Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Julia Quinn: On the Way to the Apple Store

"On The Way to the Wedding" is out today, and Julia Quinn is here with a shocking, I tell you, shocking GuestBlog! Well, not shocking, but definitely an entertaining treat in that wry, inimitable Julia Quinn style. She'll answer your questions, and loves your comments.

Welcome, Julia!

So I knew it was time for my new book to come out when my computer died. Because really, what self-respecting computer would choose to expire at a convenient time? (Note to self: determine convenient time for computer death. Any such time would imply excess time, during which I might catch up on all the tasks I have been putting off since 1998.)

It all started with a crackling sound in my left speaker. Like, the first time it booted up. But I was an idiot, and I thought it was the sound of my external hard drive, which I had recently purchased to back up the data on my previous computer, which hadn't quite died, but was clearly fighting one of those long, malingering illnesses (brought on, I'm sad to say, by three successive travel-related injuries, only one of which was my fault.)

Anyway, I didn't think anything of the crackling sound at the time. I was too busy basking in the glow of self-congratulation, because I had actually BACKED EVERYTHING UP. (Such sentiments deserve to be capitalized, I assure you.) But after a few months, it became apparent that the speaker was crackling at every start-up, so before I went off to a conference in San Diego, I dropped it off at the Apple store, deciding this was a good excuse to absolve myself of having to do any work on the airplane.

Computer returned. Crackle gone. For about two start-ups. Then it came back.

But just as there is no convenient time for a computer to die, there is rarely a convenient time for one to be in the shop. So it took me two months before I managed to bring it back, this time while my husband and I went away for our tenth anniversary.

The timing was perfect. My laptop returned from the Apple repair center the day after I got back, and I popped into the Apple shop, pleased as punch, only to be greeted by an annoyed associate who said that they had done the same thing as the time before and it was still crackling. (She was not annoyed at me; she was annoyed at the repair center. I found this reassuring.)

She said to me that they would send the computer back in. The rule is that if they can't fix it after three times, I get a new computer. I was somewhat pleased by this; even though I bought my computer only six months ago, it is already obsolete (ain't that just the way of things?) and the new model is a decided step up.

The Apple associate said she was going to put a big old note on it saying, "It's not the speaker! Try the logic board!"

It was at this point that I did something very stupid. I asked her if I could use the computer for a half hour or so to forward some emails to myself. I had been accessing email on the web using my old computer (the one with the vaguely terminal disease, which I have to say is holding up quite well all things considered) but I didn't have access to my downloaded mail. And I needed to reply to a few of them.

So I took care of that. And then (here is the stupid part). I figured I might as well download the mail I had received while I was gone. I had read it, of course--my husband had brought his computer on our trip. I just figured it would be easier to deal with my webmail if there was less of it on the server.

It never occurred to me that this mail would not be in the backup I had made on my external hard drive. (Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!)

But it also never occurred to me that the next conversation I would have with the Apple Store would be something like this:

Apple Guy: Um, we got your computer back, and we weren't able to repair it, so we're going to replace it.

Me: Oh. (thinking: Yay! New computer for me!) What happened?

Apple Guy: Well, it won't boot up.

Me: (silence, then) I'm sorry, what did you say?

Apple Guy: It won't boot up. When you press the button, the fan comes on, but that's it.

Me: (in a very small voice) But it was working fine when I dropped it off. It was just a crackle in the speaker.

Apple Guy:

Oh wait. This was the part where he remained silent.

Me: Can I get my data off of it?

Apple Guy: (slowly, because he is certain he is speaking to an idiot.) It... won't... boot... up.

Me: So you're saying it won't boot up at all?

Apple Guy: Yes.

Me: But it was working fine when I dropped it off. What did they do it?

Apple Guy: I don't know. It just came back to us this way. And it's been in for repair three times, so I really don't think there is any point in trying anything else.

Me: But is there any way to get my data off?

Apple Guy: Didn't you back it up?

Me: (testily, because let's face it, no one likes to have their backup skills impugned) Yes, I backed it up, but it wasn't a perfect backup, and it would be much easier for me—

Apple Guy: Well, I could send it back to the repair shop, and then maybe they could do something with the logic board again, but if they could get it to boot up, then you'd probably be stuck with this one because it would be officially fixed.

Me: (because I felt the need to say it one more time) But it was working fine when I dropped it off...

I'm not sure what the moral of this story is. It might be that there really should be eleven commandments. Thou Shalt Back Up Every Five Minutes, anyone?

Or maybe the moral is that when your computer is dead, dying, or missing, your cosmic pain is great enough that you must tell everyone your tale of woe. (And with the internet, "everyone" takes on a whole new meaning.)

But I promised Michelle something about the new book. This is where you guys come in. Ask me questions! I will answer them all--provided that my poor beleaguered travel-dented computer doesn't decide roll over and die for good.

Signing off...

Julie Q.

P.S. If you happened to send me an email June 15-19, please re-send. ;-0


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks for visiting, Julia! We've been looking forward to this for a very long time.

I know I feel your computer pain. I lost Inet connection for a week and am still catching up. And I had to buy a new computer a while back cause the fan on my old one kept fizzing, even after I sent it back twice. Lo/behold? A week ago, I found the company's been sued because they knew about this fan problem their computers had and didn't disclose it...

Anyway, you've been very brave to face your back-up woes, as well as those smary-pants tech kids at the computer store. We applaud you, we welcome you, and, most important, we're crazy about your books. Oh. We think you're a groovy person, too. :)

Julie in Ohio said...


Having a fangrl moment: I am a huge fan. I have read all of your books and have enjoyed each and every one. Michelle laughs at me because I can remember all of the heroes and heroines in every book (frankly I think she is just jealous but we don't have to go there. *g*) but when they are so well written, as yours always are, it is very easy to remember them. My favorite is "Brighter Than The Sun." I just love Ellie and Charles. I especially love the way they meet. They are so great together.

Ok, I've got this round out of my system.

I can not wait to read Gregory's story. To say that I am going right out to buy it, isn't really true. I have to go to the dentist first (boo,hoo) but then I'm going to the first book store I find. :o)

Thank you for coming to blog with us today and I will try to keep my fangrl moment to a minimum.

Do you know which epis are coming next? I can't wait to find out how Eloise and Phillip have been filling their days. *g* Was Phillip ever able to make his peas grow bigger?

Stacy~ said...

Julia Quinn is here!!! How fun and exciting. Welcome! Michelle's blog is a great place to hang out, and to have one of my favorite authors here is an extra treat.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, I would like to say that I love your books, and think the Bridgerton series is wonderful. I started out with book #2 "The Viscount Who Loved Me" and instantly fell in love with Anthony, and just adored Kate. They are such an amazing couple. I love the glimpses we see of them in later books.

And I can't not mention "When He Was Wicked". I love emotional stories and this one made me cry at how bittersweet and moving it was. Michael Stirling was such a complex, intriguing hero who tugs at your heartstrings. His love story with Francesca was beautiful. I loved the darker, earthier elements to the story. It's one I've re-read several times.

I'm sure you get asked this all the time, but do you have a favorite out of all of your books, one that is your book of the heart?

Thank you for visiting Michelle's blog - we are thrilled to have you here. And Michelle, thank you for posting this before I headed off to work. Have fun today, everyone!

Valeen said...

Oh My God - too funny! Well not funny that you lost your computer but still a funny story in the end. I'm going to knock on wood that I have never had a computer problem. I think I'd die from withdrawals. I sure as hell might actually get out of the house more than I do now.

I don't have a question as of now! But I do love your Bridgerton stories and am really looking forward to finding Gregory's story sometime today. :)

Rach said...

OMG!!! JulieQ is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I'm not stuck at work with blogging blocked!!!!! I just *LOVE* ALL your books! You are most most favorite author ever!

Whew, fangirl moment over. Sorry! I first found you with SPLENDID and then got everything else I could get my hands on. I have especially enjoyed the Bridgertons. There is something wonderful about following a family for eight years. You get little glimpses of what their lives are like. That's what makes the 2nd Epilogues so great. I donwnloaded them as soon as I could and they are fantastic! =)

So, my question is the same as Julie's, who's stories are next in the Epilogues?

BTW, so sorry about the computer. Funny, if tragic story though.

amy kennedy said...

Julia, have you ever, in your busy life, watched Sex and the City? Carrie DIDN'T back-up her work, 'nuff said.

I need to back-up right this very instant.

I came to your work backwards. When Michelle reviewed It's In His Kiss--I read that one. First. Then I read, When He Was Wicked. Then I finally started at the beginning.

It didn't ruin anything. People are probably throwing things at me right now.

My question: Is this really the last Bridgerton Book? Don't we have a slew of Bridgerton children? And don't I want Violet (Mother) to have her own second love?

Manda Collins said...

Hi Julia! Welcome to our world:)

I've been a fan since way back in the nineties. Don't let this creep you out but I remember you from the old AOL Regency Romance chatroom, yes at the dawn of internet time, where you sometimes hung out right before Splendid was published. I was in college at the time and working on my own Regency trad so you were my hero. I got sidetracked from writing, but thank goodness you didn't. You get better with every book.

Am halfway through OTWTTW and it's good stuff! Gregory is just as lovely as I hoped he'd be.

Bummer about the computer. I am a notorious non-backer-upper. I feel your pain.

Manda Collins said...

Okay, I was so busy fangirlling I forgot to ask a question. Are you a pantser or a plotter?

Kati said...

This is so weird, I posted a whole thing and it never posted, even though I had a chance to preview...

OK, let's try again:

Hi Julie! Welcome to RBB! I'm re-reading AN OFFER FOR A GENTLEMAN because someone mentioned Benedict yesterday and so I had to get my "dreamy-guy fix."

So here's my question, and I'll try to pose it without offering any spoilers: Did you know Lady W.'s identity from the start, or did that evolve?

amy kennedy said...

Good question Mandacoll--I always want to know that.

One thing that I always look forward to in your books is what you do before each chapter--whether it's Lady Whistledown's latest gossip page, or a letter, or an old fashioned authors intro. I love them, they add to the entire feel of the book.

Guess that's not a question. How the heck do you decide what you're going to do for the chapters? There, that's a question.

amy kennedy said...

Oooh, Marykate--we posted at the same time, but another good question.

Rach said...

Great question, Marykate! Like your's too, Manda. =)

Kristi Cook said...

Welcome, JQ! No questions, but I had to say that I actually made a special trip to B&N (while under deadline!) yesterday, with both kids in tow, hoping they'd have OTWTTW out a day early--no such luck. Even my six year old was ready to go talk to the manager! I had to give her a full explanation of lay-down dates to placate her. Anyway, I'm *really* looking forward to reading it, and now I'm going to fully back up my work...

amy kennedy said...

My server won't let me send an e-mail for the contest. RATS. Rats.

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, do you and Ms.Q use the same computer guys? :o)
Michelle is a sucker for a poem. That's all I'm sayin'. *g*

Mary Kate, what a great question. I had wondered about that,too when I read VWLM.

I just got back from the butcher...oh, I mean dentist and as I predicted I stopped at the first book store I found and got OTWTTW. I am so excited to start reading it!

Anonymous said...

Hi all! So nice to be here!

Julie in OH (and Rachd)--

I have no idea which 2nd epilogue I'm going to do next. I'm pretty focused on the next couple of novels right now, so I haven't really been thinking about them. Oh, and for Julie, I hope they give you nitrous at the dentist. LOVE nitrous.


I don't really have a favorite book. Each one has pieces that I really like. That said, THE DUKE AND I will always be special to me because (aside from it being the first Bridgerton book) I feel like my writing really grew and changed with it.


I LOVE Sex and the City. Saw the one where Carrie didn't back up. I felt sick. Physically sick.

And this is the last Bridgerton book for a while. I would never say never, as I do love the characters, but I need a break. So if there are more Bridgerton books, they're a few years off.


Sheesh, that was a while ago. I was on genie before that, too. Can you even imagine life before the internet now? And I am most definitely a plotter.


I actually DIDN'T know from the start. But I figured it out right as I was finishing up THE DUKE AND I, so I went back through the book to make sure I hadn't done anything that would disqualify the candidate. *g*


Coming up with fun chapter openers is actually pretty tough. Once I have the concept they're pretty easy to write, but coming up with the concept can take a while. If you like chapter openers, btw, you should read Eloisa James.

Ta for now!

Julie Q. (waving to Kristina...)

Julie in Ohio said...

Wait a minute. Manda, you are halfway through the book already? Are you a mega fast reader on top of brilliant poet?
Sorry, the green eyed monster is coming out. I won't be able to start on mine until I get home from work and then after the kids get to bed. I don't want any interruptions once I begin. *g*

I am going to meet Julia Quinn next week!!!

I have been singing this song on and off since Sunday, between bouts of complete nervousness and anxiety attacks.
In case you were wondering, Julie, I am referring to the booksigning in Lansing Michigan. I am really really excited and horribly nervous at the same time.

Is there anything that fans have said to you that you would rather they NOT say?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. That is, of course contingent on the fact that I can get my voice to work. :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I just want to go on record again as saying I thought OTWTTW was the best JQ ever.


I SO thought a contest button would be easier. Silly me.

OK. When Julia Quinn says she's busy working on the next BOOKS, doesn't anyone else start thinking, like, what can she possibly come up with next? Well, throw us a bone, Julie Q...

Rach said...

Julie (OH), now I'm the jealous one!! You get to meet JQ! How awesome!

I just got back from the William and Mary B&N and they didn't have the book out yet!!! After lugging two kids out to get it there was no WAY I was leaving without it. I had them get it from the back for me! Can't wait to get started. Nap time begins in 40 minutes, Baby =) (I LOVE Summer Break!!!)

Manda Collins said...

Haha Julie. Thanks for the poetry raves but really. I don't think limericks count:(

I have to confess that I found OTWTTW last night at a local drugstore and could not resist it. And stayed up way past bedtime reading it. But didn't have the guts or energy to pull an all nighter.

I did wonder last night if we could somehow convince publishers to release our faves on Fridays--it would probably cut down on lost on-the-job productivity due to all night reads.

amy kennedy said...

Julia, I do read Eloisa James and love her chapter openers as well.

So what is up next? Something completely different or the start of a new series?

I'm sure Manda is a speed reader as well as the poet laureate of RBtB.

Julie in O--I'm so glad you're going.

My word ver is: dysexegg--so many responses, so little room.

amy kennedy said...

Exactly Mandacoll. Although I'm always torn--do I tear through it because I love it? Or do I savor it?

Maybe tear through it on the first run and then go back and savor.

Anonymous said...

Yay, JQ is on the blog today!

THE DUKE AND I is such a wonderful book. It was the first JQ book I read, and I read it right after we had moved from FL to MA. All my books were still in boxes; I didn't know where any bookstores were, nor how to get there even if someone told me where they were; and it was just me and two small children at home in a barely furnished house without electricity (long story). But the library was three blocks away, so I went over, pushing the stroller and pulling the toddler, got myself a card, and loaded up the diaper bag with romance novels. TDAI was the first one I read, and I think I read it twice. Simon...sigh. It was SO good, I actually braved Boston traffic to find a bookstore and get some more (there were no more Bridgerton books at the time). So, thanks, Julie!

My question is, are you sad to be done with the Bridgertons? You've been writing them for so long now, they must be like dear friends. (thank goodness for those epilogues, for those of us who will miss them) Or is it more exciting and refreshing to begin something completely new?

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge JQ fan! I love the Bridgertons. What a great idea to write the epilogues... who doesn't want to go back and catch up with old friends (ermmm... I mean characters, LOL! - maybe I need to get out more).

Sorry to hear about the computer antics. I work on a Mac, and they can be a little temperamental at times, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Julie in Ohio said...

Manda, of course limericks count!! Anytime something rhymes it is most definitely poetry, so says Professor Julie. :o)

Amy, definitely read straight through and then go back and read to savor. And that, ladies, is the reason I always get two desserts. :o)

Rach, nap time is the best time of the day. Go outside, sit on the porch swing with a glass of ice tea and don't come up for air for about 2 hours. :o)

Caroline, what a wonderful story. I don't know about JQ but I am going to miss the Bridgertons. I will have to get another set of the series because I am going to re-read them often. Who am I kidding? I already do. :o)

Michelle, the contest button worked for me! :o)

Does anyone else love these sideways smiley faces as much as me? It took me a while to figure out what they were. Now I use them as often as I can. :o)

Anonymous said...


Oh for goodness sake, do NOT feel anxiety. I am the least scary person on the planet. I'll probably be so relieved that SOMEone is showing up that I won't let you leave.

And I haven't had too many scary fans at booksignings. The only one that comes to mind is the woman who bought a book for her friend and then wanted me to sign something like, "Hope this gives you many orgasms." (I declined.)


I'm working on a two book set, the first of which is called THE TWO DUKES OF WYNDHAM. The premise is based on a Dire Straits song, except I changed it a little: "Two men say they're the Duke of Wyndham. One of them must be wrong." Each book will be about one of the possible dukes.


good for you for making them go in back!


I think publishers choose Tuesdays because it's supposed to get the books out in such a way to maximize the chances of hitting a bestseller list. I've never been able to figure out exactly why, though.


I'm a little sad, but mostly I'm looking forward to a new challenge. It's strange, though!


I'm a diehard Mac person, too. I think I just got a lemon this time. But they --are-- replacing it for me, so I can't complain there. I'm getting one of those new MacBooks.

Julie Q.

Rach said...

YES! Nap time is here!! =) And yes, Julie, love me some sideways smilies =)! It must be my Pollyana thing =).

Rach said...

Alright, just as I was getting started on OTWTTW, I thought of something. Who's story has been the most difficult for you to write, and why?

Julie in Ohio said...

OMG, Julie, that is hilarious! I give you my word, I will not do that.

I was thinking along the lines of "To my biggest fan. I promise to send you all my new arcs." *G*

Anonymous said...

Well, that should make up for some of your pain, a nice new MacBook! Those look very cool.

My Macs have been fantastic- the only things that regularly crash for me are Microsoft programs (shocker), and the only hardward problem I've ever had has been a bad video cable on my laptop. Otherwise the same old machines are trucking alone...no reason to get a new one...sigh. No, that's good I suppose.

It will be strange not to expect a new Bridgerton book every summer, but the new books sound terrific!

Anonymous said...

Since everyone is saying when they discovered JuliaQ, I thought I might chime in. I have known JQ pretty much all my life. I first read her work attached to the refrigerator with alphabet magnets. It was captivating even then, though since I was two years older, my handwriting was far better (it still is, heh heh).

The first book by JQ I read starred a teen named Colby or Corby or Corey -- I don't remember and likely neither does JQ as that book, a YA written by a YA never saw the light of day. But it was good. After that I got to read romances as they were written, as in on the computer. JQ: "I finished chapter 7." Me: "Really?" And then I got to read it. That lasted for four books. Then she got uppity, ah-hem (just kidding. She actually moved and my insto-access was logistically put out of reach).

My favorite JQ book must be Marquis, simply because the true star is Malcolm the cat. He was a good kitty, and my dear dear boy for nearly fifteen years. JQ's husband called him a rug he was so furry.

I still get to read books early, but not in progress, which occasionally chaps, but it's ok. I am so incredibly proud of my little sister.

--Emily, JQ's websister

Anonymous said...


(and her name was Colby)


Anonymous said...


They're all hard. Except maybe the first. I swear, it just gets harder and harder, which makes no sense and irks me to no end.


LOL. Except for this time, even --I-- don't get arcs!


I still have my old MacSE in my closet. My husband promises that someday he'll turn it into a fishtank, so we keep lugging it from house to house.

Julie Q.

Rach said...

Hi, Emily! Welcome =).

Thanks for answering, Julie =).

Julie in Ohio said...

What a great story, Emily.
If your Malcolm was anything like the one in HTMAM he was a keeper. (This being said from a dog person not a cat person.)

My sister used to practice her handwriting all the time...and everywhere. She wrote HER name on MY bedroom door when she was 5 years old. She then proceeded to blame it on me (like any good sister does). I was only 2 at the time. Needless to say, I was acquitted of this crime. :o)

Jess said...

It's my first time here at Romance By the Blog. I am visiting my sister, Rachd, and when we bought our copies of OTWTTW today (of course we both bought a copy because neither of us wanted to wait for the other to finish!) she mentioned this blog and that JQ would be guest-blogging today. So, here I am to send a friendly hello to JQ.

JQ, I found you in high school while browsing in the bookstore and *I* introduced my sister to your books, though I am sure she has a different story to tell (older sisters are like that!). Actually, last year when It's In His Kiss came out I was 9 months pregnant and it got me through my last few days before I went into labor! This year Rach and I could hardly wait for nap time so we could read.

FWIW, my favorite Bridgerton book is The Duke and I (ahhh, Simon). I am also very partial to Dancing at Midnight but I have reread almost every JQ book a few times whenever I am having a romance reading dry spell. So, my thanks to you for many happy hours spent reading your books.

Rach said...

No, no, props to Jess. She was the one to get me into JQ. I'll be the first to admit it. She always did have excellent taste =).

So far I'm two chapters into OTWTTW and I have to say it is most excellent. I'm hooked and now I'm off to read some more! =)

amy kennedy said...

TWO DUKES OF WYNDHAM. Premise sounds great.

Emily, you lucky duck. Does she ever send you works in progress now?

Julie, I'm so happy for you that the contest button worked. No, really.

Julia Quinn--it gets harder? Crap. Is it the writing or the plotting that becomes harder?

amy kennedy said...

I love it that you both got the book. Jess, we love your sister.

Now that you know where we are--you can join us all the time.

Manda Collins said...

*sings* Sisters, sisters, there were never more devoted sisters...
How cool to have to sets of sisters on the blog today!

Rach, my sister's name is Jessica too! Welcome, Jess. Rach has told us *so* much about you;) Vive la naptime!

JulieO, I think the fact that you worry about coming off as a crazy fangirl means that you won't. If you were really a crazy fangirl you wouldn't know the difference. You'll be great. And now JulieQ knows to look out for you to be there.

Julie Q, can I say how creeped out I am by the fan who wanted you to sign something about orgasms? Eew! TMI!

Interesting about the Tuesday thing. There are so many wierd little details about the publishing world that we on the "outside" never really know about.

amy kennedy said...

Every time I see the picture of Julia as...a sunflower? I am filled with pure joy. How old were you and were you a flower?

amy kennedy said...

New videos (DVDs) come out on Tuesdays also. Hmmm.

Manda Collins said...

Oh and Two Dukes of Wyndham sounds like fun! I'm glad to hear you're not decamping to the contemporary side too. Not that I don't enjoy contemporaries from time to time, but you are so darn good at historicals...

Jess said...

Well, I thought the costume was a chicken! I guess I didn't look very closely, lol!

Rach said...

Amy, I believe that's actually a lion (see her website). Her husband apparently gives her some grief about the costume as well ;-). Oh, and thanks for the nice sentiment--I love ya'll too =).

Manda, I just love that movie--now the song's stuck in my head =).

And, Julie, Manda's right, you're bound to keep things low-key since you don't want to come off as a total fangirl. =) Heck, how can you top the "orgasms" lady??

Julie in Ohio said...

It's funny, Manda, but I'm not concerned about coming across as a crazy fangrl at the booksigning because in social gatherings I turn inward. My fear there is that I will turn and runaway. (I'm only a slightly joking.)
The crazy fangrl comes out over the net where I tend to say things that don't come out right. Or I just start babbling and I don't stop myself in time and say EVERYTHING that comes to mind. *shrug* It's a vicious cycle.

Amy, you are just so gracious. I want to be just like you when I grow up. :o)

Welcome, Jess. I hope your stay with us is pleasant and if you need anything just let us know.:o)

And remember:


Kati said...

Isn't it a lion? What IS she dressed up as?!

I'm re-reading AOFAG right now. I'm right at the spot where Benedict decides he can't live without Sophie and offers to make her his mistress. Yeah...that went over really well! LOL!

OK, so JulieQ, which hero do you think you put through the ringer most? My vote is for Michael Stirling.

Julie in Ohio said...

I don't know, Mary Kate, Colin has his issues, too. And think of poor Anthony knowing when he was going to die. That can't be very comforting. Oh,oh,oh and Gareth believing he was a bastard most of his life. Not to mention Simon.

Rach said...

You're right, Julie, they're all pretty tortured. However, although Colin has issues, I don't think they're quite as bad a Simon's (no kids because of not wanting to "pass on" his "affliction"), or Anthony knowing he was going to die. I'd say Michael, Simon and Anthony were definitely the ones most wrung out.

I swear my word vers keep getting longer! This one is NINE letters!!!

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, what are doing? I thought you were reading. Don't you know that I'm reading vicariously through you guys. :o)

The verif are getting longer with more 'v' 'x' 'q' and 'g'. And really who can tell the difference between the 'g' and 'q'?

Rach said...

I keep hoping JQ will pop back up so I'm keeping one eye on the computer *grin*. The story is so AWESOME!

I'm with ya on the 'q'/'g' quandry. And, they've been using this sqiggly font that makes 'u' and 'v' look the same.

Rach said...

Oh, on that front, maybe guest author-bloggers should be the day *after* their novel is released so we don't have to be schizophrenic going between our desire to read what that have to say, and read what they have written. Just a thought...

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, that is too funny and so true. Good idea!

Are your sister's child and yours close in age? The pictures are just adorable.

Rach said...

Ella will be one July 5, and Lily was born Dec. 19. So, really only about five months difference. As they age, that small a gap will become meaningless. (Well, until Ella turns 16 first, and then 21 first. Oh, and then when Ella turns 30 or 40 first ;-) ).

Julie in Ohio said...


My sis and I have daughters 5 months apart. I know she was just jealous of me. My daughter was born in June and her daughter at the end of October.
I hope your girls get along better than ours do. They squabble more like sisters than cousins. :o)

You guys are lucky I don't know how to get pictures up here. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

Correction: I WISH I knew how to get pictures up here.

Jess said...

Julie in OH, do you mean the pictures beside our names in the comments? Just go to your blogger profile and upload a pic off your computer. There is a little link where you set up your profile that says something like, "upload profile picture".

Trust me, if I could figure it out anyone can because I have shockingly poor computer skills!

Rach said...

Julie, I had to post a pic on my blog and copy the url into the "upload profile picture" box. Easy breezy. Well, except the fact the images were too large at first and had to be resized, but otherwise...

Oh, and I have a feeling the girls will be fighting like cats and dogs, just like Jessie and I did =).

Julie in Ohio said...

Thank you!! I am going to give it a shot when I get home.

amy kennedy said...

Jess, you think we could figure it out--if Julie does, I'll give it a try. Your picture is lovely.

Anonymous said...


Malcolm was very sweet. Not very bright, but very sweet.


You're Rachd's sister? And you both bought copies? I love you guys! (Emily is always filching my books.)


Yeah, it gets harder. All of it. But probably more the pre-writing than the actual writing. And I was a LION!!! Sheesh. A LION! Not a sunflower, and not an eggplant. (Grrrr. @#@#$ dh. Grrr.)


I thought she was pretty creepy, too.


Well, emotionally, Michael probably got the most abuse. But in terms of sticky situations, hands down Gregory. No contest.


Don't worry, I'll stick around for a few days if you're still chattering about the book.

Back in a few!

Julie Q.

amy kennedy said...

Yeah--JQ is sticking around for a few days.

Absolutely a lion.

Gracious? When you grow up? Don't grow up.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hooo Doggie! Youz girls were goin while I was gone with my kids pretending to be a good mommy.

Aren't we lucky to have Julia with us today? And how gracious is she to check in with us?

Glad you stopped by, Emily! I am a kitty person, and am happy your own was a delight and had you to care for him, furry rug that he was. You are quite a good friend to Julia, as well as websister. Were I you, I'd be bitter to have been cut off of the pre-reads. What are our friends and family for if not our exclusive entertainment?

Welcome, Jess! Come back lots of times. We just love your sister; any sister of hers is a sister of ours...as it were.

I, too, say huzzah for Julia Q sticking with the historicals! I'm sure she would do beautifully in whatever sub-genre she chose blahblahblah. But really. I want good historicals and I want her to keep writing them. There. I said it. And you may quote me.

Now, we really need to talk about the "when is the best time for the GuestBlog" question. Is it the day it's out to drive readers to the stores? Or is it after readers have had a chance to take a look-see? 'tis a quandry to be sure. What say you, Bellas?

Julie in Ohio said...

My vote is for after to book comes out only because I want to add to a discussion and if I haven't read the book or the author is new to me I don't have anything to say and that's a bummer.

I love Julia Quinn and give me a book and I can talk about any of them...except OTWTTW. I am going to stay up all night to read it, but I haven't gotten to yet. *sniffle,sniffle*

Rach said...

Michelle, I completely understand the driving up the sales thing, but I gotta say I think it would be better all around if guest bloggers came a day or two after the book release so we have had an opportunity to read the book and have a discussion about it. We can also ask the author any questions we may have, etc.

Just mho. =)

Anonymous said...

Well, speaking as the guest blogger, I'll chime in and say that it's pretty fun to be here on release day. But I agree that it's nice to be able to talk about the new book, so maybe the key is to ask the bloggers to stick around a few days.

Julie Q.

Julie in Ohio said...

No complaints here!! :o)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hmmm. I never want to take advantage of a GuestBlogger's good nature by asking too much of her. But the "funnest" part of what I do is hooking up readers with authors and their books, so it'd be cool to direct readers to the shelves, then let them discuss the novel with the author, too.

Is that the way you like to do it, Julia? I know you've done dual dates with the chicks at Squawk Radio and "Dishin with the Divas" (our girl, Julie Anne Long, and Fog City Divas, Bellas).

OK, JulieO and Stace. Got your votes, although it's a little hard to imagine JulieO with nothing to say, isn't it? :) It'd be like Vivi Anna without something to say about hot sex.

And by the way, Bellas, don't we need to inform Julie Q about our coining an entirely new acronym in reference to "When He Was Wicked?" (The first JQ I ever read, btw).

You see, Julia, we at RBtheBlog have a favorite style in which we like to see our h/hn consumate a relationship after a long and drawn out emotionally- and sensually-tense courtship. We tenderly refer to the act as UATW. Because it involves a wall. And the hero and heroine's being up against it, as it were.

Of course, only Julia Quinn's "WHWW" has the honor of it's very on RBtheBlog acronym, describing a scene in which the h/hn express their fondness UATE. As in escritoire.

Now, I'm not positive it was an escritiore, but we are positive it was a smashing scene which deserves a way to separate it from any other love scene that will be discussed here at RBtheBlog.

Enjoy your dubious honor in good health, Julia!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that a complete computer death will occur here any time. It's getting so miserable though, oddly enough, some things are working better now than they even worked for my brother before he gave it to me 3 years ago. One thing is definite though, as a Pentium II, it's way too slow for most things.

I can still remember what made me interested in reading your books. When the first one came out, RT had an article about how you had decided to try writing a historical novel before you took up medical studies. I found that article so interesting and also the note they must have had about your book, that I've bought all your books since. However, I must confess that due to the vicissitudes of life (illnesses, moving)and fortune (cash), I've not even started reading the Bridgertons yet. But I enjoyed the first 3 books tremendously. Right now, since I had to move in Nov. I know only where Colin's book is.

I guess my favorite of your books is the first, "Splendid". Those always seem to stick in my mind the most. If that book is really enjoyable, then I know the rest are likely to be so as well. Now that the whole Brigerton series is finished, I'll have to get down to reading it.

I guess a question I have is whether you've ever thought back to the days when you wanted to be a doctor and what your thoughts on that are now.

BTW, I'm also glad that Julia is sticking to historicals. Those have been my favorites for nearly 50 years. At first it was historical novels before they became historical romances. I loved learning history through the "novels" and they always had some element of romance as well. Got that tick from the books my father bought and read. We both also enjoyed straight history.

Rach said...

I would LOVE it if the guest blogger (JQ in this situation) would stay around to discuss the book. This way we get the best of both worlds =).

(um, Michelle, I think maybe you're confusing me with Stacy again...not that I mind or anything, just thought you might like to know =) )

Julie in Ohio said...

Ruby55- I LOVED "Splendid". My fav part was when Emma went to rescue Belle. I also appreciated the fact that Alex and Emma had "real" issues. No big misunderstandings or the like. Not that there is anything wrong with them. I have enjoyed my fair share but sometimes it's nice to see how the other half live. :o)

Michelle, you are right. I can babble with the best of them, but often when I get going, I look back and find I have said nothing. Go figure. :o)

Rach, what is MHO?

Rach said...

My humble opinion. So, IMHO is In My Humble Opinion. And, FWIW is For What It's Worth.

Julie in Ohio said...

Is anyone writing this down? I guess that should be me.

Thank you! I learn something new every day. Today was a banner day. I learned three things. :o)

Manda Collins said...

Michelle, I'm not sure where I stand on the pre v. post release issue. I can agree with both sides. But you know me. I can come up with something to say whether I've read the book or not;)I do like it when the show up for a few days after. It feels like they liked us. They really liked us.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yup. You're right, Stacy. What is it with me and that? You are so clearly two different people. I am, as usual, clueless. Please say it's one of the things that endears me to you?

Hi, Ruby55! Welcome, not only because you're a JQ reader, but because you love historicals of all kinds. I adore historicals, and the lot of us pretty much dig on em. Of course , we like most all romance we can get our hands on, but we really seem drawn to well-crafted ones like JQ's, Eloisa James', Loretta Chase, Lisa Kleypas, etc. I have always been a history nut, and I think lots of the rest here, the same.

You are so welcome here any time, and we hope you'll join us lots to give us your two cents, and let us know what you love.

Well, Manda, we all like to feel the love, don't we?

Here in MN it's 8:30 pm and the sun is a bright red ball. Pretty, but not conducive to putting kids to bed. I guess I could open a Bridgerton for a little re-read, rather than writing my column...

Rach said...

Yes, Michelle, it's one of the things I love most about you *grin* =).

I wonder if Stacy and I are twins separated at birth...

Stacy~ said...

Hey kids I just got home - had to run to the bookstore to get my copy of OTWTTW - and I'm thrilled to say I was successful!

Aw I missed Julia! But she answered my question so I'm all happy now LOL.

Um, Michelle, I think you have me confused with Manda. But that's okay - I still love ya...

Julie, I am soooo envious that you are going to meet JQ - take lots of pix, 'k?

Julia, YOU don't get arcs???? But you're a superstar! That's just plain wrong. As wrong as that strange request from that lady about orgasms....

Sigh...now I think I have some reading to do...

Stacy~ said...

Oh, did Michelle mean RachD and not Manda? Now I'm confused....

Well Rach, I always thought (wished? *g*) I was adopted, so you could be onto something there....

Manda Collins said...

Stacy, I think Michelle was talking about the 5:09 PM post when she referred to votes for the pre/post release author visits. She said Stace but meant Rach. I think...I could be wrong. It happens.

I'd be happy to compose a limerick about it. (Begin tomato throwing now!)

Could the word vers BE any longer?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I turn away for few hours to do some work and put my daughter to bed and there is something like 50 new posts!

actually, once in a while I *do* get to read a work in progress. But not often. And it's usually only a few pages... maybe a chapter. That's ok. I get a lot of other perks.

Yes, I *was* kind of bitter about having the pre-reads cut off, but as I said, I do get to read things early. And every once in a while she asks my opinion about a character or scene and that is a thrill, whether she uses it or not.

And of course there is the great fun of doing the website and I am in charge of the family tree.

--Emily, JQ's websister

Kristi Cook said...

AND Emily's design company makes the *best* 'autographed by the author' stickers on the market!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kristina.. thanks. :) Actually, I first made them for JQ, and then everyone wanted them.

--Emily, JQ's websister

Anonymous said...

Ruby, you read that piece in RT? I think it was called "Rakes, Rogues, and Stethoscopes." I bet I can find it somewhere in my comptuer. Or actually, I think it can still be accessed on the RT website.

To answer your question, I don't think much about being a doctor anymore. I enjoy my current profession too much for "what ifs," and as I'm married to a doctor, I feel I have a pretty good insight into life of a medical professional. I definitely made the right choice!

Julie Q. (I think I got everyone's questions...)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks so much for visiting with us today, Julia! As long as you can bear our fawning and reminding you of the details we love about your novels, you're welcome any time. You've been very gracious in answering our questions, and we wish you all the best with "On the Way to the Wedding."

Anonymous said...

Ugh, how frustrating!!! I have to say I just had the same pain. Water spilled on my laptop. Fried it. Won't turn on, can't get the data off. Recent work is G-O-N-E. Although I have to say that this was MY fault...I'd be really annoyed if the store repair did it! Eeeeeek! Sorry I missed the chat with Julia!