Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ask Away

Just in case you're not as sick of reading his name or seeing his photo as my husband is, you might wanna check out Part II of Nathan Kamp's ExtraView interview at Romance: B(u)y the Book.

Now, We've got some awesome guestbloggers coming up this summer, Julia Quinn, Christina Dodd, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lori Foster, Lisa Kleypas, and many, many more.

Next Monday, fab historical author Julie Anne Long will be here to blog. In the tradition of contests on her own blog, Julie wants you to submit the questions. No holds barred.

What do you want to know about Julie and her books?
Or her crush on her heroes and violinist Joshua Bell?
Remember: Julie likes wacky questions.

I'll drop into a hat the names of everyone submitting a question and one person will win a copy of Julie's "Beauty and the Spy."

Encore! CosmoChick Michele Hauf guestblogs tomorrow!


Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, pa-lease, do you think after that wonderful interview we could be sick of looking at NK. He looks better to me now that I know he is a compassionate person than when he was just a face.

As for my question for Julie: What is your favorite Regency curse word?

Valeen said...

I've been wanting to read some of JAL's books but I wanted to read the Runaway Duke and I can't find it in any of my bookstores. I've found the second book but not this one. I was told they are part of a series and I am so anal about reading out of order.

I'll have to try to come up with a question. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

JulieO! I am so LingOL!

Hey, Valeen, good to seeya. My fave is To Love a Theif, cause I so crushed on the hero. But the books aren't a series, so you can do em out of order. Unless you really *have* got to read them in release order. In that case, we may need to form a support group. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Shoot. I spelled thief wrong. Again.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, great interview with NK, part deux! Laughed my head off at the line "Wow! There's Christian romance?" Such a guy...

Kris said...

I loved the interview, thank you for doing it. Nathan seems like a great guy. I am glad that his mariage has stayed strong in a career that that is very difficult.

Michele said...

Yes, great interview, Part Deux was like saving the best for last.

I've never read any books by the guest blogger...yet.

What is the naughtiest thing you can put in a Regency story and yet keep the lady's virtue intact? Is that even possible? Or putting naughty and virtue together way off base?

Just curious.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Eve. That's what's so interesting, the ingenuous (is that a word) quality of this guy who you *know* has seen it all.

You're very welcome, Kris. It's always inspiring to see someone who finds conviction somehow and sticks to it.

Hey, Michele. I think your question's a good one. JAL is very good at sexual tension and emotional love scenes. Lots of heartache, but not maudlin. Naughty and virtuous, very philosophical. And I did save what I thought was best for last. I'm glad you felt that way, too. :) I loved that he talked about his faith, especially in conjunction with the sexualized nature of his business. I wasn't sure he was going to want to.

Deeanne Gist said...

Good interview, Michelle. Beauty on the outside and the inside. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for more Nathan, Michelle. What a sweet guy. Every woman's dream - looks, integrity, honesty, faith. Wow - what a potent combination!

And thanks for posting on my blog! Glad you liked my "cover" - a girl can dream, can't she?? I'll not be at RT, but I'll be everywhere at the RWA conference in Atlanta. I hope to meet you again!

Julie in Ohio said...

Corsets or Braziers(sp?)?

Breeches or Drawers?

Taste great or Less filling?

All important questions to get a well rounded idea of who we are dealing with. *g*

Manda Collins said...

Michelle, the NK Part Deux was some good stuff. Though I did misread his answer to the heroic question that began "That's a hard one." I'll let you guess what I thought it said....

Yay! Julie Ann Long is coming! I cannot say enough how much I adored BEAUTY AND THE SPY. It's one of my top three picks this year so far. Well written, delicious hero, good mystery, delicious hero, witty dialogue, delicious hero...Did I meantion that the hero, Kit, is delicious?

Here are my questions for JAL:
Who are some of your favorite romance authors (regency or otherwise)? What authors or books have been the most influential on your own writing?

Julie in Ohio said...

Manda, you've already read Beauty and the Spy?
I read a review of it and it sounded great. There is something about a espionage that intrigues me. It must be from my 007 days.

I must admit JAL is new to me so I'm excited to read her blog next week.

Just to throw my 2 cents in...I hate these word verifications. I understand why it is necessary and don't blame anyone but the bad guys but I always have to fill it out twice. And what is up with the fact it is called WORD verification. Has anyone actually gotten a word to write?

Julie in Ohio said...

Sorry for the rant. I just needed to unload.

And I wanted to do another verification. HA!

Sunny Stefani said...

Michelle, your interview with
Mr. Kamp was really great and very sensitive !!!

I thought your questions were thoughtful and provocative...a very cool combination that's insightful and quite a pleasure to read !!

And Mr. Kamp is a very nice and considerate gentleman !!!

I'm glad our world has such kind and gentle spirited people !!!

Michelle, My Bella, you rock !!!


Manda Collins said...

Julie, it's really, really good. And I'm not just being nice cause she's guest blogging. She has a very distinctive voice and it's a tightly written novel. In addition to the whole delicious hero thing...

I'm glad to hear someone else like spies. Do you know one review site (I won't name it) has a reviewer who docks books a letter grade if it has anything to do with espionage? How wierd is that?

Yeah, they should just call it verification. I suppose they can't use real words because the spammers would be able to create programs that recognized words. Darn them!

Julie in Ohio said...

I don't know if it is weird but it doesn't sound fair to the author.
Why would someone like that be a reviewer anyway? Everyone has their one tastes and preferences, but when reviewing (correct me if I'm wrong, Michelle) they should be open minded and non-biased. I think that reviewer should have a disclaimer on her reviews that say "Only certain books get a fair shake".

Boy, it doesn't take much to get me going today. I must be PMSing it. Sorry for the TMI. I'm gonna go and have a drink.

Julie in Ohio said...

Alright, I took my Midol. I'm feeling more balanced now. Sorry for the venting. I should check myself before I log on.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Bellas! I spoke with Nathan tonite and he expressed his pleasure that your comments have been so positive. He's an awfully classy guy.

JulieO, when will you learn. Say it along with me girls: there's no such thing as TMI on RBtheBlog. Excellent. Hope you feel better soon, w/ or w/out the cocktail. Have you tried chocolate? And you're right about the reviewing. You've gotta give a fair shake to everything, even the sub-genres that aren't your particular favorites. Those are actually the ones I work hardest on. If I'm not drawn to them, I find readers who are and ask them what they love about that sub-genre.

You're very welcome, Deeanne and Leslie, and everyone else. You are so kind to compliment the interview. I just think it was cool to get to introduce a great person who deserves the success he's made for himself.

Manda: very funny! I didn't realize that, either. :) I'm glad you're a JAL fan. There's just so much good about her stuff, no? And she seems like a really nice, fun person. We've had a little e-contact going since I reviewed her book, and she always makes me laugh.

Sunny, thanks for stopping by. Hope you're feeling well?

I will so see you at RWA , Leslie!

amy kennedy said...

Valeen, do what you have to and find The Runaway Duke--I am not one of the savants here who can remember character names, but the duke--of said book--YUMmmmy.

Mandacoll I would be proud to be known as a dork--but I did know what you meant--previous blog.

Question for JAL: What's you're favorite reference book?

And Michelle, that is so cool you heard from NK.

I have way too much to say--I'm psyched about Michele Hauf blogging tomorrow too--many questions for her...

Anonymous said...

Ack, hope I'm not too late... The part 2 interview was great and pretty much insightful, Michelle. I admire that Mr. Kamp sticks to what he believes in. Fantabulous!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Never too late, CT! Glad you enjoyed the interview. I was glad to have yours and Stacy's and Yvonne's sites for reference when choosing photos for it.

Good one, Ames. I liked TRD, too, but can't find my copy. grrrr

And, Bellas, I just want you to know. I hate the verification scrawl as much as you, but I think it keeps not only spam, but also idiots away. Creeps who might dump an offensive comment in in an instant. First amendment lives and all, but this saves me some hassle with the idiot factor.

Stacy~ said...

Oh, how cool NK contacted you - I was really hoping he would. I have a question for you, Michelle: what did he sound like? Did he have a sexy voice? You know I've been wanting to know that! LOL

I agree about the reviewing thing - docking a grade for espionage? What does that have to do with how good a story is? Makes no sense to me.

Haven't read anything by JAL or MH but I'm working on it...

JAL: do you ever find yourself writing current dialogue for your characters? Something like "How cool is that?" or "She's the bomb" or "My bad"? I've been reading a lot of historicals lately and I'm not the pickiest reader, but sometimes reading a historical with contemporary language can really throw you out of the scene. Besides, I get a kick out of those "Bloody hells" and "Damnations" and find it a little jarring to see an f-bomb in a historical. I'm not a prude about the language, just not sure if it belongs there.

And is it just me or do the word verifications seem to be getting longer?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Stace: LOL. Yes, they're so long, and I can't always tell one letter from the next. And I have an enormous, geriatric screen,plus bottle-lensed glasses.

Great question for JAL. I have that same experience all the time and I think two things: what was the editor thinking? and dammit. Now I can't review this. There's an author I really like. Great stories, really hot. But it's just like you said, the modern stops the thing cold. If the story's really really good, and writing is otherwise really fine, I might make an exception if the modern reference is mild and only in the prose, not dialogue.

OK, I have one of those barely-identifiable word verifications.

Sunny Stefani said...

Wow !!!

I thought it was just me having trouble with those word verifications...the letter "l" looks just like the number "1" !!!

Michelle, you're such a Sweetheart...thank you for asking....my injuries are to my entire right arm and to my tummy area...so the doctors are all trying to figure out what the best plan of attack is...until then, everything I do is with my left hand and feet.

So, I'm trying to stay positive and being here and reading the posts from all of you is the best medicine of all !!!!

And Yeah, Michelle, did Mr. Kamp have a quiet, deep voice ??

...I'm hoping...I like those !!!

And as a goofy person, as myself would ask...I'm curious what his birth sign is since he seems so grounded.

It's just a fascination of mine because all my life, before I met my husband...it seemed I dated lots of Scorpios, Libras and Leo men...and I never knew until we had gone out...so it was kind of wierd...and they all had long dark hair & dark eyes....

...so what happens...I marry a blonde, blue-eyed, Gemini Frenchman !?!?!?

go figure ???

And I never have read anything yet by Ms. Long...but the funny thing is I just bought her book, BEAUTY AND THE SPY.

It will be so cool to read her interview !!!

By the way...does anyone have any great suggestions for other books I should read ???

I'm going to Cambria this June 4th and I need some great reading under the beach sun ????

Any ideas???


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hmmmm...good book recommendations. You know, Sunny. I happen to know of a good romance novel review column... :)

Anyway. I never asked NK how old he was or when his birthday was. I was really just trying to find out about him. He's just an all-around regular guy. Dare I say it? The kind of guy you'd love to have as your brother? Well, he reminded me of my brothers. I hope that doesn't sound too creepy.

What kinds of romances do you like best? These Bellas know a lot of good books and writers to suggest.

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle said, "Have you tried chocolate?"
LOL, My DH says that I'm the one who keeps Hersheys in business.

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny--Does anyone have any suggestions for good books?!? If we are anything it is opinionated. Oh, I mean willing to supply recommendations. But as Michelle has asked we need to narrow the possibilities down.

You can't go wrong with anything by Lisa Kleypas or Julia Quinn or Christina Dodd or Eloisa James if you are into Historicals.
For Contemporaries, I haven't read many but Jennifer Crusie is good and Nora Roberts's Quinn series is to die for. Not to mention Christina Dodd again.
For Paranormals, Teresa Medieros is a definite or maybe Christine Feehan (I'm really into her Dark series).

I have left out some really great authors. I know I did, but I know there are others here that can fill in the blanks I left.

Sunny Stefani said...

Hello, Michelle and Julie in Ohio !!!

I love novels that are romantic, sensual and visually beautiful...

...something that appeals to my senses...a caress that touches my soul....

...so when I place the book away...

...not only the characters, but the images linger long in my mind....

I love Emma Holly's short stories.

They have a lovely exotic & sensual passion that is quite gorgeous and attractive to me.

I also am a fan of Anais Nin, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan (I love the Dark Series, too), & Marguerite Duras.

And, Thank you Julie, for listing some authors for me !!! Sweet Pea !!! I will definitely start looking up their novels....

But if either of you can suggest, perhaps, though I know it would be difficult, to name a few of your very favorite novels ???

That would be so helpful to me !!!

Always, Sunny

Julie in Ohio said...

Sunny, you are killing me (in a good way) with this question of yours. You will have to excuse my lack of variety because Historicals are my fav reads. You will also notice my OCD. I have to read books in order. I figure everyone is like that. (No don't destroy my illusion.)

Julia Quinn: If you have never read her, really you can't go wrong with any of hers. But you could begin with "Splendid"(her first book) or "The Duke and I" (book 1 in her Bridgerton series).

Lisa Kleypas: Boy, where to begin. I am still working on her backlist but the Wallflower series may be a great place to start. "Secret of a Summer Night" is book 1. But if you like the unlikely hero type "Dreaming of You" hero Derek Craven is the one for you. Oh, I just read "Suddenly You" which left me breathless.

Christina Dodd's Lost Princess series is actually where I began. Book 1 is "Some Enchanted Evening" and it was wonderful.

Jennifer Crusie: I have actually only read "Bet Me", but I can't say enough about it. I love it when an unlikely heroine gets her hunk and Ms. Crusie didn't disappoint.

Teresa Medieros: "Yours Til Dawn" wrapped me around its bound pages. Again, unlikely hero that you would like to strangle but end up wanting for yourself. Great book! Also if you want a little magic "Breath of Magic" won't disappoint.

Eloisa James: Oh, Boy. I think I would start with the Essex Sisters series which begins with "Much Ado About You". She really has a way with words. Also, she enjoys writing outdoor love scenes which are fantastic.

I mentioned Nora Roberts's Quinn series. Now there are a bunch of sexy men. "Sea Swept" is the first and if you don't love Cam, I don't know how to help you.

I just read Karen Hawkins for the first time; "Her Master and Commander". It was beyond great, and, you guessed it, the beginning of a new series she is working on. I have put her backlist on my TBR pile because she is so funny and delightful.

I hope this helps to start you out. I don't know if you have read any of these but there are so many and I always start at the beginning of a series, so if you have already read these let me know I'm sure I can come up with more.

Sunny Stefani said...

Mia cara Julie !!!

Grazie amico mia !!!

Baci e ti auguro una bellissima giornata ed un lungo e rilassante fine settimana !!!

My Dear Julie !!!!

Thank you my friend !!

Kisses to you and I wish you a beautiful day and a long relaxing week !!!

I am so sorry to have put you through so much trouble but I thank you, truly, for your suggested choices of novels !!!

I will purchase them immediately !!!

I so appreciate your help...

...because too many times...I have started a book only to become bored and disenchanted with it....

....and give up by reading the last few pages !!!

Your help is wonderful !!!

And as for chocolate, have you tried Fran's Dark Chocolate or Dove's dark Chocolate promises ???

Thank Heaven above...

Dark chocolate is good for all of us !!!

Once again, thank you dear Girl!!!


Julie in Ohio said...

Sunny, is there anything other than Dark Chocolate?

I love Dove's, Godiva and Hershey but I have never had Fran's. Is it heaven? What am I asking of course it is. It's chocolate, right?
Where do you get it? I haven't seen it around me. At least not that I know of. I am not very adventurous when it comes to food usually but chocolate is a different matter.

Sunny Stefani said...

Oh Julie !!!

Fran's chocolates were featured in William Sonoma...the catalogue...

...and I belive Neiman Marcus and other stores carry her chocolates...

...my favorite is the Moulin Rouge Gift Box...deep, dark, intense chocolate truffles...

....sinful...glorious !!!!

It is from heaven, perhaps !!!

Temptation is great !!!

this is her website:


Kind of pricey for a few pieces of pure pleasure...

...but so worth it !!!

Julie in Ohio said...

Thanks, I may have to look up her website. My only problem is my DH will have to get a new keyboard because of my drooling.

Sunny Stefani said...


that's to be expected !!!

...all because of Mr. Kamp and deep, dark chocolate !!!

Deadly, sumptuous combination !!!

Julie in Ohio said...

Sunny Darling, that Fran woman really has some exotic chocolates. Those truffles do look to die for.

Caramels are another love of mine. She has something called gray and smoke salted caramels. Have you tried those? I am confused and concerned. How does one smoke, caramel? And is gray good?

-- Julie, *wiping off her keyboard before hubby sees*

Sunny Stefani said...

Exotic Julie !!!

You just go ahead and drool !!!!

...your hubby will think it's for him...mine will too !!!

...they don't need to know all the details of candy and Mr. Kamp !!!

Little secrets are a good thing !!!

but, nope...I never have tried Fran's candy carmels !!!

I love carmels...

....but I kind of have a phobia about them...cause when I was like 6 years old...

...a milk dud got lodged onto my front tooth and it got yanked out !!!

SO I suffered humiliation of candy eating at a tender young age....

...and my Mom & Dad still have pictures of me without my front tooth...in a frame on the wall in the familyroom....

which, they think is cute & funny...

...needless to say....I just stick to dark chocolate...

(and other things that seem to taste pretty nice...)

...which leads me right back to chocolate and Mr. Kamp....

and if dear Stacy puts one more beautiful photo of Mr. Kamp on her website....

I'm gonna just have to lick the screen !!!

I've been good and tried to control myself...but it's becoming just too much....

Gorgeous Mr. Kamp pictures...

...and now, my beautiful UPS man just showed up an hour ago all sweaty and golden...

...and I wanted to touch his arms and soft dark brown hair....!!!!

HELP !!!

A girl can only take so much !!!