Saturday, May 20, 2006

Workin for a Living

Professional conferences can be such



What are you reading lately?

Where do you wish you could get away to for a romantic weekend?


Special Update! Our boy, Travis, is doing great here. The women really seem to like him because a) he's a real gentleman, b) he actually knows how to dance, and c) he's taller than just about any other guy. Tonight's the Big Night! Let's wish him well! BTW, Travis Greiman is now Googleable, thanks mostly to you!

Encore! The cover guy enthralling me is CJ. He's on lots of covers, and is a very nice and accommodating man.

Encore due! I think I'm becoming obsessed with cover guys. We'll need to discuss that at some point.


Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, you really are working awfully hard. And God bless ya for it!!
I have a question that I hadn't thought of before. Why don't cover models look happy? They never smile. They are serious or enthralled. Definity sexy. But not happy.
The question popped in my head because Travis has a great smile and looks happy. I would love to see that smile on a cover. Be still my heart.

Julie Love Quietly Quoting Darling Romances.

(This is so much fun. Nonsensical(word?) but fun.)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Stacy: From previous post. That book sounds great. Cousin Harold? Of course he's not gonna get the girl with a name like that. Damien sounds hot and tortured, just the way we like em. I'm gonna hafta look for those.

My husband wants to take me to Las Vegas cause he thinks it'd be a fun trip. I don't see the romance, and I'm not so sure I'd dig it all that much, though the people watching would be fun. I don't love big crowds who aren't romance readers. :)

word ver: odd dorks don frightfully funny kilts

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, Oh, I forgot to answer the question about a romantic weekend. I day dream about this often.
I would like to go to a bed and breakfast in the country where there are no phones, no planes, no trains and no kids. The only thing there is to do (outside of the bedroom, of course) is go for a walk around the beautiful scenic grounds. I have envisioned this place as one the country houses in Regency England. I realize I can't go back in time, and believe me when I say that I am too spoiled to want to, but the extensive gardens and beautiful grounds that pop in my head could still exist somewhere. I couldn't stay there long (no phone, ha) but a weekend would be heaven.

Cathy Plays Croquet By the Yellow Chair Jello(?).


Kris said...

Reading: Touch not the Cat by Tracy Fobes

Vacation: Trip to Europe with my hubby with no kids and no spending limit :)

It looks like you are having a ball. I am glad that you are having a great time.

word ver.: lazy girls eat practically any reachable food

Julie in Ohio said...

I disagree, Michelle. I think Vegas could be very romantic. I think you should get remarried in one of those tacky wedding chapels. I think it would be great to have Elvis officiating a wedding. Not the "dream princess" wedding but a restating of the vows, absolutely.
I'm a people watcher,too, and Vegas would have a smorgusbord of interesting people.
And I know somewhere there is a slot machine begging for attention. *g*

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I wonder if I could get Dave to do the remarriage thing at an Elvis chapel, JulieO? That would be so cool! And I do like slot machines...I'd also like to see Wayne Newton. Yes, you read that right.

The English country house party sounds great, too.

No spending limit. Most righteous fantasy, Kris. No kids? almost as good. Definitely ramps up the romance. I've not been to Europe and would like to do that one, too. Where would you go?

word ver: qcorhbzm. No way in America.

Manda Collins said...

Michelle! You look so natural in that cover model's arms...Color me jealous!

And our Travis looks so like the boy next door. And very handsome in his shirt and tie.

Michelle, if you really want to go to Europe you should finagle a pressing need to interview Eloisa James while she's in Italy for the summer visiting her mother-in-law...

I'm usually as strict as Stacy about reading series in order, but I read Love According to Lily and Portrait of a Lover in that series but not the earlier ones. Sounds like I need to remedy that. Damien sounds yummy.

I'm in a reading slump right now. I've got some good stuff on the TBR but I think my time off with the foot surgery with nothing to do but read has actually burned me out a little. So I've been watching movies this week. SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELLING PANTS was very sweet and BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM was on tv last night. Hel-lo, Jonathan Rhys Myers!!! What a dish! AND he's got an Irish accent. Plus BILB was just a good little movie. I wish now I'd seen it a long time ago. I didn't know what I was missing...

Still waiting for my Nita Abrams backlist books that I got on E-bay to come in. Looking forward to those...

Zeke said, "Dog, jump down."
(You know I think this sentence game helps me get the verification on the first try.)

Kelley Nyrae said...

Right now I am reading Bad Boys Southern Style and anthology that come out in July. It is very sexy so far. A romantic weekend? Any place! I cant remember the last time my husband and I did anything just the two of us. Much less a weekend.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ooo! Oooo! Kelley I love love loved BBSS! So wish I were a Belle. But we're Bellas, so I guess that counst for something.

Why is it so hard for us just to get away with our guys? Doing it is so important for our relationships, though, and makes us better parents, too, I think. It's great if you have relations arouond to take the kids off your hands for a couple hours, so even staying at home together can be romantic. We don't have any relations near us, they're all back East.

My fantasy always involves room service.

amy kennedy said...

I just had a romantic night--not a weekend, alas. My husband and I went to a fancy schmancy hotel for our anniv. Views of the river, a lovely dinner and champagne--ooh-la-la. The other day he said he'd like a honeymoon, we've been married for eight years.

Michelle--I would give almost anything to be with you right this very minute...

Julie in Ohio said...

There was a time in a land far,far away that I would see every movie that came out. Even if I went by myself, but now adays I'm lucky if I see one every six months or so, and that is contigent on whether it's child friendly or not.
Michelle asked why is it so hard to get away with our guys? The answer for me is the kids and also there never seems to be enough days in a week to do everything that needs to be done, let alone extracurricular activities. Well, I just enjoy the time I have and schedule something really great for the anniversary, because that is the one day a year that I can guarantee a special night out.

And just in case I gave you the wrong impression, I love the kids movies as much as they do. Watching them watch a movie on the large screen is as much fun as the movie itself. I'm grateful for any movie that is seen a screen larger than 25".

Amy, my DH and I didn't take a honeymoon after our wedding either. We stayed the night at a hotel (which has its own story) but we went to Niagra Falls 2 years later.

verif: My Neighbor Rose Usually Insists She Raises Llamas.

Well, at least you can't accuse me of not being creative.

Kris said...

Where I would go in Europe? Definitely England (have wanted to go there since I was a kid - big fan of Robin Hood), since then I have added Ireland and Italy. My husband would add Germany as well, so that is okay too.

verif: guys eat in every yard just for kicks?

Stacy~ said...

Michelle, you and Travis make a very attractive couple, so if the dh doesn't work out, you've always got the cover models to fall back on *g*. [Sidenote:I like CJ (he wrote some articles for Jaid Black's now defunct magazine) I think he's in desperate need of a new 'do.]

"My Private Hero" by JM was divine! I kept picturing Damian as the NK pic from Gaelen Foley's "His Wicked Kiss" It's how I picture all my historical heroes these days...

I think Vegas can be very romantic. Not into ever having an Elvis wedding (unless I was reallllly drunk) but I love the whole Vegas vibe and excitement. For the romantic weekend, I think even MN can have it's appeal - I like that Minneapolis is not as crazy-crowded as a lot of other big cities. And there are cool places to rent a romantic cabin near a lake or somewhere - I prefer a quiet, intimate setting vs. somewhere with a lot of distractions. Now if you're talking a week, just get me somewhere warm. A cruise or a trip to the Carribbean (w/o kids, Michelle)

ver: I give lotsa xtra hugs everywhere

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, how'd our boy do? I can't wait to find out! And any additional photos you want to send our way would be enjoyed. Especially photos taken during the Mr.Romance contest. *g*

I keep thinking of the commercial for Vegas. The one with the group of girlfriends by the pool and one girl is looking at photos taken the night before with her cell phone. The other girls realize they don't want photos of the night before, so when the phone girl dives into the pool the other girls throw the phone in after her.
With the tagline "What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas."

You know what you always say, TMI isn't a phrase used here. *g*

ver: My Yellow Zebra Asked Only White Rabbits to Waltz.

Rach said...

I'm with Julie, a nice smiling cover guy would be nice for a change. And, doesn't Travis looks so sweet and cute and ahhhhh...

I agree that CJ might be in need of a new 'do. But he looks like he is a pretty terrific guy.

Books I'm reading? Unfortunatelyl, nothing currently. The hubby had been gone for yet another week, and I find I have no time to read when he's gone.

I had been rereading Devil in Winter and The Taming of the Duke. Oh, also Lucy Monroe's Tempt Me.

I so hope Travis did well! =)

word ver: In Florida, little aunties tease zoo nuts unmercifully

Julie in Ohio said...

I am enjoying these verification sentences. With the letters given it isn't easy to come up with plausible words let alone make it into a sentence.

Brava, to those who have tried.

Rach,LOL aunties teasing zoo nuts?

amy kennedy said...

I thought that was a wig on C.J.

I always thought if I didn't get to Paris--I could go to the Paris Hotel in Vegas--I'll take what I can get.

You are absolutely glowing Michelle.

Nefarious Vampires desperately enslaved exotically pretty Queen Xanetra.

Phew. I actually had a real word "deep" but I went with the first letters.

Valeen said...

I'm reading Judith McNaughts Perfect. First time read for me.

Glad to hear you having such a good time!

Valeen said...

Oh! sorry and for a romantic getaway I'd love to visit Scotland and stay in a castle - and like some others, have no spending limit.

Went to Ireland last fall and unfortunately didn't get to spend the night in a castle though. All the castles I saw were crumbling down except for one - they still called it a castle but it looked more like a manor to me.

Monica Burns said...

Michelle, You're obviously having a blast! Great shot with you and CJ.

I've been reading up a storm. I just finished Deidre Knight's Parallel Attraction. Loved it. I can highly recommend it as a book that's a unique mix between a sci-fi and paranormal. The hero's ability/alien nature is totally HOT! At least is was for me! LOL

Movies??? I've not been to one in a while, but I powered through the DVDs I had the DH buy me Friday night. FlightPlan...not bad. Tristan and Isolde...jury's still out on this one. Debating whether to slug Tristan or Isolde or both for stupidity. Munich...good, but disturbing examination of what killing for a just cause does to a person.

The other books I'm reading I doubt would interest anyone. They're all historical research and pretty dry...even for ME! LOL

Romantic Getaway...well, I'm not sure how to answer this one, because a romantic getaway in the DH's book is going somewhere and just staying in bed all weekend. So why spend the money when you can do that at home? ROTFL It's hard for me to think of any place romantic that I would enjoy visiting. Shoot half of the photos in our honeymoon album are of mummies from the Smithsonian. ROTFL I desperately want to visit England and London specifically. The Jack the Ripper tour is one of my MUST dos..ummm but that's not really romantic. Shoot. I don't have a clue. *sigh*


Rach said...

Geez, I've been so busy today, this is only the second time I've had to check in. I just realized there was a two part question here. Romantic getaway? Anywhere the Monkey and Minimonkey aren't! =) Seriously, I love my girls, but trying to be romatic with a five month old and four year old around is about impossible!

I used to think Williamsburg, VA would be a romantic getaway, but well, we live here now...

I think I would like to go to Mountain Lake in Virginia for a weekend. I'm originally from that area, and can attest to the gorgeousness of it all. I just ADORE the mountains! Not to mention there is excellent hiking and time to just be with your sweetie. For reference, that's where "Dirty Dancing" was filmed. (As an aside, a TON of my friends were extras in that one.)

Word ver: One old, zany, nude crone met Roberto. (Where, I haven't the foggiest!)

Karmela said...

MICHELLE!!!! Good to par-tay with you this week. Sigh...that Travis, right? You know, I'm actually glad he was the 1st runner up because I *want* him to become our real-life Dr. McDreamy. But it was fitting that he came in as 1st runner up. It was the fitting result.

Woohoo!!! Looking forward to partying with you in the future! Girlfriend can dance!


Hope Tarr said...

Well, I'm just back from Book Expo America in DC and even though it was a "working" weekend, we managed to fill in any breaks with lots of fun and general R&R, so I guess anywhere "away" is my pick --what can I say, I'm easy.

As for what I'm reading, I'm actually re-reading Kathleen Winsor's classic FOREVER AMBER. I first read it when I was thirteen, so needless to say my perspective has shifted. And it's funny how what in its day (written in 40's) was considered to be terribly risque now seems demure, even a bit quaint yet still wonderful. She really brought Restoration London to vivid life.

Janice Maynard said...

Travis was a sweetheart... and actuall tall enough for me! Not that I stalked him (refer to another converstion :) ), but he had this bashful grin that was so appealing.

And MIchelle, you go girl. Who knew you were such a wild woman. Just kidding! I've been entertaining my hubby with pictures of me and a a whole series of male models. It was silly and fun, and I have the pics to prove it!

Janice Maynard