Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cross My Heart and Hope For Access

100% Guilt-free CONTEST and fantasy tomorrow!!! Blog on to Kathryn Jordan's GuestBlog tomorrow, July 20. All bloggers who comment are entered into a contest to win one of four sexy "Hot Water" gifts. Join us, and make sure to join in the steamy convo!

Yes. Carly Phillips was supposed to be here today. But I had no Inet access again. So, hopefully, she'll take mercy on my pathetic self and come another time to tell us about "Cross My Heart." Which I do. CMH, that is, that she'll come back.

Thursday, June 20 -- If the Gods of WIFI are Kind -- author Kathryn Jordan, author of "Hot Water," will be here with a very hot, frank, and sexy GuestBlog.

If you've read "Hot Water," make sure you check in; if you haven't, buy it, or go to your library, pull it off the shelf and start reading. It's so flippin' good.

The book deals with a fantasy many women have, but often feel guilty about...

So, I'm feeling pretty guilty about not getting my blogs up, and especially for not getting Carly's GuestBlog up today.

Why do you think women feel guilty?
How can we fight it?
Encore! Don't forget to blog on over at Plot Monkeys (the link's on this page), and keep watching for the reschedule of Carly Phillips' GuestBlog.
Encore due! Did I mention that Kathryn Jordan says Eduardo Verastegui could be her hero, William? Oh would that we all had a William in our lives, even just our fantasies...


Rach said...

Hey, Michelle, the WiFi is up! Welcome back. Don't feel guilty, for Pete's sake Bella, you're on vacation!!!

I guess women feel guilty because we are expected to do it all and we feel as if we have let someone down if we (OMG) have a very human moment and let a ball drop.

I'm the worst at feeling guilty. I've been working hard to just let stuff go.

Julie in Ohio said...

YAY, Michelle!! I'm sure Carly will forgive and forget.
I'm with Rach with the whole we are suppose to do it all. YUCK. And frankly if we *do* forget something the world *does* fall apart which only adds to our complex.
How to get over it? I find yoga is a good relaxant. However, I am the queen of guilt so obviously it doesn't work that well. :o)

Rach, do you think the margaritas would help? *g*

Rach said...

Definitely needs a 'rita! =)

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, Michelle...I'm currently feeling guilty 'cuz I forgot an appointment over the weekend. I felt like such a slime when I realized I'd totally spaced what day it was. Aargh...

I think Julie's right...the world does sort of fall apart when women forget stuff. That's a lot of pressure. We should be born with capes and tights that take inches off some areas and add them to others. That's only fair, right?

I'm sure Carly will come another time. She's a sweetie (what I know of her) and the bellas here are too nice for words. She won't be able to help herself. :)

Hugs and happy vacation!

Lucy :)

amy kennedy said...

Not only am I filled with guilt because I'm female, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an ex-wife, a stepmother...sheesh, but also I was raised CATHOLIC.

I feel ashamed that I don't feel more guilty.

That is how female and Catholic I am.

I truly, truly work at not feeling guilty--because most of it is our own doing, whether it's our own expectations or how important we have made ourselves to everyone around us.

So, anyway--Hi Michelle! I hope I get Hot Water before Thursday. Can't wait. Did someone say 'Margarita'

amy kennedy said...

Hey Jess, if you're still lurking, I just wanted you to know that you weren't dissing anyone--opinions are not dis's (I know that's not a word) being mean about them is--and you were not mean. So there.

Now come back and play.

Manda Collins said...

Michelle, you got nothing to feel guilty about! You are not responsible for the vagaries of WIFI reception.

Though we have that whole guilt thing going on, one of the nicer things about being women is that we've got that whole forgiveness thing going on too. Of course that can be a bad thing (like when we forgive jerks even when they don't deserve it), but mostly it's good, like when we don't care that the blog didn't work out today---we're just glad you're here!

Jess, I second Amy's request that you return whenever you feel the urge. You didn't dis anybody (or if you did it was so subtle I didn't notice!)

Manda Collins said...

Oh, and I feel guilty all the time about so many things I can't begin to list them here...

Manda Collins said...

Oh, and I feel guilty all the time about so many things I can't begin to list them here...

Stacy~ said...

Michelle, I don't think you have any reason to feel guilty about something totally out of your control. I'm sure Carly understands, and from what her blog says, she's in Miami for the next few days, so maybe this works out if she visits another time.

On the flip side, I totally understand guilt. What is it about that word that holds such power over us? Maybe it's a female thing....

Jess, definitely come back to visit. I don't think you, or anyone else, was dissing any authors or their books, just explaining what works and doesn't work for you. Nothing wrong with that if you're not being being and insulting. This is a positive group, and I enjoy visiting, no matter how limited that time may be.

Getting ready to start "Lover Enternal"....

Julie in Ohio said...

Manda, you felt so guilty you had to post the same thing twice??

I feel guilty that we made Jess runaway. :o(

I definitely think 'ritas are in order. I was going to wait until Friday but all this guilt is weighing down on me. Rach, get to blender ready. Amy, add the ice. Manda, the tequila. Lucy, got any lemon and limes? Bring 'em on over. And I'll push the button. If nothing else, we'll drown our guilt. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, Stacy, LE is fabulous. I hope you have a good stretch of time because you won't be able to put it down. Rhage is all that and a bag of chips.
What did you think of DL?

Manda Collins said...

Hah! I didn't realize I'd posted twice. Guess my subconscious was trying to tell me something...

Stacy, you are in for a treat. Rhage is such a hottie! *Fans self*
I don't feel guilty about that;)

Rach said...

Okay, just in from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Total girls' night out. Very nice evening =). I enjoyed the movie and must say Meryl Streep is one *incredible* actress.

Now, for Jess. I'm sure she's just busy, Bellas. Seriously. Her hubby just got back from a business trip. Ya'll know how that is =).

I'm pretty sure I can sucker--um, er, talk her into coming back to play =). What are big sisters for?

Guilt, man, suffering from it for leaving the kiddos with the daddy and going out with the girls to see a movie.

Yup, Julie, you got it in one. When we do drop a ball, all the rest come crashing down around our ears, so we REALLY hate to mess up!

Stacy~ said...

Julie, I loved Dark Lover! It started out so grim, and a lot of the characters I hated throughout the book I ended up falling in love with by the end. I can't even pick one right now - I loved 'em all.

Manda, Rhage is a hottie, and I am so ready for him LOL.

Rach, I so want to see that movie! Maybe this weekend. And yeah, drag Jess back here - we like her. She fits in here, just like you do. Hey, no guilt for you on going out w/ the girls. Moms/wives need that to keep sane. Again, remember the cost of therapy.... even a $10 movie is cheap compared to the couch.

Rach said...

LOL, Stace! Thanks for the rationalization =).

Manda Collins said...

Or Rach, as my Aunt Sue read in some self help book: You've gotta fill your "me" tank so you have enough fuel for the rest of the people in your life. Or something like that...

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Julie...guess what I just bought for my Blog Party during the week of Nationals? The cutest maragarita shakers complete with matching stir sticks and plastic shapes you can freeze to use as ice cubes. I'm giving them away in some of the goody bags...along with chocolate and books of course. LOL

And I'm already getting RSVPs from other authors who are eager to come to the party too. It's going to be fun. And I don't even feel guilty about that. LOLOL

RachD...how cool you and Jess are sisters. I adore my sisters, but they won't play online with me. :)


MsTypo said...

I was born to guilt... I'm... Canadian!!! Canadians are, as you know, the apologists of the world. The first word they teach us as kids, after hockey, is SORRY. We learn to apologize even when things aren't our fault. Listen to our accent, even when making a very difinitive statement... we're really asking permission. (Although several years of living in the States has cured that part of the training for the most part.)

We are Canadian... hear us apologize in a guilt-filled tone. :D :D

Stacy~ said...

LOL Nairobi. Sometimes I think the first word they teach us here in the state is "MINE". "Sorry" is probably around #50.

Hope you guys have a great day - I'm gonna miss all the chatting. But I spent the night with Rhage ;) I'm still not done with him, so I have something to look forward to.

Rach said...

LOL Nairobi!! I've often thought I would make a better Canadian than American for that very reason =).

Stacey, we'll miss ya today!

Manda Collins said...

Nairobi, when I lived in Toronto I had to perfect the question-mark-at-the-end-of-every-sentence thing because no one could understand me--esp. fast food workers. My Alabama accent (which is slight here) made me sound like Dolly Parton up there!

I guess I adapted pretty well, because for a while there I said "zed" instead of "zee"!

As far as I'm concerned you guys don't have much to be sorry about;)

Stacy, have a good day! We'll save some margaritas for you!

Manda Collins said...

I mean "anything" to sorry about--much makes it sound like I'm holding a grudge about something. Stupid internet communication:(

Julie in Ohio said...

YAY, IT WORKED! I haven't been able to get on all morning. I love technology.

I just received a good dose of guilt this morning, which went right into "bad mommy" territory.

Back in April I signed my daughter up for soccer camp. It is a day camp run at our local park and she loves it.
Today, July 19, it dawns on me that I haven't heard anything more about it and something in the back of my head said that it was supposed to be in June. So after a couple of phone calls I learn that YES it was the week of June 19. I haven't said anything to daughter about it. I'm hoping that she won't remember she was supposed to go until the next season starts in September. Yay, I'm not really holding my breath on that one.
If you hear on the news that a major earthquake hits northwest Ohio followed by a series of tornadoes with hail stones the size of cars, you will know that she has remembered and is bitterly disappointed. :o(

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

It's the beauty of having a blog with really nice women. Tell them you feel guilty and they'll immediately try to make you feel better. How mercenary does that make me in writing this particular blog?

Ooh, talking about mercenaries would also really make me feel better. Always does. Bellas and brash commandos. And a rita. The perfect pick-me-ups.

So, I still have not WIFi, and can I tell you how many hours I spent on the line and on hold with a national company not to be named and another national computer company not to be named? And I was really really really nice. And after a couple hours, I had me an appointment this am to get all hooked up at my fil's. Then they cancelled (sp?). grrrr. Can I tell you how many M&Ms I've eaten?

But, it's good to check in on youz and see what's goin on here. Which is really quite funny, if you think about how similar we all are, united by our guilt, love of romance novels, penchent for caring about each other, and desire to admire as many snaxy guys as possible.

OK. So here's what I've been reading. Reread KMMs Dark Highlander. Mmmmmm. Reading Marjory Lui's new "Red Heart of Jade" or something like that cause I can't remember titiles, but it's great great great and I'm reviewing it in August. And I plan to start Eve Silver's new one, too. also read oldie , fave of one of my best friends.

So glad you're digging on the Brothers. And loved reading about your favorite heroines the other day.

Back to the guilt...I feel like I don't get to check in enough of late and really miss youz guys. Once RWA national is over, hopefully things will calm a little and I can enjoy again.

Before we leave, Monica, I think, suggested we do a special blog about Nationals -- what it is, who's going, why, etc. --, so I'll prob get that up Monday if not before.

I'll check back in after I make my big, not-feeling-guilty-for-being-assertive call to the computer company to do a little complainin'.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, if you can't complain to the Bellas, then what good are we??
I can't speak for all of us but I need to feel needed so bring it on. :o)
I can think of worse things than spending the day with the delectable Dageus MacKelter. YUM!!
Have you read "Immortal Highlander"? That is Adam's story and he is the King of the Alphas.
I have read Marjorie Lui's book that went with the Crimson City series. How bad is this...I can't remember the name of the book. But I can say that it was good. I have also heard good things about her "Tiger Eyes"(?) book.

BTW, we may be able to entertain ourselves but we miss our Queen Bella. Can't wait to hear about Nationals!! Just remember us lonely ones here that don't get to go *sniff,sniff* and take lots of PICTURES!!! A few wet males wouldn't be turned down. :o)

Manda Collins said...

I'm with Julie, Michelle! We're your posse. We're here to kvetch to. And we will kvetch in turn. Fear not;)

KMM's Dark Highlander was the first one I read in the series. But my fave is still Adam Black. Julie, you've got good taste, Bella:) And here's hoping your daughter lets the soccer camp thing slip [i]her[/i] mind too!

Rach said...

I definitely need to be needed, so bring it on, Michelle! =)

Julie, don't sweat the soccer camp thing. Had your daughter remembered it, she would have brought it up long ago. My thoughts--don't mention it unless she does ;o). Then you can say something like, "Well, Sweetie, I didn't think you were interested any more because you never mentioned it!"

See, I'm devious too!

Julie in Ohio said...

Good plan, Rach. That's what I'll do. She won't buy it...but it sounds good. :o)
Manda, did you read "Kiss of the Highlander". That's Drustan's story and he does not disappoint, either. I love me some highlanders. :o)

I have a funny story to tell ya. You know how I went hog wild at Amazon this past week? Well, my DH calls me at work at lunch time and says "hey, your prize came in." He was thinking the purse from Anna.
I said "Really, great."
He says "Yeah, there's three boxes here so it must be one for the purse, one for the wallet and one for the book."
I am thinking "that doesn't sound right."
He then says "they all say Amazon on them."
That instantly makes me laugh.
I then sheepishly told him that I had made a purchase at Amazon so they were probably my books.
He said "Three boxes worth?"
I said "Well I could be wrong but they do sometimes separate orders so it looks worse than it is." HAHAHA.
How do I explain to him that there are more to come? I'm hoping they wait until this weekend so I can get to them before he does. *guilty grin*

Rach said...

ROTFL! That is SO funny, Julie! The poor man isn't going to know what hit him when he is met with an avalanche of books when he returns home :oP.

Oh, and Julie, it's definitely worth a try with the dd. *wink*

Julie in Ohio said...

I am feeling a *little* guilty about deceiving him but I'll get over it. :o)

Michelle, weren't you feeling guilty about keeping the deets of Zsadist's story to yourself? If you come clean, you'll feel better! *wink, wink*

amy kennedy said...

I read Marjorie Lui's Shadow Touch--sosososo good. Lyrical and dark.

Highlanders--what's not to love.

Nairobi, it must be our proximity to Canada that makes Minnesotans proclaim our statements with a question mark. Esp. our young.

Rach, I always thought I'd make a good Canadian too.

Sounds like we're going to have all kinds of fun during the week of Nationals. But I will still be happier when you are back, Michelle.

amy kennedy said...

Oh, and the youngest had a dentist appt. today--he has a little bit of decay and needs a tiny filling--so now I can feel guilty about that too!

Rach said...

Nah, you can't force 'em to brush their teeth once they get past a certain age. No sweat, Amy!

Lucy Monroe said...

Nairobi...I just cracked up when I read your post.

Julie...My dd was good at storms and earthquakes too. Still can be. LOL

I'm just really enjoying all this "non-guilt"! :)

Hope everybody is having a GREAT day.

Hugs to all,

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it.
You have to pick you battles and although this is a battle that needs to be raged, see above sentence.
Once he hears the dentist's drill, he'll change his mind about brushing. :o)

Is this your second grader? I can't get mine to go near a toothbrush (may have something to do with her 4 year old sister using it) but it's the same battle with the ten year old...again may have to blame the baby...

Julie in Ohio said...

Gee, Lucy, are you telling my it won't get better as dd gets older?
That's the only thing that has kept her in one piece this long. *sigh*

Rach said...

Hi Lucy! I'm working on being guilt-free here today! =)

Four year olds, Julie, what's *with* them?? Nail polish, scissors, whatever she can get her hands on!! ARRRRGGGHHHH. Then you feel guilty b/c your child destroyed someone else's stuff!

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Rach! I don't know how much I have spent replacing things that she destroyed!

Rach said...

We don't even want to go there, Julie!

Julie in Ohio said...

Just another reason to feel guilty...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. HELP!!!!

I know I've asked this before, but can you tell Kathryn Jordan how to set up the ability to comment on Blogger.com?

Does she set up a blog? Does she just try to comment twice and it sets up the second time?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... I definitely understand the whole guilt complex thing... I'm Canadian. I'm a mom, a daughter, a sister.

Today my dog needed to have an infected tooth extracted, and I spent the day feeling guilty that I'm not a better doggy mommy.

Manda Collins said...

I think either of those ways will work, Michelle. But I've got a Blogger account so I'm not "sure" about the two time comment thing.

Julie, too funny about hubby! Though, in your defense, Amazon does love the separate packaging thing. One time I got two books two different boxes. And not the tiny ones either...

Amy, my best friend growing up always got cavities but she brushed her teeth religiously. Her little sister? Hated to brush her teeth, never had a cavity. Sometimes it's just luck (or genetics).

Rach said...

Eve, too funny--LOL! =) Hope the furry child feels better.

Michelle, she should be able to comment by clicking other and then typing in her name. She can also set up a Blogger.com account to do it. Either way it should work.

Anyone know when MK said she would be back??

Kathryn Jordan said...

I'm trying this again. Women's guilt. Well, it goes back to Adam and Eve, don't you think. You know, Eve's disobedience caused the suffering of all mankind ever since. How the heck can we avoid guilt with that on our shoulders? Might as well just have fun. As my grandma used to say, "Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

Kathryn Jordan said...

It worked! I'll be up early tomorrow (Pacific coast time) to blog about HOT WATER and related topics. My character, "Julia" does some musing about sin and guilt, but goes ahead and takes an audacious, life-changing step. Thank goodness. Talk to you tomorrow.

pearl said...

Feeling guilty is a woman's right especially devoted mothers. Right!

joelle said...

the guilt thing is definitely a tough complex to live with as most women are so good at it.

sharon said...

we learn the art from our mothers who pass it on to us. Lucky women.

amy kennedy said...


Yeah! Kathryn got on. Your grandma's smart. And so right about the whole Eve crap--sins of our mothers so to speak.

And you guys are right--Dentist said he has deep grooves in his molars, just like mama, so we're doing the seelants too.
I guess I won't feel guilty over genetics.

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Kathryn! I can't wait for your blog tomorrow. Michelle says that you like Eduardo Verastegui so you're OK with me. :o)

The joys of womanhood just keep mulitplying.

guilt, responsibility, common sense, always picking up after someone or thing, always on the go, monthly periods, menopause, make-up, exercise to keep girlish figure.....remind me again why I do *not* want to be a man?

Rach said...

Hi Kathryn! Glad it worked this time =)!

Pearl, Joelle, and Sharon, you are all aboslutely right!

Amy, see, nothin' to worry about. Sealants are such a good thing--I still don't have any cavities in my molars some 20+ years later. =)

Rach said...

Julie, we don't want to be men because um, wait, give me a couple of minutes to give it some thought. I'm sure I could be a real smart a$$ given the right incentive. =)


The best reason I can think of, and as cheesey as it sounds, we don't want to be men because we have had/have the opportunity to nurture life within us and sustain that life for nine months. We then can provide sustanance for said being. What a miracle!! Okay, but it comes with buckets of guilt.

Men, well, they can think with that extra "brain" of theirs and pee standing up. Really, I ask you, which is cooler? (Don't answer that--as a small girl I always wanted to be able to do that. See what we learn from male cousins??)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks for helping Kathryn youz guys.

And welcome to you new folks. Hope you'll stop in tomorrow to chat with Kathryn.

I'm making myself post the blog now cause I was feeling guilty, afraid I might not wake up early enough in the morning...