Friday, June 16, 2006

You've Got to Be A Football Hero... Make it Big in Carly Phillips' great new beach read, "Hot Item." It's this week's feature on Romance: B(u)y the Book.

To celebrate, Carly Phillips is joining us to GuestBlog right here Tuesday, June 20, with a special "live" blogchat (comment form) at 2pm EST!

If you don't know him already, please meet New England Patriots cutie, the All-American Tom Brady.

I ain't kiddin, Tom's one of the good guys: decent; ethical; loves his folks; works with charities; sweet, long athlete's body.

Um. Sorry. But can you stand the way those jeans and T drape on that frame of his? And the hands. If we calculate the circumference of a football at midsection, then take into consideration the length of Tom's fingers in relation to the size of his hand...well, I think you know where I'm goin with this.

A lot of us fantasize about football star heroes in romances like Carly Phillips' Hot Zone novels.
What would it be like to really date a big-time jock?
Or even a "small time" one.
Have you? Are you married to a jock? Are you crushin on a certain big-time jock?
Encore! Did I mention I'm a Pats fan?
Encore due! Just got one of the first Harlequin NASCAR series novels. It's looking good.


Julie in Ohio said...

HUBBA, HUBBA! You really know how to start a Friday, Michelle.

My DH was our high school football star. He is 5 years older than me so I didn't know him in high school but the years he was playing we went undefeated. Football is big at my house. I am into college ball and he loves his NFL so I have drooled my share over Mr. Brady's atributes. You can't beat a combination of good guy with a "bad,bad" body. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

I have a moral problem crushin' on big jocks. I think they make a ridicules amount of money and then go on strike because they need more.

It is nice to see the players who give back to communities/charities. Too bad they get overshadowed by the money grubbers.

I do enjoy a good ogle, though.

Julie in Ohio said...

OK, I hate rereading my posts. :(

I sound contradictory and I'm pretty sure I don't mean to be. *sigh*

Vivi Anna said...

I like kick-boxers. Those are the type of jocks I crush on. Not football, or baseball, or hockey players...

I used to date an incredible sexy kick-boxer named Trevor a long time ago...MMMM, he was dreamy...still think about him...

I also ended up marrying (and divorcing) a kick-boxer, who competed in Japan. I don't know, I must like a man that can do the splits like Jean Claude Van Damme! ;-)

Kristi Cook said...

Hey, I just ordered the Harlequin NASCAR book myself from Amazon! (by Pamela Britton). I can't wait to see how it is!

Heck, I'm even considering trying to write one--with my sister as co-author.

Monica Burns said...

Ok, Blogger ate my response! Anyway, I dated one of the FOUR captains of the football team in high school. A really, really sweet guy, but not much for intellectual conversation, so it didn't last long.

As for TB, WHAT HANDS!! Wow, not to mention his arms! He's definitely a cutie. thanks for sharing Michelle

Karmela said...

Meh. I'm not at all interested in Carly Phillips' new novel. Now, if we turn it upside the head and the chick is the ATHLETE and the guy is the AGENT, THEN we may have something there.


Vivi Anna said...

Karmela, that's one heck of an idea! What a great story that would be. There should be more books with the woman as the star atheletes..

Julie in Ohio said...

In honor of the World Cup soccer going on, I would like to add David Beckham to the list of hottie jocks. I don't care for his fooling around on his wife but he is a nice piece of eye candy.

A book with a woman as the athlete is a great idea. They aren't as endorsed as the men and they work just as hard.

Vivi Anna said...

Oh yes Beckham...he is SMOKIN' HOT!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Vivi! Kick boxers. Please don't tell me there was not UATW action. But don't tell me there was. Either way, I'd be disappointed.

Yeah, Beckham, JulieO I didn't know he fooled around on -- which Spice is it? -- his wife. He's such a metro. Have you checked out these World Cup guys? Muy macho.

And I just found a book with woman athlete heroines called "The Games," by Patricia McLinn. Remember we were talkin a while back about no chick athlete romances?

OK, Monica. Now let me get this straight. You dated the 4 captains of the football team? Sheesh. No wonder you write such hot stuff. What? Oh. One of four. My bad.

Kristina, "On the Edge" is the one.

And, Julie, the capt of the team. You had a real hero-worship thing doin, huh? I'm so glad you see Tom like I do. Do you remember the Diet Coke commercial with Brady in it from a couple Super Bowls? He's strutting down the street to "Stayin Alive" and turning all the girls' heads. Then he passes Carson from Queer Eye who double-takes and looks Tom up and down. Definitely a first in on-screen NFL history.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...


I'm giving Carly the run-around, cause I can't explain exactly how she can get the accnt that lets her comment.

Does anyone remember how to do it?

I'm so pathetic.

carly phillips said...

Can't wait to post on Tuesday. I LOVE the Patriots!

Kati said...

I do agree that Tom Brady is delish. Also Brett Favre and David Carr.

I am a HUGE football fan (go 'Skins!) and really, it has nothing to do with the tight pants. No really.

I haven't read anything by Carly, but if she writes about football, I'm in!

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, the spice you were looking for is Posh. Beckham was foolin' around with the nanny, of course, if the papers have it right.
I think I'm in the wrong business. Nannies have all the fun. *g*

Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome, Carly. I can't for you blog next week. You're not going to test our sport knowledge are you? I have been known to watch various sporting events, but to remember who did what and when is not my forte. :o)

amy kennedy said...

Love the drape, Michelle. And the hands.

Carly, glad you could figure it out--I sure don't remember how I did it. Looking forward to Tuesday.

Vivi--of course he was a kickboxer.

What is it with the nannies? Don't answer that.

My husband was co-captain of the football team, and captain of the gymnastics team--you heard me, gymnastics. Go Team. He. Loves. Sports. He has the tv on in the garage constantly--football, basketball, golf, tennis, Nascar, soccer...

Ad infinitum. But we do have fun, as a family, playing a lot of different things.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thank the Sports gods that Carly figured it out on her own with no thanks to me. Must be that LAW DEGREE she has from NYU. I just learned she spent a lot of time in my beloved MA. Did I mention I'm a Pats fan? And it's all about the tight pants as far as I'm concerned...and this recurring fantasy I have from HS about football heroes with decent IQs.

Lookin forward Big Time to Tues to see what Carly has in store for us! She's such a nice person.

MsFlexie said...

LOL - Julie in Ohio - the $$$ issue is such a hot topic for so many, but I have to tell you, if you ever get a chance to meet a pro athlete and talk to them more about why they ask for more money, you might think a little differenly. I work with pro hockey and football players... It's not excatly because they want MORE of it...

About DAVID BECKHAM - while he is a brilliant athlete and an absolute specimen for sports, I have to say he's waaaay to metro for me to be considered sexy (but this is my opinion)... I'm just not attracted to men who travel everywhere with a personal hairstylist and an aestetician! Don't get me wrong, vanity is one of my favorite sins, but when it comes to men, I guess I have a double-standard...

As for my favorite athletes to drool over:

#1 Peter Forsberg (Philadelphia Flyers)

then there's Tom Brady, John LeClair, Justin Williams (although he's way too young), Andy Roddick, Jason Sehorn, Alex Rodriguez...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

So you dig on the Swedish boys, eh, MizzyFlexie? My dad was a huge Flyers fan back in the days of Bernie Parent, when Kate Smith sang "God Bless America" before the Scup playoffs. During a time when the joke: "I went to a fight and a hockey match broke out" was coined.

So you work with jocks. Are they human just like the rest of us, or what?

MsFlexie said...

LOL you know Michelle the funny thing is - I really like dark guys (Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana, Russell Crowe .... see the Aussie trend here?), but I'm married to a Norwegian/Swedish guy from MN, who's totally blond and blue eyed, and of course there's Peter Forsberg!!! How can a girl resist those eyes and lips... not to mention the body!!!

I'm a huge hockey nut! My one big indulgence every year is season tix to the Flyers... so a huge Happy Father's Day to your dad! I love the phrase you mentioned!

As for the jocks - The hockey players are the MOST NORMAL people you will meet off-TV! They are huge on maintaining a family life (I've met a bunch of the wives too). The Flyers wives even have a large charity organization, called "Flyers Wives Fight for Lives." The football players I've met are a bit more "showy," but equally focused on their craft. I'm always awed to see these amazing human machines in motion... When the combination of their power, amazing stregth, agility and skill is on display full-force is the only time I think they cannot be human!

Julie in Ohio said...

You are probably right, MsF. If I were to meet any pro athlete I may be more understanding to their $$ whoas. However, living in a little po-donk town, I doubt that will ever happen. So again I only find out things through the ever reliable media. :o)

BTW, Andy Roddrick and Jason Sehorn...good call!
Thinking about Andy brings to mind Andre Agassi. He was a hottie in his hay-day.