Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kathryn Jordan GuestBlog: The Ultimate (Steamy) Fantasy

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And now, Kathryn Jordan's GuestBlog...

Here's to all you hotties who’ve gotten into HOT WATER or intend to get into it real soon. We all need to indulge ourselves in a steamy weekend now and then. Especially one that can change our lives. Isn’t that the ultimate fantasy?

Remember the quote that starts the book: “Women are like tea bags. They don’t know how strong they are until they get into hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt - Bless her feisty heart!

So talk to me. What would you like to know? I’m ready to divulge all the secrets (well, maybe not ALL) of how HOT WATER grew into a novel and how it became #2 on a best seller list in central California. The Da Vinci Code was #4 on that list. A framer, for sure!

A question I often get at book signings is, Where can I find William? Well, here’s an answer. Eduardo Verastegui. Is he incredible, or what? Now, if he has a philosophy degree... oh, who cares!

Seriously, since January when HOT WATER was released by Berkley /
Penguin, I’ve been asking myself, what is it about the book that
delights readers so much. I get e-mails posted at 2:00 AM from women who read it in one sitting. Sure, it’s full of hot sex, but I think it’s more than that.

I think it’s a celebration of turning the tables on the “Pretty Woman” story. (A woman having the courage to do something men have done since the beginning). It’s a celebration of breaking society’s rules and getting away with it. No, not just getting away with it, but having it turn out beyond our wildest dreams.

What if a woman could hire a gorgeous younger man for a weekend of fabulous mega-sex at a lush spa resort - spa treatments, silky mineral water soaks AND amazing sex. Not to mention, Latin dancing. Oh, my God!

And then, what if he turned out to be not only highly tuned to the
feminine psyche, but smart and educated and aware of the central flaws
in our culture that cause so many men to act like such, well...

Yes, I know. There’s about as much chance of that as finding a leopard skin bikini that doesn’t ride up your butt. But, hey, if could happen. We’ve gone to the moon, invented the internet and sandals with bottle openers on the soles. Anything’s possible.

Even falling in love when you least expect it.

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Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Welcome, Kathryn. I'm thrilled to have you here for oh, so many reasons, not the least of which is simply: I adored "Hot Water."

And, you manage to pose underwater in a wetsuit and still look attractive.

And, you spanked "DaVinci Code."

So, welcome. Thanks for taking the time to join us. Hope you have fun. Can't wait to talk about my favorite fantasy... Plus, I live in Minnesota. Wonder if I could get my husband to spring for a little solo getaway for me to a luxurious CA spa. I wouldn't really even need the Lamborghini. But if I don't bring my laptop, how ever will I meet my William?

Anonymous said...

Hot Water is a great fantasy. I asked Kathryn to write a Lesbian version of the book. I hope she does because I think it will definately keep my attention and my girlfriends too. Kathryn, are you working on that for me? Your friend from Ojo NM in March at the retreat coaches retreat. Thanks for dancing with us!!!

amy said...

Read it more than once. And from different perspectives. And listen to the right music when you're done. The water is deeper than you think. Be prepared for changes in your life - good ones if you do them right, and messy ones if you don't. There's no underlying message to escape your life and pursue another, but you might rethink your current perspective on life and what makes you happy and fulfilled as a woman. For that matter, it might be a nice little "insight piece" for the guy in your life (and I don't mean to use the book as a roadmap). Beware though, men often feel more threatened than they let on.

I love the book. I'm more than glad I read it. The book itself and the following it's generating are good indications that many of us have a "William" of sorts out there. Whether he's real or in our imaginations is relative to our unique situations - but the commonality is that we've got them, or him rather. That in itself was my relief. I stopped beating myself up over the thought of a fantastical man and the rendezvous moments we might have. All of it was in my mind, but I'd felt so guilty about even having the thoughts - I'm married!

So, okay - the fantasy is out there. But what I took from it was so much more fulfilling - and tangible - and real. I didn't hire anyone and disappear for the weekend. But I did start pampering myself. I started treating myself to small but very luxurious treats. I'm not wealthy so at times it was a gorgeous sugar scrub and other times it was a full day at a spa and yet others it was new loofa for my bath. Ultimately, it was time. Time for ME. And time for me made me feel like Julia - eventually, it made me feel like me again. Two children (or one or twelve) and a husband (or not) and a full-time career (or piecing the jobs together to make ends meet) is more than enough to strip a woman's being away. Forcing myself to make time for me has created a better person - a woman who is more relaxed, better able to meet the demands of a full life, and better able to enjoy it all the way around.

I didn't find myself because of Hot Water. But the water (and mud) I make time to relax in now is steamy and I certainly enjoy it. It's out there for you. Read the book. Lose yourself in it for a while. And then stand up, shake yourself a bit and find the hot water in yourself.

Thanks, Kathryn.
Much love,

Stacy~ said...

Wow Amy, what a compelling post! You've definitely intrigued me with your take on the book - next time I'm in the bookstore, I will be looking for this one.

I like how you mention making "me" time. We all need to do that. Women have so many roles in life: mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend, sister, not to mention cook, doctor, counselor, maid, chauffeur, disciplinarian, etc. With so much on our shoulders, we have to keep ourselves strong, and rejuvenate our spirits - replenish our "soul". And there should not be any guilt involved - we deserve it. That's right, repeat after me, bellas: WE DESERVE IT. How can we be good to anyone else if we don't take care of ourselves? I know it's a difficult concept to feel comfortable with, but it's the truth.

So have the 'rita and sit back and enjoy time with the girls. Go to the movies. Book a day, or even just an hour, at the spa. Pamper yourself. Discover yourself. We are way more interesting than we give ourselves credit for, and we should nurture oursselves, too.

Have a GREAT day everyone!

S ~

Valeen said...

ohhhhh! Sounds good! I haven't seen your book out and about yet here but will definitely pick it up when I do.

Love that picture of you under water!! hahaha

Stacy~ said...

Kathryn I forgot to ask a question (or several)!

What was your inspiration for "Hot Water"? Did you experience something similar yourself? (Please say yes - I will live vicariously through you LOL).

Okay, I answered my own question by going to your website. I love the varied and exciting life you've had. It sounds like you've "lived" your book as far as doing what fulfills you. What have you enjoyed with most?

Thanx again for stopping by. I have this obligation called a job that I have to go to in about 15 minutes, but I'll try to pop in later tonight.

Have fun, Bellas!

Michele said...

This sounds like a book that belongs on the top of my TBR pile.
If it makes it that far,LOL
Love the premise -
The comment about it "being read in one sitting" is the mark of a real page turner, a true crowd pleasure and what I look for in a book recommendation.


Rach said...

Good Morning Bellas! Hi Kathryn! =)

I've just visited your website and then right on over to Amazon! I didn't even choose the free S&H option because I'm that anxious to start the book!! It sounds FABULOUS!

That said, what woman hasn't dreamed about just indulging herself in some way, be it big or small--nice examples, Amy =).

Playground Monitor said...

I'm definitely going to have to look this book up -- not only from the description of the plot but because of the impact it seems to have had on readers.

Oh William! Where are you? :grin:


sharon said...

I am definitely going to read this book. A must for all women to relate to and think bout seriously.

joelle said...

WOW! What a great story. I am hooked with it already. This is a hit for sure. Thanks.

pearl said...

I am so impressed with this great book that I cannot believe that this story is real. Wonderful!

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Kathryn!

I really like the premise of this book. I have not read it yet but I need to. The fact that, I mean the hero, makes it a must read. :o)
We all have our fantasies and a weekend at a spa (any spa) is tops on my fantasy list. Any additional amenities the spa has to offer should always be looked into. :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, All! And welcome new friends.

Anon: I'd love to read any romance written by a good writer, and would especially like to see good offerings that speak to what fulfills any woman's sexual/sensual needs. I just hate it,however, when writers won't write me novels "on demand!" We'll have to keep working on Kathryn.

Amy: You've articulated what made me dig this book so much. It's almost cliched in its simplicity, but I like when women aren't afraid to claim fantasy.

We've got a mantra here that pretty much says that anything that turns a woman on is okey-dokey. Doesn't mean she wants it to happen in real life necessarily. Or maybe she just doesn't have the opportunity.

True, men don't always let on that they're threatened. My husband has developed a pained look of exasperated acceptance when he reads about my newest crush, fantasy, etc. But my embracing the fantasy -- lots of romance readers agree -- has really worked to his benefit. And he's pretty groovy with that.

Allowing ourselves to fantasize about men who aren't our husbands or partners is very freeing to those comfortable with the idea. I remember feeling enormously guilty about the whole thing til my girlfriend said, "are you crazy? It's so much fun, why not do it? do you think you're the only one?"

What Kathryn celebrates (IMO) in HW is a woman taking responsibility for her happiness, kind of growing up. It's great being pulled along with her through the experience.

I wonder, Kathryn, would the book be received/perceived the same if your heroine's husband were not agressive and controlling. If she were just bored in mid'life and wanting to live a fantasy?

ellie said...

this story is unique and appeals to all. What a concept. Love it.

Julie in Ohio said...

OMG, Kathryn. I just read the excerpt you have up on your site and that is an amazing excerpt. Most authors I have looked up use chapter one of their books as their excerpt. I like that you gave us a glimpse of how Julia and William meet in chapter 11.

Rach said...

I thought that was pretty cool too, Julie. If you go to Amazon you can read from the first coupla pages.

I agree with Julie, Kathryn, great way to really introduce the characters by having later chapters posted. Not to mention, how intriguing they don't meet until then!

word ver: sacofwnu-- sack 'o what?

Kathryn Jordan said...

Sorry, I'm late, Bella's. I wrote a long answer and wasn't logged on correctly. Michelle, thanks so much for inviting me here. It's so gratifying to see how my little sexy book has impacted readers. Anonymous, it's great to hear from an Ojo friend. What a fabulous night of yurt dancing, we had, celebrating the primal feminine energy. I'm still keeping your request for a lesbian version in mind. How 'bout a bi scene. If you read chapter 9 carefully, it's there.
And Amy, I knew that was you immediately! You keep giving me more insights about Hot Water. To the rest: Amy compiled a fantastic CD of Hot Water music - a sensuous and romantic as the book. Now some answers: What inspired HW? There have been various times in my life when I fantasized about hiring a guy - someone just there to please me, with none of the posturing or messy strings attached - you know how dismal the dating scene can be. But what I did do was break out of a very stifling marriage (yes, Ralph, you guessed it) and I went overseas to teach. Lots of adventures. I used to ride my Arabian mare around the pyramids almost every weekend. But the audacious step (whatever it might be) is about reclaiming one's life - the core message of HW, I think. Even William reclaims his life - or will in the sequel. Now if I can just get this posted.

Tam said...

OK, OK, I want the book! When and where do I get the book? How long do I have to wait? Print or e-book? I prefer print.

Rach said...

Amy, tell us about this CD. =)

Kathryn, congratulations on escaping your Ralph. I've always had dreams of traveling to foreign lands...

Julie in Ohio said...

Tam, I just ordered mine from Amazon this morning and it will be at my door on Monday. :o)

Kathryn, like I said above my copy will be here on Monday but you said something that I'm questioning...William doesn't get his HEA?

Billie said...

Wow! That sounds like a great book. Whatch out everyone because I'm taking the first place in line.

Kathryn Jordan said...

More HW thoughts. Good question, Amy. Not only is Julia's husband so leave-able, but I actually added more motivation per my agent's suggestion - we need a pivotal event. (So I added the hunting lodge thing). But I wonder... We pretty much live in a man's world where women's sexuality and our very lives through most of "history" have been controlled by men's rules. But I've been reading about a time when this wasn't so. I'll mention titles if you're interested. Anyway, I think women sense that sex could be less encumbered by guilt and possessiveness, a joyous celebration. When women light up with the HW premise what I see is joy and delight, and I don't think it comes from any dark, sinful place. And, btw, many men are loving Hot Water too, and aren't threatened by it. One man in Morro Bay liked it so much he went out and bought 12 copies to send to friends. It can be liberating to men too. And it's sexy in a purer almost spiritual way - especially that scene by the lake (chapter 49) Men, I think, are intrigued by this window into hot sex with a woman's sensuality and sensitivity. What I was trying to do is show William as the "new" man. A man who is tuned to women, not to owning or controlling, but to nurturing (okay, servicing) the feminine. As opposed to Ralph, the old, patriarchal male, agressive, posessive yet neglectful, because he's really not drawn to anything feminine. You know, the jock thing. To hang around with women diminishes them. Makes you a "pussy." When you think about William's other clients in the book, they are severely damaged women. Damaged by neglect and empty lives, never fulfilling their true selves.
Sorry, didn't mean to get so deep into it. But to Amy's question, what if it was just from boredom - there is a place in Finland where the whole town celebrates an ancient rite once a year. A big party where everyone is allowed to go off into the forest with someone other than their wife/husband, just for that night, then it's completely forgotten, and everyone's okay with it. Hmm.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Tam, Hot Water is at Borders and Barnes & Noble just about everywhere. Also Amazon.
And, everyone, if you like HW, please tell your friends. This is my 4th novel, but 1st to get published. (Hopefully one or two of the other novels will be picked up now). I was an English teacher for years, writing every morning before school, so I'm launching this career a bit late and playing catch up. Also I reeeallly think Hot Water would be a great movie... Not only is it hot, but it does have deeper messages about female empowerment, about nurturing our planet, MOTHER earth, and I'll be doing more with that in the sequel. While still keeping it HOT. You know, as I was writing HW, my agent said, Oh, don't make William a philosophy major. Make him a psych major. But I held firm. If you read HW a second time you get more of what I call "the deeper levels of hot water." :) - hey, this might be the only book where characters have sex while talking philosophy.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Julie in Ohio. What do you mean by William doesn't get his HEA?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathryn,

My friend who I lent HOT WATER to enjoyed it very much. It's funny, you and our friend Sherry Halperin both wrote women-empowering books and hers has been optioned, can yours be far behind? :)

I loved the idea of women taking time for themselves--why do we feel selfish? We assume so many roles, and according to economic surveys American housewives should be earning over $500,000 a year for their various jobs (chauffeur, cook, psychologist, financial advisor, etc).

I'm single but I see how much work all women do. So why shouldn't we fantasize? Nancy Friday had MY SECRET GARDEN.

Anonymous said...

I loved William's real name, by the way, Javier Dosamantes, and the way he realized that women get trapped--even the woman that wanted him to take her hostage. I also appreciated that, like Jamie Foxx, he had a strong grandmother in his life. And I also have a bi scene in my book so I caught yours with Heather the masseuse :)

Julie in Ohio said...

Well you said that William reclaims his life...or will in the sequel.

That just confused me a little and made me wonder...

Question #2 - There's a sequel?

FYI- I tend to over analyze things so if I am reading more into this than there is just let me know. :o)

amy said...

Good to hear you, Kate.

Michelle was pondering whether the book would have had such impact if "it had been from boredom", but I understand the reference to me - she had included my name near the beginning of her post.

Just to clarify for all of you- because I posted WAY TOO EARLY this morning - I didn't mean that I think "men are threatened by HW", more that I think men, in general, are image-bound. They don't let on when they feel threatened - hence Ralph's actions and reactions though exaggerated slightly. As Kathryn writes, the very things that make us all fall in love with William are the very things we yearn for. And these are the treasures that are not necessarily seen in reality. Otherwise, Hot Water, William, Julia, the presence of Ralph, Hidden Springs, all of it is for naught. Aren't those the very reasons we love this book so much?

For those of you interested in Hot Water - A Resonation, you can view a partial album on the iTunes Music Store. Go to Download iTunes (for mac or pc) and then go to the Music Store. Search for "Hot Water - A Resonation". The songs follow the story, though two songs are missing.

Kathryn Jordan said...

HEA. Michelle just explained Happily Ever After. See how new I am to the Romance world? Oh, William does get his HEA. Absolutely. I don't want to give away the ending for those who haven't read it, or the sequel, but in HW William comes to terms with what's missing in his life. His "job" is not exactly fulfilling, spiritually or intellectually. (Julia is the first client to ever be interested in his mind). Women can relate! Although there have been highlights for William, i.e. Helen Wainwright. I can't say more, but trust me, it's HEA all the way around. Bellas, do we not believe that a younger man could find lasting happiness with an older woman?
Now there's an interesting idea. Readers, tell me what you expect from the sequel.

Rach said...

Thanks, Amy! I'm a music junkie =).

robynl said...

Taking time for oneself is so important; any little thing to make oneself feel better is good.
One for the TBR pile for sure going by the above comments.

Jennifer Y. said...

Sounds like a good book.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Julie in Ohio, Yes, I'm just starting work on a sequel. It will start exactly where HW leaves off. HW took 8 months to write (5 of those months teaching full time) so hopefully I can whip the sequel out in about the same time. (I retired from teaching two years ago). I just love following with these characters.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Hi Kristin, thanks for joining! Yes, Javier Dosamantes. Years ago my boyfriend actually knew someone with the last name Dosamantes. In Spanish it means "two lovers." Speaking of cliche, but I figured not too many people would know that. Yes, a strong grandmother. I think in the sequel we'll find out more about the backgrounds of both "William" and "Julia."

Kathryn Jordan said...

Hi Kristin, thanks for joining! Yes, Javier Dosamantes. Years ago my boyfriend actually knew someone with the last name Dosamantes. In Spanish it means "two lovers." Speaking of cliche, but I figured not too many people would know that. Yes, a strong grandmother. I think in the sequel we'll find out more about the backgrounds of both "William" and "Julia."

Maureen said...

Reading all the posts has me interested. Congratulations on your sucess.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Can't wait to hear more about William, Kathryn.

Amy: Actually, I wasn't referring at all to you with my question to Kathryn. When I did refer to you it was to applaud your apparent genius for seeing in Hot Water all the wonderful things I do. :)

Rach said...

I'm still wondering how in the world I missed the boat on this one. Grrrr. I hate being the last one to know. =(

Julie in Ohio said...

You're not the last one, Rach. :o)
However, when Michelle mentioned the guest blog yesterday, I remembered that she mentioned the book previously and I wanted to read it then. Of course, I didn't order it right away and had a senior moment.
I swear if my memory gets any worse, my family will be taking away my drivers license. :o)
But I have resolved the book problem and will be receiving my copy on Monday. I love Amazon...and they love me, too. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Kathryn, I love book sequels. :o)

I have a "letting go" issue. When it comes to a couple that are just terrific, I tend to not want the story to end. Sequels give me a way of hanging on for just a little longer because you know that they will at least be mentioned in the next book so you get a glimpse of their happily ever after. :o)

sandra bedwell said...


Kathryn Jordan said...

Julie, Glad you like sequels. Funny, I had no intention of writing one. At first, I felt HW was complete, a sequel would only detract. Then women kept saying they wanted to know what happens next. So thoughts started churning. Especially when I'm at a spa. (Must be the water :o) At Weisbaden in Ouray, CO, I was in this underground chamber where the hot water comes into a pool, it's a cave, really, dark and kind of weird and boy did I have sequel ideas there. Setting is a huge part of eroticism, for women, anyway, don't you think?

Kathryn Jordan said...

Hey, Sande, Welcome! Yes, a sequel's on the way. Hope I can write it fast enough for you lusty ladies. :)

Julie in Ohio said...

Kathryn, setting is absolutely part of it. The *where* of it is where the fantasy is for me and this underground cave sounds facinating. :o)

Rach said...

Setting is definitely a major part of fantasy!

Kathryn Jordan said...

Yes, indeed. I think if readers were to vote for a favorite scene in HOT WATER, it would be the tunnel scene. Al Capone's getaway tunnel. Those who've read HW, let me know if you agree. BTW everything about Hidden Springs in the book is absolutely accurate. It's a real spa in Desert Hot Springs called Two Bunch Palms. My best friend and I are spending a girlfriend spa weekend there in early August.

And wait 'til you see what I have planned for the cave scene in the sequel...

Rach said...

Okay, color me excited!

You know, my dh and I were discussing fantasies one time and we discovered a MAJOR difference between men and women. Women go for the elaborate set-up--setting, clothing, etc.--while men just pretty much get right to the point. Hm, seems reflective of real life somehow ;o).

amy kennedy said...

Been busy at work, but I've tried to keep up with all the comments--I think we could have a class on female sexuality based on this book.

I can't wait to read it.

And I am all for having fantasies--but you already knew that.

Kathryn Jordan said...

rachd: SO TRUE what you said about the diff between men and women, how important setting and mood is to women.
Women seem more tuned to sensory detail, like the attention we give to putting on a party or preparing a surprise gift for someone we love. (God, the hours I spent on my son's Halloween costumes!) Maybe it's about nurturing, and WE feel nurtured if the atmosphere and mood are right. We're wearing a favorite dress, the grass is soft beneath our feet, and there's music and ocean sounds, the scent of jasmine in the air, and the angle of the moon beams is perfect to illuminate the muscles in his... Oops, got carried away there.

Yet just last week I watched my son prepare a birthday dinner party for his fiance, right down to the chocolate / vanilla swirls on the cheesecake. Maybe we're evolving.

Rach said...

Kathryn, one can only hope! lol =)

I know that each successive generation of men seem to be a *little* more detail oriented when it comes to setting mood, etc. You've obviously raised your son "right" ;o).

Oh, and I meant to congratulate you on your retirement from teaching! A most noble profession and one that is greatly under-valued and under-appreciated (I speak from personal experience). How nice for you to have extra time to devote to your writing =).

Kati said...

Hi Bellas! Popping in from Atlanta to say hi and I miss you guys! I'll be back this weekend. Kathryn - your book sounds incredible, I just spent $50 on books, but looks like I'll be spending more, and I'm on my way to the beach, so that's perfect!

Rach said...

Hey MK! Hope everything is going well with presentations and such. We miss you too! =)

Rach said...

Oh, yeah, have a great time at the beach! =)

amy kennedy said...

Kathryn, your life amazes me. What a great adventure it has been.

I loved the other Amy's comment about how the book made her create small changes in her life--more pampering, more indulgence, more time for her. With our blog about guilt, I think it's so important for women to understand their own worth. Witch we rarely do.

In The Artist's Way Julia Cameron talks about taking Artist's Dates, to fill up your 'well of creativity'--we need women dates to fill up our own 'well of everything'--was it you Rach who said, in order for us to give, we have to be filled.

amy kennedy said...

Ha! I wrote 'witch' instead of 'which'.

My Freudian slip was showing.

Manda Collins said...

Okay, looks like I missed a swell party today! Gotta get me a copy of your book Kathryn. It sounds like just what the Dr. ordered!

I am all in favor of women allowing themselves the time they need to recharge their batteries:)

Kathryn Jordan said...

Hi all, I'm back. Nice to hear from new Bellas. rachd, yes, I'm very proud of my son, and I do think men raised partly by single moms often learn different lessons, about strong women, for one. But who knows how these things really happen.

Marykate, Hot Water is a pretty good beach book. :) Actually, it's a good hot tub book. My dream is to have it printed in a waterproof edition. One woman emailed that she read it in the hot tub with her husband feeding her Dove bars. Sigh.

Amy, I love The Artist's Way and artist's dates. Those self-charging dates at the lush spa featured in HW ended up launching this career. And thanks, rachd, for your comments on teaching. I had a great time with the kids. Last years were at a continuation high school for at risk teens. And I loved them. Disadvantaged, real and honest, from my experience.

Now I have a modest retirement check and time left to write a handful of novels. Dreams do come true.

Kathryn Jordan said...

Thought I'd share a couple stories from my book events. BTW if anyone lives in Southern CA or vicinity, I do "HOT WATER House Parties" & Book Clubs when possible. Like Tupperware or lingerie parties only discussing HW. Sexy hors d'oeuvres & door prizes. Temporary tattoos and Amy's HW CD. Fun. :) I've also done speaker phone conversations with book clubs. So if you know anyone who's interested...

At one party I was signing a book for a woman and she leaned close and said, "You know, when you were reading that scene, I almost started to cry. It brought back memories. Years ago, I did that. I hired a guy, we fell in love and it lasted 10 months."

Another lady, same party, told me she was driving along Pacific Coast Highway by Malibu and a sports car was on the side of the road. No cell phones in those days. She pulled over and gave the guy a ride. At this point, she also leaned in and whispered, "You know, I didn't take him back to his car for two days!"

At another event a lady asked me if I ever got embarrassed while writing HW. Isn't that odd? Embarrassed? Me and my computer!? But sometimes I did have to take a break :)

KimW said...

I'm always looking for new author's stories to try. Sounds like my kind of book. I'll have to look for it next time I'm at the bookstore.

Love the story about the lady on Pacific Coast Highway!

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL-- Those stories are great, Kathryn. I envy any woman who is strong enough to take matters into their own hands and say "hey, I'm not happy and I'm going to do something about it."
I know we have entered an era where 'woman power' is encouraged and is the thing to do but I am not the type of person who is able to do that, which is why I find the trait admirable in others.

Stacy~ said...

Wow, the more I read about this book, the more I want it! I'm really loving the reactions to it, and I think me and the other Bellas who haven't read it need to do that so we can have a cyber HW party. You're all invited :)

Kathryn Jordan said...

Stacy: Count me in. I have more stories. Since I've been touring spa resorts, book stores, libraries, and most fun of all HOT WATER House Parties, lots to tell. I even did an event at the Hot Licks BBQ & Saloon in Bisbee, Arizona, complete with a lady sitting on the bar singing sultry love songs, then belly dancers and a sexy lingerie fashion show. The place was packed,as many men as women. I was pinching myself - signing books in a saloon!

At an event in Grand Junction, Colorado, a lady asked the hostess, "So is this an O.P.P. book?" Orgasm Per Page. And the hostess answered, "Well, probably an O.P.C. book. Orgasms Per Chapter. And I laughed and said, "Well, there are 60 chapters!"

Kathryn Jordan said...

Stacy: Count me in. I have more stories. Since I've been touring spa resorts, book stores, libraries, and most fun of all HOT WATER House Parties, lots to tell. I even did an event at the Hot Licks BBQ & Saloon in Bisbee, Arizona, complete with a lady sitting on the bar singing sultry love songs, then belly dancers and a sexy lingerie fashion show. The place was packed,as many men as women. I was pinching myself - signing books in a saloon!

At an event in Grand Junction, Colorado, a lady asked the hostess, "So is this an O.P.P. book?" Orgasm Per Page. And the hostess answered, "Well, probably an O.P.C. book. Orgasms Per Chapter. And I laughed and said, "Well, there are 60 chapters!"

Rach said...

Excellent idea, Stacey! I've ordered it, I know Julie has ordered it, and I think MK is going to as well. Kathryn would you come back if we were to do a cyber party? (Michelle, may she, PLEASE?? *insert pleading tone here*)

Kathryn, the stories are great! =) And, there really is something about those kids, isn't there? I teach in the inner-city and LOVE it. You are right, there is something so real about them.

Rach said...

Too funny, Kathryn, we overlapped =). Glad your're in =).

Kathryn Jordan said...

Gotta meet someone for dinner, but will check in with a final message or two when I get back. A few more things I want to say about breaking rules. Hope I didn't offend anyone with the O word.

Oh, and another story, about how I worried what my mother would think when she read HW. My mother is a preacher's daughter and a preacher's wife, although my wonderful father passed away ten years ago. And I'm very close to my Mom who is 87 and crippled with arthritis.

Yes, the plot thickens. Preachers daughter turned smut writer. :) More later...

amy kennedy said...

Oh Kathryn I really did laugh out loud, when you wondered if you offended anyone with the word orgasm. I'm thinking, no.

I sure wish I lived in California though. Doesn't the house party sound fun. But, I'll settle for a cyber party.

Rach said...

Offend? Us? Nahhhhh. As for the PK (preacher's kid) thing, I've always heard they are the worst ;o).

Hope the dinner party was wonderful, Kathryn. It's 10:00 here and I've got kids that are up WAY too early in the morning. I'll check-in in the morning to see how everything went.

Thank you for coming and playing with us today! =)

Lucy Monroe said...

That book sounds absolutely fab! And I totally enjoyed your blog, Kathryn. I'm definitely putting the book on my Amazon wish list for purchase the next time I go book shopping (happens at least once a month LOL).

Sorry I haven't been around more's been an uber difficult day and I'm wishing I drank more than cyber martinis. LOL

I'm so glad you blogged Kathryn...Michelle, she can really pick 'em. :)

See all you bellas tomorrow.


Kathryn Jordan said...

I'm back. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, rules. There's this book called BITCH: In Praise Of Difficult Women. It says we often admire women who break the rules, Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc... But in both life and literature "difficult" women almost always get punished: Thelma and Louise, Anna Karenina, Hester Prynne.

In HOT WATER I wanted to change that. I wanted Julia's rule breaking to turn out beyond her wildest dreams. She probably won't completely escape guilt and fear, society's way of making us good girls, but I'll work that out in the sequel. Can't say more.

Anyway, at first I told my mom she wasn't allowed to read the book, but I knew I'd have to face it when it came out. When she turned 87 I gave her a party and told her, "Okay, I guess now you're old enough to read it." She called me the minute she finished. She liked it! She even rooted for them in the end. And she knew where Ralph came from.

Now she's sharing HOT WATER with the ladies in the home. The oldest to read it so far is 96. I had thrown out all the stops to finally write something that would sell, but it still would've hurt if my mother disapproved. As the Beatles say, "All there is is love."

It's been great blogging with you. I think I'll visit now and then. Let me know when that cyber party will be. The best thing I've learned from this author-ing experience is how warm and sharing women are. Women I'd never met opened their homes to me from here to Albuquerque, Sonoma, Bisbee, Montrose, Colorado. And now I feel like I have a little cyber home too. :) Thanks Michelle and all you Cyber Bellas. Love, Kathryn

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks for visiting, Kathryn! I wish I could have checked in more often, but, alas, had to take the kids on a Duck Tour of Boston. Really fun, but you can be sure the word orgasm wasn't used.

As for here? Never TMI, as the Bellas may have told you. If the O were the sexiest thing we'd mentioned here, I just couldn't respect myself.

So, thank you thank you for visiting. You're welcome any time.