Monday, May 01, 2006


So, I'm at Washington Romance Writers retreat and my friend, Mary, says, "You've got to sign up for a massage." OK. That'll help relieve some stress, cause I've got no web access, and no opportunity to check for Bella words of wisdom.

I straddle the massage chair, you know the type I mean? Face-down with legs on either side of a padded rest? And the guy starts working, and it's marvelous. Then, his partner sits in front of me and starts doing my hands and arms.

And I said, "I think I just read about something like this in an Emma Holly novel."

What do you like about massages? Are they better when given by a guy -- a professional, of course -- who's not your husband or boyfriend?

Emma Holly guestblogs tomorrow, May 2, right here on Romance: By the Blog. We're celebrating the release of the very erotic and entertaining, "All U Can Eat." Don't you just wanna know how she comes up with those hot stories? Ask her...
Encore! Thank you to the Washington Romance Writers for inviting me to share in the lovely weekend. I was honored to spend time "In the Company of Writers," and value the opportunity you gave me to talk about encouraging positive and responsible discourse with romance readers and writers. You girls rock!


Vivi Anna said...

Mmm, you just typed my favorite intials... m/f/m or in other words a Vivi Sandwich. I think massages are very sensual, no matter who's giving it to you...

Kris said...

I am not sure, I have never had a professional massage. Though I am hinting to my hubby for my next birthday. I will definitely be here tomorrow to see emma.

Monica Burns said...

Welcome back Michelle! We missed you!

I've only had one professional massage, and it wasn't much different than the ones the DH gives me. What I like about the ones the DH gives me is the Sensual Mint lotion he uses. It smells like mint juleps on a fresh Kentucky morning.

I just like having my muscles kneading in my shoulders and back. I could care less about my arms or legs getting rubbed. But doing my back is soooo relaxing, and it helps put me to sleep. Although the DH isn't all that thrilled with me when that happens! LOL


BTW For those interested, Shunga Massage Cream is the mint stuff, but they've got other scents. Best pricing I've found is at

Manda Collins said...

LOL, definitely sounds like something out of Emma Holly.

Looking forward to her visit tomorrow. Been reading some of her backlist. Good stuff.

Hate to say it but the last time I had one of those chair massages I almost passed out when I got up. Something about increased bloodflow to brain...

amy kennedy said...

Okay, first of all, I hope someone was around who got what you were saying, secondly, do we not love vivi anna's brain?

I've had one professional massage--and I'm gonna disagree with Monica, when the massage therapist started working on my hands--drool came out of my mouth and I think I groaned in ecstacy.

Mandacoll, I almost passed out too, but I thought it was something really, afterward my husband took me out to eat and I should have just been tucked into bed.

Kris--don't hint, tell.

Michelle--you have no idea how happy we are that you're back.

Rach said...

Boy howdy did we miss you, Michelle!! I'm glad you got to go show your stuff =).

I've only had one professional massage. It was a prenatal one, guaranteed to make me go into labor. She was great and I did indeed go into labor that evening-YAY!! So, although there was no Rach samich, it was WONDERFUL!!

And, yes, Vivi always says it best.

Oh, yeah, one more quick thing--hi to Emma since I won't be able to be on tomorrow. boo hoo. Lovin' her stuff!!

Julie in Ohio said...

I love a massage. I am blessed to have a wonderful boss who enables us to get a 15 minute chair massage every week. It is the closest thing to heaven that I have ever been.
Unfortunately I haven't been worked on by 2 at once.
That sounds interesting...and a little naughty.

Welcome back, Michelle!!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hiya, Bellas! I missed youz. I didn't exactly have withdrawal, but I started a few times when I thought I should be posting or checking in. It was kinda good, though, to have a little break in the action from the computer screen for a few days.

So, of course I wrote the title today just for Vivi. But really, it was so funny, getting worked by two guys at once. You know what I mean. Of course, I did download an Ellora's once that was a m/f/m and it was really hot and kinda moving. Do you do Ellora's?

Kris, I'm glad you stopped by, and glad you're coming back, too. I'd only ever had one other 'real' massage. It's definitely an indulgence. I have trouble relaxing during cause I feel guilty at the pampering. Though I found fantasizing during this last one kinda loosened me up.

Amy and Lucy, seems you got great guys, and I love the idea of the scented oil. How do you get past worrying about how hard it is to get oil out of linens? I'm with you on the tired after thing, though. Do you think that feeling's comparable to what guys feel after, er, experience that most soaring of completions? It would explain a lot.

Rach, I'm so sorry you can't come by tomorrow. I hope everything's all right. Are you a big Emma fan?

I'll have to suggest to my supervisor the weekly massage, JuliO. Cool perk. Prob is I work at home, and I'm not sure I could rope my husband into it weekly. Well, I guess if I threw a little quid pro quo on the table. You know what I mean. Cheeky wenches.

Hey, do I smell acronym? OTT. On the Table? I will get to that Lexicon page soon...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

omg, youz guys. They so loved UATW at the conference. Thanks for that one, Ames.

And, snaxy will soon be the bees knees of the decade, I'm sure Rache!

Rach said...

Everything's fine, Michelle, don't sweat! It's just that while I can read the blog, my school division blocks all comments. Besides, I think it might be frowned upon to be bloggin' while my babies are supposed to be getting a reading lesson =).

I've done Ellora's once. Nice HOT HOT HOT story *grin*. As for Emma, I've read both her "Beyond" books, and as I've said before, finger scorchin' good =)! I really loved both of 'em! I'm really more into romantica, but good erotica has it's place in my life too =).

Oh, and sorry for the bad manners, Hi to everyone new! Welcome!

Diane Gaston said...

Just popping in to say that Michelle was a wonderful speaker! It must have been the massage....or the message!!
I've gone to the Retreat for years and have never had the massage.
Can't wait until next year!

Stacy~ said...

Welcome back Michelle! You were definitely missed. Sounds like you had way too much fun without us LOL. You go, Bella!

I love Emma Holly! I read Beyond Innocence and all I can say is that it definitely took me beyond ;) Very hot. And then I read Personal Assets. OMG, I am still blushing from that one. It's one I re-read from time to time cuz I learn something new every time.

I love Ellora's Cave! But they've got nothing on Emma. Shiloh Walker & Lora Leigh are faves, and m/f/m is their specialty. Gosh, I feel like I am revealing waaaay too much here, but I swear I've only read those scenes. Unfortunately LOL.

Rach we'll miss you tomorrow. I have the same problem(!) at my job, but I don't have to be there til 10:30 am so I'm hoping I don't miss all the fun. Can't wait!

Manda Collins said...

Mean old work, getting in the way of blog time! I will be experiencing that particular joy later in the week when I start back after the foot surgery sick leave. Maybe we can start a support group or something...

Hi Diane! I love it when I cross paths with other blog people. Reminds me I need to hop over and see whats happening with the Risky Regencies...

I've only just dipped my toe in the romantica pool. No Ellora's Cave yet. Emma Holly has enough to keep me busy for a while, I think. Too bad you can't put having read Emma Holly as a personality point in a personal ad...I'd get a hot date in no time! Then again, it might attract a little more than I bargained for;)

Glad you're back Michelle, but also glad you got some away from the computer time. Gotta recharge those batteries sometime.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle! So glad you could come to our little retreat in the mountains of West Virginia. We loved your talk, you did great! This was the first year that I took advantage of the message. Did just 15 minutes...wish I'd done more. Ahhhhhh! It was mighty nice. Too bad I didn't have both men doing me (oops, did I just say that?) at once!

amy kennedy said...

Wait, I'm still stuck on Julie in Ohio's boss--is he an angel? Fifteen minutes? Every week? Can I send a resume?

I'm liking OTT as well--it could mean so many things, oh all right, just the one.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, my friend Sally Mackenzie (THE NAKED DUKE; THE NAKED MARQUIS) was at the retreat. She heard you speak and she said your presentation was great—witty and entertaining. See? You were worried for nothing!

And on the topic of massage... I think any professional therapist can enhance health and well-being... But I may be biased. I'm the director of academic education at a college that offers a 2200-hour, 2 year program to train registered massage therapists.

Sounds like your massage was a great experience, LOL!

Sabrina Jeffries said...

Michelle was mah-velous, take it from me. Poised, self-confident, informative . . . and lots of fun in the bar! ;-)

It was a great speech, Michelle, and it was great meeting you. I didn't even know you HAD a blog until your presentation.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Sabrina! I didn't know you attended. Your presentation about writing rejections to the editors who reject manuscripts -- and bad reviews of reviewers who gave bad reviews -- was hugely funny; a big hit.

I had prepared a line in my presentation "Sorry, Sabrina. I love to read my own writing too much to rush through to the part of my reviews where I say the wonderful things about your writing." :) But I thought it sounded snarky, instead of tongue-in-cheek the way I meant it, and 86d it.

(That bar incident was supposed to be a secret, remember?)

My blog's only been around a couple months, and I'm really working at trying to get folks to come play here. I'm glad you came.

You, too, Eve. I met more than one person who knows you; you're a very popular girl. :) You remind me: I forgot to list, the Nat'l Assn of Massg Therpsts (I guess that's just US. Is there a Canadian?) which Magic Mike and Handsome Harry, as the therapists joked they should be called in the blog, suggested we could search to find certified therapists.

I'm gonna find one. I think it'll be worth the money, cause I can't take the stress in my shoulders and back and calves, etc., anymore, from computing all day...

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you can find a registered therapist in Canada via provincial associations, such as the Ontario association, Also, you can take a look at the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance,, for a listing of some provincial associations.

And, come on... spill... what happened in the bar?

Hope Tarr said...

I agree that massages are a sensual delight regardless of the giver's gender though I must admit there's something about a man's broad-backed hand, those kneading thumbs that just seems to provide that little something extra to the experience...