Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Me, You, And Cannavaro, Of Course

August 11 marks the one year anniversary of my nationally-syndicated romance novel column, Romance: B(u)y the Book.

I cannot believe how it's grown, but I'm very clear that it wouldn't have started, or flourished, without the help of many people who gave me hands up.

Kathleen Eagle is one of those folks. And she's here tomorrow, July 6, to talk about something she thought we'd love to gab about: well, snaxy guys, of course. And she kind of says some nice things about me, so it's kind of a lovefest, too.

But mostly, she just wants to dish about our favorite subject: us.
Who gave you your "big break,"
changed your life immeasurably, or in some small, quiet way?
Hooray for Italia, who yesterday defeated Germany 2 - 0! Canna, Totti, Buffon, et al will face the winner of today's semi between France and Portugal July 9.

I'm just crazy for these Italian boys.


Julie in Ohio said...

WWAAHH, I'm not going to be here tomorrow. Maybe I can get on early to say "HI".

In case I haven't mentioned it, I'm going to Lansing Michigan to a booksigning with Julia Quinn.

Rub it in? No, I wouldn't do that. That would be cruel. *g*

Rach said...

Michelle, how exciting to have been on-line for a year. Isn't it amazing? You must be very thrilled with that!

I'm not sure who to credit for me being where I am. I guess my mom. She was a teacher, so I was *alawys* around that kind of thing. I knew what I was getting into when I decided teaching was the way to go. She continues to be a big supporter of what I do and assists me however she can (she's a Prof at ECU now).

Julie, tell JulieQ we here at RBtBlog said, "Hi!" Oh, and Julie, I'm not jealous or anything...(*grumble* *grumble* *whine* *whine*) =)

Kati said...

Yeah, that sounds an awful lot like bragging there Julie! But that's OK, we forgive you as I'm sure you'll come back on Friday and write a full report.

Tomorrow night I'll be getting in close touch with my inner-teenybopper at the Kelly Clarkson concert. I'll probably be the oldest actual fan there (other than the parents who are chaperoning their 11-year old daughters, of course).

OK, onto Michelle's topic. I didn't really have someone give me my big break. I'm one of the methodical people who knew what my strengths were and researched and figured out what career best suited my abilities. But I did have a mentor who showed me the ropes and one who showed me how one acts in a business environment. My career mentor gave me unbelievable insights into the meetings business. My business mentor taught me important tips like "never take credit for someone else's work" and "suck up to the IT people." Those are the types of things that I try to pass on to those who I mentor now.

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, I didn't answer the question. I saw there was a guest blogger and stopped reading.

Note to self: read everything before commenting.

The answer for me is my mother and my current boss (they are 2 different people,kind of). Before my current employment, I was working for a real creep. He was the devil incarnate. If he could get away with it, he did it. I was single then and you can imagine the sh*t that got thrown at me. When I got engage to be married, he fired me. Best thing he ever did. I didn't know what I was going to do and my mom was office manager at this billing company and spoke to her boss. I have worked here ever since. When I started, I didn't know anything about billing. Insurance? What's that? But my boss stuck with me and she has for the past 10 years.
My mom is my office manager, which can be interesting at times, but we get along alot better now than we did when I was teenager. :o)

Kati said...

Totally OT, but Michelle over on the Squawk TM is doing a list of top 10 romances, which is a fun topic.

Have you done a blog on favorite heros/heroines/secondary characters/romances?

It might be fun to hear what the Bellas had to say on the topic, next time you're casting around for stuff to chat about...

Just a thought. If I missed the fun, then my bad.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, MK, you are right on. I've been plannin a heroine blog because I sometimes feel guilty about how little I care about them. You know me. They're just a conduit for getting to the best part of the romance, the alpha hero. (BTW, my maiden name was Kline, so every time I see MK, I think youz are talkin to me).

I like very much the "never take credit" mantra, too, MK. Which is pretty much what my blog is about. I had this convo a while back with a NYT bestsell writer. I told her about all the folks who'd been giving me breaks, hooking me up with friends, agents, pubs, etc. I asked who influenced her that way. She was like, there was this writer who made it before me who isn;t as good as me and it made me so angry it spurred me on.

Well, that was so NOT the spirit in which I meant my query. I'm talking about the fact that we HAVE to give props and not pretend we did it all by ourselves.

Now, elephant ears? We call them Italian dough. Because we like to take credit for everything. And we put powdered suger on em. And My husband can wax flippin poetic about the experience of walking in Krispy K and ordering doughnuts.

My fave All-Amer treat? Cheez Puffs. I mean, it's spelled with a z, for gosh sake. It's got to be American.What's more American than the kitschy bastardization of the language? I LOVE it, and them.

Rach: it's lovely that your mom influenced you like that. Everyone has teachers who influenced them; cool that yours is your mom. And I'm with you on the grumbling.

JulieO. Total creep ex-boss. Totally excellent current boss. Very cool that you have a good relationship with your mom. I think my mom and I would run any business we worked for into the ground.

Julie in Ohio said...

Yeah, my mom and I are excellent examples of the success of surviving teen years. We are still amazed by our current relationship. It's wonderful.

Cheez puffs. How could I have forgotten the cheez puffs? See, Michelle, you should've joined the bidding. You might have won. Except it is very hard to beat the KKs. :o)

There have been some really great heroines. Lisa Kleypas is excellent at writing some of the best, but I won't get going on that. I will wait for the blog and continue to gather them up. :o)

I am speechless...utterly speechless that you all have never heard of elephant ears. I didn't realize that they were a regional treat. They are a must at any fair up here.
Michelle, I didn't know that they were also called Italian dough. I learn something new everytime I log on. *g*
I have seen them with powdered sugar. I have also seen them with fruit on them, but the best way, IMHO, is with cinnamon sugar. YUM!

OK we need to stop this. My sweet tooth is beginning to beg for attention. *G*

Kati said...

It's good to learn new things about junk food! ;-P

Michelle - I think it'd be a great idea to blog about heroines. Now that I have some warning, I'll start preparing my list! Did I miss the fav heroes blog? It might have been before I was hip to RBB.

Also, Michelle, thank you so much for providing us with an amazing community of bellas to laugh and share with. It's due to you that this is such a safe, smart, welcoming place to land on the web!

Julie in Ohio said...

Mary Kate, safe? Did you miss the pictures on that beautiful Italian soccer player last week? *g*

I ditto everything that Mary Kate said.


Julie in Ohio said...

I ought to add that I am high on life and caffeine right now. So if I say something off the wall, just chalk up to that and know that eventually I will come down...not any time soon though. :o)

Rach said...

I'm on the MK and Julie bandwagon--Thank you, Michelle!!! We really do try to give each other props and support each other when we can. Even if it is to one up each other in the junk food wars ;oP.

My mom and I get along so much better now than we did when I was a teenager. I think working in the same profession, having similar experiences, and being able to turn to her for advice have really helped.

Michelle, I hear ya on the taking credit thing. My hubby works his tushie off in his job. Short description, he takes sattalite images and mosaics them into digital imagery and maps. Because he is a contractor for the military, many of the officers/NCO's are continually taking credit for his work and it p*sses me off no end!! He says it's all just part of the job. Yeah right!!!

Monica Burns said...

Michelle! HUGE Hugs on the Blog's first anniversary! Cheers to many more to come! I love popping in here!

Big Break - Well, that would be Deidre, my agent. She gave me the "big break" by signing me. When we sell (and notice the we...we're business partners)then she'll be responsible for the BIG Break. *grin*

As for people who influenced me, I would have to say my maternal grandmother. She was phenom, and if I've bragged about her here before, forgive me, but she was and always has been my hero. I wish I was more like her. A true lady (nope, I'm not!) in her mannerisms and behavior, a genius IQ (we fought over who's team she was gonna be on when playing Trivial Pursuit!), a loving soul (ok I know have that! LOL), a love of reading (check) and a good sense of humor. The most terrific thing about Grandma Castellano was that she was a teacher and a wonderful grammar instructor. I send out an annual Christmas letter, Grandma always graded it and sent it back. First year I got a D. I improved my grade over about a ten year period until I got an A++ the Christmas before she died. I treasure that letter, and miss her terribly.

Michelle, as for that NYT BSA, I've met a number of writers in the industry who are like that. They act as though they're better and smarter than everyone. They're snotty and arrogant to the point that I want to b^tch slap them. (See, my Grandma would be appalled at that comment! *grin*) I understand your disgust. Of course we can flip the coin there too. People like that feel so small themselves, they have to make others feel small too. I find them pitiful creatures and don't waste my time on them or their books. *grin*

Rach said...

Oh, Monica, what a wonderful tribute to your Grandma! I especially love the "grading" of your Christmas letters. How delightful and so very schoolmarmish =). She's the kind we feel so blessed to have in our lives. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gotta say, I LOVE Kathleen Eagle's new cover. It's gorgeous!

Big break... lots of people have given me a helping hand along the way (including our own amazing Michelle), tons of supportive family and friends... but big breaks, well, I'd have to say my agent, Sha-Shana (she really, really believes in me), my editor at Kensington, and later, my editors at Dorchester and Warner.

Kristi Cook said...

Wow, 10 yrs! That's amazing--HUGE congrats, Michelle!

All these snaxy soccer ("football") players--I'm barely even aware of the World Cup because I've been too obsessed with some snaxy NASCAR drivers lately. Michelle, I should send you some pics! Sigh.....

As to my big break--well, like so many others, I have to say my agent, Marcy, #1, for signing me when I was a brand-new author who'd only completed ONE measly manuscript, which (for some crazy reason!) she had full faith she could sell. Which leads me to #2, my editor Audrey, who then bought that manuscript, even though she apparently hadn't bought a new historical author in quite a while. And while #1 led to #2, my life didn't really change till #2-then it got real crazy real fast!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ooops. It's just one year, Kristina, but I'll be super happy to celebrate 10, too. Shoot those NASCAR boys my way. I've been doing a little research there, too.

It's so nice to read you all showing respect for folks who helped you out. I find it's really cool to be in a position to help out others, too, in my own little way. And it pleases me unbelievably you feel happy here, bellas.

Stacy~ said...

Julie! I will only say that I hope you have a fabulous time tomorrow. You are going to have such a good time meeting JQ. We'll miss ya, but don't cry - we won't talk too badly about ya *g*

Michelle! Congrats on 1 yr! I've been a blog veteran for about 6 months, and it's amazing how many people I've met on the journey. The web is an amazing place, and it brought me here, which is so cool.

MK, have fun at the KC concert (yep, I'm feeling too lazy to type). I like her stuff, too. No shame in that, no matter what age. I think as long as people keep their clothes, on, it doesn't matter what age they are LOL

I give credit to my mom (aka the old bat - I say that with love) because she's one of the strongest, most giving, most fearless people I know, plus she will make a sailor blush and will take on a group of bikers anyday - my mom is no sissy. She ignored what the school counselors said (the career counselors anyway) and had faith in what I wanted to do with my life - go to a travel school, where I ended up working for UAL, and now for a credit union. Made a bit of a sharp turn there, but it's all good. I also credit my close friend Cynthia for keeping my head on straight and showing me that it's better to wait for true love than to settle. Amen, sister.

Did someone say Godiva? Well, I like Fannie May myself, but have you tried Godiva's Dark Belgium Chocolate ice cream? Ooooh, talk about sweet and decadent - just how I like my men ;)

And yes, bring on the hotties. Anytime, anywhere, they are welcome.

Kristi Cook said...

See, that's what happens when I spend WAY too many hours cruising the 'net looking at NASCAR hotties--my brain sees ONE and translate it to TEN. I've officially had a total brain meltdown. Just shoot me now!