Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blaze of Glory

Update!!! Lisa Kleypas' just emailed and, in that lovely and gracious Lisa Kleypas way, accepted the invitation to join us here on RBtheBlog later this summer. As JulieO said, Lisa confirms she's got more historicals to come, but has finished her first contemporary, "Sugar Daddy." Lisa says, "'s a Cinderella story about a girl who is trying to raise her much younger sister by herself, and she ends up in a very steamy and romantic love triangle between two guys . . . one is a Houston billionaire, and the other is the successful and powerful "bad boy" she was in love with as a girl. Hee hee! It was so much fun to write."

It may be her last historical before she offers up her 80s redux saga (which I'm dying to read), but let me say this about Lisa Kleypas' novel due out this August:

"Scandal in Spring" is incredible, one of her best novels.

A sit-down-and-don't-stop reading-it-even-at-the-expense-of-your-children's-health-and-welfare page turner.

I kid you not.

Not to give away the story, but let's discuss:

Who's the guy that you thought was a goofball
but who turned out to be your idea of a hero?
Who's Your Fave Lisa Kleypas Hero?
(Thanks Bella Stacy)
Encore! What's the only thing that could make "Scandal in Spring" better? A Nathan Kamp cover, of course!
Encore due! Thanks, Teresa Medeiros, for your tribute at Squawk Radio yesterday to the good guys on our romance novel covers.


Stacy~ said...

It's too early in the morning to respond to this question, so instead I'm just gonna say how much I love Lisa Kleypas - have for years. Her & Judith McNaught are my all-time favorite historical authors. I sooo cannot wait to read this one!

Oh and just cuz I can't post without mentioning a hottie, Zach Bronson edges out Derek Craven for fave LK hero :)

Valeen said...

Ohhhh!!! You've read it???!!I'm pea grean with envy. Absolutely green.

I was so disappointed to learn that Cam wasn't going to be Daisy's hero. But then I read the excerpt and it all worked out.

My favourite LK hero is Derek Craven ... hands down. Sebastian falls a very close second though.

amy kennedy said...

I haven't read LK yet--I know, I know, I'll start with the first...

But to answer the first part of the question--the person I thought was a goofball but turned out to be my hero is my husband. Yah.

The opening lines out of his mouth when I first met him are not print worthy--now we joke about it.

What I thought was gofballiness--I don't care if it's not a word--was partly his sense of humor and partly his nervousness. Now he shows me a funny, strong, smart, handsome (the more I got to know him the more handsome he became) alpha male who cries at sappy things.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

First, Stace, thanks for the better question. I cant remember heroes by name, dammit. Tell me who Zack is.

And, per your NK quest from yesterday: no news. I hear back from about 95% of folks I write about; it's cool, but I don't expect it. If I do hear, my husband and I call it the "Review of the review."

Reader response has been great! Even Edith Layton (Gypsy Lover) thought him sweet. :)

I'm interested that a few people are commenting on NK's reaction to reading one romance; that he's marginalizing romance.

I think that's ironic because it shows we as readers have our own pn's (pre-con'd notions). We think he should know about romance or "rep" it cause he's on the cover. He's just a model earning his money by posing.

Lori Foster didn't write Wildly Winston so NK could get a gig; he's not posing on it because he believes in the content.

A separation of concepts needs to be made, but it's hard to draw the line because of the way Americans view what Barishnikov calls the "beautiful lie" of show business and the image trade.

NK's response to the romance he read? I just think of him like most any guy: clueless about romance novels, but willing to admit he peeked at the "juicy parts," and with his wife, no less. I found it charming.

Julie in Ohio said...

My fav LK hero is Sir Ross Cannon from Lady Sophia's Lover. He was the strong, silent, sexy type and that really appealed to me.

I am ssssoooooo jealous of you, Michelle. I am on pins and needles waiting for Scandal in Spring.

And for those interested, I read at Squawk that LK is currently working on Cam's story.

My goofball hero is my husband. The first time we met he and his brother were inventing a new game... Rollerblade Tennis. I kid you not, the were trying to play tennis on rollerblades. Trying being the operative word.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I didn't mean to gloat, Valeen. Much. I've invited Lisa Kleypas to guestblog; we'll see if she's got the time this summer.

Derek I remember, who could forget. But remind me of Sebastian? And who was the guy who was the groom who fell in love with the sheltered miss? and I love the Bow Street chief. Grrrr. I wish I could remember names and titles. I'm pathetic. Oh. and the doctor. Loved his short story.

Amy, I have some LKs you can read. Wait a minute You work in a library. I wish you could tell us your husband's smooth line. It must be something if you're being coy.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Wayddaminute! Cam's story? So the historical magic isn't ending?

Rollerblade tennis sounds fascinating. A great moment in Goofball History, and a stellar moment for your husband, cause he met you.

Julie in Ohio said...

Well honestly, Michelle, he didn't win me over at the time. I tried to avoid him but Fate had a different idea.

Sebastian was the hero in Devil's Winter. Evie's Wallflower story.

The groom who fell in love with the sheltered miss is McKenna in Again the Magic.

The bow street chief is Sir Ross in Lady Sophia's Lover.

The doctor is Jacob Linley. He was the hero to Derek Craven's daughter in the anthology Where's My Hero.

Funny, I can barely remember my kids names on most days, but heroes I will never forget. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Sebastian... I'm a sucker for a tortured hero.

amy kennedy said...

Julie, I bow to your memory for heroes--I remember the heroes, just can't remember all their names.

In my husbands defense, he had had a few cocktails, I was talking to someone whom he knew (is that right?) the other person was just going to introduce us, when my husband (obviously not at the time) looked me down AND up and said, "Who the #*&% are you?"


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Derek Craven's got to be the one. I loved him in Then Came You (calm down, Michelle, I am not going on a rave about that book again), and he was just perfect in Dreaming of You. LK said she didn't intend to write Derek's story, but readers loved him so much she had to. And the key thing about Derek being soooo good, is that Sara was justright for him. Eve, Sebastian's tortured-ness was nothing to Derek's!

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy, LOL. The difference between your goofball and mine is that mine would say that to me today. Got to love them!!!
As for my memory, what can I say? I remember only the important things in life. Don't ask me what I had for dinner last night. I have no clue. *grin*

Caroline, I agree with you about Then Came You. It was a great book. I have almost worn my copy out.
I haven't read all of LK yet but I'm close. I love the way she tells a story.
LK and JQ are my 2 absolute fav authors. JQ edges herself ahead because I have read all of her books and I'm still working in LK's backlist. But I'm getting there.

Michelle, I hope you can get LK to guest blog. That would be fun!

Kelley Nyrae said...

I've never read a LK book! She is on my list of authors to buy because I have heard so much about her. I had never even read a historical until I read Lucy's Tempt Me. I didnt think I would really enjoy historicals but Loved Tempt Me so I'll have to check more historicals out!

Valeen said...

Wait ... back up ... this is the end of LK's historicals? Or just for now till her back issues are re-released??

Jacob Linley turned out to be Derek Craven's daughters hero?? Damn it, I need to reread that short story, I don't remember that happening.

I have to point out how sad it is that I can remember entire family series from Deveraux, Quinn, Lindsey, Garwood and Klepyas, who married who, whose children are who and whos story is what. But I can't remember what I read in the newspaper this morning.

Julie in Ohio said...

Kelley, You can't go wrong with LK. Any book you pick up I would recommend.

I think what I like most about LK's books is that she writes about real people, not just aristicrats. I like to know that people other than dukes and earls can fall in love, too.

Julie in Ohio said...

Valeen, were we separated at birth?
I'm right there with you, just substitute Roberts and Feehan (I'm really getting into that Dark series) with Deveraux and Garwood and I know exactly what you mean.

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh and to answer your question, no she is not done with historicals, just taking a little reprieve to try her hand at contemporaries.

amy kennedy said...

Valeen, Julie--you are godesses again with the remembering. Sheesh.

Now, when I was a bartender, I knew what everyone's drinks were--whether you had come in yesterday or two weeks ago.

One of my Julia Quinn's books has the whole Bridgerton family tree, that saves me with her books. Other than that I'm on my own--I use the library web site alot too, for remembering.

Julie, my husband came across sounding more like an ass than a goofball--but in reality he was (and sometimes still is) a goofball.

amy kennedy said...

Oh, and I'll do my homework for Lisa Kleypas's visit this summer. Swear.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Thanks Julie. I cant wait to pick up one of her books.

Tara Marie said...

Sure, taunt us with a book we wont be able to get until August--LOL :D

My fav would be a toss up between Dreaming of you and Devil in Winter.

Angelina said...

I thought my husband was HOT, not a goofball. He hid his goofiness until he had me hooked.

But there was a guy, a guy I never had a thing for but a girlfriend of mine did, who was too goofy for words. He just yuck-yucked his way through life, making good grades and bad jokes. He was voted senior class president because he was the senior class clown. But one time we were riding in his car -- I had my own goody-two-shoesiness and we were volunteering on some school project -- and he had to come to screeching stop. His right arm shot out, as quick as a reflex. It didn't touch me, it was just a barrier between me and the dash. I was stunned that someone that young could be that protective. And it wasn't MY arm, I mean it wasn't an arm that swung out to protect ME. It would have shot out there for anyone in his passenger seat.

Relating this story, I hope my boys grow up to be as goofy as this kid.

Also, Michelle, I agree with your comments about Nathan's lack of romance reading. I'm glad that he was honest about it and didn't try to play to his audience. And looking at the demographics of the average romance reader, would we have believed him if he relaxed in the bathtub every night with the latest Nora novel?

But, oh, what an image.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK. I'm officially over-stimulated. Not cause I've been reading romance or anything. I've just been at the darn computer too long.

How exciting is it that we're gonna get Cam's story? I'm kinda glad he didn't end up with Daisy now. He is gonna have to be so hot. Maybe like a new Derek Craven? Lots of issues from his youth, lots of tortured-ness as somebody said earlier. :)

Lisa Kleypas was one of my favorite first historical writers that I read. There's something really fresh about her stuff, not old school, but not afraid of a nice, dominant, politically incorrect hero either. Hate to say it out loud, but she's never written a dog, which is more than I can say for my output.

I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. Maybe I should dig out an old LK and read for a few minutes after the kids get home.

I'm laughing out loud, Angelina. Although, I think Vivi Anna and I could both read something erotic into that story.

But I hope my son turns out to be a nice guy like that, too. We call him il professore cause he's kinda nerdy. Is that an understatement, Ames? But he's a good, sweet kid.

Bellas, I quail in deference to your superior wit and memories.

Julie in Ohio said...

WOO HOO!! You did it again, Michelle. I would love to take a peek of your e-mail address book. You must have a million.

Not a problem, Kelley. Happy reading.

Amy, I bet DH did act more like an ass at first. I think that is called Testosterone.

Manda Collins said...

Yay, Lisa Kleypas is coming to visit! Yay! Can't wait, though I must admit to feeling pangs of deprivation that I've got to wait until AUGUST for her next book. Sigh. But I am still working on her backlist too so I've got some work to do before then.

Michelle, I couldn't agree more about NK's romance reading. It would be like expecting Colin Firth to read nothing but Jane Austen or Fabio to really love "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter." We all want the facade to be true but it's naive to think that every model whose ad runs in Vanity Fair has a subcription and reads every issue cover to cover. And I thought it was very typically male that he'd searched out the juicy bits with his wife. Almost like he sees the books as female territory that he as a male needed a female guide to accompany him on his visit.

Completly off topic, but I just found out today that I got the job I interviewed for last week! Goodbye law firm, hello academic library! Whoohoo!

Oh, and my favorite Kleypas hero is Sebastian. Followed by Derek Craven and Nick Gentry. Sigh. She certainly can write them...

Kati said...

I simply adore Lisa Kleypas! She's my favorite historical romance author and is one who holds a very special place in my heart.

She's heard the story, but a couple of years ago, my dad, a strong ox of a man, announced that he was going to have triple bypass surgery. My mom, who is wonderful, fell apart at the news and my sister and I headed down to NC to be with them both for the surgery. The wait for heart surgery to be completed is about 4-6 hours. During that time, my sister and mom kept up a constant stream of chatter and wandered around the hospital when they couldn't sit still another moment. Me? I climbed into AGAIN THE MAGIC and fell in love with McKenna. He was just what I needed at the time. Complicated and burned and difficult and so bitter. And Aline brought him around with her goodness and contrition. The hours flew by for me. It was actually a shock when they called us to let us know we could come back and see my Dad. We were so lucky to have such good doctors and that my dad is so healthy. But I was really lucky to have Lisa to take me away from such a horrible wait. So, I guess the long answer is McKenna will always be my favorite Lisa Kleypas hero, and Lisa Kleypas will always be my favorite historical romance author.

Stacy~ said...

Oh yeah! Fabulous news about LK - she is AWESOME!

Zach is a self-made rich man in need of a wife (some culture & manners) who mistakenly kisses the very proper and well-thought-of widow Lady Holly and he is physically smitten from that moment on. Zach's presence and persistence and overtly sexual personality were wonderful qualities for a woman like Holly (I sooo wanted to be her!). He hires her to teach him the proper way to be a gentleman, all with the hidden agenda of making her his wife. It's just so yummy. "Where Dreams Begin" is the name of the book.

"Because You're Mine" - this gem is with Logan, a womanizing actor and Madeline, a woman who is to be married to an aging lecher when she runs away to the theatre - their scenes together are scorching hot.

"Only With Your Love" is about a French woman, Celia, who marries a quiet and respectable doctor but falls in love with his wild, willful brother - breathtakingly erotic.

LK is one of the reigning queens of historicals - a true icon.

Michelle, you summed it up about NK - he's not paid to read romances or to choose his work based on the stories' content - he's paid to be the cover model and give us lovely fantasies. I think I'd actually be creeped out if he did read all those romances. Not that it's a bad thing for a man to read romances, but it doesn't fit my image of him, you know? He sounds like a regular guy and that's just fine with me. I don't understand why some people would hold him to a higher standard just because he appears on the cover of a book. He's not the one that wrote it, so I don't think it should make a difference. It's not like he's promoting child abuse or anything negative or demeaning to women. What he represents is the fantasy...and oh what a fantasy that is ;)

I love a man who can be confident enough to be goofy and laugh at himself. There's something very attractive about that. It's like he possesses a self-confidence that lets him have a good time and not care too much what others think. That's very sexy.

Okay! I'm out of breath LOL. Can you tell I'm giddy to have LK here?

Rach said...

Dangnabit, I've missed a fabu day!!

First, congrats, Manda! I'm waiting to hear from a new school system closer to home. Keep your fingers crossed.

Now, Michelle, I can't believe you've read SIS!! I ADORE LK's books!!! Her heroes are always so down-to-earth and hubba hubba hunks! =)

My fave would have to be Derek, followed by Jack Devlin from "Suddenly You". Oh, loved Sir Ross as well as Nick Gentry.

As much as I LOVE LK's historicals, I'm sure she's gonna rock with her contemp! =)

Goofballness? My husband is a giant goofball. Let's remember girls, I met him when I was 15...remember what 16 year old boys were like?? *grin*

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey Manda! Way to go, Bella! You are so gonna be able to get on the top of all the best waiting lists. You've got to talk to Amyskf about the benefits of library work, including flirting with cute guys.

Yup, Rache. I'd hate me, too, if I were you. It is really cool getting books in advance. And since I can't feature it (I've got a sort of once a year per author rule) we'll have the next best thing by havin LK blog with us. And, I surely do remember the 15 year old boy thing...

I think you mentioned 3 LKs i didn't read stacy. But the synopses were great. Maybe I can do some just for fun reading on vacation in July.

MaryKate! ATM! the best brooding jerk hero! I love the scenes when they're young. So romantic. And he's such a great alpha later. My girlfriend and I sigh and gigle over him still. I'm glad you shared your story. It's amazing what romances can do for our lives, get us through pain, help us feel better about ourselves, etc. Just that fact that you're here talking about your experience affects the rest of us.

And that wouldn't have happened without romance.

Buona sera, Bellas!

Julie in Ohio said...

Congrats, Manda. Changing a job can be intimidating sometimes but I know you are up to the challange. I can't think of a better way to spend the day but with a book, let alone a library of them. *grin*

MaryKate, Again the Magic was the first book I pick up by LK. I think there is magic in that book. McKenna is, as Michelle put it, the best "brooding jerk" hero. Even when I wanted to strangle him, I couldn't help but love him.

Rach, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.