Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wet 'n Dreamy

This is Takeshi Kaneshiro. He's very wet.

Takeshi wants you to know that "My Favorite Witch" is the new feature review on Romance: B(u)y the Book. Pop on over. Don't forget to check out the AuthorView and Old Flame, too.


Encore! "My Favorite Witch" is a pro-jock romance. Do you know how hard it is to write about them without using sports metaphors?

What are some of your favorite sports metaphors and sayings?


amy kennedy said...

Takeshi reminds me of the cashier at our little grocery store--I am secretly in crush with him and become all flustered if he even looks at me. Of course it's borderline creepy due to the fact I'm OLD ENOUGH TO BE HIS MOTHER.

But, tra-la-la. Have to buy groceries somewhere.

Am now hopping over to your Column.

amy kennedy said...

P.S. Takeshi does very wet, very well.

Rach said...

Sports metaphors??? You want me to think sports metaphors when faced with him?? He is almost as snaxy as The Snaxy One. =)

Amanda said...

Oh, that I should be awaked every day with such snaxiness! I nominate him for the Hall of Snaxy!

Funny, he doesn't seem like the typical RBTB reader, Michelle;) But if he wants me to hop over there then hop I shall. His wish is my command! (You sure know how to get our attention!)

Rach said...

Okay, Michelle, I just have to know, where do you find all the yummy men??

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Rach, You guys know just about everything else about me, my life, my preferences in men, my preferences in erotic romance, and every other bit of ephemera that makes up all the TMI that is me.

A girl's gotta have some secrets, doesn't she?

(And could those babies of yours be any cuter? I think not.)

It's a little out of my way, but I'm swingin by Amy's neighborhood for my beefcake from now on. Cheesecake! I meant cheesecake!

I like the idea of a Hall of Snaxy, with the Lifetime Achievment Award going to TSO (not the orchestra). Other review outfits award literary achievement -- we'll just stick with awarding men who's sexiness has an edible quality. Right, Rach?

Cause we're a klassy bunch of broads.

Amanda said...

Uh, I just noticed the question about sports metaphors and sayings...guess I was a little distracted. I'll go with the classic baseball metaphor that posits the various stages of intimacy as first base, second base, etc. I'm still not sure what acts correspond with which bases, except home run obviously. Does it vary from person to person do you think?

Rach said...

Thanks for noticing my babies *grin*. I think they're pretty great =) (okay, most of the time, you know how parenthood is...)

Hmph, fine, keep your secrets. :oP

I don't really have a favorite sports metaphor, although I am a big sports freak! I did however play rugby in college. One of the key postions is (I swear I'm not making this up) hooker. So, we had shirts that read, "Support your local hooker, play rugby."

Oh, and I'm totally into a Snaxy Hall of Fame with TSO with the Lifetime Achievement Award =).

Anonymous said...

amy'skf, I was LMAO when I read your comment, because not only am I pretty much old enough to be Takeshi's mother, but he actually looks like my younger son!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

oooo, Eve. How bout me creeping you out for a change. Sorry bout that.

I'm wondering if your son is adopted? My daughter is 6 and was born in China. So, it's really creepy for me when I see Chinese women objectified in movies as "the vixen." But when I see pretty Asian girls on the street, you know the ones in the funky clothes who are also sweet (my friend and I call them Hello Kitty Girls), I wonder if that's how my daughter will look when she grows up.

As far as objectifying wet young men, I'm thinking of having a week dedicated to photos of handsome men who are wet. I'm doing some traveling and I thought it'd be easy blogging. But I'm noticing this thing as I get older where I do have to double-check that the guys I think are cute aren't so young that it's starting to get lascivious.

And yeah, dammit. I never understood the bases ,either. Except home run. and maybe error.

Will everybody please just tell me to shut up and write? Ive got this big speech next week and am so not ready.

Rach said...

Big speech? Yuck! Wet young men? Yummy!

You know, it's funny the way me notion of hot has changed as I have gotten older. (not trying to offend anyone here, just talking) I'm almost 30 and find that I will look at barely legal guys (read: 18-21) and think wow and then be very chagrined. What's up with that? Do older men have that problem when looking at younger women? My guess is proabably not. Not fair!!

Good luck getting the speech together!

Stacy~ said...

Okay, the only sports metaphors coming to mind right now (if it even is one) is hitting a home run ir making a touchdown. I love to watch some sports, but not into all the lingo.

Michelle, another snaxy man. I did a little research and he's really not all that young. Born Oct 11, 1973 (exactly 2 yrs younger than moi) I love how diverse we all are in our tastes, and the Hall of Fame is a cool idea - you ladies are so clever. And good luck with your speech. Is this the one in D.C.?

I've always thought I would adopt someday if I couldn't have kids myself. I have a friend at work whose husband refuses to adopt. Partly because they do have 2 kids already, but also because he doesn't want to raise someone else's child. Can you say el supremo jerko?!?!

Rach, I don't let the age thing bother me. Like I mentioned, I'm 34 and as long as they're of legal age, I have no problem with how much older, or younger, the guy is. It's more the personality than anything. I have a bit of a crush on a guy from work who's 55. He's just so fun to be around, has a wicked sense of humor, rides a motorcycle, and I like talking to him. But I've also felt that little zing towards someone younger, like 25. It's all in their personality, seriously. Btw, your kids look so sweet and angelic. Lucky mom :)

Monica Burns said...

Can't think of any sports metaphors because I don't do sports. I used to watch football, but that was before they just piled up on top of each other every yard or so.

"klassy bunch of broads." Ummm Michelle, don't you mean "glassy-eyed bunch of broads" because we get glassy-eyed over all these hunkalicious babes? And unfortunately in my case, they are babes. *sigh* *grin*

I have to wax poetic about Matthew MacFayden. I finally broke down and bought the movie version of Pride and Prejudice last night. I'd so fallen for Colin Firth in A&Es version and the previews on TV for the movie made me think MacFayden was sooo not in the same ballpark (ahhh a sports metaphor! *grin*) But last night I learned what it was like to fall in love again. The guy is sooooo hot, especially when wet! My favorite scene is when he's handing Jane into the carriage near the beginning of the movie and afteward you see him flex his hand as if he's just received an electric shock. IT's the PIVOTAL point in the movie for me because it says right there he knows he's a gonner! And I loved Kiera K's Lizzie. Loved her work for a while but this movie is her best to date! Oldest watched the movie today, and her comment as "Mom, that guy is HOT!" I so agree!

Oh and Rach those are TWO adorable looking kids!


Rach said...

Thanks, Monica! I'll take the rec on P&P as well. I've been very hesitant since Colin Firth *is* Darcy to me =). I've heard many positive things from some others, so now I have *got* to check it out =).

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You guys are so making me LOL. Here's my advice. Go for the younger guy. That's just he 41 year old looking-at-it-like-a-guy-would me speaking. I'm kinda at the "feeling weird getting hot for any guy under 35 thing though." Well, maybe 25. Well, maybe if, like stacy says, they're legal. No. I think under 25, ew, no, 30 starts getting yukky. That's why I just feel so guilty when I put up these photos of these wet nice young men.

But I'm Catholic. I've learned to embrace guilt.

Fave sports sayings: There is no I in TEAM.

Just do it.

Fave sports writer: Rick Riley. I just like to type his name.

Yes. Going to DC. Will be speaking just before Nora Roberts. No pressure.

Rach said...

Good luck, Michelle! I'm positive you'll knock 'em dead!

P.S. I meant to comment on your daughter earlier and I completely forgot. I bet she is just gorgeous! My sister's husband is 1/2 Chinese and their daughter is stunning! My niece will definitely be a Hello Kitty Girl (that is a very apt description) =).

amy kennedy said...

oh you guys...1st base is kissing, 2nd base is fondling under the bra, 3rd base is fondling in the pants, and apparently we all know what a home run is. I always hated that whole thing.

I don't keep my crushes to young guys either--anyone who is charming is fair game. But can I just say again this guy who is a cashier is so beautiful it's ridiculous. And Eve, what can I say?

Rach, love the new picture.

Michelle, we could go in the store and then giggle maniacally, turn red, and pee our pants. That sounds about right.

Amanda said...

Dang it, I leave for a little while and the board heats up!

First, Michelle, you will mop the floor with Nora Roberts...Okay, maybe not, but you will rock! Sending speech-writing-muse-vibes your way.

Monica, my sister and I actually spent one afternoon rewinding (is it called that on DVD?) and playing the wet Matthew McF scene over and over again like Bridget Jones and her pals did with the wet Colin Firth scene. Also the end proposal scene when he stutters...sigh. Isn't he dreamy?

Stacy, Takeshi is just a year older than I am...Perfect!

Rach, your babies are beautiful!

As for the younger men, I too find myself crushing on the 18-25's as I get older and feeling the guilt. Anybody wonder about the whole sexual peak thing? Women peak in thirties, men around 18. Seems to me that we are just victims of biological imperative. Body wants to get pregnant, seeks out young healthy males to get the job done...At least that's how I try not to feel like a perv when I'm checking out the hot 20 year old at the grocery store...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well, I appreciate your saying that, cause I need all the support I can get. But, from what I understand, Nora is an excellent, totally funny speaker who's totally hilarious every year. This year her topic, interestingly enough, is "Bitch,Bitch, Bitch," and I think she's addressing the negative, nasty crap that gets tossed around the Inet about romance authors, readers, models (!) etc.

I just added that model part.
That's my thing.

I'm talking about how RBtheB came to be, and a lot about the blog and you guys and how you form it and keep it the Pollyanna blog. But also, youz keep us talking about real topics realated to romance, erotica, sex, life, etc.

And, of course, I'll be talking
about NK.

Now, I read this funny rant on Jaid B lack's blog about why women are bitchy. Childbirth, menstrual cycles. But especially the fact that we literally hit our hormonal sexual peaks (not reproductive)in our 40s and men hit them around 18, for about a minute.

Food for thought, indeed.

I don't know, I just feel such a sense of relief when I find that the guy I'm diggin on turns out to be in his mid-30s and not younger. Phew.

Rach said...

Interesting topic, this women hitting their sexual peak later. I was watching Sunday Morning on CBS around Valentine's Day, and they had the most interesting piece on "Passion Parties". Did anyone else see it? It was about at home adult toy parties and the fact that the largest age group represented are Boomers and those in their 60's! Ah, happiness is knowing nookie will continue on after the kids have left the home =).

Monica Burns said...

Ok, I'm NOT gonna tell you how old I am, but I am almost as old as dirt. *grin* However, I CAN tell you that I crave sex more now than I ever did. Now that might be because I write erotic romance and turn myself on and have to go find the DH --but I don't think so. I've read romance since I was 12 years old, been writing it since I was 9.

So I think it's definitely hormonal because I'm BETTER than ever. The DH knows it too. It's why he pouts like a five-year-old when I say "Not tonight, I'm tired." (Being tired comes with the peak as well! LOL)

As for younger men, my new work is gonna be about a younger man and an older woman. My novella with a similar theme seems to have really struck a chord with readers, and I wanted to explore the idea a little deeper. We'll see how easy it goes, of course I've been researching it for almost 20 years now since I married a guy five years younger than men. Reason? I knew I'd still out live him. ROFL


Deb's Book Nook said...

I've never had a problem admitting I think someone, male or female is nice looking. Age, no problem, young or old. I look in the mirror and know what I look like and I accept it. Period. That someone else is prettier or more handsome, big deal. They are what they are and so am I. I used to freak out my BIL's because they would get to talking about models and I would chip in with which ones I liked best. lol

So Michelle, please go right ahead and put up the hunky men, regardless of age. I will just enjoy the scenery. lol Guilt free.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Deb! I can't believe it! It's so good to read you. sounds like you're doing great. Love your attitude. You'll definitely have to check in all this week for my "Week of Wet..."

Monica, it is SO not gracious to rub our noses in your good fortune. but I'm with you on the getting better as we get older thing. I mean, really. My husband is, like yours , a very happy guy. Both for the fact that I'm reading romance, and having those early 40s hormones kick in. :)

Passion parties, huh? I wonder if we could have one online? oh, I guess that could get us arrested by undercover cops, huh. I also remember things getting better as my kids got a little older. And when I turned 40. ew. There's so much good about 40, yet so much creepy.

Back to writing. Glad you guys have been in and out all weekend so I have something to look forward to on my breaks.

Rach said...

Good luck, Michelle =). Okay everyone, it's back to work tomorrow--Spring Break's over. =( So, I'll be checking in after the girls' bedtime. Oh, yeah, I'm to be single parent extraordinaire next week too. Yipee! Hope I have time to check out wet and fabulous week...

Stacy~ said...

Oh I hope I get to check out the wet 'n wild week before I get to work - no playing there. Post early, 'k, Michelle?

My friend had one of those parties at her house about a yr ago - it was fun, and funny, to see the reactions, and most of the ladies were very outspoken and gave um, good advice. Would be interesting to have an on-line party.

Monica, you go, girl! We need more women out there like you.

Speaking of romance/erotica, I was recently emailed by a woman who works for CBS here in Chicago - she's doing a story on the recent(?) increase in erotic romances and she's looking for people to interview. I emailed her back saying I wouldn't feel comfortable being on-camera (whether it's about romances or car seats, my reaction is the same - public speaking terrifies me) but I did give her my opinion. Will let you know if anything comes of it.

Valeen said...

Holy Crap. He's hot. ANd he's wet. Such a beautiful combination.

I don't have a single sports metaphor that haven't already been mentioned. I'm not a very sporty girl.

Okay, I'm still quite young but damn it - is it just me or do the younger ones look really young now? I was in the jewelry store the other day and there was this young guy buying a diamond ring and I swear he looked like he couldn't even reach the gas pedals.

Julie in Ohio said...

Man, you don't check in for a couple of days and you miss alot!!

I'm an older man type of girl. Please don't get me wrong, I do enjoy ogling the wet young ones,too. After all I am still breathing. But if we are talking time to get serious, I would go older. Which will be a relief for my DH who is 5 years my senior.

RachD; beautiful kids. Aren't girls fun to dress up? I have 3 and they love to have their hair done and put in pretty dresses. Especially if they can go outside and play in the mud afterwards.

Michelle; I hope the speech writing went well. You are definitely a better person than I for doing it. You put a microphone in front of me (even with a full speech written out line for line) and I would have that deer in the headlights look.

Monica Burns said...

Stacy, send her my way, you know how VOCAL I am! LOL

Rach - Single Parenthood! Oy! I so hate it when I have the kids by myself, and they're 15 and 8! But I definitely don't have any heartbreak when I leave the DH in charge! LOL

Julie I love older men too. James Earl Jones, Patrick Stewart, George Hamilton...those men get me with their voices. It's enough to make my toes curl. LOL

Michelle, How's the speech coming? When are you actually speaking. If you were following Jenny Cruise for funny, you might be in trouble, but while Nora's a good speaker, you're gonna knock 'em dead with your GREAT personality. Chow (and not Purina kind either! *GRIN*)