed to be a good turn out. I was impressed with the fact that there were some men there, too. I have, of course, seen pictures of her but she is much prettier in person.

MK, you went to see Kelly Clarkson?! I am an American Idol junkie and she was the first and the best of anyone following her. I am jealous. I would go and see her, too, in a heartbeat. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you what I learned. *g*

When she was here she said that her next books were about the Two Dukes of Wyndham, and it is also said that in the back of OTWTTW. However, she doesn't think that she will get them done in time because she is writing them simultaniously so we may be in for a real treat.
She has a book that is actually the third book she ever wrote that never saw the light of day. If I am remembering correctly she called it the best book she ever wrote but at the time she wrote it, it didn't fit into the publishing schedule. So she says that she will probably release that one next summer and then the Two Dukes will be released in 2008. Now for the bestest best part. Because Two Dukes are part of a two book series, they will both be coming out in 2008. We won't have to wait a year in between!!!
I don't know about the rest of you but that was music to my ears, and everyone else at the signing.

Julie in Ohio said...

It looks like Kathleen got a warm welcome yesterday. It was an interesting discussion that was had. I'm sorry I missed it.

But I have to tell you that my DH reserved us a room at Hamilton Inn. If you haven't stayed there, you must. Their beds and pillows were the best I have ever slept on. But I digress. He got us the Romantic Package. *sigh* It included a bottle of champagne and box of chocolates.
Of course it was too good to be true. When we got there everything was as it should be, but we didn't have our extras. We went to the signing then out for dinner. When we got back we checked at the front desk to see where our champagne and chocos were and the girl gave us that deer in the headlights look. She said that she needed to check with her manager and will call us. Yeah, right. We never received a call and our phone didn't work. But they did take it off our bill so we didn't have to pay. DH said that they were very good about it. No questions asked.

This concludes my summer vacation. Is it fall yet? *g*

Sorry, Rach, I know you are still basking in the glow of no students. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

I wanted to thank you all again. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have gone and then I would be beating myself up for it.
Although my eyes are blue, I don't think black and blue is a good color for me.:o)

Thank you for the encouragement you gave me.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You are so welcome, JulieO! Thanks for our update and all the news about JQ. Cool to hear about her releasing simultaneously. That's like Tracy Anne Warren and her three that are out now, released a month apart each. Glad you're gonna try em, Manda. I thought they were good old fashioned romance.

Michele Hauf said...

Okay, here's my top picks:
THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE PINK CARNATION by Lauren Willig. The Scarlet Pimpernel rides again, but this story is VERY romantic and has lots of adventure.

MASQUERADE by Susan Carroll. Heck, anything by Susan Carroll is AMAZING. I think she wrote Masquerade under the pseudo Serena Richards. 18th C historical with lots of action and romance.

Are you seeing a theme in my favorites? :-)

LORD OF SCOUNDRELS by Loretta Chase (though I'm sure you've already read that one. If not. Why are you sitting there? Get started!)

STARDUST OF YESTERDAY by Lynn Kurland. Ghost romance. And a believable one at that!

And one of my wierd favorites, CRY TO HEAVEN by Anne Rice. Of course, that was a love affair between two castratos...


Julie in Ohio said...

I'm going to need to put Loretta Chase on my TBB list. I haven't read any of her books yet and have heard nothing but raves about them.

I adore Karen Marie Moning's Highlander books.

If you are looking for historicals I would strongly recommend JQ "Brighter than the Sun." I don't really know what it is about this book but it is my fav. The h/h have such great chemistry for the get go.

Teresa Medieros "Breath of Magic" is a fun book.

I just read "Ain't She Sweet" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. This is the first book I have picked up from her and it is a keeper.

Another book I just finished is "Measure of a Lady" by Deeanne Gist. It is her new one, but it was amazing.

Julie in Ohio said...

I just went to my bookshelf to see who I was forgetting.

Kat Martin "Sweet Vengence". I have reread that one lots of times. It is a great historical.

Another book I found was Laura Kinsale "Shadowheart". It is the sequal to "For My Lady's Heart". But I liked it better because I could understand it better. In FMLH, the dialoge is written mostly in old english and I found it very hard to understand.
But "Shadowheart" has a lot of Italian in it and also has the whole tortured hero thing going on. I mean really if you were a former assassin, you would be pretty tortured, too.

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey Julie! So glad you had a good time and a little bit of a romantic getaway with DH! Yay!

Thanks for the JQ update! You know we were all clamoring because we were trying to live vicariously through you, right? Glad you liked your limerick:)

I wish they would do more releases like the Tracy Anne Warrens. Mary Balogh and Madeline Hunter's publisher did that a few years ago and it was so great not to have to wait a year for the next book in the series. Sigh, two JQ's in the same year is something to look forward to:-)

Manda Collins said...

Okay, that was me, Manda. For some reason blogger is wierding out on me...

Kati said...

Bonsoir Bellas! Julie! You're back! And with a great report on the JulieQ signing. Wonderful news about the dual release! It always makes me crazy that she is a one a year writer. I understand it, I just always want more.

I'm just back from seeing Captain Jack Sparrow in PoC: Dead Mans Chest. Johnny Depp was brilliant. And I have to say that while he doesn't do it for me, I really am starting to understand why my 13 year old niece can do 20 minutes of rapture over Orlando Bloom. He's a little too metro for me, but he does have lovely cheekbones and eyes. Keira Knightly has the best skin on the planet and is just ridiculously lovely. I'm comforted by the fact that she has a little tiny chest. Does that make me a bad person? Huh. I'm OK with it!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I'm about to dive into LOVER ETERNAL for the 900th time just cause I need me a BDB fix. Addict. I know it. "My name is MK and I'm a BDB addict." I'm 35 years old and I've turned into a big, huge fangrrl. SIGH. The indignity of it all!

Stacy~ said...

Hey that's awesome Julie! I'm so glad you had such a good time. Great news from JQ. Thanx for (finally!) sharing *g*

I forgot Suzanne Brockmann!!! I adore her books. She has her Tall, Dark & Dangerous books about Navy SEAL's (Silhouette Intimate Moments) and her Troubleshooters Team 16 series: Unsung Hero, Defiant Hero, Over The Edge, Out of Control, Into the Night, Gone Too Far, Flashpoint, Hot Target, Breaking Point, and the yet to be released Into the Storm. Fabulous romantic suspense, with a lot of WW2 history. Plus there's Sam. Love Sam. And Stan. Max. Cosmo. Wildcard! Can't forget the best partner ever - Jules. I got a chance to meet SB a few years ago - she was so nice and friendly. I love authors that push the envelope and write for themselves, which I believe she does. Can you tell I have a major writer crush here, LOL.

Stacy~ said...

MK I'm gonna go see that movie tomorrow - it's gonna be a girls' nite out ;) Johnny Depp totally does it for me. Orlando, not so much. I'm not into the metrosexual thing - I like my men a little...dirty. If he looks prettier than I do, well, that's just depressing.

And I think I need my eyes checked. I thought you were admitting to being a BOB addict, and while that's not a bad thing at all, I don't think that's what you meant *g*

Anyways, I have Dark Lover and Lover Eternal next to my bed. I don't know what I'm waiting for - I've heard nothing but awesome thing about the series. I guess I just want to savor the anticipation. Yep, I've got the weird vibe going full-blast.

Kati said...

Stacy - I can totally relate! I've had Linda Howard's new one, COVER OF NIGHT, for over a week now and haven't started it. I'm not sure why. And I need to get going on it because Nora's new one is out next week and I need to read that one too!

Rach said...

Julie! I know this is going to sound so lame and stupid (not to mention teacher-like/maternal, so please forgive me) but, I'm so proud of you!!! =) You overcame a big fear and look at what most EXCELLENT results it had! =) Not only did you come back with AMAZING JQ news (thank you thank you thank you!!), you got a romantical getaway with dh. What could be better??

So, did you say anything to JQ? Was she just lovely in person? Inquiring minds want to know =). Oh, and a pox on you for wishing for Fall :oP.

MK, so jealous! I just ADORE Johnny Depp! I'm going to see if we can get a sitter so we can go and see POTC. The only way Orlando has ever done it for me was as Legolas. Mmmmm, Legolas... As a brunette with non-pointy elf ears, well, he's cute, I'll give him that. But as you said, too metro. And, I agree Kiera is too perfect--well, except for the boobies (not a bad person at all, MK. I've often thought the same thing ;oP).

Manda, that was really weird. I said to hubby, "Who the heck is Collinsaman?" HUH? I'm so glad the limmerick did the trick =).

Stacy, I hoarde books by my bed--books that I've been dying to get to, or that I've heard nothing but wonderful things about (such as LORD PERFECT)--and still haven't started them. I'm rereading old favorites instead. What is wrong with me?

(Rehtorical question ya'll--don't answer that ;o).)

Julie in Ohio said...

I never thought of Orlando Bloom as metro. He is one goodlooking guy, but I have seen him mussed. I prefer his brown hair the the blonde he was sporting in LOTR. However Johnny Depp has owned my heart from 21 Jump Street. He has played some roles that I didn't always get but I could stare at him for hours. *sigh*

Yes, Rach, JQ was very lovely. She answered all questions (some of them twice). It was a good time.

Michelle, before I forget, the warning for sunday is needed. I think we are all *behind* those lovely Italians. *g*

Julie in Ohio said...

that's what I get for typing when I can't sleep.

The sentence should say: the warning for sunday is NOT needed.

One little word and the entire sentence goes to pot. Sorry.

Manda Collins said...

Hehe, sorry for scaring you, Rach!
I have two logins for my various web things and most of the time Amanda, AmandaC and variations are taken so I do a combo of the first and last name. The backwards one: collinsaman just makes me laugh cause I am not a man, but I am Aman..da...

Re: Orlando Bloom. My sister LOVED him as Legolas so much that her pals gave her a lifesize cardboard cutout of him which she kept in her room and frightened me every time I walked past her door. Those things are eerily real!

But she is not moved by him when he's not Legolas. Poor Orlando...

When they were filming these next two POTC movies they had to do some repairs to the ship and it was docked in Bayou La Batre, a local fishing village, for repairs before it sailed back to the Carribean for filming.

(Bayou La Batre was also the setting for Forrest Gump's shrimping business.)

Unfortunately BLB was the area in Alabama where Katrina hit the hardest and they are still not recovered.

Mary Kate, don't feel bad for rejoicing at Kiera Knightly's small bosom--I've done the same thing too! Someone as beautiful as that has got to have some sort of flaw or she'd seem inhuman! We gotta take comfort where we can;)

Rach said...

Michelle, keepin' my fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Julie, glad JQ was just wonderful =).

Manda, thanks for explaining the mix-up--I kept thinking "Collin's a man"?? And, I can only imagine how terrifying a large cut-out Legolas would be. Sorry to hear BLB is still suffering Katrina after effects--is it near you? I get angry at the news coverage because all they *ever* seem to show is Naw'lins and none of the other equally, if not more ravaged areas.

Manda Collins said...

Thanks, Rach:) I suppose it's to be expected that the news media will move on to other stories.

Bayou La Batre is about 45 minutes away from my house. It's in Mobile County (I live in a small bedroom community outside Mobile) and aside from the worst flooding in downtown Mobile in over 100 years (and that includes flooding from a few hurricanes that made a direct hit on Mobile), the bayou got hit the worst in our area.

I think New Orleans is just better known to the rest of the nation (and the world) than the small communities on the gulf coast that were obliterated. And maybe there is a sense that New Orleans would not have been so had if they'd reinforced the levees, and the tragedy there was preventable while the damage in Mississppi was impossible to predict or prevent. Human error is easier to combat than the wrath of nature.

We were incredibly lucky in Mobile and we are quite aware of it. The Mississipi and Lousiana coasts are not going to get back to normal for a very long time. All I had to deal with was a leaky roof.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, youz guys. I'm in Revere, MA, and everyone is World Cup crazy. My in-laws have the Italian flag displayed on the back porch (the American always takes precedence (sp) out front) and tomorrow we have a big picnic at sil and bil to watch match and play.

Flight was great and we had awesome pizza. I was looking forward to it for months.

I'm sorry to seem like I'm overlooking the important discussion of LA and Katrina. I'm glad to know what's going on. One of the probs I have with our rush to aid each other as Americans is how we peter out after the headlnes die down (myself included).

I do think most of us understand and are still shocked by the scope of the storm's destruction. I cannot begin to imagine the devastation. I think it's interesting to read how writers who's romances are always set in LA or New Orleans are dealing with the issue.

Thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy if you watch. I'll be thinking of you. Yes, to whomever said it, we adore being behind the Italian boys. :) :)