Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Deja Vu All Over Again, Again

Jessica Inclan's "When You Believe," is this week's feature on Romance: B(u)y the Book. It's so cool. Bop over to Romance: B(u)y the Book to read the review and AuthorView with Jessica, then come back and tell me:

If you had an extra-sensory power (and I'm not sayin' you don't) what would it to be?
Encore! The hero in "When You Believe" is one of a trio of brothers. You know what that means! Series!!!!!!
Encore due! I can imagine Vivi Anna's power already. Hey, does that make me clairvoyant?
Encore tre! I think this is a Nathan Kamp cover. What say you, Stacy?


Julie in Ohio said...

This book sounds different in a good way. I am a sucker for magical romance.

I would love to be able to move things with my mind. That way I could actually do 10 things at once instead of the standard 5.

Julie in Ohio said...

Please tell me connection problems today haven't been only with my computer.

I knew I shouldn't have been drooling over Hugh! It screws up the computer everytime. *g*

Stacy~ said...

Alas, Michelle, though I believe he should be on all romance covers, I don't believe that is our Nathan. I'm suffering NK withdrawals LOL. Haven't seen too many new covrs with him lately. What's the deal?

This book sounds intriguing. Have to head over to your other site and check it out...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, I have just now been able to get online. My connectivity has been a mess all day. I've been a wreck. What's up with that?

I know's having some probs today.

amy kennedy said...

All over the place--problems.

I loved Julie's idea of moving things with her mind--I could write AND clean the house.

But then I thought I'd really just like to teleport--be anywhere I needed to or wanted to be. Think of the money I'd save on gas and Marykate--if you're out there I could finally get to France.

I'm pretty sure I already have a psychic ability when it comes to my children--I just need to actually trust in it.

Michele said...

What's that power where you can tell the history of something by touching? Psychometry? I'd like that.

As far as the Cover, I agree with Stacy~ , it's not NK, lips are wrong. NK's lips are very noteworthy.

RE: Blogger - I've not had a "compose" mode on mine for seven days now. It is strictly HTML which is a royal pain. I've found ways around it now, but it's more effort. Accessing comments pages or making comments has been a crap shoot the past two days. I've been blogging for a whole year and in all that time, there's not been near as many problems as there's been this month alone.
Very frustrating to say the least.

As far as NK covers, I grabbed Ghost Hunter by Jayne Castle. I Luurve NK with wet hair and that vest over bare chest look..puurrr

amy kennedy said...

I think I speak for all of us Michele--I luurve any NK cover. And it's so good because he's everywhere.

Julie in Ohio said...

I just read "Dark Demon" by Christine Feehan. I stared at the step back and am still not sure but I think it could be NK.
Has anyone else seen it?

Julie in Ohio said...

I like Amy's teleportation.

Save $$ on gas and get to where you need to in a blink of an eye.

No more "are we there yet?"

Michele said...

Julie in Ohio! You have good eyes!

Vivi Anna said...

Michelle, LOL...

My power would be bending people to my will, getting them to do WHATEVER I wanted....


Kati said...

I'm not sure what my power would be. I'd like the power to grant wishes. That would be cool. Of course, there is that adage about "be careful what you ask for."

Amy - I know what you mean. If someone offered me tickets to Paris tomorrow, I'd go. I'm definitely going back next year.

Kati said...

Oh, yeah, Michelle - SPILL IT! How is Z's story?

Julie in Ohio said...

I think the cover guy looks like Tim Daly from the TV show "Wings". I think he was in a Stephen King movie, too, but I don't know which one.

Stacy~ said...

"Pet Sematary" I think is the one you're thinking of, Julie.

Well kids, I'm off to Lori Foster's get-together. A 5-hr drive through Indiana til I reach Cincinnati then the fun really begins. Please pray that I don't get any speeding tickets LOL.

Don't have too much fun while I'm away :)

Julie in Ohio said...

Stacy, I don't know if we can have too much fun unless this connection issue gets resolved. ARGH!

It's silly how much withdrawl I go through when I can't logged on. :o)

The movie might be Pet Sematary. I can't watch that one. I'm too much of a softy. *g*

amy kennedy said...

Julie--Christine Feehan's book is an NK cover--I think. And I know I hate not being able to comment. I used to read Steven King and then I had kids--couldn't do it until The Green Mile--how's that for a power--to heal.

Stacy, you have a great time.

Vivi Anna--don't you already have that power?

MaryKate, you could be like a really cool Fairy Godmother.

Julie in Ohio said...

Read Stephen King? The movies are graphic enough. I can't imagine trying to make it through a book. And they are not small books.
I actually tried to read "Carrie" once. I got through 1 chapter and never picked it up again.
I bow down before anyone who has made it through and entire book. I am not worthy.

Stacy, have fun. And if you get pulled over just remember to smile pretty and show a little leg. *g*

Michele, I don't think I would like the power to touch something and know its history. That goes along with reading people's mind. There is too much that I just don't want to know. I live under the adage "ignorance is bliss". Anyone want to borrow my rose colored glasses?

Michelle, what is your desired power?

Vivi Anna said...


I like how you think!

Michele said...

Julie in ohio
I picked mine because I was influenced by JAK's books.Jonas was such a hottie, I wanted to do what he could do.

BTW - Tim Daly from Wings was a good choice for a guess. The more I looked, the more I agree. I LOVED him in The Year of The Comet. That was SUCH a romantic film. I sigh everytime I watch it..he was so sexy!!!

And I don't read Stephen King. He is too good at what he does. I read a short story of his years ago and had nightmares for a month.
I'm a wuss when it comes to his works.
He's that good.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi! I'm back. Finally got Inet last nite. One replaced cable outside and a new modem later. grrr.

I'm so sorry I missed this exchange. Youz are too funny. OK, here goes:

Lover Awakened friggin rocks more than the two before and has me crazed for the next.

I read Carrie back in , what, 76? and still can't look outside my window at night. As a romance reader I can't afford to deny reading stephen king, ok?

Awesome powers, Bellas. My power, and thanks for asking , JulieO. Hmmm. Sorta like Vivi Anna's. Make everyone like me so I never again have to obsess over whether they do.

Oh, and the power to make really handsome guys fall in love and lust with me so I'd have to tell them: "sorry, I don't want to hurt your feelings, cause you're a really sweet guy who appears to be big in all ways. But I'm happily married."

Yeah. That'd be awesome.

Julie in Ohio said...

I think having the ability to turn handsome men to goo would be terrific.

Talk about sweet revenge on all those jerks in school.

Take that you jocks. See what you were missing. HA!

Not that you would do that.
But I sure as heck would.

Kati said...

Michelle - Your power reminds me of an episode of Buffy where Xander had all the girls falling in love with him. It was hilarious!!

And BTW, with regard to LOVER ETERNAL...I still hate you. ;-)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

And I still know you mean that in the nicest way possible, Marykate. My extra-sensory power is pretty pathetic, I know, but pretty telling, too, I guess.

And, yes, ,JulieO, I would do that. and then some. :)

Tim Daly, Michele! Yes. Very cutie.