Wednesday, June 14, 2006

GuestBlog Bonanza or How I Get Time Off

"She's No Princess," by Laura Lee Guhrke is this week's feature on Romance: B(u)y the Book! Hope you'll take a look, then head back here to get a gander at the Summer line-up (so far) of RBtheBlog Guestbloggers:

20 Carly Phillips - Live Blogchat 2 pm EST
22 Anne Herendeen
27 Julia Quinn - Epilogue Download Contest!
30 Sherrilyn Kenyon - ExtraView, too!

10 Jennifer Archer
13 Anna DeStephano - Contest!

1 Christina Dodd
3 Lisa Kleypas
15 Lori Foster
24 Sylvia Day

4 JR Ward - "Live" Blogchat TBA

Dates TBA
Susan Donovan
Kathleen Eagle
Erin McCarthy
Deirdre Knight
Industry Specialists

Encore! Thanks so much to Sari Robins for guestbloggin with us yesterday. What did we learn? That we perhaps shouldn't leave our day jobs any time soon. Though kudos to JulieO for being most prolific with possible names for Sari's next novel!

Encore due! Who are your favorites among our line-up? Any writers you wish would guestblog with us?


Stacy~ said...

Wow Michelle, you've got a truly fabulous line-up here!

Carly, Julia Q, Sherrilyn, Lisa K, Sylvia Day! Love 'em all.

But I'm rather partial to Lori Foster & Erin McCarthy, both of whom I spent time with over the weekend with at Lori's get-together and who couldn't have been lovelier. (There's a few pictures from the event, even a big one of me, at my blog LOL)

As for whom I'd like to see added to the schedule? Lucy Monroe, LuAnn McLane, Janice Maynard, Karen Kelley (I just finished "Hell on Wheels" by her and absolutely loved it). Shiloh Walker. The list goes on and on...oh, oh, Suzanne Brockmann!

And how about Vivi Anna? Monica Burns? We have some great regulars who would be great :)

Valeen said...

Holy Cow - that's a wicked lineup!!

Lisa Kleypas! Lori Foster!!Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Erin McCarthy and Julia Quinn are my favourites.

You've basically covered them all - there aren't many more I'd like to see.

What about some of the other Zebra debut authors? Lori Devoti, Sandy Blair, Heather Grothaus - you've already had Eve Silver.

Kati said...

Well, I squealed like a fangirl when I read the JR Ward will be on the blog. It's a well known fact that she's one of my fave's.

Michelle - I'd be beside myself if you could get Linda Howard to blog, if not for her summer release, for her November release of "Drop Dead Gorgeous," which is the sequel to "To Die For." It would be great to have her talk about Blair, who I understand is another character that sprung fully formed from her head.

Julie in Ohio said...

Well, I don't think it's a secret the JQ is my fav but also on my Lots Of Love list is Lisa Kleypas and Christina Dodd.

There are alot on this list that are new to me. I guess I better do some homework before they guest blog. Gee, I thought it was summer break. *g*

Someone you haven't listed is Teresa Medeiros and Jennifer Crusie.

amy kennedy said...

Stacy, you little name dropper, how was the get together--I know, I'll go to your blog.

You guys all had such good ideas. I'd also love a Susan Elizabeth Phillips guest blog.

I laughed out loud while reading your review for She's No Princess, but I am a little partial to those kick butt shapeshifting heroines and heroes.

I want Vivi Anna to do a guest blog. Just think of the fun.

But I know I'll be thinking of more as the day goes on.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, why don't you put out an all points bulletin for any author who needs a title for their latest book to come over with a brief description of what the book is about (or if they want to give more intense details that's fine too) to come on over. *G*

Did I mention how much fun that was yesterday?

Although, I didn't get a lot of work done. Darn it! :o)

Kristi Cook said...

Wow, great line up!!! I'm partial to Julia Quinn, my fave author! Woo hoo!!

As to who I'd like to see...hmmm. Susan Elizabeth Philips, maybe? Or any of my fellow Zebra Debut authors.

Sunny Stefani said...

Wow Michelle!!!

I cannot wait !!!

I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's novels... & she's such a sweet person !!!

I was unable to meet her at the Burbank Book Store signing just recently...and when I called to see if I could have a signed copy of her latest book "Unleash the Night" sent to me...

the next thing I know...Ms. Kenyon was on the phone speaking with me !!!

I froze up...of course...but she's so nice !!!

Way to go Michelle !!!

And Kathleen Eagle is such a big favorite of mine....her writing is so totally beautiful !!!...

Very Cool !!!


Julie in Ohio said...

I have enjoyed reading Susan Wiggs's historicals. I haven't read her comtemporaries, though.

I love Karen Marie Moning's books.
She writes the best Highlanders I have read to date.

Christine Feehan would be an interesting addition to the list. Her Carpathians make my heart go pitter-patter.

Nora Roberts is a facinating author. Although, I'm afraid I would be a little intimidated. What is it about some people that make them more intimidating than others?

I know I am forgetting some really impressive authors, but I can't think of them right now. I need to go home and check my bookshelves. :o)

Julie in Ohio said...

I feel silly. I remember the one I forgot. Karen Hawkins.

If you haven't been to her website you must go. But be warned that she will make you laugh whether you want to or not.
My suggestion is go to the bathroom before going over there. You may be sorry if you don't. *g*

Vivi Anna said...

Stacy and Amy!! I'm so flattered that you'd want me to guest blog...

I was just going to come on here and tell Michelle I want me to guess blog...LOL< but you beat me to it.

Just think Michelle, I could spill the beans on the brand spanking new two book deal I snagged with the new paranormal/romance line coming from Harlequin-- NOCTURNE.

Id' love to see Kresley Cole, or Kelley Armstrong, or Liz Maverick, or Marjorie Lui....I"m a paranormal girl!!!

Nice to see Sylvia Day on that list...I LUV her! She's my girl!

Kelley Nyrae said...

OHH. Lots of fun guest bloggers coming up :)

Manda Collins said...

Wow, Michelle! You've got some serious stars in your rolodex:)

Of course I'm excited about Julie Q, La Dodd and Lisa Kleypas. I'd also be interested to see a guest blog by our own Vivi Anna and Monica Burns.

Julie, I love Karen Marie Moning's Highlanders. Good choice.

Michelle, what about Diane Perkins (aka Gaston) or Pam Rosenthal or one of the Risky Regencies? I know the trad Regency is dead, but I'd be interested to know what the formerly known as Regency authors are doing these days...and they're just darn fun.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Manda, great idea on the Regency writers. And I'm with you and JulieO on the Moning. I'm looking forward to her Oct/Nov release. Maybe we can get her here for that, though I make no promises on nobody actually. Pam Rosenthal, love her.

Hey, Kelley: glad you stopped by and glad you're looking forward to the guestbloggers, too. Hope you'll keep dropping in.

Yes, Vivi. The Bellas just got around to it before I did. We all want to know what you "author types" have to say. You more than most, Vivi. Good thing i've got that disclaimer on the National sites' link to RBtheBlog. I can only imagine what you'll treat us to...

Keep em coming. I'm making a big, fat list. I need those days off! :)

Very cool S. Kenyon story, btw, Sunny! I have heard nothing but nice things about Sherrilyn.

Julie in Ohio said...

How about Tamera Alexander? I didn't see her on the list and I really enjoyed "Rekindled". I can't wait for the next book.

Stacy~ said...

LOL Amy. Yep I am a shameless dork *g*. If I can rub elbows with Lori, then believe me, anyone can. She is one of the most down-to-earth, generous and caring people you will ever meet. I just love her to death.

Seriously though, those ladies are so incredibly sweet that I don't feel like I'm anybody special hanging out with them. There were probably about 200 people there, and it was like a reunion with some of your favorite people. Tons of smiles, laughs, surprises, and fun times. Just don't ask me to line-dance LOL. If anyone gets the chance to go next year, I hope you do. Who knew Ohio in June is the place to be?

Julianne MacLean (Portrait of a Lover)? Alison Kent? Janet Evanovich? Come on, who doesn't want to know if she secretly likes Joe or Ranger better?

Vivi, having you as a guest blogger would be such a fun and wicked treat, and I bet very educational *g*

Julie in Ohio said...

How about some "nerd" love...Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Julie in Ohio said...

Stacy, I knew Ohio in June is a great place to be. All of the flowers bloomin' and people cutting their with runny noses and the pharmacy out of Claritin. Sorry, I got lost in the moment of bliss. *g*
I second the vote for Vivi Anna as a guest blogger.
We are working as a democracy here, right? :o)

Manda Collins said...

So who does JE like better, Stacy? Ranger or Joe? I am guessing Ranger since she can't quite seem to let there be HEA with Joe...

Good call on the Vicki Lewis Thompson, Julie! Since we're asking, how about Mary Janice Davidson? I am loving me some Sinclair...

Stacy~ said...

I have no clue who JE loves more, but you have a great theory on that, Manda. I love Joe, but you gotta admit there is that special something about Ranger *g*

Oh, yes, MJD! Love her books.

Julie in Ohio said...

I have one of JE's books and there is not Ranger or Joe in it. Which books are you talking about?

amy kennedy said...

Julie, Julie ,Julie--they're talking about her mystery series: One For the Money; Two For th Dough etc, etc--I've read them all screaming laughing and panting the whole time. And frankly I hope we never find out who she likes better--I love them both.

Vivi Anna, that's so cool--and you know I love paranormal--all those authors you said, ditto--but I'd also add, Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton.

Julie in Ohio said...

"screaming, laughing and panting"?

Why have I not known about these books before?
I think there has been a few holes in my education...or lack there of.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, OK, OK! I hooked u[p w/ MJD at the DC thing in April about this and she reminded me at RT and I forgot to write her. I was just thinking VLT/nerd yesterday.

I think I talked to TAmera A about gbing on Revealed. Funny I don't get Janet Evanovich's ARCs, but I can try to get to her "people."

You guys have been so helpful with this. I'll make my list, then start working on it. As soon as I catch up on my email, which I'm behind on since April. I'm a mess.
Thanks for all these great ideas.

Laughing/panting. Why can't life be that way all the time?

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