Sunday, May 14, 2006

Viva la Mamma!

Because he's some mother's All-American son, a Mother's Day tribute to my Bellas!

Here's to you: mothers, wives, lovers, sisters, friends. You nurture, you encourage, you empower. You add immesurably to the lives of the little ones lucky enough to meet you.

The day is yours. Enjoy!


Vivi Anna said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Michelle! And to all the HOT MAMA'S that blog here!

Rach said...

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Oh, and Michelle, happy Mother's Day to me. Ahhhhhh, Matthew...=)

Manda Collins said...

Happy Mother's Day, All!

Michelle, thanks for the gift of Matthew! Much better than the cat hair covered skirt my cats gave me:)

Kelley Nyrae said...

Happy Mothers day to everyone!

Stacy~ said...

Yes, happy Mother's Day everyone!

Julie in Ohio said...


This is the one day out of the year I get burnt toast and soggy cereal and know that it was made with love. (and that they didn't burn the house down by trying to use the stove)

Michelle, you really know how to brighten up a day. Is there a picture out there that Matthew is wearing shoes? I am so not complaining. It was purely an educational question.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Vivi, RAch, Kelley, Manda, Stace, JulieO! Hi, Bellas! Thanks, and HMD to youz, too. Isn't it funny that we still find time to check in to wish each other Happy Day?

I don't know, JulieO, but I do notice his toes are curled. It's only fair, since he's done so much of that for us.

My husband hurt his back last nite (Oh, stop, Vivi! I wish...) so today was just spent at home with a big promise for a make-good. But my kids gave me really sweet stuff they made.

Jolie Mathis said...

Hubba hubba, love those Texas boys. :)

Jolie (from Houston)