Thursday, May 18, 2006

That's Dr. Romance to You

Dateline: Daytona, FL

Our man in the Romantic Times Mr. Romance contest, Travis Greiman, brings us up-to-date on his prep for Saturday night's big event. The winner of the Mr. Romance contest appears on several romance novel covers and can look forward to a career as a romance novel cover guy...

MB: What have you been doing to prepare for the Mr. Romance contest?

TG: Nothing out of >the ordinary. Mostly its the mental preparation, getting prepared to >be up in front of all those should be scary. However, this has definitely given me motivation to go to the gym when I am supposed to. Now that its nice out though I spend a lot of time outside and get >plenty of exercise.

MB: What do you like best about that?

TG:The thought of being shirtless in front of thousands of women kept me motivated over those winter months which can get awfully hard.

MB:What do you like least?

TG:It would have to be the unknown. I don't really know what to expect so I really do not know how to prepare.

MB:How do you feel about your mom and her crazy CosmoChix friends wanting to throw you to the wolves at their Romantic Times party?

TG:Well I hope they don't think that I'm being sacrificed to "the wolves." Their party doesn't sound so bad; I believe the plan is for me to serve drinks at their little gathering, and I have always enjoyed bartending.

MB: Poor, handsome, misguided young man. Our single readers will want to know: is there anybody on campus you >think is kinda cute?

TG: Oh of course. I see them out there all the time, especially since the weather has gotten nice, everyone comes out of hiding. I just usually have trouble doing anything about it.

MB: How's the studying for the finals going?

TG:It's been pretty easy. This is my last semester here and then I'm graduating and I've just finished my last actual test. All I have left is some papers and web projects. It has not been overall stressful, >but I'm rather looking forward to getting all my work done.

MB:Tell us whatever you'd like that I haven't asked.

TG: I'm just finishing my undergrad and will be applying to med schools this summer, so that has taken most of my time. I love the outdoors, especially horse back riding and thoroughly enjoy taking my dog out on long walks. I know I should be able to talk about myself, I should be qualified, but it just seems too vague.

If you have any other questions about me please just ask. I happen to be one of my favorite subjects.


Encore! I'm on my way to the Romantic Times Readers Convention as we speak. Please join me here tomorrow, and at Squawk Radio, where I'll be blogging "Live" from RT.


Rach said...

Oooooh, another snaxy one! Great wake up pix, thnaks!! =)

Stacy~ said...

What a cutie. I hope he does well at RT.

Anonymous said...

Love the mini-interview!

"Live" from RT!! Yay! Hope you all have so much fun.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Bellas! Just checkin in before I head out. Hope you have a great day if I can't check back in again today.

amy kennedy said...

I love it that Travis is looking forward to the cosmochix party--and that he enjoys bartending.

I think it is a good thing that all the cosmochix will be around, but I wonder just how hard this will be for Lois?

And, how'd it all happen--did Lois find out about it--or what?

Julie in Ohio said...

What a sweet puppy!
Oh, and the dog's cute too. *g*

Amy- I was wondering about Lois, too. Being a mother of 3 gorgeous girls, I can't imagine watching them being oogled by men. I imagine the flip side isn't much better. I think she will be needing those drinks that Travis will be handing out.

Good Luck, Travis!! I'm sure with your winning smile you will go far.

Pre-med, huh? Did I mention I have 3 beautiful girls?

Vivi Anna said...

I have a question for Travis...

How do you feel about dating older women? You know say roughly 14 years older than you?

Just curious, not that I'm in the market for a young sexy boytoy or anything.... ;-)

Kelley Nyrae said...

Loved the interview and LOVE the smile. He is a dream!

Manda Collins said...

Awww, sweet Travis! Hope he has a great time being ogled by those adoring hordes of women...hehe!

Have a great trip, Michelle!!! Drink some cosmos for us!!!

Julie, Amy, I was wondering about Lois too. I think she got him involved in this thing though...

Julie in Ohio said...

Is it just me or does Travis look like someone who would blush if he read our posts?

Of course, that poses more questions and even thoughts. *g*

Manda Collins said...

Too true, Julie. Can't you see him making rounds in med school to find a patient reading a novel with his bare chested self on it? That's a romance novel plot in and of itself!

Julie in Ohio said...

Manda, too funny! That's probably why his mom wanted him to do the contest. Pay back for all those times he drank the milk right out of the carton and put it back in the fridge.

amy kennedy said...

OMG Mandacoll--that is a romance novel plot.

Julie, now I know what to use as payback for my 18 year old. Also, I can remember taking my daughter to a Renaissance festival whenshe was maybe 14--I spent half the time yelling at men who were looking AND talking to her.

I understand that's just a little bit different than Lois and Travis--but still, it might be hard for her.

Michelle Rowen said...

Travis is completely adorable (and incredibly nice and down to earth for such a hottie!). I'll be rooting for him to win Mr. Romance. You know, from the front row. With my camera. ;-)

Nicole said...

Well I am a fan of Travis's mother (Love her books) and I saw his pics on her website...oh my is he cute! Does anyone know if he'll be at the next RT convention? Cause I'm going! lol. JK...I wish, but I hope that he does win this year.