Tuesday, April 18, 2006

T.B.J.Q.E. *

Update!!! Julia Quinn has just graciously accepted an invite to guestblog with us to celebrate the release of "On the Way to the Wedding!" Get your bridesmaids' dresses ready, Bellas...

*The Best Julia Quinn Ever.

Encore! Out June 27. Gregory Bridgerton's story.

Encore due! Which Bridgerton story is your favorite?

Encore tre! Eve Silver guestblogs right here Thursday, April 20th! Truly wicked cool.


Julie in Ohio said...

Which Bridgerton is your favorite? Is that a fair question?

I would be hard pressed to pick just one. But because you asked I would have to say Eloise. She is snappy and tenacious and I envy that in a person.

Of course there is happy go lucky Colin who you can't help but love.

Anthony, who is loyal and beautiful.

Benedict with his quiet more subtle qualities.

Do I need to go on?

Valeen said...

You've read it?? Its that good??

I still have to read Hyacinth's story - its in my TBR.

I'd have to say that Anthony and Colin were my favourite. Anthony because his was the first, new and exciting in the family series.

Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, sorry, I didnt read the question completely. Which story is our favorite? Well, that isn't any easier to answer. Although, I will have to again say Eloise. Probably because it was her story that I read first and then I had to get the others.
I just love the family element in all of the stories.

Michelle, you have to spill the beans. Is Gregory as dynamic as his brothers? I haven't gotten a very good picture of him from the other stories. I am on pins and needles until his story comes out.

Julie in Ohio said...

Did you know that JQ was having a contest on her website to win an ARC of OTWTTW? All you had to do was answer 10 questions about the Bridgertons correctly and the first 50 people were winners.
The contest is closed now, so maybe it was unkind of me to bring it up but so far she hasn't let me know that I won. I'm sure that it will happen. Almost nearly positive.
Ok, so maybe I'm a little bit of a dreamer. She said that she received over 1000 entries on the first day.

Anonymous said...

The best JQ ever??? Are you serious, Michelle? That's saying quite a lot.

My favorite of the Bridgerton books is still, forevermore, The Duke and I. Yes, right, Simon is NOT a Bridgerton. I still love him to death. And that book started it all, didn't it? There was so much to love about it: Simon, Daphne, Simon, the whole Bridgerton clan and how they loved each other instead of being backbiting headcases, Simon, Lady Whistledown, Simon... (that's all I can think of at the moment).

But Gregory has potential, partly because he hasn't been around much! We don't know much about him! He's mysterious! I love a mystery. I'm looking forward to it.

Amanda said...

I'm gonna have to go with Romancing Mr. Bridgerton. Just can't resist a secret crush book. They get me every time.

Can't WAIT for June 27th...Gregory was so funny in Hyacinth's book. He's gonna be a lot of fun I can tell.

Gotta get my hands on Dark Desires...

Valeen said...

Well now I'm a fool, I wrote Anthony as the first up above. So thanks to Caroline's post I've realized and am correcting myself. Damn it, Daphne was the first. LOL I forgot about her and Simon. That was an amazing book.

Julie in Ohio said...

Manda, I liked Romancing Mr.Bridgerton because of Penelope. I think she made a perfect heroine. Also, Lady Danbury gets the oscar for Best Supporting Character. She is such an instigator.

Caroline, I'm with you on loving Simon. He made a perfect tortured hero. What I enjoyed best about Duke & I was meeting Lady Whistledown for the first time. I wonder if JQ knew that she was going to create such a hit when Lady Whistledown was born?

Julie in Ohio said...

Valeen, I am currently rereading the Bridgertons and I am on Viscount Who Loved Me. I am reminded as to why I adore Anthony. He is a reluctant hero, which is enduring to me. It takes a strong heroine to make him stand up and see what is going on between them.

Julie in Ohio said...

I don't know if it has become obvious but LOVE Julia Quinn. She is my favorite author.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I've loved them all. Benedict was a great hero. Francesca's book was wonderful as was Hyacinth's. I can't wait to read On the Way to the Wedding.

Rach said...

OMG you've read it???? I'm SO jealous!!! JQ is my be all end all fave author! My favorite story is definitely Romancing Mr. Bridgerton. I ADORED Penelope, and Colin is just so wonderful. Then, there's that whole secret crush thing.

But, I also liked Viscount. Kate was divine, and you have to love a man with a sense of his own mortality.

But, It's In His Kiss was also fabulous. Eloise is just so darn witty.

Okay, sorry. My fave is definitely Mr. Bridgerton and I'm sticking to it!

P.S. Michelle, are the kiddos on the mend?

Amanda said...

Julie, Rach, like yall I think I liked Mr. Bridgerton because of Penelope too. She was so great--funny, witty, plain. There is something so satisfying about the underdog heroine getting her man...and that book is one of the best (if not the best) example of it's kind.

Valeen, I think I thought Anthony's book was first, too. I must have read them out of order.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Son's still home, Rach. Thanks for asking, though. Still got lots of writing done today. Ton more to go.

Gregory? Gregory in OTWTTW is...just...so...Gregory! I mean, who would know Gregory better than Julia Quinn? So, he's simply very, very Gregory.

I'm being a jerk now. Maybe it's cause he's the last B left; maybe it's cause it's been so long since Hyacynth's book (Gregory was hilarious when he was giving her a hard time about the lisped names she and Gareth's children might bear). I couldn't put this new one down. Great beginning, great ending, super secondaries, cameos the way only JQ can do them.

Now, I think my other fave B'ton is "When He was Wicked," cause it's got a darker flavor than the others, and I love the whole tortured in his soul and runs off to India thing. I also like the UATE (up against the escritoir) scene. No walls for a classy Bridgerton daughter.

Mostly, I loved the epistolary device, the letters included at each chapter's beginning.

Yes, yes. Duke was wonderful, too. How to choose!?

Must write more later, especially cause you're writing such great stuff and I'm happy we're welcoming new folks, too!

Julie in Ohio said...

This happens to be a topic I actually feel comfortable contributing to. I have every one of JQ's books and love all of them. She is my "go to author" for any reason.

I agree with you, Michelle, about When you were Wicked. It had a darker flavor to it. It intrigued me to see how Francesca went from being completely in love with her first husband into falling in love with Michael. I also liked how JQ added some insight into Violet's life after her husband died. She was able to guide Francesca through her grief as any mother would want to but most wouldn't be able to because she had already been through it herself.

Amanda said...

Great with the writing, Michelle!
And kudos on getting JQ to guest blog! That'll be fun! Hope the boy gets well soon...

Julie in Ohio said...

Yeah!!! I am so excited! I can't wait. When? When? When?

I'll try to keep my fan girl gush mode to a minimum, as to not embarress anyone. (mainly myself)

And on a side note; Michelle, I was a bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding. You have never seen a more hideous dress. There were 4 of us and the dresses were handmade supposedly to our sizes. Each one of us were trying to keep our dresses from falling off because they were too big. I'm big chested and I still couldn't bend over for fear of overexposure. Looking back, it was rather comical. I still have the dress. I guess I'll be able to wear it when I gain those extra 50 lbs I've been trying to gain. *grin*

Julie in Ohio said...

BTW, I'm sorry to hear your son is ill.

I have 3 girls and it is never easy when one gets sick.

I hope he gets better soon. I suggest chicken noodle soup. No matter what my kids have, if I mention chicken soup they are instantly feeling better.
Come to think about it, that may just be a crack on my cooking.

amy kennedy said...

What have I been missing? Julia Quinn talk--I can hardly stand it.

When He Was Wicked--I think is my favorite--but really it's whichever one I'm reading at the time.

I want a book about Violet--I don't think Gregory should be the last, I think Violet should have a second chance at love.

I hope Lady Danbury is in this one as well.

I'm sorry you were still in illsville today--hope he's better.

Stacy~ said...

Oh, love JQ! My favorite are two of the books. "The Viscount Who Loved Me" with Anthony and Kate. Anthony was to-die-for and Kate was that sassy heroine that says what she thinks. I love that he originally was supposed to get together with her "more beautiful" sister but he ended up falling for her instead.

The second is "When He Was Wicked". Oh, loved the tortured hero and the, as Michelle put it, "UATE" scene - just what Francesca needed. Michael was wonderful, but not perfect, and I loved him for it. I was soooo happy when he got his HEA.

I was just checking out JQ's site - absolutely love how she has little "inside the story" for each book. It's kinda special to know those little tidbits of info.

Can't wait for JQ!

Valeen said...

That's great news! It'll be so fun to have JQ here!

Kristi Cook said...

My favorite JQ?! That's tough...because she's hands-down my favorite historical romance author. Oh wait, the question was, who's my favorite Bridgerton? I'd have to say Anthony, in the Viscount Who Loved Me. Loved, loved, LOVED him!!! I could re-read that book a million times and still enjoy it just as much. I credit JQ's books with inspiring me to try writing historical romance myself!