Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Longest Post Ever

Please forgive me! I've tried to post a blog and couldn't. I've tried to download photos from my camera and couldn't. Still can't download photos from Blogger. Grrr. Please accept my most humble apologies and let this blog begin to make up for how I've wronged you...

So I thought he was gay when I first saw his picture. I was wrong. Last night I interviewed Adam Nevill, Erotica Editor of Virgin Books Ltd. Virgin is a branch of that veddy British company that's got a plum in lots of puddings, including an airline and some other stuff.

Anyway, Adam and I spent a couple hours talking erotica: what makes it good, who's reading it, and -- the big question for me -- what makes him qualified to know what turns-on women.

Well Bellas, [picture me blushing], I'm here to tell you I think he passes muster. Cause he's not gay, he's just, you know, British.

I'll be publishing Adam's interview as part of an ExtraView series about the current popularity of erotica.

On to the RWA news. First, the Ritas are Saturday night, and the excitement's building. Last night at the Literacy Book Signing I made sure to say hi to our favorites, especially friends who've blogged here with us. It was a zoo, but if you're looking for an event in which your fave romance authors are accessible, this is the one.

And may I say I saw our Vivi Anna there? She's as nice in person as on-line. And Tuesday night at a lovely party given by agent/author Deirdre Night, I finally met our girl, Monica Burns! What a terrific person. I had espresso with Jessica Inclan, and sat with Debbie Macomber at breakfast for the Nancy Berland pr agency. If you remember Bookstoredeb posting here, she was there, too.

It's so cool to get to know women who we e-meet here. The friendship is just as warm in person, not uncomfortable at all.

This is not a snaxy guy event (Unless you count Adam's metrosnaxuality. Does that work? combining snaxy with metrosexual? And have you heard this new term, retrosexual? It describes guys like Vince Vaughn).

But it's not super serious here. Writers are pleased to be in the company of other professionals, and there's a pervasive mood of excitement of being around women and men who understand and love romance.


Julie in Ohio said...

You heard our cry, didn't you, Michelle?
It sounds like so much fun. It's neat that you are getting to meet all these really great people. I just got done with Vivi's book and have started Monica's.
Can't wait to see your pictures...stupid blogger. :P

Kati said...

Woohoo! Michelle, we missed you! So glad it's going well. Read a quickie report over on the Squawk from another reader who was at the literacy signing last night. Sounds like it went really well.

Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!

Rach said...

Hi Michelle!!! *Rach waving wildly!* Glad you could post at least a little something for us.

I have to question the use of snaxy in combo with metrosexual. Isn't a metrosexual the antithesis of snaxy? Is there a breed out there that combines metro with snaxy?

I'm so glad all the Bellas are awesome in person! Have fun for us--we're trying to hold down the fort!! =)

Manda Collins said...

Yay! Our fearless leader. Just got back to desk after day of pointless meetings to this post!

Um, Adam Neville sounds delightful. Sigh. How come I never meet any hot British men who publish erotica? It happens all the time in romance novels---and apparently at RWA!

Rach, I don't see a problem with metrosnaxual--metros are just a different flavor of snaxy. The dry sherry of the snaxy family of potent potables. Whereas Canna is a fine Italian chianti and Gerard Butler is a fine Scotch...

Say hi to the Bellas, Michelle! Have a good time! We miss you!

Rach said...

Okay, I see where you are headed with that, Manda. I can see that kind of snaxy. The lighter side of snaxy if you will. =)

Manda Collins said...

Exactly, Rach. Tastes great but with fewer calories;)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I don't know how he tastes, Manda and Rach, but he seems to have good taste, at least in erotica.

Thing is, Manda, I don't meet lots of women or men who like to talk about erotica, let alone in any erudite fashion. So it was a real treat. I'm thinking of interviewing Kate Duffy of Kensington about erotic romance, and Jaid Black of Ellora's about plain ole erotica also. I think that would make a nice, balanced approach to the whole issue.

Kati said...

Michelle - That would be a great treat! I'd love to hear from some of the top erotica authors. I really enjoy it and think that the longer it's around, the less the "stigma" seems to surround it.

Rach said...

Michelle, I agree, a balanced approach is the way to go =).

CT said...

I read somewhere that retrosexual is the opposite of metrosexual. Then there's other terms I didn't know existed: technosexual, uebersexual, pomosexual, fauxmosexual.... the list goes on and on. lol.

Monica Burns said...

Hi bellas!! I miss you gals!!! I can't tell you how wonderful meeting Michelle was for me. It was like seeing an old friend. She totally rocks in person, just like she does here.

I've been trying to find time to hook up with her for a little more one-on-one face time, but I've never been to a National where I've been sooooo busy!! I've had little sleep (it's almost 2am and I've been up for a while), and it looks like I'm going to be doing this until Sat! I've no idea how long I can keep up this pace, but I'm betting I'll pay for it on Sunday trying to keep my eyes open on the drive home.

Wish you all were here with us. A Bellas party would totally rock. Like Michelle, I'm having problems posting pictures to my blog as well, but I'm going to try a work around tomorrow night when I have a minute to breathe.

MsTypo said...

Cause he's not gay, he's just, you know, British.

That was a wonderfully awesome line! LOL And it describes so many of the great Brits that i work with here. hehehe

Sounds like everyone there is having an awesome time and keeping tres busy. I would have killed to have been able to attend the literacy signing. Of course, i'd have to buy extra copies of many of the books because i'd be worried about all my re-reads adn damaging my beautifully signed copies. LOL

Michele said...

OOH! Possible interview with Jaid Black? I vote for that one.

I like Rachd's term - snaxy-lite, like Budlite - only better.

One way to get around Blogger's no photo upload glitches is to use Picasa through Hello which is via Blogger. I signed up when I first started blogging. I hadn't used it much until this year when Blogger's troubles seem to have exploded. You upload your pic and then edit your words later. It's one way to get around "picture withdrawal". I was without for ... a week and a half. **shudder**

Looking forward to all the indepth scoop, Michelle!

This blog is going to be rockin' again soon, I can tell.

Rach said...

Hey Monica! Don't burn the candle at both ends, Bella! =) But, if it were me, I know I'd be trying to pack it all in to see everything! =)

Ct, I hadn't heard of any of those terms either. Definitions?

Typ0, I'm with you, I'd have to get all new copies to keep on my bookshelf so I would't destroy them by rereading again and again!

Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! Started a new book this morning, PRIMAL HEAT by Susan Sizemore (who was it who reminded me I enjoyed her books, whoever it was, thanks!). I'm really enjoying it so far.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Rach said...

I finished HOT WATER last night--a breezy, quick read and very good! SIS is next in the TBR pile, followed by the Ward books.

MK, I enjoy Susan Sizemore as well. I'll have to check out PRIMAL HEAT now...thanks :oP

Michele said...

That was me, Marykate - with the Queen title references between Mathias and Phillippa. I'll be curious to know if you think it's as cute as I do.

AND if you figure out the bad guy before I did....

Enjoy and Happy Reading!

I just started Linda Howards latest, Cover of Night. Very intense!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buon giorno, Bellas! I'm off to a Spotlight on Ellora's Cave wkshp at 9:45 this am. Will let all you cheeky little Bellas know what they have to say about their sexy stuff.

Lunch with our Southern Bella, Anna DeStefano at noon. Can't wait. I'll tell her you all say Hiya.

Thanks for all the hip -sexual terms, CT. Do you have any definitions as RAch asked?

I originally signed up for Hello, Michele (hello, btw) and couldn't figure it out; it was kinda doin an annoying pop-up thingie, so I nixed it. I'll have to try it again. Sometimes I'm able to post photos first then I add the text, but even that don't always do the trick.

Nairobi, baby, you're definitely feelin me, no? LOL.

Hiyza MK and Rach. I'm not sure I've read SS, but'll check her out. Glad you liked HW, Rach.

You guys would like these two woman I met at last night's SquawkRadio party. The Chicks say Hi, btw! Anywayz, the two women are an editor and the romance reviewer for Library Journal. They take the same attitude about romance reading/reviewing/commenting as we do. Very nice, smart chicks. I told em all about you.

Gotta shower and try to make me presentable for the day. Talk to ya soon. Hopefully will have some pix.

Ritas tomorrow night!

Julie in Ohio said...

Mornin' all!

Michelle, you are having WAY too much fun! Keep up the good work. I can't wait to hear how the RITAs go. Remember, who wore what and who threw the biggest fit because they didn't win. :o)

Ct, what does those strange words mean? For some reason I am picturing a Technosexual all decked up for a disco party.

Monica, just remember there is no such thing as having too much fun. You can sleep when your dead. :o)

Rach, I'm glad you liked HW. I haven't even gotten my SIS yet. Hopefully this weekend things will slow down.

MK/Michele, who is Susan Sizemore and why do I not know? But then again if she has a problem with Queen maybe I shouldn't read her. :o)

Kati said...

Jules - I'm trying not to hold her derision of Queen against her. Susan Sizemore writes vampire novels, which may be why you've never heard of her. But her Primes (as her males are called) are delicious and extremely alpha. In a totally different way from BDB, but excellent nonetheless.

Michelle! We really miss you! So glad it's going well and you're meeting all kinds of cool people at Nationals! What are you wearing to the RITAS? Be sure to get a photo for us! Also, track down Mon and Vivi for us, we want a photo of both of you guys all dolled up!

Michele - I want to hear what you end up thinking about LH's new one. I want to compare opinions with you, since I had a really strong reaction to this book.

Rach said...

Michelle, another solution to the Blogger/pictures issue is to download Picasa (assuming you have a PC). Picasa is attached to the same family as Blogger and Hello! and is easy to use. You select the photos you want to blog about, holding them, hit the "Blog this" button and you are off. It's how I do it anyway.

Glad you are having a blast and can't wait to hear what's up with Ellora's Cave ;o).

Oh, yeah, and what MK said, get pics of all the Bellas all dolled up!! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

MK, I love me some alpha vamps. I'll have to check her out the next time I'm in a bookstore which will hopefully be this weekend. (keeping my fingers crossed)

I am currently reading Connie Brockway's AS YOU DESIRE. I haven't ever read a book set in Egypt before. I'm finding it facinating. :o)

Rach said...

Oh, Julie, you are so gonna be in LOVE with Harry by the time you finish!

It is a WONDERFUL book!!! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, I'm already half there. :o)

CT said...

Ok, I did a little checking from urban there's so many definitions for each term but here's the way i see it...
Retrosexual is described as 'manly man' or the traditional alpha male.
Technosexual is someone who has strong aesthetic sense and loves technology.
Fauxmosexual - someone who gives the impression of being gay, when actually he's not.
Pomosexual - someone who doesn't like being labeled as homosexual or heterosexual.
There you have it! :D

I hope we get to see the pics too, Michelle. Have fun!

Kati said...

I'm in the rare minority that didn't adore AS YOU DESIRE. I loved, loved, loved ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT though. I've really discovered that the more you torture the hero, the happier I am. And Jack is about as tortured as they get. And the seduction scenes between he and Ann are just scorching! But AS YOU DESIRE, meh. Didn't do it for me.

Julie in Ohio said...

Well, I have ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, also so I will let you know what I think, MK. :o)

But I'm with you on the tortured hero. I love watching someone who doesn't think they are worth anything get their HEA. *sigh*

Rach said...

Ct, thanks for providing the definitions =). Too funny!!

MK, boy, was Jack a tortured hero. And, you are right about those scenes between Jack and Ann ;o).

Kati said...

Jules - All I'll say, is there's a scene where Jack's tied up in a chair...and Ann is...well. It's just so...

I'd be sure your hubby's available when you read it.

MK fanning herself...

Rach said...

LOL hee hee hee MK! So true about having the hubby available, Julie ;o).

Julie in Ohio said...

Hubby just got back from his trip. Should I be switching books? :o)

amy kennedy said...

Finally. Finally for Michelle, finally for me--I've been having problems with commenting on this blog--I hate that. Michelle, it sounds like you're having a marvy time and I'm so glad you're meeting Bellas in person.

But I love the metrosnaxual--I think I can see him.

I started Hot Water last night and I finished Hot Water last night. I want more.

I too found it a fast read, but perhaps not as breezy as you found it Rach. I'm her age (one year older if you want to be picky)and found bits of my life on the pages of her book. Parts were actually hard for me to read--hit too close to home. Not now. My previous life.

It definately lends itself to a sequal--she has to face her husband, right? And he has to fulfill his dream.

I hope you'll all be proud of me--I chose for my prize the THONG!
that is a can you believe it laugh.

I thought, 'what the heck' and chose it.

amy kennedy said...

Yah, Julie's husband is back!

I have All You Desire--I was going to start that next. Then I'll do All Through The Night.

I'm reading Whale Season--not a romance, well...maybe. But more quirky than anything else. It's by N.M. Kelby--she worked with Carl Hiaasen (whom I adore) it's a fabulous read, if you're looking for something completely different.

Rach said...

LOL, Amy!! I'm very proud of you! I just couldn't do it. I don't think it was an image my hubby needed either, athough he *says* he loves my body the way it, maybe I should have gone with the thong ;o).

I could see HW being a little more close to home for someone a little older than me. I kept seeing parts of my mom's marriage to my stepdad in it. As I was reading I kept thinking, "I hope my marriage never winds up like that."

And that's the whole point of the book, isn't it? That initially you may think everything is fine and you just go along with it and one day, *BAM* it's just not okay anymore? And that we (meaning women) will put ourselves out more than men do in relationships?

MK, finish reading the book already! I'm ready to get chattin' about this book! I'm going to read it again just a little slower this time and find all the pieces I missed.

Rach said...

Oh, yeah, Jules, glad hubby's back! It makes life so much easier in some ways.

Michele said...

MK, I just finished LH's book.

What did I think? Well, I started it last night,finished it this AM.

It WAS intense.

It was light on romance and interaction with the hero and heroine. (which was surprising)

It was slightly graphic in brutality, although that was the world all that crap was coming from.

The details of the town, plans for survival, all of that sounded realistic enough, but do you think detail overwhelmed the personal story between Cal and Cate? Did you like the names, BTW?
C & C - they sound like the perfect cola drink.

MK, did you connect with the characters?

I think I really connected in LInda's description of motherhood with her kids. There was such a ring of truth that it had me saying. OH Yeah, Been there, Done that. The descriptive prose was done well...but the romance? The feeling that you are involved in their romance, Did you get that?

I'd classify this as a crime drama with romance as a side dish.

Looking forward to your thoughts,MK. I tried to be "general" with my references .. didn't want to go over the top with Spoilers, you know?

amy kennedy said...

Julie, you know the funny (or not so much so)thing is, you have inklings actual red flags--but they are ignored in the hopes of simply going away. I have no doubt your marriage is a strong one. And I'm sorry you saw glimpses of your Mom's marriage in the book.

As to the thong--too much information coming your way--I wear them, yup. Those and the undies that are more like short shorts. I told you it was too much info. I hate underwear lines--my niece and my daughter convinced me to wear them--this is what comes of having a 21 year old daughter.

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks, guys. Yes dh is home all safe and sound but not exactly in one piece. He found out the hard way that you don't drink a six pack then try to drive a golf cart. LOL Lucky for him he was golfing with a bunch of doctors. He is fine but feels really dumb. :o)

amy kennedy said...

I just read the last few .comments from the other post--got that?

Michele, I love the description of your jungle room, taking the rug apart to hang. I can't even tell you some of my Barbie, Ken, GI Joe scenarios. I had no idea.

My granddaughter is jst about 8 mos. old, so she hasn't grasped the idea or the dexterity of drawing on herself and other's belongings. But I know she will.

The funny thing is my daughter is an artist--so she was simply in training.

Julie in Ohio said...

Actually it was Rach that said that, Amy, but I was going to add that there were a couple of uncomfortable moments in the book for me, as well. I could relate with Julia more than I would have liked to. But, IMHO, that is probably because Kathryn said that these were scenes/feelings from her marriage so they are more *real* than the usual scenes in a novel.

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, I am so glad you got the thong. I was hoping someone would. *g*

TMI ALERT: I have tried wearing a thong but I feel so *bad* when I have it on. Like everyone is staring at me and they know what I am wearing, or not wearing as the case may be, and my body was not designed for such a scrutiny.

Kati said...

Jules - LOL! I felt that way when I started wearing thongs. But honestly, I do it so as not to have VPL, not for scintilation. Especially since I'm not a little person, I would be self-conscious about it, I guess if anyone were to see, but since it's just me, I don't sweat it.

Girls, I still haven't been able to find HOT WATER. I think you guys are going to have to talk about it without me. ;-( I hate when I can join in the party!

Michele - Well, I won't hold back about CON. I was really disappointed in it. I read LH books for the sexual tension and love relationship. This relationship felt like it was tossed in as a consolation. Don't get me wrong, it was a very well executed suspense novel. Just NOT romantic suspense. And it pisses me off that they marketed it to me, a romance reader, and it didn't deliver (on top of that, I paid hardcover price for it!). I mean, I guess that's the nature of the business, but readers like me are the reason that she has the kind of readership she does. Why the heck can't she either announce that she's not writing romance anymore, or much more to my taste, DELIVER A ROMANCE?!?! It just really chaps me. OK, off my soapbox now.

Kati said...

OK, one more comment, I vowed after Suzanne Brockmann's last novel that I wasn't going to pay hardcover prices for her anymore, but her new excerpt really intrigues me. SIGH. There goes another $18!

Julie in Ohio said...


That is all I'm going to say.

Rach said...

I have a couple of thongs, but I just can't get past the wedgie sensation. I wear body shapers instead to avoid the VPLs.

Funny thong story though--My brother-in-law got married in Arizona. His wife wore a white sheath dress, very form-fitting. She also word a black thong. Oops. Talk about everyone knowing what you are wearing, Julie! And, the thing is, I'm fairly certain she was completely unaware of the situation. LOL

MK, Amazon all the way, baby! If you get it soon, you can finish it in one evening and then we can dish =)

Julie in Ohio said...

YIKES! How in the world could she have NOT known that black thong under a white dress equals a show for everyone else?

Michele said...

MK - you are right! Um, that's why I borrowed it from the library first. Wasn't as painful. The only hardcover, in fact my very first hard cover, that I've ever bought was LKH's latest, Danse Macabre. If I want sexual relationships, well this series now delivers, LOL. I may have to go back and re-read it for my fix that I didn't get from COV. *wink*

I've always felt that she's had a handle on delivering intense drama - I remember All The Queens Men. Loved that one - that's what got me hooked on her. You are right though, there was enough sexual tension to deliver satisfaction to the romantic in me.

The hype may not have been Linda's fault. There was a Chick Lit book I read once by Liz Maverick. The front cover specifically touted it as a romance. Expecting an HEA that never materiallized, I complained to Liz. She was really gracious about it. Turns out that it was never to be marketed as a romance, she knew that. Had written it the Chick Lit way and said that the "Powers that Be" changed it to what THEY wanted, which was to sell the book - whether it was accurate or not.

I've since read other books by her now that I know her writing style. When you DON"T know an author's particular writing style and they pull that crap, that's bad, (potential career buster) but, when, like Linda, You DO know, those same "Powers that Be" could be ensuring their income ticket because they might have been unsure of us readers embracing this newer focus in her writing and didn't want to let a new cow into the barn cuz they're still milking the successful one already.

Wow! What a run-on sentance.

I think you get my point. And I got yours which is a good one.

Julie in Ohio said...

Did you see that Christina Dodd and Lisa Kleypas are BOTH guest blogging next week? WOO HOO!!

I really need to get to the book store. Do you think my hubby would notice if I added more books in my TBR pile? :P

Rach said...

Nuh uh! I completely missed that!!

I'm taking Monkey off to Grandma's tomorrow. Ya'll have fun and I'll check in when I get home =).

Julie in Ohio said...

Have fun, Rach! Tell Grandma to hide the markers and nail polish. :P

Jessica Inclan said...

Just wanted to say hey to Michelle and to all her readers!

I loved meeting you, Michelle, and I really appreciate your web site and your column. Great stuff!

And it was fun to introduce you to my boyfriend and tell the "almost arrested" story.

I'm done with RWA for this year, and will be heading to Florida beaches tomorrow. Enjoy the RITA awards!

All best,

Jessica Inclan

Julie in Ohio said...

Hi, Jessica! Glad you had a good time at RWA.
Isn't Michelle the sweetest? :o)

I think spending a day at the beaches sounds like a terrific idea. A perfect end to a perfect week. *sigh* :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Yeah, I got SIS!!
WAAHH, I couldn't find TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS Christina Dodd's new one. :(
I thought they were coming out on the same day. Does anyone else know?
I suppose I could check her website but I am playing lazy today. :P

amy kennedy said...

You guys are shaming me, I tell you, shaming me. I can't keep up.

Lisa Kleypas! Christaina Dodd!
Will the fun ever cease?

Right at this very moment I am reading three (3!) books, maybe four. Now I have to add two more.

I need a vacation from everything just to read.

MsTypo said...

Interesting article on the Yahoo splash page about the RWA conference.

Enjoy! :D

Rach said...

Hi Bellas! We spent over 8 hours in the car yesterday, dropping Monkey off and coming right back.

Okay, more to the point, we got started, headed East down the interstate and were about 45 minutes down the road--all the while being ever so grateful we weren't headed west bound (like I have said before, MAJOR touristy area and weekends are the WORST) because there was a 20 mile back-up--when we received a phone call.

"There is this suitcase-looking item sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. Know anything about it?" It would seem that someone--who shall remain nameless, but rhymes with "bubby"--forgot to put said suitcase in the car. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH.

So, we had to hit all the back roads to avoid the 20 mile back-up, get the bag and get back on the road. Yeah, not much fun.

On the bright side, my Mom had cooked some awesome pesto and a killer tart lime pie.

Okay, off-topic rant over =).

Jessica, the beach sounds awesome.

Typ0, I couldn't get the link to work =(.

MsTypo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MsTypo said...

D'oh! Sorry about the link. let me try again... Gosh darn it! Take three...


Try joining the two lines (http +romance writers) and it should work. Sorry 'bout that!

In other news... Sorry to hear about your tough weekend, rach. I hate when stuff like that happens! You think that everything is finally under control and boom! One small misstep wrecks the entire plan.

Did you save any pie to share with bored bloggers online?! *hopeful look* :p :p

Rach said...

Sure, Typ0, it's on the way :oP!

I had even suggested that we could possibly stop by Ye Olde Tar-jay and get a few days' worth of clothes, but again, that un-named person--ahem rhymes with "tubby"--said nope!

Rach said...

Link worked this time! Nice article, thanks, Typ0 =).

Stacy~ said...

Hi Bellas! I am home, and wish it didn't end so quickly. It was amazing.

Since I wasn't registered, there were quite a few events I couldn't attend, but we'd spend those times sightseeing. I saw the Margaret Mitchell House, did the CNN tour which was really cool, and went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was hot, but not overwhelmingly so. Got lots of exercise.

As for the fun stuff, I got lots of books! There were a few events open to everyone like the Blaze party, a tea (which was $15), and the Spice signing. Of course there was the Literacy signing on Wednesday which was, to me, WOW. I walked by tables with Nora Roberts, SEP, Linda Howard, Julia Quinn - it was amazing. Stephanie Laurens came all the way from Australia. And, I met Monica Burns, Vivi Anna, and Eve Silver. All three with lovely and very friendly. Got books signed from each of them :)

Alas, I never did see our Queen Michelle. I told Vivi that we couldn't miss her - being carried around by some very snaxy naked Italian men - but somehow I never did meet up with her.

I'll have to go back and read all the posts. Missed you guys and wish you were there too. Maybe next year....

Rach said...

Hey, Stace! I'm so sorry you had to come home--sounds like you had an AMAZING time!! =)

I hope you got pix to post on your blog, and I'm SO jealous of the book signing ;o).

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, sorry about your trouble with "cubby" but as the saying goes "can't live with 'em; can't kill 'em". :P But the bright side you are 1 child lighter for a couple of days. :o)

Stacy, I am envious that you met all those wonderful authors.
I saw a picture of you at RWA on Jill Shalvis's website. :P
I think it was during the literary signing. You looked way too happy to be there. :o)
I can't wait to see pics. (hint,hint)

Monica Burns said...

Hey bellas! Just popping in for a quick hello before I disappear for a couple of weeks. I had a wonderful time at the conference. It was so wonderful that Stacy came by and intro'd herself. In all the hub bub I don't think I connected the fact that she was one of the Bellas! I'm so embarassed! Meeting Michelle was one of the highlights of my trip. She is soooo totally awesome.

Well, I need to run. I have a proposal to get to Deidre in three weeks (that's a synopsis plus three chapters for those unfamiliar with the process)so I've got to hunker down and get going. That is AFTER I get some sleep!!! LOL


Rach said...

Hey Mon! I'm so glad you had a great time! =) Good luck with your proposal and we'll see you when you return to play :oP.

Kati said...

Hey Bellas! I'm tooting Manda's horn, since she hasn't done it yet. Check her out: the newest reviewing diva!

Awesome review Manda! Hope Anna sees it. Totally made me want to read the book. I just sent in my first review for AI as well. Hopefully it'll pass muster and we'll see it in print soon!

You go girl! Awesome job!

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks for the heads up, MK, and good luck. I get all excited when I see familiar names in places other than the norm. I'm a dork, I know. :o)

Manda, what a terrific review. :P
I just bought that book and was excited to read it. Now I am even more excited to read it. I have to see if you were right. *g*

Rach said...

Sign me up for dorkdom as well, Jules, because I too love to see names I know =).
Manda, really makes me want to pick up the book!

MK, let us know when your's is up =).

Manda Collins said...

Aww, thanks guys! Just got back from weekend trip to visit friends who have twin 3 year old boys--not exactly a restful weekend, but fun
--to see yall singing my praises. What a welcome home:)

MK, do let us know when yours is up. I wasn't sure which other Bella had signed up. Now I know, and you know what GI Joe says about that;)

Anybody got any dirt on RITA? I saw over on Squawk that they got shut out, but they didn't say who did win. We need a Romance News Network!

Playground Monitor said...

Rita winners here and Golden Heart winners here.

I got to meet Michelle and she's just the greatest! It was a wonderful high spot in my conference.


Manda Collins said...

Okay someone on Eloisa's board gave this link with RITA winners on it

Stacy~ said...

I'm starting to post some pix, slowly but surely. But I'm doing my posts slowly - hopefully I get some more done tonight but I'm having an issue w/ some photos.

No problemo Monica - I know a lot of people were coming up to talk to you, so that's okay you didn't recognize me - I think of it as part of my charm LOL

Thanx MK for the link - I'll have to go check out Manda's review.

Ahhh, it's good to be back :)

amy kennedy said...

Stacy, glad you had fun, sorry you didn't get to meet Michelle, but glad (and jealous) you got to meet Monica, Eve, and Vivi. How cool is that.

Rach and Julie dork here as well. And Rach, don't know if I would have told my husband, but then again I probably would have and then wished I hadn't

Manda, I knew you'd be great at reviewing. And Marykate, once again let us know.

Marilyn and TypO thanks for the links.

Monica, two weeks, huh? That's all you need? I bow down Bella.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Manda. Romance News Network?
I can see it now: "Cover model puts shirt back on. Film at 11" *g*

Mon, good luck on the deadline.
tisk,tisk See what happens when you go off to Atlanta to play for a week? :o)

Deb's Book Nook said...

Michelle, It was great getting to meet you in Atlanta!

Unknown said...

Hey Michelle, I met you briefly at the sports bar when I was having a drink with my editor Adam Nevill. He is such a nice guy and very enthusiastic about the new Black Lace and Cheek books, (including mine) which are coming out next year.
Funny story for you-the conference was the first opportunity I've had to meet him face to face and after I started talking to him he's like'"you're British" and I'm like "um yeah, I just happen to have lived in California for 8 years." He said he would never have guessed from my book that I wasn't American-which I suppose is a good thing as its set in San Francisco and has a cowboy in it!!
It was nice to meet you-even if just fleetingly!
Kate Pearce
"Where have all the Cowboys Gone?" Virgin Cheek Apr 07
"Planet Mail" Ellora's Cave July 06

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Kate! Of course I remember you. I was trying to set up a time to finish up the interview Adam and I'd started, and you girls were giggling because you thought I was trying to pick him up. :)

I should have been able to finish the interview initially, but it's amazing the questions one forgets to ask when a publicist is plying one with good wine and good food. Yes. My job is a hellish nightmare.

Anyway, ironic story, yours. I thought your were going to write that when AN said he didn't know you were British, you said, "well, gee, I didn't know you were straight."

Of course, I can afford to be irreverent.

I'm very excited about the Cheek and Black Lace lines. I remember them from years ago, and expect the US market will be more amenable to them this time around, especially cause we chicks have learned to get our own, as it were.

Please stay in touch!