Friday, June 23, 2006

Big Hair in the Big Eighties

I'd like to forget most of the Big Eighties. But everyone's crazed for the damn music of the decade now. Me? Every time I hear Huey Lewis sing "If This is It," I see every Madonna ensemble I ever wore, every Flash Dance sweatshirt I ever tore apart, and the skinny piano tie of one particularly bad dating choice.

Michele Hauf over at Riding with the Top Down just asked a great question yesterday that got me thinkin...

What's your favorite tune from the Big Eighties?
What was going on in your life when in was en vogue?
How big was your hair at the time?

Encore! Thank you, thank you Ann Herendeen for the lively discussion yesterday as you GuestBlogged with us, chatting about "Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander." Ann will be back soon for a follow-up chat with us and folks who've read the novel.
Encore due! Just read a terrif Harlequin due out in July: "The Prodigal's Return," by Anna DeStefano. Awesome. It's series, so it'll only be out for a short while. Get it while it's hot!


Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, these questions are taboo.
We just don't think about '80s hair. I believe if I say big and stiff that would be explanation enough.
As for music, you have my heartthrob right there. BonJovi was high on my list. I was a metal (Bonjovi,Def Lepard,AC/DC..etc) girl who enjoyed the occasional boy band. (remember New Kids on the Block)

AH, the memories...

Kati said...

Let's see, I graduated from high school in 1989, which means I was a teeny-bopper and hipster during the 80s. I dressed like Madonna, had big hair, 50 rubber bracelets on, wore flourescent socks with matching sweaters and generally dressed like an alien.

My favorite fashion trend from the 80s was Guess jeans with the zips at the bottom. I loved them, and honestly, if they would come back into fashion, I'd buy a load again today!

My hair was BIG during the 80s. I'm fortunate enough to have curly hair that poofs up like a spiral perm if I work it, so I fit right in then.

I was going to marry John Taylor from Duran Duran during the 80s. I mean, I really, really was. Has anyone seen him recently?! All that hard living has not done good things. But my favorite (still is) 80s song of all time was "Runaway" by Bon Jovi. Just hearing the synth riff at the beginning makes me reach for the volume dial.

SIGH. The 80s. Good times. Good times.

Julie in Ohio said...

LOL, I had forgotten about the rubber bracelets! I used to have them up to mid-forearm.
Don't forget the leg warmers. I had a pair I wore all the time. Gee, I wonder why that trend didn't last. *g*
For me the song is "Living on a Prayer". I have worn out my "Slippery When Wet" tape. Yes, I said tape. I guess I need to upgrade and get it on CD. :o)

Have you watched that show I Love the '80s on VH1? It is so much fun to see how ridicules we looked and what we were watching on TV at the time.

Kristi Cook said...

No, Marykate, John Taylor was MINE!!! Okay, well, I'd take Simon as a backup. I was an 80's girl, too--graduated from high school in 1987, and I also dressed like Madonna, wore sweatshirts that hung off one shoulder, the rubber bracelets--anyone remember 'friendship pins' that you wore on your tennis shoes?? My hair wasn't all that big, but I definitely wore it 'feathered.' Egads! Oh, and's all great from the 80's! Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runner, Obsession by Animotion, Don't You Want Me by Human League, Safety Dance by Men Without Hats, *anything* by Duran Duran...I could go on and on!!

MsFlexie said...
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MsFlexie said...

Hair?!? You asked hair?! Let's just say I'm thankful I have any hair today after all the merciless teasing and hairspraying.

I discovered AEROBICS in 1986! It's what all the anorexic moms did at my dance school, after my ballet class *LOL* Of course by 1990 I was anorexic myself and a certified Jazzercise instructor (remember that??)

I still love my 80's music. My friends made a CD to blast in the car on roadtrips and sing-along to :) Although, my forever favorites will always be Metalica, AC/DC, NIN... OK, my neck hurts just thinking about them...

Does any one remember the acid washed jeans? lots of blue eye-shadow? slap bracelets? jellies? parachute pants on guys? scrunch socks - sometimes worn 2 or 3 pairs at once, to create a rainbow effect? torn fishnets? I especially remember super-mini-skirts, worn under major-baggy shirts, which almost completely covered the skirt...

Kati said...

Ohhh Msflexie - I had lots of big t-shirts (United Colors of Beneton and Frankie Say Relax).

Also, how 'bout swatch watches? I had two that I wore together. So I'd be even MORE on time.

Anonymous said...

I graduated high school in 1986, so it was right during the heyday of the 80's. My favorite song from that time period is "Relax!" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I had the big hair for a while too (oh, those prom pictures!). But, you know, I still love listening to 80's music. I'm not sure if it's because it brings me back to a wild time in my life (before kids and mortgages) or if it's the music itself. LOL!

Vivi Anna said...

I LOVE the 80's!!! My big crush was on Billy Idol. Oh gawd, I adored that rebel. LOL, my entired room was plastered with Idol pics and Duran Duran and Depeche Mode...I was a punk rocker in the 80's. Talk about BIG hair...

I had a foot and a half peacock blue mohawk. Oh man, it was beautiful, I wore heavy black makeup, black lipstick, black nailpolish, ripped up jeans, with boxer shorts showign through the many many holes, ripped up t-shirt with a Madonna corset under it, a spiked dog collar, spiked bracelets all the way up both arms, big bad combat boots with skull studs all over them, and my absolute favorite bleached jean jacket, with graffitti and spikes all over it!

Ah, those were the days! I miss those days. I was one HAWT punk rock chick. Used to go to all the gigs in town, moshed in the pit, jumped off speakers and stages into the crowd..

Good times...good times!

One of my favorite movies at that time...Valley Girl, with Nicholas Cage, still love that movie..

Still one of my favorite songs to this day..Melt With You by Modern English.

When I went to my 10 year high school reunion..they played Rebel Yell by Billy Idol in honor of me...LOL It was great. I was voted most changed...LOL

Monica Burns said...

Vivi - That's what I love about you! You're one hellava rebel!! I LOVE IT!! I so admired chicks that had the hutspah to dress the way you described. You walked your own path, and that is WAY too Cool. I never had the guts to do. Besides, my Dad was German, and I lived in total abject fear of his disapproval. But THAT is another LONG story. LOL

I loved 80s music too. Karma Chameleon by Boy George, anything Madonna, anything Whitney Houston (I Want Dance With Someone!!!), Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine, Phil Collins, David Bowie, QUEEN! We will Rock You! Flash Gordon, etc. and despite his lifestyle, Michael Jackson and Thriller, the Daddy of ALL music videos! I have the DVD and my girls LOVE the choreography. The 80s rocked when it came to music. Dance was the mode.

Vivi Anna said...

You're right Monica, dance was the mode in the 80's. That's why I love that time, it wsa so fun, carefree, easy-going, happy..

Then the 90's brought us grunge and depression...LOL, although I jumped on that wagon too!

My dad is german too Monica, he just chose to ignore me for 8 years while I rebelled! Fun story, about him...

For a while I was into being bald, so I shaved my head to the scalp, Sinead O'Connor had nothing on me...but Iused to wear wigs around the house to hide it...

One morning, (probably I was hung over) I shuffle into the kitchen sit down at the table next to my dad, he looks over at me, eyes wide, scowl on his face..and I'm thinking oh year here it comes..

He stares at me for some time, then he nods and says "You have a nice shaped head."

adn that was that...LOL

Too funny!

Monica Burns said...

ROTFLMAO - Oh God, that's priceless. I LOVE IT!!!

My dad was full-blooded German and VERY strict. He made my drill sargeant in boot camp look like a pussy cat. LOL Hell, when I told my parents I'd joined the Army, my Dad didn't speak to anyone in the family for THREE days THREE!

So you can imagine how he would NOT have adapted well to my wearing a mohawk or shaved head. LOL I miss him terribly though, he had a WONDERFULLY, wicked sense of humor and despite my extremely rebellious nature he loved me no matter what I did. Both of my parents were lots of fun...unlike the girls are SOOO missing out. *sigh* C'est la vie.

Vivi Anna said...

OMG, I posted a pic of myself in the 80's on the Allure Author blog, go check it out! LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Don't I always say how I live vicariously through all of you? Now, I'm experiencing the past that way, too.

I so wanted to be cool, so I would try the Madonna, the black lipstick, tease the hair, rubber bracelets... The problem? I was from a small blue-collar town, I studied opera, and I was afraid of everyone and everything.

See why I don't dig the 80s so much? But, I can still remember the first time I saw MTV. It was life-changing. But, gawd, were the videos cheesy or what back then.

So, at one point, I'm in college in NJ. They invented big hair in Jersey. And I used to go to the diner and wish I could get my hair as high in the front as the waitresses.

Vivi, well. I have nothing to say other than that. You amaze me.

Mon, I didn't know you were in the military? Why o why can't you write me a nice little mercenary story? I'm sorry you have to still be missing your dad, but it's cool you have nice memories, especially of his humor.

Leslie! I almost wrote in the blog: if you were in HS during the 80s, don't you dare remind me of that! I'm glad the music makes you feel good. It's true, about everything pre-responsibility feeling so much sweeter.

MizzyF, acid washed on guys, remember? And they wore cotton blazers with the sleeves rolled to the elbows? I remember everything you talked about. I also remember not eating a whole lot in the 80s.

Kristin: Save a Prayer for the Morning After. I loved that Dsquared tune. Ah, you're another young'n. But I gotta say, you and marykate have gotta play nice about John Taylor. Although I'm sure Vivi would appreciate a good girl fight.

Suffice it to say, JulieO, that the phrase "big and stiff" is always explanation enough.

Here, it is also apropos, though I can't imagine your hair was bigger than mine. Did you prefer gel or mousse?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You have SO got to see Vivi's pic.

Julie in Ohio said...

Mousse all the way. To this day, I can't seem to get the hang of gel. Not to mention the goo factor. ick

Ya know, Michelle, when I typed that phrase I had second thoughts but really that is the only way to describe it. *shrug*

Vivi, I saw you pic. That is priceless. Blue was a big color in the '80s, whether on your eyes or your hair. As for you story about your dad, that was great. How did you keep a straight face? or did you?

amy kennedy said...

I Have to see the pic, Vivi--but I'm at lunch adn time is limited and I had to read everyone's comments.

I'm here to say, I am the oldestMadonna wanna be ever. I graduated in 77--so the early 60s saw me married with one child. Oh I still wore my hair all big and curly and messy with a scarf in it--come to think of it sometimes I still do.

My oldest became who I wanted to be in the 80s--she did it in the late 90s--she adores the 80s. She would wear tight black jens, ripped t-shirts with slips underneath.

Unfortunately I'm so old I don't even remember what songs I liked--I was still listening to alternative and zzzzzzzzzz...

amy kennedy said...

60s? nonono 80s.

Goog grief.

carly phillips said...

BIG hair with the wedding photo to prove it! OMG I just saw Bon Jovi on OPRAH. I said I wanted his hair, LOLOL. Only longer.

Julie in Ohio said...

Carly, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting Jonny's hair. It is perfect.
You can have his hair but I get the rest of him. *g*
He gets more beautiful every year.

Vivi Anna said...

OH Julie, I agree. I prefer with the short hair. Wow! When I saw him on Sex and the City, I was like holy cow, that man is HAWTT I didn't think he was all that in the 80's. I didnt' follow the big hair bands...

Julie in Ohio said...

I don't know, Vivi. I don't think that man could do any wrong when it comes to lookin' good. Long hair or short, it's all good...absolutely ALL of it. *g*

I did follow the big hair bands. I loved watching their hair fly all over the place as they head banged. Some could pull it off better than others. For example, Poison rocked with their big hair but I think Def Leppard looks better with their hair shorter same with Mettallica. Either way they all ROCKED.

Vivi Anna said...

Oh yeah, Metallica!!! Hmm, shorter hair....they're so HAWT now. I've always loved their music, but now I like to watch them too!! :-)

Funny story, that we're talkinga bout the 80's...I was just out to lunch with my dd and my niece, and we sit down in the restaurant,,and what should start playing,,,REBEL YELL by Billy Idol, then to top it off comes my favorite song Melt With Me by Modern English...then we're driving home and two guys with longish hair pull up besid eme in a blue 80's trans am and start being all cool and flirty! LOL

It was so weird!!!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh. Trans Ams. Wasn't Bon Jovi great on Ally McBeal as the carpenter fantasy guy? I really need to get more home repair guys to my place. Hmmmm....what needs fixing?

I loved long hair on guys in the 80s. I only dated one guy with long hair, kind of a rocker guy. It was an amazingly sensual feeling, touching his hair. But it was weird, too. And I was jealous.

I used to watch BET videos all the time in the 80s. I so wished I were a R&B singer, but the white bread factor rules Pollyanna here.

Who were some hot stars back then. Besides icky Don Johnson? Oooo OOOOO!!!

I had a STING OBSESSION in the early 80s. Everything the Police put out. Posters all over my dorm room. Concerts. I still think he's hot. His body is extraordinary, the whole yoga thing. Jesu.

Kristi Cook said...

Oooh, I had a Sting thing going for a while there, too--but weirdly enough, I *really* got into him when he had his first solo album--then I became a Police fan in retrospect. Remember that video for "Fortress Around Your Heart"???? He was SOOOO hot in that video--totally mesmerized me! And it was such a cool 'concept' video, too. I like the old-school videos that were more like little mini-movies (New Moon on Monday was a *great* one!). Videos today just don't interest me.

Julie in Ohio said...

Now don't laugh but I had a crush on Anthony Michael Hall.

He always played the skinny geeky guy who never got the babe. Frankly I thought he tried too hard. Maybe it was pity lust but he had my heart for a while.
That was until "the" Coreys came on board in the late '80s. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Could there be any cuter duo? I mean on the big screen. I couldn't get enough of them. Even today I will stop to watch a movie with them in when it's on TV. "Lost Boys" is my fav. It's that love of vampires I have and wasn't Keifer Sutherland HOT in that movie?

MsFlexie said...

OK more memories ...

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
The Karate Kid
Sixteen Candles
Back to the Future
The Breakfast Club
TOP GUN - actually this movie is THE reason for half of the enrollment at the university I went to... at any given time it was playing in every other form room... you could mute the movie and we could speak all the lines... Did I mention I developed a HUGE CRUSH on VAL KILMER because of this movie?

'course there will always be FLASHDANCE!!!

How about the very first Lethal Weapon movie? Remember Mel Gibson's hair? LOL

MsFlexie said...

oops.. that was supposed to be DORM room, not form room...

forgive the typos! I'm enjoying my first weekend at home in a looooong time with a nice bottle of Montelcino... *G*

Michele Hauf said...

I didn't do the big hair, but remember the neon fad? Everything in neon. And rhinestones! They were hot in the mid eighties. I still have a huge collection of rhinestone jewelry from the 80s.
I remember the time my friends and I went to see RATT in concert. [Round And Round] There was this band we'd never heard of opening for them, some dudes who called themselves Bon Jovi. We were just there to see Stephen Pearcy in Ratt! Until Bon Jovi took the stage and our jaws dropped at sight of Mr. Jon Bon Jovi with his bleach-tipped long hair and sexy smile. Oh man. I don't think we talked much about Ratt after that. It was Bon Jovi all the way!
She's a little runa-a-un-away!


Stacy~ said...

I too am living vicariously through you cool chix. I either wanted to be the wild punk girl like Vivi or one of those slutty-looking models in the music videos - okay, I wanted to be Tawny Kitaen (from the Whitesnake videos)!

I was all over the place with music - The Cure, Poison, Metallica, Duran2, Prince, Bon Jovi, Skidrow, Vixen, oh, what was that woman rocker, Lita Ford? - Glass Tiger. Fave song? "Wait" by White Lion, though "Save a Prayer" & "Come on Eileen" are on a CD of fave songs I play all the time.

I'll add MsFlexxie's movies along with "Secret Admirer", "Dirty Dancing", "Outsiders", "St Elmo's Fire" (I loved Rob Lowe!), "When Harry Met Sally",

Wow, those were the days....

Stacy~ said...

Wow, Viv, look at that hair :) But where's the leather?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

My sentiments exactly, Stace!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I can thank you Bellas enough. No really. Thanks for bringing the 80s alive for me once again in a blaze of gory, I mean glory.

Michele: I can't even imagine how cutie he was back then. so young.

JulieO, I certainly id w/pity lust. Always had it for the AMH characters.

oh yeah, Kristin, Fortress. Didn't he and his wife get married on horseback in medieval garb?

Ditto on Mel's hair, MizzyF! But he was sooooo beautiful in Mutiny on the Bounty. I've never seen anyone prettier. but I find him a goofball these days. Still, he was so damn pretty on board that deck with the wet linen shirt. That was 80s, right? I'm in such denial of the decade, I pretty much have blocked out everything but 89, the year I met my husband.

Michele said...

I'm late on this one, so I won't be suprised if no one reads this comment.

80's Tune - Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant. That song was written for me ...LOL

Hair, it wasn't big - it was a Macgyver Mullet. And they're coming back in style! Good music and fun hair - how sweet it is!