Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm Sari, So Sari

So, so sorry for all the blog glitches this week! But here's something fun to make up for a bit of the inconvenience and mundanity of having to read the same two blogs for, like, a week.

Sari Robins will be guestblogging for us Tuesday, June 13, to celebrate the release of her wonderful new historical, "What to Wear to a Seduction."

Click on the graphic below to visit Sari's site and register for the cool contest she's running with Spanx hosiery. Then come back and discuss:

Which do you prefer: pantyhose or stockings?
Am I the only one just catching on to this whole
"you don't have to wear hosiery for any reason anymore" thing?

(Just so's you know, this ain't a paid ad, just a link Sari provided).

I loved Sari's "The Black Rose, and I think you'll enjoy hearing from her, too.


Julie in Ohio said...

I have seen Sari's books in the stores but haven't picked her up yet. Looks like I need to check her out.

As for the going without hosiery, only around mid-July. I need to have a tan before I will wear a dress without them. A short dress and pasty legs...not so sexy.

What is the difference between stockings and panty hose? I've always thought they were the same.

Rach said...

Ahh, the weekend and a breather--report cards to be completed tomorrow...

I know I've read some of Sari's stuff, I just need to pop over and see.

I am a firm believer in stockings. Of course, my husband wanted me try them out (being a guy he thought they were pretty sexy) so I did, and, I have to say I'm hooked. I would much rather wear them than panty hose. (Julie, stockings are thigh-highs. Some come with rubberized, elasticized tops, while others require garters, etc.).

My legs glow under black light I'm so pale, so I feel ya, Julie. But, I live in the south, Hampton Roads, VA and temps peak above 80 well before May. I find I just can't STAND to be wearing hosiery when it's that hot and humid.

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm sooo jealous, Rach. We are still fighting to keep the temps above 70.
Thanks for the explanation. I've just always called them thigh highs. I didn't realize they were also stockings.
I haven't ever worn them. I always wear panty hose. I'm afraid they will be falling and I'll be pickin' and pokein' at myself all day...or night. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm afraid that didn't come out right at all. I hope you know what I mean. *g*

Miscommunication strikes again!

Rach said...

Not a problem, Julie =). Ah, the trials and tribulations of the internet...

As for staying up, not a problem. The rubberized elastic really keeps them in place. But, I understand your concern ;-D.

Vivi Anna said...

Stockings, 100%! I love the feel of putting them on....and taking them off...;-)

Bare legs in the summer!

amy kennedy said...

Me too, Vivi Anna, I love the stockings--there ain't nothin sexy about pantyhose, plus, if I do have to where them, that's when I feel like I'm constantly yanking on things, Julie.

And Julie and Rachd--two words:

Fake Tan

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, two more words.

orange zebra

I have tried a few of them before and been burned. I don't know what my malfunction is but they scare the be-jeepers out of me.

I do have a moisturizer that gives a small tint of color, but not enough to constitute bare legs.

Rach said...

Um, Amy, there are those of us that are just a little too pasty for tan-in-a-tube to work. =( I'm with Julie on this one. Oh, to be a gorgeous golden color like my sister instead of pink. I'm just pink and white all over. Cute on a baby, not so much on an adult.

And, yes, stockings make me feel far sexier than hose. In fact, I was telling my hubby about the topic and he said, "There is NOTHING sexy about hose!!" There ya have it folks =).

Rach said...

BTW, Julie, I was speaking for myself when referring to pastiness. Once more the internet is out to get me!

Monica Burns said...

Rach!! I didn't realize you were so close to me!! I'm in Richmond!

JulieO- I love cold weather so how about we trade places during the summer. TRUST ME! It gets so humid here, the only thing that don't fall is a guy's ...ummm....ok TMI *grin*

If I could stand to wear them it would be stockings. But then I've gotten lazy. I find knee highs sooo comfortable. Yeah, their far from sexy, but they're fairly cool, show nice ankles under a dress, and most importantly, I'M COMFORTABLE. The only time I'm willing to be uncomfortable is if I'm dressing up for something special. Panty hose, NEVER COULD stand 'em.

BTW, ladies we have two new babies in the house as of yesterday. They're a lab/chow mix and a lab/rodesian ridgeback.

MobleyCrew said...

I found Thigh-highs when I was expecting and never went back to hose. I hated them but didn't realize there was another option unless I used garters (yuck). Perfectly happy with the t-h's even tho' I've had to switch brands a few times. And the DH likes to watch me put them on in the car (I'm habitually late getting ready in the mornings). Who am I to deprive him?

Valeen said...

I've never heard of this author, she looks good! I may have to see if I can find one at the bookstore.

I prefer to wear stockings, I really can't stand pantyhose, they drive me insane.

The only time I wear stockings at all is in the dead of winter under my dresspants simply for warmth. That's it. I don't wear them with dresses or skirts outside of winter either.

Julie in Ohio said...

Rach, no apology needed. I'm starting a petition to Crayola to generate a color called Pasty Flesh. Isn't it discrimination that they have all other fleshy colors? *g*

Monica, if only we could switch. Humidity doesn't bother me a bit. My only problem is the DH. He did 2 years in Arizona in the Army and he refuses to move to any warmer climate. Congratulations and good luck on the new additions to the family. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

I may have to try out these thigh highs. I like hose because they tend to tuck and trim any unwanted bulges that have occurred over the years in the hip and thigh areas.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Morning! Interesting about the stockings/hosiery/bare legs/tan cream thing.

I always think stockings would be so sexy, but they always make lines in my thighs. I've just started on not wearing hose, although I don't wear skirts or dresses all that often.
I went to this kinda formal thing recently and didn't wear stockings (got a really sexy pair of VS. though. Why, not sure) It was such a huge decision to go stockingless. I was brought up with such strict notions of how one dressed for certain thing.s

I felt really free and sexy that night, with just a little black dress and pretty heels.

funny about the car, Mobleyc!

I think it's funny, that husbands have such definite feelings on the "burning issue" of hose v. stockings.

Mon, my bro has 3 chows. I don't know much about dogs, but I love animals and wish you guys the best with your new additions!

I'm dying to chat more with youz. I'm so buried from having no Inet axcess last week. grrrrrr.

Julie in Ohio said...

Has anyone seen the spray-on panty hose?

I saw it in a magazine once but haven't tried it. It's supposed to be just like hose.

I'm as leary on that as I am on the spray-on tans.

Kristi Cook said...

I've tried the spray-on hose (Sally Hansen) but it looked too much like make up to me--not a natural color. I prefer the spray on tan stuff (I love this great airbrush tan stuff called California Beauty!) or self-tanning lotion. As to stockings vs. hose, I won't wear either anymore! It's bare legs all the way, baby! If I positively had to wear one or the other, it'd be stockings. But even to the fanciest event these days, bare legs are acceptable. Thank goodness!

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks for the heads up, Kristina.

OK, note to self...stay away from all spray-ons.

I'll stick with the sun. Always looks natural (whether brown or red) and doesn't cost as much as any of these products. I just have to wait until the end of June to get any of it. :o)

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I wear neither pantyhose nor stockings if at all possible. A little bit of a tan will hide a multitude of flaws... and most of the time I wear jeans or slacks, which hides even more, LOL!

Julie in Ohio said...

Murphy's Law: If you are not looking for it; you will find it everywhere. If you are looking for it; you will never find it.

Julie's Law: If it's going to happen; it will happen to me.

I have seen one of Sari Robin's books at the grocery store and both pharmacies (we have two) I have gone the past. And of course, I didn't pick it up at the time. So what happens when I go looking for it? I can't find it...anywhere. :(

Living in a small town, I don't have alot of choices when it comes to where to buy books. I guess I need to go to Amazon. Do you suppose they have a best customer ever discount? :o)

amy kennedy said...

Hey Julie and Rachd, try the moisturizer tanners, like Jergens--it takes about a week to develope a tan--but you can't make a mistake, because you apply it every day and it looks real--would I lie to you? I use it on my legs and tummy--Eve, a tan on the tummy covers a multitude of births.

I actually have Sari's book. I hope I can read some of it tonight.

Rach said...

Okay, last minute repreive before finishing those report cards. Yuck. (Alright, really procrastinating...) Two days left, ladies! I'm hangnin' on by my fingernails...

Monica, I'm actually in Williamsburg, so even closer than just plain old Hampton Roads!! Too cool!!! Oh, and I hear ya on the humidity--UGH! Also, congrats on the new babies =).

Julie, I'm all for the pasty skin crayon. Crayola should get on board =).

I do try to avoid all hosiery type products, but there are times when the unsaven legs are easier to hide under a pair of stockings than to actually take the time and shave. (Did I mention the procrastination thing??)

Rach said...

Amy, I posted before I saw your comment. I'll have to give the Jergens a try. Thanks! As for baby tummy, well, there's no hiding this monstrosity. All covered all the time is my motto.

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm with Eve who wears jeans most of the time. I also find a pair of sweats are exceptional when it comes to hiding undesireable features and comfort.

But I can also agree that a tan can hide some of the most "wonderful" flaws that can occur. We just won't mention what kind of flaws.

Rach, I'm on board the procrastination train. Again, a pair of jeans/sweats do wonders in the disguise department. And if your DH is anything like mine, he won't even know you haven't shaved for a week.

HMMM, maybe I aught to go invest in a pair of thigh highs after all. You said your DH thought they were sexy, right?

Rach said...

Yeah, Julie, you're right about the shaving thing. And yes, DH LOVES him some thigh highs ;-D. Now, I really HAVE to go do those report cards--they're not gonna write themselves...but I don't wanna...

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, Rach.
Just repeat after me...I have 3 months before I have to think about report cards again. :o)

Stacy~ said...

Hey kids I'm back! Missed ya! But I had a blast at Lori Foster's event. Again, if anyone is nervous about meeting a favorite author, this is the perfect event to attend - it's fun, friendly, inexpensive, and relaxing. Check out my blog for more *g* Oh, but there's some pix of me there, so don't be scared LOL

I don't do pantyhose or stockings in the summer. It's all about bare skin and feeling comfy. Capris are great for covering up as well as some of the fun skirts that are out there.

Sari's book looks great. I'll just add her to the list of 10 or so new authors I added to my list this weekend...I'm doomed...

Anonymous said...

I'm just back from Disney!! Hello!

I am delighted with this pantyhose discussion! My take: As a pacticing attorney I had to wear hose for years. When I began my new writing career, you couldn't pay me to put them on. Now I've discovered SPANX and find myself wearing pantyhose more and more.
But, no, not in Orlando where it was 97 and humid :).

I never considered wearing them underneath pants until I saw OPRAH wearing them under jeans on her show (it was the segment on picking the right jeans for you). Now if I have an important meeting I will wear my Spanx. Makes a difference.