Monday, May 29, 2006

Go, Go, Go. Go! Go, Go Speed Racer

Indy, schmindy.

Viva l'Alfonso, Fernado Alfonso, Spanish racer-cutie who Sunday won the Monaco Grand Prix 2006. Last season, Alfonso became the youngest F1 racer (24) to win the World Championship. ESPN calls him, "Sizzling, " but I think they mean on the track.

NASCAR and racing star heroes: Dig em? Read any? Howza 'bout Roxanne St.Claire's "Killer Curves," etc.?

Speaking of ESPN, my brother-in-law, Chip, just told me that what I do @ RBtheBook and RBtheBlog reminds him of's Bill Simmons, aka "The Sports Guy." Pretty cool (and probably undeserved) praise, I'm thinkin.

Cause The Sports Guy is a smart, wicked-funny guy who writes about sports -- and pop culture -- in a way even I can understand. He's also an exemplary Red Sox fan, a mark of impeccable good taste and competence in my book.

The Sport's Guy's married to The Sports Gal and they've got a Sports Kid, I think. I wonder if The Sports Gal reads romance? TSG might be grateful if we sent TSGal some.
What would you include that might earn his thanks?
Encore! Don't go singin "La donna e mobile" on me or anything. I'll always be true to my hero, ESPN's Rick Reilly.
Encore due! It means something like, "women are fickle."


Vivi Anna said...

Well, of course I'd send his wife Hell Kat, so she can learn the fun points of being dominant and kicking-ass, if she needs to. :-)

Julie in Ohio said...

a subscription to Victoria's Secret catalogue?

Or a bottle of wine and box of chocolates to go with the books.

Anonymous said...

I would not include a DVD of Fever Pitch. Nor copies of TSG's columns where he goes on and on about Lindsey Lohan's breasts (Real? Or Not Real?).

I'm thinking a little black whip, some red stilettos, and a tight little T-shirt that says "real women don't marry Yankee fans." And if you could make a last-second effort to persuade Roger Clemens to sign with the Red Sox, I think Bill would bow down and kiss your foot, Michelle.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Caroline, you're killin me! I'm new to TSG, so I didn't know about the LL dilemma. Though I would like to see her eat a pizza or two. Would that I had the kind of power, any power really, to get Clemens for BoSox. Or just to have them be playing at home while my husband and I are back in town for vaykay. BTW, if you got TSGal to wear that ensemble, I think TSG would be kissing YOUR feet. We should write to see whether TSGal reads romance...

I'm with you on the chocolates and wine JulieO. There's gotta be a little something extra in it for TSGal.

And, oh, oh, Vivi! Once again, I was thinking: Hell Kat. But we don't wanna kill the poor guy if his wife is new to the genre. Maybe we should start with Kleypas or something, then work him up to HK? I know, I know. Show no mercy. Give no quarter. :)

Anonymous said...

what, you don't plan your vacation round the Sox schedule? Oh well, it looks like the Rocket's gone back to Houston anyway.

My dh (bigger sports fan than I) is of the opinion that TSG could use a little whipping, though, so go for it! Can't you just imagine his column after?