Saturday, July 08, 2006

I Canna(varo) Wait for Tomorrow

"I don't love soccer, I love the World Cup." -- The Sports Guy, ESPN

Yup. Couldn'ta said it better. It's just so damn exciting, especially here in Revere, MA, a diverse suburb just north of Boston. Here in Revere there's a very large Italian population which is crazy for Italia and Cannavaro.

My inlaws have the Italian flag waving from the back porch -- because the American flag always waves from the front -- to show support for Canna and the boys.

Tomorrow, we'll head to my sister-in-law, Linda's, to watch the match, wish azzuri buona fortuna, and eat way too much of her awesome cooking.

What food draws your family together and "says love?"


Encore! They say Fabio Cannavaro will probably win the World Cup equivalent to the NFL MVP award, The Golden Ball.


Rach said...

Hubby's family has *always* made this awesome potato salad with a homemade mayo dressing. This dressing takes FOREVER to make, but is fantabulous.

When we got married it was understood I would learn how to make this dressing--that's how important it is.

Because it's so time consuming we only have potato salad for big family get togethers and holidays.

P.S. Go Italia Go!!! And, Michelle, glad everything is going well, including the flight and the food =).

Kati said...

Go Italia! I'm gonna have to cut into pool time to catch me some soccer! I'm watching Breakfast at Wimbledon now, World Cup later. It's an international sports day for me!

Strange for a nice Welsh/Irish family, but when we get together, it's always chicken fajitas. We make this marinade that is to die for! Marinate the chicken overnight and it absolutely infuses with flavor and is melt in your mouth delish.

Also, a triple chocolate cake that is really yummy and served hot.

Rach said...

Hmmmmm, I see we are going to have to be trading recipes before the day is out ;o).

Andrea Sisco said...

Our family enjoys a combination of what I call 'comfort food' (meat loaf and pot roast) and traditional Asian food. My hubby and I have a blended family of twelve children. Four of our children are adopted from Asia and we incorporate the foods from both cultures in our daily fare and holiday meals. Bring on the Kim Chi!

Manda Collins said...

Glad you are having fun with FIFA and the relatives, Michelle! I would tell you good luck in my only foreign language, but it's French:)

Before my Papaw died a couple of years ago, I would have said boiled shrimp was our family togetherness food. He'd boil a big pot of them AND peel them all--nobody wants to do it now because we're all spoiled and don't want to peel it ourselves:) He also made to-die-for hush puppies--secret ingredient? Beer.

Now the food of choice is ham. Whenever we have a family celebration we do the whole Southern dinner thing with ham, potato salad, snap beans, etc. Dessert varies. My Aunt makes a yummy trifle.

Mary Stella said...

Viva Italia!!!! (I don't know how to say Go Team in Italian.)

Rach said...

Michelle, I just saw the end of the World Cup--how AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all the hotties on team Italia!!!!!!!!! =)

Monica Burns said...

Italy reigns supreme Michelle! I'm betting you're dancing and scream'n up a storm right now. LOL

Food for my family is something they live for. I need it to live. *grin* However, there are some standard traditional foods based on times of the year...namely holidays.

Christmas Eve - A midnight dinner of roast with all the fixin's

Christmas Day - Turkey with all the fixin's including my favorite Raspberry Jello Salad

Fourth of July - BBQ pork steaks (off the boston butt), the potato salad and macroni salad my Mom always made for the summer holidays with my own recipe of homemade lemonade and the girl's favorite, Butterscrumptious Cake.

Whew! I need to go eat now! Thank goodness the Mr. Stud has gone out to get us some steaks. That should last me!!! Back to scheduling advertising.

Hope you had a blast watching the game!

Kati said...

Excellent showing Italia (and Canna of course!).

Congratulations Michelle, I know you must be thrilled!

MsTypo said...

Viva Italia!

I knew they would win. :D I was a wee bit worried when France scored first but then Italy pulled out the stops.

Best point in the game: When the French Captain got Red Carded! LOL :)

Go Italy!! Woo hoo!!!

(It helps that i won my bet with Hubby too!) :p

Rach said...

Monica--love the new book cover! I just finished up HOLLY, IVY AND ME and ROGUE IN DISGUISE. Whew! Hot hot hot!!

Love 'em! =) Just wanted to let you know =).

robynl said...

Cold ham, potato salad, Asini salad, raw veggies/dip, homemade Apple pie(Mom's)

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm a little late in the game today. Can anyone tell me who won the game? Just kidding. :o)

WOO HOO! Go, Canna, it's your birthday!

Now for my second fav!

The one food you can always count on with any of our fam get togethers is baked beans. Not just any baked beans though. My mom's. She makes the best.

When it comes to holidays you can count on the Irish in us to take over and we have cabbage noodles. They are extremely yummy, but then I love cabbage. :o)

Monica Burns said...

Rach, you just made my night! Thanks, Ivy and Simon's story in HIM is one of my fav works now, although at the time I wrote it, I DESPISE, REALLY despised it. LOL

Thanks again, and I have to say I do love my new cover too. If only I could have a body like that! *sigh*

Rach said...

Monica, when you figure out where to get a body like that let me know--I need one too ;o). And, I really did love Ivy and Simon =).

Okay Bellas, off to rework the resume'--job interview tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Kati said...

Oooh! Rach - Good luck! I want to hear all about the new job once you land it, which you will!

Julie in Ohio said...

Good Luck, Rach!!
Knock'em dead. :o)

I just went to Amazon to stock up on books for the upcoming guest bloggers we are going to have. I think I'll be needing another job just to pay the credit card bill. :o)

word verif: stogop

Isn't that what plumbers put on pipes to plug a hole?

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, Michelle, I am so jealous...not of you being at the in laws. *g*

I have put Boston...ok, New England...on my list of top 10 places to see before I die. The history alone is a reason but also the architecure (where's spell check when you need it?). I love to see old buildings.
I watch alot of Travel Channel in the hopes that some day I will win the lottery or have a rich uncle that I previously didn't know existed, die and leave me millions, so I can see all the things I drool over. :o)

word verif: yegagbdl

Isn't that what they do in Sweden?

CT said...

Yes! Finally! Go Italia. I have been waiting this moment for years! I can't tell you how ecstatic I am. :)

Diane Gaston said...

I was in NYC over the weekend and oblivious to the World Cup and even things like the plot to bomb the Lincoln Tunnel, but upon my arrival, my oh-so-not-sportsminded-but-half-Italian dh told me about Italy's win.
I did not tell him about Cannavaro, though.....
The trip to NYC was a business trip to meet with my Warner editor and my agent, but I also managed to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and Beowulf & Grendel, Gerard Bulter's latest movie in a limited US release. The enthusiastic GB fans gathered in NYC for the movie and camaraderie. It was great!
Who knew what I was missing....

Rach said...

Okay, 2 hours to interview and I'm a nervous wreck. Just thought I would check in and see what was happening to try and distract myself. It's not working...

Maybe I'll just scroll down and enjoy a little Canna before I log off. ;o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Deep breaths, Rach. You'll do great.
Just don't psych yourself into a nervous wreck. Trust me on this score. :o)

Just keep Canna or Mr.Snaxy in your head and you will have a smile always on your face and a smile wins the job...a little leg doesn't hurt either. *G*

Keep us updated. :o)