Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Week of Wet: It's A Date!!!

Well, I'd love to stay here and talk
about nothing but the fact that

My EXCLUSIVE 2 Part ExtraView with Nathan Kamp will be published

Monday, May 9th Part I
and Monday, May 16th Part II

but I've got a CosmoChix blog going today.

So head on over to to read "Why I Dig Romance Novel Cover Guys," then come back and we'll discuss among ourselves. Please.


Kelley Nyrae said...

Lets see. As for why I read romance that is simple. I escape to a place where bad things may happen, but there is always a happy ending. The girl always gets the guy and vice versa. And it just plain makes me feel good. I loved to read about people falling in love and finding that person out there just for them. It makes me feel good.

Stacy~ said...

Oh was there a question....I'm still dancing over the upcoming interview....let me go and check out the cosmochix....

Stacy~ said...

I read romance for the escape, and the certainty (hopefully anyway) of a happy ending.

Not to get too serious, but I also like to read stories about strong women who get the guy, the ones who don't cheat and don't give up their personal code to become dependent on a guy, especially one who takes them for granted or treats them like crap. I think there are really great lessons that some of my girlfriends could learn from.

And the hot sex ain't bad either! I bet many a love scene have inspired happy couples everywhere...

So basically romances encompass all the good things about relationships without the day-to-day struggles of Mars vs. Venus - no one wants to read about the fight over the toilet seat in a romance, but we (I) do like to read about the UATW shower scenes, for research purposes of course. (and to hopefully give our dh's and boyfriends some ideas).

Vivi Anna said...

I don't pick up books just because they are romances. I pick up a certain book because I'm interested in the story, be it paranormal or fantasy. But I like all the books I read to have a romantic element to them because I too believe in happily ever after, or at least happily for now...I like to watch two people struggle agaisnt the odds to find each other and overcome difficulties to stay together no matter what.

I like that kick@ss women can get their alpha man too, even if they are hard to handle and stubborn...

It gives me hope that one day, I too can find someone that can handle me....

Julie in Ohio said...

Wow, what a question! I love romance for all the same reasons as everyone else. I need the escape from my reality. I need to live vicariously in a world where "and they lived happily ever after" is truth.
I am a hopeless (hopeful?) romantic so all of my books have to have the "right" ending or I won't buy the book. Yes, I read the last page of every book before I buy it. My mother thinks I'm crazy for doing it but I love the whole falling in love part so it doesn't lose anything for me to read the ending first.

Monica Burns said...

Ok, I already posted on CosmoChicks, and now I wished I'd copied the fricking answer! LOL

I read romance because I like falling in love. I can do that in a romance book. I can escape and live in a fantasy world when the I'm tired of life in general, frustrated with the day job, mad at the family, wishing some gorgeous alpha-male with an incredible body desired me as if I were the hottest female ever born.

Falling in love never lasts. For most people being in love is the result of "falling" in love because the reality of what it takes to substain a relationship can make all the romance and all the desire ebb some.

Yes you can recapture it at times, but it takes a LOT of work, and lets face it, when one is living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with kids that are screaming at each other, worrying about the price of gas and all the other things in life.

A romance book can sweep you away to a world that's outside your own. It's escapism, pure and simple. Of course, the sex is good too, and Stacy is right, it does inspire LOTs of women to go get their husbands. *grin*

Of course that's just my .02 FWIW


Monica Burns said...

I almost forgot! Was NK painted in the picture you have posted Michelle? If he's that bronzed, that's something. Maybe it's the lighting?


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'm glad you're excited about the interviews, all. For some reason, we see good looking people as "unreachable," and w/o feelings, right? It's cool to get a glimpse of a person who's in a profession so different from what we do. Or maybe not. It's all about illusion, right?

I think the effect is from the lighting of the photo. I think it's called crepuscular light, like twilight. Though I'm not a photographer or art expert. I just love photos that use that lighting.

OK. Guess who should be writing and is fooling around with Power Point slides instead?

I'm going to be quoting a lot of the great things that have been said on this blog when I'm away at a convention this weekend. Thanks for being so open and sharing about your lives and your love of romance.

Rach said...

I read romance for the same reasons the others do. I love the HEA. I love watching the H/H overcome their problems and get together--Julie, I often skip to the end too ;-).

Everyday life is just so *everyday*. After dragging two kiddos around, being mommy and all the rest, a romance is a fabulous escape.

I'm also required to read a lot of texts related to work and I need romances to unwind. They are my "fun" reads.

Finally, I'm convinced that those great UATW scenes (and others *smirk*) have definitely made my hubby a happy man =). While home on maternity leave I read more than 35 romances (ah, I'll never be able to do that again), and I really believe they helped me get my "groove" back much sooner than I might have otherwise.

Manda Collins said...

Well, add me to the happy ending brigade. Especially when I'm going through a hard time and feeling fragile, I need to know that my entertainment isn't going to make let me down. I think Monica is onto something regarding the "falling in love" bit. A romance novel follows two people through one of, in not the, most stressful and wonderful times of their lives. And I can't help but get a buzz from that.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I sometimes read for the UATW factor. *blushes*

Michelle, I'm working on a power point presentation for an upcoming job interview and it's amazing to me how much time I can waste fiddling around with stuff like that. Bet your presentation is gonna rock!

amy kennedy said...

What the heck have I been doing for the past three days and why haven't I been wet doing them?

Sheesh. You do a little housework, go in for an extra shift AND you miss everything.

Oh and Mandacoll, you're not the only one.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Manda, as we speak, I'm goofing on PP. Good luck on your presentation, and thanks for the good wishes.

I confess, I like the first romance buzz, too. My husband saw one of the quotes from a RBtheBlogger in my PP tonite, about meeting a guy for the first time, and he smiled and reached out and held my hand. I also love the UATW factor. It's definitely tied for first, after first time crush-rush. I dig the overcoming the odds, love the conflict I can't imagine how the writer's gonna work out, but the sex and the giddiness are what I love.

I'm going to bed now. And what do you know? So's my husband.

I'm sorry I'm not spending more time talking to everyone today, Bellas. I'm so slammed for this presentation this weekend. I'm gonna miss youz. Send good thoughts my way. If we're lucky, I'll bring back more e-friends for us to chat with.

Buona sera!

Anonymous said...

Ditto like everyone has said. Couldn't have said it better myself. I like the fact that the H/H get their HEA after overcoming their problems in a romance book. :) It's that simple.