Friday, May 05, 2006


My husband was in cahoots with my 8-yers-old son at dinner the other night. Christian snickered with him then said, "Mummy's got a crush on Nathan Kamp!"

This really would be funny were it not that, now that I know there's a person behind the NK image, I can't even think of him in that way anymore.

What's the difference between objectifying a guy
and having a crush on him?
What kinds of crushes do you have?
When does "crush" become obsession?
and don't tell me you can look at this picture w/out thinking
"Wuthering Heights" and 'Heathcliff striding across the moors.'
Catherine! Catherine!

Encore! Did I mention Nathan Kamp's 2-part ExtraView interview begins Tuesday, May 9th? Just checking...
Encore due! You'll also want to check out Teresa Medeiros' special ode to romance novel cover guys May 9th at Squawk Radio!


Stacy~ said...

Oh boy, maybe I shouldn't be answering this question LOL.

I think I have more of a crush than an obsession. No, seriously. I don't spend all my free time surfing the internet for NK info or looking through magazines for pictures. I do have my blog tribute and my Listmania lists, but really, that's it. I don't send him emails or fan letters or even plan to meet him some day (though I'll admit to a "healthy" dose of jealousy that Michelle got to talk to him LOL) Plus I already know my crush won't last forever.

I have a co-worker who obsesses over this Spanish singer - he's her "future husband". She has pictures everywhere, goes to all his concerts, buys at least 2 copies of his CDs/DVDs, has him on her phone, etc. She's loved him for over 20 years. Now that's obsession. Much as I love NK now, I don't see me feeling this way 20 yrs from now.

But right now I will bask in my NK crush and wait impatiently for Michelle's 2-part interview :)

Anonymous said...

Great picture. Definitely Wuthering Heights, LOL!

As to crushes... is it terrible to admit I had a crush on my husband? Still do, 22 years later.

amy kennedy said...

I think Stacy's got the right idea--she has a crush, co-worker has an obsession.

And Eve, that is the opposite of terrible to say you have a crush on your husband.

Crushes ebb and flow--there is a definate wave pattern for me and crushes. I had a wicked crush on a man who used to come in to where I worked. He would go out of his way to smile at me. And our eyes would meet and a slow smile would start...we would small talk--found out he was married (as was I)I never tried to find out his last name or where he lived (obsession)but every time he walked in the door and smiled at me, he made my freakin day.

Crushes make me feel good, I don't know why--well in the case above I do--he made me feel special.

Anyhoo--I have no specific crushes--oh yeah, the guy at my grocery store--but that one makes me feel more like a dirty old lady...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yes, Stacy. You could quit any time you wanted. We understand, dear.

Oh, have you checked the cover of "The Husband Trap" by Tracy Anne Warren.

OK. I have crushes quite often, as Ames can attest. But if she's the girlfriend I think she is, she won't divulge specifics. My husband does read this blog fairly often, you cheeky Bellas.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Eve. That is so sweet. Again, I've seen the photo of you and your husband on your site. He's very crush-worthy, but I'm assuming there's more to him than just his being a cutie. Far be it from me to objectify men.

Julie in Ohio said...

What are the definitions we are talking about here?
Crush= the guy doesn't know you are alive?
Obsession= a restraining order is in the works?

Julie in Ohio said...

Using those definitions, I would have to say I have had more crushes than I have had boyfriends.
Yet I haven't ever obsessed on someone.

We aren't going to count the cameras I have around my house and in my husband's car to keep track of him, are we? *grin*

Monica Burns said...

Crushes? Only once, and that was when Harrison Ford was Han Solo. But I had a good reason, I'd just broken off an engagement, and I was looking for someone SAFE to focus all my attentions on.

As for NK and other hot babes that we "drool" over, I don't see it as being any different than the guys and their fixations with Angelina, Jennifer A, and whoever else the latest flavor of the month is.

I'm usually being tongue-in-cheek when I say "oh he can put his shoes under my bed anytime." Why? Because in all likelihood, the face isn't going to match up with the personality I think he'd have. *grin* I have such high expectations. It's why I was "devastated" by Russell Crowe's behavior, and it's why I'll never intentionally find the time or money to see a Hugh Grant or Tom Cruise movie again. Their off-screen personalities soooo disgust me. So being hot doesn't necessarily equate with being intelligent or nice. Now NK sounds like he's a real winner and Michelle was DEFINITELY lucky to speak with him.

As for the Wuthering Heights, am I the ONLY woman in the world who despises that story???? The first thing I thought when I saw NK's picture was Last of the Mohicans and Daniel Day Lewis in colonial garb. Then I looked at the boots, and I thought Gordon's Fisherman. Ok, so I'm little crazy today. But NK is still a cutie, he can't help how the photographer dresses him! ROTFL


Monica Burns said...

BTW, I just happened to see yesterday's title again a second a go, and I was wondering Michelle if you were being subtle with the use of the word "impotent" on blog where we discuss hot guys. ROTFL I can't believe I missed that one yesterday. ROTFL


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OHMYGOD! No! I meant I felt impotent cause of my computer! I guess I shouldn't encourage the helpdesk guys to read the blog. I meant the post as a compliment. Sheesh! yikes. Hello, Dr Freud?

I often go for subtle, but that would not have been defined as such. Glad it gave you a laugh, though.

Yes, the boots. I just ignore them.

Vivi Anna said...

I don't do crushes...mine are full blown obsessions....

I obsess over Joaquin Phoenix, Viggo Mortensen, Christian Bale, and hmmm, yeah that's it...

I google them constantly, have racy pics of them on my computer and consistently say good morning to them every day, and kiss them goodnight when I retire for bed...

I even dreamt of Christian last night...I won't divulge any information for fear of any and all computers exploding...LOL

Seriously, I tend to obsess than's my nature.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...


Monica Burns said...

Oh Lord! I didn't mean it as a criticism, Michelle. And I didn't think the post was a criticism, I saw it has a compliment. I think they sound like a group of great guys.

Your post brought to mind the two geeks from X-files that Sculder and Mully always go to for computer/internet info. I think everyone here knows that I LOVE intelligent, smart guys! And if they're cute, that's even better.

But I confess it, I did get a good chuckle. As for subtle, you should have had the dream I had last night!! LOL

Manda Collins said...

I think the difference between a crush and objectification is that the crush involves more tender feelings than objectifications. If we were interested in The Snaxy One only for his body that would be objectification. But since we all want to know more about his personality in your interview, I think we are crushing.

I currently have two "voice crushes." There is a physical therapist where I've been doing my post foot surgery therapy who has the most amazing voice. Deep, rich, just a hint of drawl. I've seen him out of the corner of my eye and he has a good body, but I haven't gotten a good look at his face yet. The office is set up as a series of rooms with three walls and a curtain so I can hear him talking to his patients when I am in my room doing my little exercises.

The other one is the voice over guy on this new VH-1 show called Can't Get A Date. The nameless host has a great voice. But part of the show's set up is that you never see him. Which makes his voice all the sexier...

Anybody else do this? Or am I a voice-crushing freak?

Manda Collins said...

Oh, and Monica? You are not alone in your dislike for Wuthering Heights. I disliked Cathy and Heathcliff excessively. Though the moors imagery was nice and she did a good job with atmosphere. But my reaction to that novel is very similar to my reaction to Gone With the Wind. I think it's a well written novel, but I despise the main characters.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, Mon. Now I'm worried I gave you the wrong impression that you gave me the wrong impression...

Vivi Anna said...

Oh, I love Mulder!!!! He's the sexiest geek in the world! I loved that he had an obsession with online porn and Elvis!

Julie in Ohio said...

I had a crush on a guy from the time I was 13 until I turned 18. It was common knowledge in my family that I had the hots for this guy. Then my beautiful cousin came and went on a date with him. When I got over the hurt feelings, I was pissed. After that, I couldn't see him the same way. He lost some of that "out of touch" appeal.
Now if I were to see him today, I would give a little stare (because he is gorgeous) but as for the drool, nope.

Lucy Monroe said...

Okay...I knew I had to come over today and tell you all the news Stacy shared with me yesterday. But Nathan Kamp is on the cover of my July book, The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain. Weird, huh? Okay, no I didn't notice. I told you all I don't recognized cover models unless I've seen 'em like a million times and then it's stilly dicey. :) I recognize the work of cover artists though and have been lucky enough to get my favorite one for more than one book. S. Lark. He's incredible. His style is emulated by a lot of others, but no one but him gets the full composition package.

As for crushes...I haven't had a crush since college...which was when I met my hubby. It's like other men ceased to exist in "that way" for me once I fell in love. I had to really try to go back in my mind and remember what it was like to have a crush. As I read your posts, I'm remembering much better. ::g::

Love the difference in definitions between crushes and obsessions. LOL But the truth is, I just don't get any tingles looking at or talking to anyone but my dh. He really is hero worthy, but I'm sure lots of husbands are. Maybe it's the way *I'm* wired, a little different, but you all love me anyway, right?


Diane Gaston said...

I'm all for crushes. Where would we be without fantasy? It gives us that illusion of new love, even though we might never trade in our "old love" sitting in the corner in an old pair of tattered bermuda shorts. It is just plain fun. It's fun being obsessed by Gerard Butler! I know it is fantasy. My husband knows it is fantasy (like his enduring crush on Madonna). But it makes life fun.
If the cover models increase our enjoyment of Romance Fiction, then that is great! We know the books are fantasy too, but we love them nonetheless!
By the way, I have solved the mystery of my cover model (MY cover model, heehee) on A Reputable Rake. According to my "sources" he is Ben Whitaker and I can't find out a thing about him on the web.
For the curious, here's a link to the cover


Monica Burns said...

Manda - THANK GOD! LOL I thought there was something really wrong with me...ok you guys can just stop laughing, ok! LOL But seriously, one just wants to slap those two from WH...Catherine needs to grow up and Heathcliff needs to stop being such a wimp.

As for's far from a fav. Ashley I just wanted to slap, and Scarlett I wanted to shake, Melanie I wanted to hug, and Rhett, well just between you and me...nah, I think you know what I'm thinking. LOL

Michelle, wait until realtime video takes the place of our typed posting here. Then none of us will ever misunderstand each other! LOL

Luce, ARE YOU DONE yet???

Diane, your DH and mine would be like best buds where Madonna is concerned. And I happen to love GB!! We need to do dinner with guys sometime! LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, Diane. Is that like, a dare for me to find out more info on him? He's a cutie for sure. My husband likes Robin Wright Penn and Beyonce.

LUCY! Is that one of the Italian Husbands series? I kind of collect those. "They're Tall, Dark -- and Ready to Marry!"

Talk about truth in advertising. The first time I found one, people at the drugstore stared cause I literally LOLd in the aisle. Tall andItalian? I called my mother-in-law and said the tag should be: They're short,stubborn, and usually love their mothers way too much.

But I guess that wouldn't have quite the same appeal...

JulieO. Now, you know I like to be nice, but in this one case I have to say: we don't like your cousin very much. She so had to know how much you cared about this guy (or thought you did). Did that make him more appealing for her? Bad form, that.

Mulder! Yes! Love cutie Princeton hottie David Du.

BTW: just turned in the NK interview PT I. Phew.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

oo. oo. Wuthering Heights. Highly overrated. Not that I don't love the brooding, agressive hero, but I draw the line at phys vi, consentual or otherwise. Doesn't Hee b**ch-slap Cee? Or am I remembering being shocked at other things from that overwrought novel?

Real Time commentary would rock.

Michele said...

Crushes - I haven't had a giggly crush in years.... NK woke up that part of me .. but it's tame compared to what I feel for my DH.
As it should be.
Like I've said before, somewhere, the Greeks made all those delicious statues for a reason. They didn't have photos and the internet like we do. What they did do was sculpt IN 3-D. (which CAN be better, LOL but perhaps THAT borders on obsession?) The appreciation of the art of man has been around for eons.
Crushes can be tingly fun.
Obsessions, I've never had one, but I would put it on par with the lady who smashed said Greek Statue (If I can't have you, NO ONE will!!) out of frustration and pique (hence many unmanned marbles).. I don't think obessions are a healthy thing. Causes people to go to extreme lengths on both ends of the emotional spectrum.
Anyone remember Star Trek?

Julie in Ohio said...

Yeah, my cousin and I had some words but then I got to ask the questions that I always wondered; Is he as nice as he looks? Yes. Is he a gentleman? Yes. Does he chew on his nails? No.

The one question that I wanted to ask; How does he kiss? I couldn't ask. I didn't need to picture her doing that with MY guy. She never went out with him again. I like to think it was because of me.

Life goes on and like I said, he lost some of his appeal after that. A year later I met my DH so it all worked out.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ahhh. Point well made, Michele.

I may have been obsessed with Barry Manilow when I was eleven. Not sure. I will say that any time I ever had a big crush on someone, it was usually on someone who would have been abjectly wrong for me. Not to mention they'd not have thought they were winning any prize if they'd known my feelings.

I had two experiences when I dated someone in my 20s who I crushed on in my teens. Both were jocks and very nice guys. But, well, sometimes the fantasy beats the reality...

Anonymous said...

Pant Pant -- Nathan is one HOT dude, but my heart (or my obsession) belongs to Gerry Butler. He's got the looks, the humor, the sexuality that just makes my blood burn. Besides, you don't seem him being a jerk like so many other stars. He is my inspiration.

But YEAH I do see Wuthering Heights and the moors in that photo. YUMMMMY!

Rach said...

Okay, color me a dummy, but I've never read "Wuthering Heights". And, like Monica, GWtW really did nothing for me either. Whew. I've said it.

Okay, crushing is safe. You really don't act on it, but you admire from afar. You drool, you objectify, but then move on. I like to have a crush once in a while. So does the hubby. Obsessions have the potential to move into stalking...;-).

I like to stick with crushes. I had one on a boy from kindergarten through sixth grade. I was shattered when he laughed at me when I fell down the bleachers at a basketball game. That was it for me. Not only was I horrified at my very public embarassment, but then, the boy of my dreams turned out to be a real shmuck! I left off crushes until the hubby my sophomore year of high school. Then, the boy was too stupid to catch on to the flirting--must be a nerd thing =).

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'm so lucky I get to talk with you guys every day. I'm writing while my kids are crunching their snacks, laughing to myself at this crush stuff.

Being ridiculed by the boy we're crushing on stinks. Now I remember that, too. Phil Vergilio. 6th grade. Called me a...a...skank. There. I said it. We're getting a lot off our chests, aren't we, Rach?

Hey, Leslie! Glad you joined us. Are you a Tart? Someone just explained that GB fans are called Tarts. I'm sure you're a very nice woman.

And, I agree about GWtW. Kinda overwrought. But in a cheesier way that WH.

Hope Tarr said...

Hm, crush versus objectification versus obsession. I'd have to say that for me a "crush" involves tacking on some redeeming, dare I say heroic, qualities to the object of my lust (I mean obsession). Whether or not those qualities really exist in that person, well, that's another issue... Objectification is just oohing and ahhing over an assemblage of body parts. Even then, though, if I hear or see something about the person that turns me off e.g., celebrity punching out member of The Common Herd, my lust evaporates almost instantly.

Okay, Michelle, it's fess up time. Did you really obsess/crush over Barry Manilow? Barry Manilow!!! I mean, Mandy is a good song and all but geez ... ;)

Julie in Ohio said...

Now don't come down on Michelle for her crushing Manilow. He wrote the songs that made the young girls cry. I would call it witchcraft.

Stacy~ said...

I agree with Julie's definition of a crush vs. an obsession. No police action has been needed in my admiration of the hotties. LOL

Michelle are you just humoring me while all along you think I am loco? Well, you wouldn't be the first. (*grin*) I still stand by my answer to the whole obsession/crush theory. I swear I haven't thought of NK for at least an hour.

Monica, I feel so vindicated now! I always felt that way about WH and thought it was cuz I had low brow tastes. It's like what's the big deal? I would have pushed Cathy off a cliff, but then again I've never felt that obsessive kind of love. And I was thinking more Mohicans vs. the moors. I didn't dislike GWTW or Scarlett quite as much, but yeah, she deserved a smack upside the head.

Oh, voices. Yes. Very hot. I could listen to a Scottish accent all day long. I definitely have a voice-crush on John Hannah. There's this guy at work who has the sexiest, deep voice. He should be on the radio - one of those love song hour specials or something. He's also a cutie, and happily married. Lucky woman...

Vivi, I can't believe I forgot about Mulder! Yes, definitely he's hot. I love his obsessions. Those perverse little quirks make him even sexier.

From 3rd grade through 6th grade I was majorly crushing on Jason Westphal. He was a tortured hero type...well, as much as a 10-year-old boy can be. To this day I don't think I've ever had the same kind of innocent crush. It was so sweet, and heartbreaking cuz he didn't like me back.

Michelle, you are so not a skank. I don't think a 6th grader could be a skank, but then again, the way they dress and act these days...

Sorry Julie about your crush. I can imagine there would be some things you don't want to know, even after all this time...

Okay, the realtime video thing scares me. No more posting in my pj's....

Monica Burns said...

Ummm, hello, my name is Monica, and I'm a Barry Manilow fan. I loved his music. Speaking of his hit Mandy, I seem to recall hearing that Willie Nelson wrote that song and tried to sell it as a country song with a faster paced beat, but couldn't then Barry took it slow and easy. It was about a dog! LOL That much I DO remember.

AWWWRIGHT! I have a new nickname. I'm a Tart! I'm a Tart, She's a Tart, We're all Tart, Tarts! Ok, I'm trying to come down off that pecan tassie I just ate. *sigh* Sooo not good for me, but soooo satisfying on the tongue.

BTW just got home a bit ago with $145 worth of books! *sigh* The DH took one look and said, "DO NOT even say a word when I go to the golf course." Naturally, my response was, "It's a tax write off! I can't write off the bloody golf game unless I'm driving!!" ROTFL

Michelle, I sooo envy you the ability to work from home. That's what I'm working toward now. Maybe in another year or so, we'll see what happens.

Stacy, vindication is always good. I always hesitate to say I don't like something like WH or GWTW or *gasp* Jane Austen (the stories are GREAT, but the books are so dry for me) Ok, go ahead, brand me a heretic. Will just put that big red letter on my forehead.

Ok, off to go read. I don't know where to start!!!!


Kris said...

I think growing up I picked a new guy each year to crush on (cute senior, Jordan from New Kids, Christian Slater, Cute eighth grader, etc). until I met my DH then that one just stuck. Besides my husband, I crush over Orlando Bloom. Nice eye candy for me, wouldn't touch, but love to look at.
To me the pic looks like he walked off the set of The Patriot or Last of the Mohicans. I am looking for his musket. What was this pic done for?

Michele said...

Hey, Barry Manilow does HOT tunes, the theme to American Band Stand, Copacabana ( I always felt bad for Lola) and Great tune for Foul Play with Chevy Chase. His music has humablity. I tried seeing him in concert but it was sold out.

My first human crush was William Shatner. My first animated crush was Race Bannon from Johnny Quest. I love alpha men. I started early.

Manda Collins said...

Well, I have to admit to a little soft spot for Barry Manilow. Yes, because of Mandy...I mean, he *is* music and he writes the songs...

LOL, who knew there were so many GWTW and WH dissers out there? Not me! Of course this goes against my vow not to be a hater.

Monica, congrats on the book purchases! How fun! Happy reading!

Stacy, my friend and I just decided the other day that we like John Hannah's Scottish accent above all others. Of course we aren't Henry Higgins enough to know which region of Scotland is from, but it's definitely our favorite.

Michelle, can't believe that Phil Vergilio dared to call you a skank! Shame on him! Why is it the middle school memories that stick? Guess it's all those pubescent hormones. Sigh. Thank god I don't have to be 13 again...

Julie in Ohio said...

Sorry, Ladies, but you are just proving my point. Manilow is a warlock.

FYI, Can't Smile Without You was always my favorite.

Julie in Ohio said...

And as for WH, I can embarrass myself by saying I have never even read it or seen the movie. However, GWTW I have seen. I always wanted to shake Scarlett until her teeth rattled, or at the very least have Melanie give her a good put down. It drove me crazy that Melanie was just so good.

Rach said...

What *is* it about Manilow? I too hate to admit that I really like some of his stuff.

Michelle, 6th grade boys are soooo cruel! Skank, hah!

I love accents too! I ADORE a good slow southern drawl--Matt McConaughey anyone??

And, Monica, so jealous of the new book haul, you lucky girl!! =)

Diane Gaston said...

Monica, wouldn't that be a perfect dinner out? Our husbands can talk about Madonna thereby freeing us to talk about Gerry Butler, Nathan Kamp, or even Barry Manilow!!

Julie, I loved your definitions of "obsession" vs "crush" and, Hope (hi, Hope!!), I liked your clarification of same.

Michele, I think you should post a photo of your Greek God husband. Do you mind if other women get crushes on him????

I am still kicking myself that we didn't find each other at the Retreat!!!!!! Someone to ooh and ahh over Gerry with!!! heaven.

If you can use your journalistic sources to learn about Ben Whitaker, cover model for A Reputable Rake, I am sure I will not be the only grateful one!!


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You guys are killing me. First: Diane, are you referring to the pic I posted a long time ago in the post "Un Bel Typo (A really hot guy)?" Back in March?

And the Manilow references are so funny, youz. (He *is* music/He writes the songs...Didn't know about "Widdy," though) I also appreciate the bolstering of my ego which, I must say, still twinges a little over the Phil Vergilio thing. Though, in all fairness, I don't think I really loved washing my hair every day back then.

Now the Mohicans thing, I never saw the movie (I know, I suck about seeing movies. And I love DDL.) So when I saw this photo at I immediately thought: Heathcliff. But I also thought that about that MacFayden (sp) guy striding across the moor in the new P&P. I was waiting to hear his "Catheriiiiiiiiine!"

So, yeah, I actually used to daydream about Manilow, posters on the walls, all his albums. Meanwhile he was hanging out in sweaty clubs in the Village with Bette Midler. Hmmm. My blink response wasn't quite as well-honed in those days.

Let's hear it for thye anime crushes, Michele. Like in the "BNL" song where they sing about the comic images that "make [em] think the wrong things." For me, it was Speed Racer. Have you ever seen these collections of hot anime babes on the web? Fascinating. And there are now romance graphic novels (full-length comic books), though I keep forgetting to find one to review. And, apparently there are wildly erotic graphic novels for women. I have a friend who says she and her husband love em. Very sophisticated.

Rache: thinkin about reviewing new "Bad Boys Southern Style." Hoo doggie!
OK, Mon. Spill. What books did you buy? What'd ya start first?

Michele said...

Ah! See now, here's the thing Diane. I have an "Obsession" with my Greek god DH - that means, I keep him under wraps - while possessively state "He's MIne! Mine all mine all mine! Substitute him with DK. Give him a few more years of maturity, silver at the temples, straight dark hair and a few inches taller and you have a mental picture of the reason I have marital bliss.

So, um, yeah, I guess I do kinda mind ....mineallmineallmine!
But thanks for the compliment! It just notched up my obsession - he's gonna be a happy camper tonight! *wink*

Michele said...

Oh, Michelle, LKH's first comic based on her Anita Blake ,Vampire Hunter series is due out this year . I'm working with another fan to get ahold of it. No comic books stores near me. I can't wait for this! I don't think the HOT stuff will come until later, but I am sure to enjoy the ride!
If that is within your sphere of interest, I know many who'll flood the comments section once the word gets out.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Uh, Michele? You can send me that picture...I'll be more than happy so we can post it and obsess-- uh, I mean appreciate it.

Write me about this comic, OK? (anybody can get me there, btw)

Michele said...

OK, Link for comic is on its way.

Diane Gaston said...

I just accidentally erased a long response! darn. Here's to do over again.
Thank you, Michelle, for sending me flying to March for Un Bel Typo! Wow. Really hot guy!
But the cover model I was talking about is on my A Reputable Rake by Diane Gaston (my alter ego - and thanks fort he excuse to mention this ad nauseum!!) who I thought was Nathan Kamp, but who really is Ben Whitaker---- and you PROMISED (well, not really promised) to find out about him, because there is nothing on the web!
Ciao! and Cheers,

Monica Burns said...

Whoa, you bellas have been rocking today! Me, I've been immersed in twooooo GREAT reads. I bought Emma Holly's Beyond Desire (two books in one!) Finshed Beyond Innocence about 2am this morning. Then I just finished Lucy Monroe's Tempt Me. BOTH great reads. I can highly recommend them.

I'm gonna switch gears and read this really cool religion book I picked up call the Secret History of Lucifer. The booksellers know me from my books and they know when I come in I'm there for research! LOL I had a BASKET last night! But they led me to the religion section for secret monk societies and one of the booksellers recommend this Lucifer one as being a good book to read. I'm dying to get into it! I know it's gonna be as good as the Talisman, which I'm almost done with. The whole weekend is gonna be nothing but a bookfest for me, although I do admit that I'm getting really inspired to start work on more than half a dozen new stories. The What If factor has been working on me over the past few days now. LOL

Other Books I got were Greatest Stories Never Told, Secret Societies of America, Ghost Hunter's STrangest Cases. Intuition Cards, History of Knowledge, Intro to the history of the world, Never Seduce a Scoundrel (Sabrina Jeffries) and Dark Lover by JRWard.

Interestingly enough the bookseller was adamant that her hottest sellers are still vampires. I'm shaking my head, because as much as I love vampire, werewolf stories, I'm wondering how more stories that are different are out there! I'm not being sarcastic, I'm just amazed and in awe of the writers who are able to create these worlds. It's inspiring to say the least!

So those are my books to devour over the next week, because Mother's Day is next weekend, and I have the house ALL to MYSELF!! for the whole weekend, and I'm gonna write, write, write - no interruptions, nothing but peaceful, blissful silence!! *sigh*

Oh, and Michelle, you're right about MacFayden in the P&P movie. For me, I don't think the book could ever give me the same intense motion. Or that incredible shot with his hand flexing AFTER he's helped Lizzie into the carriage.

Off to read...making up for lost time over the past 12 months!


Julie in Ohio said...

Hey, Monica, is that Ghost Hunter's book based on the Travel Channel's show with the same name? It is really eery. I love it. Good luck with your reads.

Michelle, don't worry about the hair washing thing. We all go through that stage. Thankfully we all also get over that aversion. I am currently fighting with my 9 year old daughter with her aversion to cleanliness. AAARRGH, the trials and tribulations of mothers. Do you think ours went through the same torture? *grin*

Thanks, Monica, for the reminder that next weekend is Mother's Day. I think I better call FTD to send my mom the best and biggest flowers I can find.

Diane, I went to your website and saw your cover guy. WOW!! That is really all I can say.

Diane Gaston said...

Hi, Julie in Ohio!
I have to agree. MY cover guy is very very hot!
( )

Stacy~ said...

Monica, I love both Lucy's and Emma's books. You've got great taste, woman. Have fun writing next weekend :)

I just finished reading Emma's "All U Can Eat" - OMG, it is scorching hot! While there are many sex scenes in her books, they are not gratuitous like they are in some books I've read. Littering a story with sex scenes does not make it sexy or erotic - you definitely need something more, a connection for the reader to feel it belongs there. Having read "Beyond Innocence" when it was first released, I noticed right away that there's a lot of emotion and self-discovery in those scenes. So, basically it's wonderfully hot, Frankie is a strong yet caring woman that I'd want to have as a friend, and Jack is a hero deserving of happiness.

Oh, I had an anime crush going back to the 70's & 80's. Derek Wildstar from "Starblazers". Don't know if any of you remember that show but I used to watch it with my younger brothers. My email addy is inspired by the show.

Monica Burns said...

Julie, Ghost Hunter doesn't say anything about a TV show. It's written by Hans Holzer, who's well known in the parapsychology world. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I also got the book about the REAL Allison DuBois (Medium TV show). I'm looking forward to that too!

NP on the reminder either, since my Mom is gone, I try to just skim over the holiday, although this will be nice for the silence. LOL

Stacy, thanks for the compliment on having good taste. I think I do too. *grin* I'm all for NON-gratuitous sex. It's why my website says, Sex without romance is like a cookie without milk. That Ahhh! Sensation is Missing! And I truly believe that!

Off to read again, now that my newsletter is complete and out to subscribers. Whew!