Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Heart Belongs To Cannavaro -- But My Week Belongs to RWA

Well, you didn't think I'd had my fill of Team Italia, did you? Meet Alberto Gilardino, who, IMHO, adds new meaning to the term, Forza Italia. Pretty eyes, no?

Anyway, this week, bunches of us romance writer and romance industry "types," as well as lots of readers, are headed to Atlanta, GA for the Romance Writers of America national conference.

So, what do you want to know about Romance Writers of America and the conference?

What would you want us to tell editors and publishers about what you'd like to see in romance?

Alberto's here because you're gonna be seeing a lot of this blog -- about 3 days worth -- cause it's probably gonna be here till some time Tues. ***

Special thanks to Kathryn Jordan and Cait London for their special GuestBlogs! Kathryn'll be back soon with a cyber-spa book party. Get those 'ritas ready, Bellas...

And the winners are... Cait's GuestBlog (JenniferY) Kathryn's GuestBlog (Tam, RachD, Amyskf, Michele) Congrats! Email me at with your email addresses.


Rach said...

OMG, I won something!! I NEVER win anything!! I won a really COOL prize too! Thank you BUNCHES Cait! =)

Michelle, Alberto is quite yummy =). I'm sure he'll keep us good company while you Bellas desert us to go to RWA.

I'm really very jealous of all you Bellas. But hey, someone has to stay behind and babysit the blog, right? I'm sure those of us left behind will do just fine. You've left it in good (if a little 'rita soaked) hands =). Of course, we'll be sneaking over to play with Lucy...

I want the play-by-play of RWA. Having never attended I want to know what it's like. Is it like any other business conference? Are there presentations, break-out sessions, etc.? Are there vendors? If so, what kinds?

Remember, my only experience with conferences is teacher ones where you travel with four other women (driving the whole way, mind you). Upon arrival you are all forced to share a room while the loan guy from the building gets a room of his own. What, me bitter??

Which brings up another good question, are there many guys around?

Rach said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot to say congrats to all the other winners as well. Yay you guys! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

Congrats, all!! Those are some great prizes...books, thongs. What's not to love? :o)
Way to go, Bellas!!

"What do you want to know about Romance Writers of America and the conference?" Answer: everything

OK, that is kind of broad. However, I want to know who won the Ritas. I want to know who wore what to where (is there a red carpet?). I want to know how many people were there. I want to know how Christina Dodd did with her luncheon speech (because I know she was a little nervous about that). I want to know what Jane Austen knew (the theme to Eloisa James's presentation).

But most of all, I want to know why I'm not there. *sniffle,sniffle*

Rach said...

Oh, yeah, Jules, great stuff! Who *did* win the RITAs?

Hm, RITA and ' there a connection you think?

amy kennedy said...

Rach! I won too! But Rach, you and I were in the Kathryn pile--so we won something to do with Hot Water.

And Julie, that really is what I want to know: Why aren't I there?

Really what I want to know, are there times to meet with editors and pitch. How dressy is the dinner? And I too would like to know the guy factor--don't know why? Oh wait, yes I do. And let me change that question to: Are there snaxy guys?

I have a feeling, no. But there is Alberto right here with us. Unfortunately my Dad's name was (and I guess still is) Albert and my mom would always call him Alberto.

But the eyes--if anyone ever needed an explanation of bedroom eyes we could just show them this pic. No? Yes!

Monica Burns said...

Congrats to all of you bellas who won. I've been absentia because of prepping and all sorts of things going on here at home. Rach, did you hear back about the job? No time to puruse the comments, email me with the good news!!

I'll be blogging along with others, so pop in if you get the chance. Hugs to all!!

Rach said...

Amy, Michelle had misidentified the winners with authors initially, so I goofed. Oops. =)

I was wondering where you had been, Mon (even if you won't be reading this!) =).

Do snaxy men attend RWA?

Stacy~ said...

Congrats to all the winners! I'm getting my copy of HW today so I'm ready for the party, and the 'ritas.

Yeah, you guys have to head over to Lucy's blog for the party. Some cool stuff going on over there, and I'm jealous that I'm gonna miss out. I told Lucy I was going to see if I could have Jill Shalvis say "hi" from me, maybe even take a picture to um, scare you guys with LOL.

Yeah, are there snaxy guys at RWA?

Julie in Ohio said...

HA,HA. I think there is an overall obsession here with snaxy men. *g*
Stacy, we are counting on you and Michelle to break this story for us...with pictures. You are our eyes and ears. I know you won't let us down. :o)

Manda Collins said...

Congrats, Winners!

Dang, Michelle! You have a knack for finding snaxy men--I think we should dub you the Snax Whisperer...

Hmmm...I want to know lots of thing about RWA. I am currently nursing a fantasy of going into work tomorrow and saying "Taking vacation for the rest of the week to par-tay in Atlanta. Deal with it people!" Of course I can't but it would be AWESOME if I could...

Michelle, I want to know details: wardrobe malfunctions, whose gown rivals that to the navel number that J-Lo wore that time, who shakes her fist in fury when she doesn't win...

And be on the lookout for a group of gals wearing Eloisa James tees. Those would be my pals the Bon Bon Girls from EJ's BB. They are crazy, handle them with care;)

Forgot about Lucy's party! Yay!

Jennifer Y. said...

Thank you so much!!!

Have fun in Atlanta! I live nearby and I am coming to the signing!

Julie in Ohio said...

Manda, I forgot about wardrobe malfunctions...absolutely. We must hear about it all. :o)

LOL, snax whisperer? That seems to be an accurrate description of our Michelle. I don't know where she finds these snaxilicous men but she does have the magic touch. :o)

Kati said...

Huh, you know, I'd written a whole thing this morning and somehow managed not to post it. Don't know what happened there.

Michelle we'll miss you this week, but can't wait to hear all the quality poop on what went on. If you see JR Ward, I think you should pump her for any and all deets she's willing to cough up on BDB (I'm such a fangrrl) and also, if Lisa Kleypas has anything to tell us about her new contemporary.

Also, then all the important girly stuff, like who was wearing the best dress at the RITAs, who gave the best speeches, etc.

Thanks for keeping us in snaxy guys while you're gone. At least you know our priorities!

Have fun and drink some champagne for us!

Rach said...

LOL sanx whisperer! That's our Michelle =).

Stacy~ said...

Just got home from dinner and a movie with 2 girlfriends. We went to see "My Super Ex Girlfriend" - funny in a "I'm totally wasting 2 hours of my life here with mindless entertainment but I really don't care" way, though I'd wait for the DVD. And I'm getting ready for ATL - I had a marguerita at dinner - yummy raspberry.

And like I mentioned, I went and got my copy of "Hot Water", and Lisa's "Scandal In Spring" - yay! Oh, and I saw Erin McCarthy's new one "High Stakes" is out - I love her work.

Can't wait to meet you Jennifer :)

Rach said...

Stace, where did you find DIS? I didn't think it was out until Tuesday--I wouldn't mind getting it earlier! =)

Also, noted on the movie.

Julie in Ohio said...


I thought that came out on Aug 1.

Stacy, do you have friends in high (low?) places that you need to introduce me to? :o)

Stacy~ said...

Rach & Julie - it's called Borders LOL. Seriously, I wasn't even looking for it - I was actually looking for a Sylvia Day book - and there it was, all pretty, sitting on the new paperback release table. So, so pretty *g*

Rach said...

Borders, huh? Who knew...

Thanks, Stacey =).

amy kennedy said...

Mandacoll--snax whisperer. OMG. I can see the cover of the book, Michelle all whispy and dreamlike with her hand up to her mouth as if the words were only for him...

I want lots and lots of pictures. From RWA that is.

We got a new puppy today. Life will never be the same. He's a sweet little black lab and eventually he will sleep with our son--as soon as he's house trained. Gosh, I hope that's soon.

Rach said...

Aw, Amy, a new puppy! How fun! =) Oh, and may I reccommend a wonderful product called Nature's Miracle? You can find it at pet supply stores. It's a wonder on "pet stains" if you catch my drift.

Stacy~ said...

Snax whisperer? I think Michelle's gonna need to come up with a Bella dictionary, or maybe a handbook LOL

A new puppy - oh how cute! Labs are so adorable. What's his name?

Julie in Ohio said...

AAHHH, Amy. How sweet! Who doesn't love a puppy? Good luck with the potty training. *G*

Does the little cutie have a name?

Julie in Ohio said...

Borders has SIS? Now if only I had one near me... I guess I'll have to wait a little longer. *sigh*
It's not like I don't have enough to read at this moment. :o)

Kati said...

Congrats on the new puppy. It's true, life will never be the same. Just remember, God makes 'em cute, so you don't kill them! But labs are wonderful after they get through puppyhood. I just survived puppyhood a couple of years ago, and I must say that getting a dog was the best thing I've ever done. I adore mine!

I'm going to have to look into getting SIS. I didn't realize that it might have dropped early in some places, but it is due out on Tuesday, I think.

Lucy Monroe said...

Just dropping in quick to say thanks to everyone who has come to the blog party! It's hopping and frankly keeping *me* hoppin'! LOL


Michele said...

Michele here.
I responded via email but I really couldn't believe it was me and I couldn't access comments for the LONGEST time today to see if there was another Michele winner. Sorry , Michelle if my email was like, way bizarre.

I think I'm the winning ME!!!!! Woot!

This has to be one of the coolest blogs around, great guests, lovely hostess, hunky eye yummies and fun topics.

Congrats to all fellow winners!
This is so exciting!

Rach said...

Where have ya been, Michele? Oh, and congrats! =)

Bellas, if you haven't been to Lucy's, you should go check it out--pretty cool bloggin' goin' on over there today! =) (Julie, saw you had already been there.)

I'm a bit late today because I was out shopping the outlets for back to school clothes. How can it be that time already??

Kati said...

Hi Bellas - Finally went to the doc today. Sinus infection and bronchitis. Ick. But with any luck, the meds are going to make me feel better much sooner. Yay!

I'm going to have to head to Lucy's, I'd forgotten.

Julie in Ohio said...

Yes, I've been to Lucy's place. It sure is a hoppin'. :o)
Did you see our Bella is giving a prize? *g*

School clothes?
I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm still trying to get through summer. *sigh*

I can't wait for school to start.

Sorry, I'm in a whiney mood.
I have a headache the size of Mount St.Helen and it wants to erupt. :(

I hope all is going well in Atlanta, and you all come back with wonderful embarrassing stories to tell. :o)

Rach said...

MK, good meds I hope! Nothing like an antibiotic to kick the patooty out of a sinus infection.

Hope ya feel better shortly!

Julie in Ohio said...

MK, I hope you start feeling better. A sinus infection is bad enough but then bronchitis also. SHEESH. That is some souvenier to come back with.

amy kennedy said...

Marykate--Thank goodness for drugs--bummer until they kick in.

Our puppy's name is Rascal. And my husband has raised two labs from pups, so I hope he remembers evrything, cause all I want to do is rub his soft belly and smell his puppy breath.

I stopped by Lucy's, but I was so late to the party--there are a lot of things going on there, plus, I'm still at work--so that kind of impedes things.

Rach, thanks for the Nature's Miracle reccomendation--I'll pick-up some.

Kati said...

Amy - SpotShot works miracles too.

Good luck, remember, God makes 'em cute, so you don't kill 'em!

I just went through puppydom about 3 years ago, but remember it like yesterday. Wouldn't change a thing, mine is the light of my life, I adore her.

Well, if these meds don't work, I don't know what will. $50 worth of prescriptions! Thank goodness for flexible spending accounts!

Rach said...

First, Amy, still at work?? Yuck! But, I'm so jealous--puppies are so wonderful. Is there anything better than puppy breath? And, MK is definitely right, they are cute so you don't kill 'em! =) The same is true for our three year old silky terror er, um, terrier.

Second, JEEPERS! MK, $50?? Wow! They better make you better for that kind of money!

Finally, Julie, I missed that we overposted. I'm so sorry you are feelin' yucky! I was having a Calgon moment the other day, but somehow I wasn't transported to a lucious spa bath. Today, my oldest was taken away to the beach by visiting friends. Yay! Hence the shopping. Don't even get me started on school supplies. I don't require anything close to what *they* want for kindergarten!

Okay, minirant over. So sorry!

Julie in Ohio said...

No apologies needed, Rach. Rant away. :o)

I am having a hard day because this is officially the first full day of dh on his trip. Not so bad but it has been one prob after another hurdle after another ball to be juggled. He is home during the day and shoulders alot of the bs that happens while I'm at work...not this week. *sigh*

But this too shall pass...I hope. psst--I am having a 'rita as we speak, so that should help. :o]

Tomorrow, I have the day off and am hoping to take darling children to the beach. We haven't gone in a couple of years so I know the kids will love it. I just hope the weather holds. *shrug*

Manda Collins said...

MK, hope you get to feeling better soon. Sinus infections are the worst. Okay maybe not worse than say, death, but still no fun.

Amy, puppy sounds fun. I love baby animals. (How's that for controversy?)

Rant away, Rach:) I hope you got the school supplies you needed and that the crowds weren't too bad.

Julie, I'm with you on the Calgon. In fact I'm about to go soak in the tub with my Nita Abrams book. (I bought her Regency historical series back when Michelle did her new one on RBTB and I'm on the second book now. Good stuff.)

I wandered over to Lucy's a little while ago, but just got tired looking at all the stuff that's gone on there today. I'll have to pop in tomorrow. Work was nutso today and my brain is tired.

Michele said...

Hi Rachd!
You missed me?

I've been around, but a few posts had me being a professional lurker.. I didn't feel comfortable sharing anything - not knowledgeable, you know?

But I love visiting here .. always a wonderful commuinty spirit.
And I always learn something - if nothing else, the best books and authors to support and get excited about.

MK, I hope you feel better soon!

Rach said...

Hey Manda! Sorry your day was rough. =( Enjoy the soak and the book.=)

Jules, the 'rita will make all better! ;oP You know, you get used to having someone around to help out with all the day-to-day stuff and when they are gone, things just don't run as smoothly.

The major problem with scheol supplies is all the ones I purchase for my students. I spent over $40 in supplies for my kids and I still have some more stuff to purchase. This is what comes of working in the inner city.

Rach said...

Yes, Michele, we get used to having you around and then you just *poof* disappear :oP Missed you and your little fairy! =) Glad to see ya around =).

Stacy~ said...

MK, I hope you feel better soon. Hate sinus infections.

Well, I'm gonna sign off now for my little jaunt south. Will miss you guys. Sounds like you're all in good hands LOL. Have fun and win lots of prizes.

Rach said...

Ah, Stacey, do you hafta???

Seriously, have the BEST TIME!! Have lots of 'ritas, see lots of snaxies, and enjoy!

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Stace, have a good time and don't forget us little people. We want all the gossip. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Mornin' all!
I got my copy of HOT WATER yesterday (I think I only have one more box I'm waiting for from Amazon then I'm done). I am taking the youngins to the beach today so I will have some good reading material to take with me. :o)

Kati said...

Jules - Enjoy the book. I can't wait to hear about it. I'm still slogging through BEAUTY AND THE SPY by Julie Ann Long. It's not that it's not well written, you know, I just can't seem to concentrate. I'll probably end up re-reading it.

So I'm off to a job interview today. I'm not sure I really want the job, but I figure all interview practice is a good thing. But we'll see what happens. I'm hoping I'll leave there really wanting the job.

What's everybody else reading? Anything I need to rush right out and get?

Michele said...

I just zipped through Susan Sizemores latest yummy adventure.
Primal Heat.
I like the character of Mathias Bridger and his part in Phillipa's life.
I figured out who the bad guy was, I think when Susan wanted me too. .. hate to think I missed earlier clues, LOL

And their aversion to songs by Queen just made me giggle.

Have you read any of hers?

Rach said...

Mornin' All! Jules, I just got my copy of HOT WATER yesterday too! So, I'll be reading it. I also got the JR Ward books with the order. So, you guys know what I'll be reading ;o).

MK, good luck with the interview!! Practice makes perfect! =)

Julie, have fun at the beach!

Kati said...

Michele - I read the first few of Susan Sizemore's books. Not sure why I stopped, I really enjoyed them. Thanks for reminding me, I'll pick some up.

OK,now I'm completely behind the times, I've GOT to get HOT WATER! Rach, you're gonna LOVE the BDB! Let us know what you think.

Rach said...

MK, you were in Atlanta when all the HOT WATER stuff happened, so you are forgiven for being behind ;o).

But, we are planning a HOT WATER blog party with Kathryn Jordan, so you *definitely* need to get a copy. It's a very quick read. =)

On my way to the Brotherhood. I'll let you know when I get started. I'm babysitting for some friends today/over night so I don't see it happening any time soon... =(

Rach said...

BTW, bellas, Amazon is having its 4 for 3 sale. Buy three qualifying items and the fourth is free.

Michele said...

Thanks for the heads up, Rachd!!!!

Manda Collins said...

Rach, that 4 for 3 thing is gonna be the death of me! Or bankrupt me:)Let us know what you think of the BDB.

MK, I hate interviewing for jobs I don't really want. But you are right. They are good practice. And I always feel more relaxed at those because it doesn't feel like there's as much as stake. Sort of the way it works with men: the one you want doesn't give you the time of day, but the ones you are indifferent to want you bad.

My Hot Water hasn't come in yet:( But am looking forward to it.

Julie in Ohio said...

OK, what is up with the computer today? I had a nice post going and BAM it lost it.

So, let's see here: I started by wishing MK good luck with her interview. :o)
Then moved on to yell at Rach for letting us in on a sale at Amazon. Really, don't you know that I am weak. I am going to be filing bankruptcy soon if I keep this crazy spree up. :o)
I then wanted to find out from Michele who in their right minds would have an aversion to Queen. I mean they are the champions of the world. :P
Somewhere I wanted Rach to join the BDB bandwagon because their really are the most delicious Alphas who are vamps out there. (I've decided to start labeling the Alphas because there are just so many good ones...highlanders,vamps,cops,bikers, etc.)

And now because I didn't have as much reading time as I had hoped at the beach I am going to dive into some HOT WATER. :P

Kati said...

Hi all, checking in to say that the interview for the job I was pretty sure I didn't want went about like I expected. Hey, it's always good experience to interview, so regardless, I'm not sorry I went. I'm thrilled with my victory of not coughing to death during the interview.

I'm going to see about picking up HOT WATER tomorrow.

Thanks for all the well wishes bellas!

Rach said...

Julie, how was the beach? I thought of you when I notified about the Amazon deal ;oP.

MK, sorry about the interview. I hate when they go that way.

Julie in Ohio said...

MK, sorry about the interview but you *really* didn't want that job anyways, right? :o)

Rach, the beach was an experience. I kept telling myself "this is suppose to be fun. what am I doing wrong?". What is usually a one hour drive to the beach turned into two hours (road construction and detour mania) not to mention that I am not familiar with the area on a good day. All I can say is "thank God for cell phones and Daddies". Mine helped me completely when I got lost. Everyone of us are a pretty pink. Once we got there it was better but I still told the kids not to expect doing this again this year. :o)

Two and half more days until dh is back. I never thought I'd miss him this much. *sigh*

Rach said...

Julie, isn't the saying something along the lines of "you don't know what you've got until it's gone"? Men, can't live with 'em, need 'em desperately when they're gone ;o).

Ah, pink, the only color I turn. The Monkey turns a lovely honey gold while Bit and I are just pink. Period. Fun.

Glad you girls made it to the beach, sorry it took so long!!

Michele said...

LOL Julie!
Queen isn't enjoyed by a certain small faction of Prime vampires ..*wink*, Especially Fat Bottomed Girls, LOL
You realize that Queen can be a vampire's Groupie Band don't you?

This is how I figure it:

Vampires worst theme song,
Another One Bites The Dust.

Best theme song for the female Vampire Hierarchy

Killer Queen

Blood Lust Theme Song

I Want It All

Theme song for Vampire Love

Who Wants To Live Forever

Revenant Theme Song

I'm Going Slightly Mad

Theme song for a Vamp born in the Regency Period

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

Of course, the theme song for another Vampire's worst nightmare is

Hammer to Fall

See what I mean?
The Queen Titles are quite suggestive of paranormal elements when you think about it.
Now, Julie in Ohio, Aren't you glad you asked????

Julie in Ohio said...

LMAO, Michele! I'm so glad I asked. Sign me up as a groupie. :o)

Rach, you have to look on the bright is a prettier color than pastey white. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, how's the Brotherhood treating you? :P

Rach said...

LMAO, Michele!! =)

LOL, Julie, I suppose pink is better than fishbelly white. Do you glow under black lights too??

No Brotherhood yet--I've got an extra Monkey hanging around the house for the next few days so I'm pretty busy. Poop!
So, I'm just letting them slowly steam on my nightstand.

I've also got some others I'm trying to get through first. And, let's not forget SIS! Gotta make a dash for the BAM tomorrow! Ah, Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. What do you have in store for us?

Julie in Ohio said...

I forgot that Daisy's story was out. I guess I need to go book shopping. After all it's been a long time since I've been into a book store. :o)

Rach, don't the little darlings go down for naps? :o)

Rach said...

Julie, naps? What are those? We gave those up after Monkey "decorated" her Aunt Jess' guest room with nail polish because she wasn't tired and wanted to make the room fancy. So, yeah, no naps here. It's easier to keep her in my line of sight that way. =(

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, boy, do I understand that, Rach! I'm sorry. Nap time was always the best time of the day.

Rach said...

No kidding! I miss it like you wouldn't believe! I have considered putting her down for a "rest", but again, she is a little to creative/destructive for my peace of mind...

Julie in Ohio said...

Good news: I have finished HOT WATER. And oohh doggy, that is a fine book. I am now chomping at the bit until the next one comes out. :o)

Rach said...

Don't you hate it when you read over your previous comments and find grammatical errors?? That should read, "a little TOO destructive..." grrrr

Great news about HOT WATER, Julie!

Julie in Ohio said...

OMG, Rach, I am always kicking myself after I hit login.

I see it like a game of Mad Libs where you all can fill in the blanks and come up with either the sentence I was trying to say or something more interesting. :P

Rach said...

LOL, Julie, you got it =).

Rach said...

Jules, did you see you won a prize over at Lucy's?? I didn't check the comments because I only got to the part where I saw your name. YAY you!!!! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

*blush* Yeah, I might've noticed something to that effect.

I've had this ridicules grin on my face that looks kind of suspicious here at work. :o)

I can't believe my luck lately. I have never won anything before and then *BAM* two prizes in the same month. What is going on? Is it a full moon or something?
(she says while doing the happy dance)

Rach said...

You know, I was thinking the same thing when I saw your name. Boy you are having the LUCK!! =)

Julie in Ohio said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Julie in Ohio said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Julie in Ohio said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Julie in Ohio said...

My comments have been alot less then articulate. Not to mention down right bad. (Open mouth, insert foot)

If I said anything that might be taken badly, please know that I didn't mean it that way.
I just can't get anything to come out right. :(

And then I get long winded and ramble which doesn't help matters...ggrrrr

Rach said...

Julie, everything is fine! I've misunderstood nothing you have said and have taken no offense to anything, I promise!! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

I didn't think you had but then I started re-reading what I posted.
I started thinking to myself "hey, dumb a$$, what did you just say?"
I just wanted to make sure.
Overanalyzation (is that even a word?) strikes again.

*deep breath*

OK, all better now. :o)
When is that HOT WATER spa party going to happen? Has there been a date set?

Rach said...

No date set yet. I just got email from Kathryn and my gift is in the mail =). I got a mug with the Eleanor Roosevelt quote about women and tea bags and hot water =).

Julie in Ohio said...

How cool is that? I really liked that quote. :o)

You said you read the book, didn't you?
I'm on pins and needles for the sequel. That is the bad part of reading a series before all the books are out. You have to wait for the next one.

Kati said...

I went to the bookstore today and couldn't find HOT WATER. I DID find four other books. Jeez, $30 later.


Michele said...

Rachd! I chose the mug too!!!
Why'd you chose yours?
I chose mine for bragging rights when family and friends come over...the thong wouldn't have worked - scandalized and burnt the the eyes of my in-laws for sure!

Actually, that's kinda funny.

Anyway, Congrats!

amy kennedy said...

You guys are busy...

Mandacoll, I know what you mean, I stopped over on my break the other day and--so many blogs AND comments and so little time.

Marykate, read Julie Ann Londons 2nd book--To Love a Thief, or The Thief Who Loved Me--something about love and thieves. Just promise me you'll read it.

I'm very jealous of Julie for already reading Hot Water--can't wait--and I'm sorry you're missing your husband so much, also sorry your beach day didn't go quite as planned.

Rach, I walked in to my daughter's room during "nap" time once and not only had she written all over the walls with black permanent marker, she had also drawn all over her legs--it doesn't wash off, you just have to wait for it to wear off--her naps were pretty much over after that. She's in her twenties now and has one of her own. Bwahahahaha.

Hey, I've got to check my e-mail for my prize.

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, are you living every mothers dream? Your child has a child just like her. :o)

Yes, Lucy is having a gaggle(?) of fun over at her place. I don't even think she can keep up with it. The only thing it's missing are some 'ritas. :o)

Missing hubby, yes. Glad he's gone, yes. Happy he comes home tomorrow. Wishing he stays away a little longer.
I'm a very complex person. :P

LOL, Michele. You are right. There are some things you don't need to share with the in-laws no matter how close you are with them. :o)

Rach said...

ROTFL, Amy!!! =) You see, Monkey had done somthing similar with dry erase markers when she was two. Again, at the sister's house.

MK, I'm just as bad in bookstores. I go in for one thing and find five others I just can't live without!

Michele, I chose the mug because the thought of a tank top or thong with this post baby body is an image I just don't need!

Julie, I too am anxious for the next book! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, what does Monkey have against your sister? It seems to me that she is getting even for something. First the nail polish then the markers. Ouch! :o)

Michele said...

ROTFL Rachd!!!
I've got a post-POST baby body - after 2, it never recovered. Had them late - then metabolism crashed.
I now have a Woman's Womans Body or... Rubenesque?
A thong wouldn't have gotten lost, just a little strained.
I might as well use dental floss.

Permanent Markers on the Wall? On the kids is bad enough! Ouch.
I wonder if that Magic Eraser would work?

I remember my brother's old room. We wrote with relish. Our Grandfather decided to do it to.
It was like that for years until he turned 16. That was our sweet 16 gift - for me and my siblings. We got to cover our childhood artwork with "adult" trappings. Panelling or new paint or whatever.

I used to melt crayons on my old radiator. I had quite the rainbow going. I used to unravel my rug and string it all over the place to make "jungles" for my Ken Doll to save my Buxom Barbie from the Evil G. I. Joe.
Somehow, Barbie always wanted to stay with G. I. - must have been those moveable parts....

Rach said...

LOL Michele! And here I thought Monkey was the most destructive kid ;oP.

Julie, I'm not sure what Mon has against Jessie. I do know they had quite the decorated closet door for quite some time =).

Kati said...

Bellas - I just finished Scandal in the Spring by Lisa Kleypas. It's just so...well...perfect. SIGH. I'm totally in love with Matthew Swift, plus Kleypas is funnier than usual. My favorite exchange:

Daisy is trying to get Evie to go fishing with her instead of spending time at the house with St. Vincent. "You know, you'd have much more fun fishing with me. You know you would."

"No," Evie replied decisively, "I wouldn't."


Rach said...

Hee hee hee, MK! I'm so going to get that book today!! =)

MsTypo said...

WE haven't heard from any of the conference goers of late. The conference must be going well. :D Where is it next year? I just wish i could go to get all those autographs, meeting the authors and whatnot. It would be so mch fun! :D

Manda Collins said...

MK, I got my copy of SIS last night but my sister came over so I couldn't read more than a chapter. Sigh. Seems good so far though.

Rach and Julie, great job holding the fort. Wonder how the Bellas in Hotlanta are doing? Anybody know what day the Ritas ceremony is? We should have convinced someone to podcast for us.

Rach said...

Hi Nairobi =)! Yeah, I was just sitting here wondering what was happening in Atlanta. I would have loved to have had an opportunity to go and chat with my favorite authors, and observe all the formal events =). Ah, maybe when it is in DC years from now...

Rach said...

Manda, I didn't realize our comments had overlapped until just now. I'm with you on the RITAs podcast. That would be fabulous. Okay, Michelle, take notes for next year...=)

MsTypo said...

At least if there was a podcast we people stuck at home could sip our margaRITAs while listening to those lucky ducks at the actual RITAs. If the podcast was long enough we could all be good and drunk and forget our jealousy. LOL :p

Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Bellas. I think it's funny that we are all on the same wavelength today. Withdrawls??
I was just popping in to ask when we were going to hear from our roving reporter. :o)
I think I heard somewhere the RITA's were going to be on Wednesday. I can't wait to see who wins. There are alot of great authors competing this year.