Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kathleen Eagle Says: Cannavaro & Italia Are SO Gonna Spank France

OK. She didn't say it, I did. Because Italy faces France in the big match Sun
day, July 9.

Kathleen Eagle visits Romance: By the Blog tomorrow July 6. She's gonna check in and answer your questions throughout the day. Don't forget to ask her why Barbie Rules.

Ooops. Did I post a photo of Francesco Totti instead of Canna? My bad.


Rach said...

Hoo boy, another yummy one =)! Grazie!

I haven't read any Kathleen Eagle before, but am certainly going to now! I can't wait until tomorrow! =)

Julie in Ohio said...

As my mom always put it: six of one...half dozen of the other.
They are all good. :o)

Mr. Totti is a hottie!

(sorry, that was more than I could resist...Ok so I didn't try that hard *g*)

Alright, Manda, I smell another limerick.

Rach said...

Where *is* Manda hiding out these days???

Manda, come out come out wherever you are!! =) The snaxy men are calling...

Kati said...

Ummm, yummy! He's like a whole boxa steaming hot Krispy Kremes!

I'll be glad to dig in!

Kati said...

Yeah...where IS Manda?!?!

Julie, I expect to hear a full report tomorrow night! Tell JQ she rocks for us!

Rach said...

Oh, yeah, good luck tomorrow, Julie! I know you are anxious, and anxious to make a good impression. Remember, just don't ask JQ to autograph anything with something about "may this bring you many orgasms" and you should be good to go ;o).

Seriously, break a leg tomorrow and gush like the fangirl you are =). Can't *wait* to hear all about it!

Julie in Ohio said...

You gals are the best!! Thank you so much.
How did you know I backed out of going again tonight? :o)

Because of the long drive DH and I have decided to spend the night up there (wicked grin) and head back in the morning, so I won't be able to report back until later Friday but report, I will. :o)

MK, if I can get my mouth and voice to work, I will definitely send along your love and affection.

LOL, Rach. I will try my best to remember not to have her autograph anything dealing with orgasms...or I could use it as an ice breaker. *g*

BTW, Mary Kate, do you think you could share that boxa Krispy Kremes?

Kati said...

:primly: I'm sorry Julie, I make it my policy never to share Krispy Kremes.

Rach said...

Please, please, please, Julie, hold it together for us! We believe in you and *know* you can do this. We hafta have representation and you are the gal for the job =).

Have a delightful time with hubby and no kiddos! =)

And, MK, that's just selfish! *smirk*

Julie in Ohio said...

Don't worry I'm together (yoga is a wonderful thing). I'm extremely excited.
Right now my only fear is that I will forget my camera. *g*

MK, I understand. KK are something to savor and devour all by yourself. But, you know, at some point you will get tired of all that sugar and need something else...and that's where I come in. I'm youngest in my family, so hand-me-downs are something I'm quite used to and welcome...with open arms. :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

JulieO, have a wonderful time today meeting JQ and spending time with your husband. You decide which is more enjoyable.

I agree with Rach, we're lucky to have you there to rep all the KK-noshing, snaxy man-ogling romance readers who hang together here.

I'm really not too worried over your saying anything embarrassing to JQ. I'm still lamenting telling her about UATE.

See you later for Kathleen Eagle, youz guys. And thanks for all your nice words earlier today. Well, yesterday at this point.

Vivi Anna said...

Wait who's spanking who? And how can I get involved in that?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

MIssed you, Vivi!