Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Long Distance Down Under

Read this week's feature review of Carrie Bebris' "North by Northanger" at "Romance: B(u)y the Book!" All her Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries have great titles.

So this very nice young PR guy, Zak, writes me pitching a new book called, "The Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide." Zak, who's keepin' it real with his squeeze between OK and Australia, says the book helps couples know they're not alone, and don't have to reinvent the wheel when navigating long-distance relationships. The authors interviewed more than 100 couples for the book.

Zak says LDRSG's campy and fun and ultimately really useful. Well, use the words "campy" and "fun" around here, Zak, and you're our friend for life.

What do you think about long-distance relationships?
Had one? Thinking about one?

Wishing your husband would get lost doesn't count.

Encore! In honor of Zak's girl in Australia, a TGIF tribute to men Down Under. Bellas, I give you:



Julie in Ohio said...

Oh, Michelle, thank you for Hugh in the morning. I am at work today and he just made my day. It must be the way he doesn't look at you. He looks through you. *sigh*

I have done the long distance relationship thing. Surprise, didnt work. I'm not sure what happened but we just grew apart and that was that. Well, what do you expect when you only see each other for about a week every year. I don't know what I was thinking, but it was an experience that I am glad I had.

Anonymous said...

Okay. That picture is delicious. I think I need to write Hugh into my next book. Definitely hero material.

Amanda said...

I've done the long distance thing and though it was okay for a while it's really hard to have a "real" relationship when you only see the person once every couple of months.

For Hugh Jackman, though, I'd make the sacrifice. Sigh. He's so dreamy...

For what it's worth, Eve, I'd read it!

amy kennedy said...

I did the long distance thing a couple of times--college related. When I was a senior in HS in R.I. and my bf went away to Stanford--that lasted @ a year--it's hard, especially for an 18 year old who really liked the boys. Then I went to Worcester (Wooster) MA to college and new bf stayed in RI--hard as well, but lasted longer than my college career.


Long distance is hard--although phone sex is fun. I can find the up-side to anything.

Vivi Anna said...

I'd love to have a long-distance relationship. That would be perfect for me. To see each other once a month, or every other month...have some fantastic sex, great time together without any fighting, or miscommunications, because you're so busy having sex, and grateful for having the sex, that you don't care about the little things that might annoy you...they just don't matter any more.

To me that is perfection!

Kati said...

I read somewhere that Hugh regularly draws his wife's bubble bath for her, and loves to give her pedicures. That just immediately brings visions of BULL DURHAM, another great movie.

Seriously, it's like he's the perfect man. And good news, ladies, he's got a movie out this June (X-MEN III) so he'll be on the press circuit soon. That means lots of pictures and deliciousness in the news!

Lucy Monroe said...

Okay, this is where I admit that having hubby gone overnight on a business trip is a real hardship. I hate being separated from him. We lived in separate cities and saw each other twice a week while we were dating and engaged and I would have gone nuts having to spend more time apart from him. I think long distance can work, just like marriages work for the military, businessmen who travel more than half the year and evangelists. :) But I wouldn't thrive in one. We're all made differently.

Dh and I were discussing something along this lines the other day. We feel this primal connection all the time and crave one another's company even while we are at work. It's not the norm, but *we* feel it. We're both involved with other stuff, but there is no one I'd rather be with than him and vice versa. Sigh...can't imagine having this kind of connection long distance. It would hurt too much.

Just my thoughts.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, Marykate. I loved Bull Durham, too. Good jock chick flick. Not a big KC fan, but wanted to be Susan Sarandon for a while. Still, do, ikinda, esp cause she gets to come home to Tim Robbins, cutie geek talented guy YOUNGER than her.

Hugh was never on my radar scrn til I saw him in Oklahoma and couldn't believe his talent. I thought this pic was unbelievable. Yet another guy made even more attractive cause he digs on his wife.

Vivi. I love the way you think. When my husband travels it can get a little lonely, but the return is something to look forward to. Just love help with the kids. No, you know what I meant. But I love the way you think and talk about sex. We really need to have another sex talk here soon.

I'm sorry to hear that you guys had ld relats that didn't work out. But those creeps weren't good enough for you, anyway. Any time I had long-dst boyfriends, or dtd guys who traveled a lot, it didn't work out. But I trav'd a lot when I first met my husband and it worked out well, I guess. Did I ever tell you the story about the Playboy magazine and the sticky note? I think i did.

You go, Eve. Write Hugh. Can he be made creepy-sexy in one of your Darks?

Amy: I almost titled the blog: It's not just Phone Sex Any More. I thought it was over the top, but figured somebody'd bring it up. Whoda thunk it'd be u? Hmmmm.

Stacy~ said...

I have to admit I like Vivi's way of thinking LOL.

But seriously, I don't think they work for everyone. I don't think I'm wired that way either. I've never been in one so I can't say for sure but I really don't think it would work. I think the phone sex thing can work even if you're not miles or states apart. After reading Suzanne Brockmann's TTD about Bobby and Wes' sister, I would make sure it happened LOL.

Oh this was just a great shot of Hugh. Not only is he completely sexy, is he also completely likeable, which makes him even more sexy.

And lastly, I finished books 1 & 2 in Eloisa James' sisters stories, and just started "Taming the Duke". Wowsa, I love Eloisa's writing! I have to read "Your Wicked Ways" to find out more about Mayne (I actually did read the first 3 books and didn't know it was EJ!)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Michelle, I'm thinking dark, tortured sorcerer in one of my paranormals.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Michelle, beautifying the blog-world day after day.

I did a long distance thing with my husband-to-be for a whole year. He had graduated and gotten a job in MN, I still had a year of college in MA. We had phone bills like you would not believe. Never mind what we did for three hours on the phone every night. Anyway, it was hard, and when he got this idea that I was starting to hang out with another guy (not totally untrue, but mostly untrue) he drove straight through the night from Minneapolis to Cambridge. We went to the Top of the Hub restaurant (on top of the Prudential Tower in Boston) and he asked me to marry him. And to move to MN with him at the end of the school year. I still said yes.

So long distance stinks, but it can be done. Also, it will teach you to type really well with one hand, if you have IM or something like it.

PS: Eve, got that book done yet???

Anonymous said...

My hubby and I had a ld thing going on when I was in college. He stayed in our hometown to go to college there and I went 4 1/2 hours away. Then, he joined the Air Force, so he was in TX and I was still in VA. It obviously worked b/c here we are 7 married years later.

Yes, it sucked, and yes it was hard work. But, like vivi said, there's no fighting--who wants to waste precious long distance phone minutes fighting? Now phone sex, well, that's another matter all together ;-).

amy kennedy said...

I have to say to Lucy--wow, the fact that you crave each other is out of this world.

I have moments of cravedom--but I need other people as well.

And Vivi Anna my husband hates go away on business (rarely does it)but I kind of like it--because then I am so happy to see him when he comes home.

Yes, Michelle of course I was the one to bring it up first.

Julie in Ohio said...

Eve, I'd be the first one lined up at B&N to read that book!
When did you say it was coming out?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

So, I'm not the only one who gave up the Hub of the Universe to follow my man to the Great Midwest? Seems it workded out well for everyone. How romantic, Caroline.

This phone sex thing. I have to admit, it's still fun to disconcert my husband behind his desk. That's not what I meant. I mean over the phone while he's at work. But I can't really surprise him cause I always have to ask, "am I on speakerphone?" cause I never know if he's in a meeting.

Glad it worked out, Anny. Don't we all wish we had today's calling plans way back when?

You know what Stace? I did the same thing with an EJ book before putting 2 and 2 together when I got hooked up with a sattelite interview they were promoting for her.

Monica Burns said...

Gave up for your man? No you're not the only one Michelle. I moved back to Po Dunk SW Virgnia for six miserable years before he finally realized his career wasn't going anywhere unless we came back to Richmond.

And thank you thank you for Hugh!! Next to GB he's almost as much a "to-die-for" hunk. I LOVED him in Kate and LEopold and in Transylvania he was delicious. His death scene was so over the top, but I loved him!

OT - I FINISHED the DAMN BOOK!!! I just sent it out to Deidre!! I'm soooo pumped that I don't know if I'll be able to sleep. And it definitely makes the upcoming outpatient surgery to remove these pesky gall stones a LOT easier to deal with. I won't have the stress of worrying about the book!

Monica <---doing a happy, happy dance!!!

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I did long distance for the first six or seven months or so. It wasn't terrible but it most definitely isn't something I want to do with him again.

We do something frustrating enough as it is. He works the night shift, every week of the year and I work the regular 9 to 5. So we see each other from Friday till Sunday each week and that's it. Its been five years like this so hopefully it won't be much longer.

Valeen said...

Lucy - that's awesome that you feel that craving! That would be cool.

I crave mines company once in awhile ... but its usually cuz I have something to rage about and don't want to wait till Friday. LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Congrats to Monica! HoooRay! Gonna give us a little hint about this one to whet our collective appetite? Glad I could proffer Hugh as a post-book treat. Get some rest before that surgery. We're thinking great thoughts for your quick recovery and good health.

Valeen, there's something to be said about not having to see one's guy too often. When my husband travels, I can get into a nice little rhythm of my own. You're killing me with the "can't wait til Friday." I was totally thinking you meant you were looking forward to something other than kvetching. I was LOLing, too.

My damn kids are home sick today and I have an extraordinary amount of work to get done in the next week-and-a-half. That's why I'm hanging here.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Jules in OH: you're welcome for Hugh, btw. I consider this posting of lovely men my civic duty to the romance community. :)

Rach said...

Yikes!! Sick kids suck! My oldest is home on Spring Break, as am I, so I'm up to my old habits of blogging in the morning. Ah, so happy =)!

Monica, congrats on finishing the book! Heal quickly!

Valeen said...

I'm definitely in a rhythm of my own and don't usually like the routine disrupted. I'm used to my space and quiet time, no fighting over the remote, having a bowl of popcorn for supper or going to sleep at 8pm if I want to. I'm sure it will take some getting used to when he does go to day shift. LOL

amy kennedy said...

Oh, Valeen, I love popcorn for dinner when he's gone. I am at home alone (during school) Mon. mornings and Wednesdays all day--and if these are tampered with by a vacation or sick day I get crabby.

I like to be alone.

Monica--Yah! And listen to Michelle, rest up before surgery.

Michelle, sorry about it being plural in the whole sick child thing.

Anonymous said...

Well, what can I say - I was directed here by the Zak mentioned in the review - I am the Aussie squeeze..... Thanks for Hugh, too.

This is kinda weird, so I'm gonna go now - but good luck to all you gals and guys out there doing it long distance - it's hard work, but it'll be worth it - I haven't read this book, but I'm sure I'll hear alllllll about it - i.e. through Zak.....

Have fun!

---> Michele <---

Unknown said...

Well, I'm Zak, and thanks for all the nice comments. Had no idea I was going to be spotlighted...the publicist normally remains bashfully in the wings. But thanks for all your great stories! There is hope yet!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well, Michele and Zak: Thank you for stopping by. And, yes, Michele, it is creepy that people you don't know are talking about your life. Such is the nature of the web; we mean it all with respect, and a bit of well-natured humor.

Romance readers and writers are all about making connections, so we'd rather read about the new book in relation to human beings who are experiencing love and life, than simply see a cover and read a blurb. And, far be it from us to lose an opportunity to discuss phone sex. Or Hugh Jackman, for that matter.