Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Indiana Jonesin'

La Famiglia Buonfiglio is watching "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." The phrase I just heard Indy say is, "I oughtta kill you right now."

Which is a phrase that would have worked perfectly for me yesterday because I really wanted to freak about a job situation, which would have degraded it pretty quickly into a total snituation.

How do you deal when something bothers you about your job?

Now, I loved Harrison Ford in the Jones movies, and Han Solo was the stuff of an uninformed 11-year-old's dreams. But I can't decide which Indy I like best in "T of Doom:" Prof. Jones, or Swashbuckling Adventurer Jones.

Encore! I'm reading Vivi Anna's "Hell Kat." Talk about swashbuckling adventur(esses). Hoo Doggie!


Tara Marie said...

Well, since I'm a SAHM, my "snituations" usually occur because my husband has pissed me off. I have no problem dealing with that head on--LOL

Anonymous said...

Now, are the young Harrison Ford pics a way of getting over your snituation, Michelle? Now there's a contemplation that could distract a girl from just about anything...

(and am I the only one who thinks the action hero role isn't working so well for him anymore? He still looks pretty good, but his latest films just...make him look old)

Since I work at home, there is no one to whine to about job problems except my friends and husband. That's for the stuff that's in my control; the other stuff, you know, the stuff I am supposed to do but just really (really really) don't want to do? I still whine about it to my friends. Then I buckle down and do the odious thing, so I can reward myself with a good book or a good flick or just lying in the hammock doing nothing for an hour. Lying in the hammock doing nothing for an hour almost always makes me feel better.


PS: Happy Opening Day! I was at Fenway last year for opening day, and it was freezing-- beyond freezing. Today it is nice and sunny and warm-- so I'll take the radio out to the hammock...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yeah, I guess I was getting nostalgic wit the HF pix, Caroline. It’s just, and can I be like a man now and say, I don’t think Harrison’s held up all that well. It’s cause he plays roles way too young for him –the action heroes – instead of doing what Eastwood does, playing his age.

And the whole Calista Flockhart thing totally weirded me out.

My editor, Tim, is also Natl Entertnmt Ed for Internet Broadcasting, whom I write for. Anyhoo. He’d told me he couldn’t promo a book cause he had a preOscar int wi/HF going. I said I thought Lisa Kleypas’d prob rather read about HF than herself anyway.

Tim said, so would his own wife, and he told HF so:

Tim: My wife loves you.

HF: She’ll get over it. Mine did.

I work at home, too, Tara Marie, and I get peeved with my husband all the time. I'm a perfectionist (who never achieves it, mind you), and I think he should be perfect, too. Recently, it occurred to me that I may have some faults. I’m still mulling over that one.

Amanda said...

First of all can I say how much I love you guys? Cause I've been waiting for so long for someone to say that about HF! He just looks tired, poor man. And don't get me started on the earring...

Well, I haven't been to work in forever (thank you, foot surgery!) but snitworthy things are always happening around the office. Usually I have to vent about it to my friends. Once I've let off some steam about it, it generally doesn't seem so bad. For a little while anyway.

Lucy Monroe said...

Tara...isn't it lovely when you can go right to the source? ;)

Caroline...I haven't watched a Harrison Ford pic since he did that one where he lost his memory and fell in love with his wife all over again. That was fab, but I wasn't even tempted by the action adventure flicks. Don't know why...but am even less tempted now. LOL

Michelle...I can so hear him saying that. In his voice in my head and it made me laugh. As for how do I deal with the stuff that peeves me off? I vent to dh. If that isn't enough, I vent to my sisters. I'm *very* careful about venting to people in the biz, even my agent. NY/Toronto/London publishing is a very small world. LOL

Manda...venting does help...for a while, when it gets better, but when the situation persists, or similar ones crop up, it takes chocolate and a seriously good book to get me in a better mood. LOL

Julie in Ohio said...

Did you hear that HF is actually making another Indiana Jones movie? I heard that it is in the works. I hope that Indy had a son that no one knew about because as much as I love him I can't see him wielding a whip.

Manda, I'm so with you on the earring.

As for venting my work anger, I am blest to have my mother as my office manager. Needless to say, when I'm upset about something I don't hold back.

Anonymous said...

The last HF film I thought was really good, and good for him, was The Fugitive. Thankfully this is a movie my dh and I can watch together. I sincerely hope those Indiana Jones rumors are not true, or that the main action will be done by someone else. I'm sorry, he's just past the point.

And now I've revealed just how much time I spend thinking about things like that...whoops...

However, Michelle, we would like to read about Lisa Kleypas, too. She wrote my all-time favorite romance novel ever, and I've been her slave ever since.

Vivi Anna said...

Yeah Michelle, you're reading my book!!! HOORAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved Temple of Doom. And Star Wars.

As to work peeves, I walk 'em off. Me and my huge, fluffy, stubborn dog. It works wonders, LOL!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well, I only have cats, Eve. But I do get relaxed when I pet them. I can't wait till you guestblog on the 20th.

Which is your fave LK book, Caroline? Yeah, I have to beg for Entertainment index page space to promo AuthorViews. I can't fault anyone there for not understanding, cause I'm lucky IB is even taking a chance on romance. You know what I mean. We'll get there; they're a good crew.

OHNOPLEASE! Not another IJones with HF. I'm in the long-lost son camp.

Lucy! You make one of the best points anyone can make about "the biz," which I'll translate in my favorite, klassy way: one does not poop where one eats. The hard part is finding someone you can trust to usher you through the stuff that insiders learn the hard way, w/o looking green or having your trust broken.

I think venting to friends is probably the best, Julie. They always take our side even when we know we're (kinda) wrong. Or can point out that we're not crazy, we are viewing a situation clearly. Plus, we usually get to eat good stuff when we're kvetching with friends, right?

Lucy Monroe said...

Vivi...*I* want to read your book. I guess I'd better order it, huh? LOL My TBR shelves are groaning, but I really want to read that one.

Michelle...exactly. I've got some wonderful friends in the writing biz that I trust implicitly, but it took me a while to get here and I trusted some wrong people along the way. When my London ed started quoting myself back to me, I knew one of my confidants was not so confidential and it was a long time before I talked to anyone in the biz about anything that could be construed as even slightly negative again. :)

Hugs to all,

Rach said...

And here I thought I was the only one who thought HF was not aging well. Okay, taking that back a little. He is looking old and tired and not suited to the action hero roles, like Caroline said. And, I agree with the rest of you that the earring and Calista just freak me out. As much as I love the Indy movies, I absolutely CANNOT see him reprising the role now. Eeeewwwwwww. For goodness sake, act your age man!

Ah, onto "snituations" (btw, *GREAT* word, Michelle!!). My hubby threw me into one at 6:00 this a.m. I'm up at 4:30 to feed the minimonkey in my life, and then up for the day at 5:00. Oh, and I do all the mommy things like breakfast, etc. All he has to do is get up the big monkey and get her dressed and get himself ready. Apparently this task is beyond him, and all you-know-what broke out this morning (as it has done of late since I went back to work, ugh!) and I'd finally had it. I too went right to the source (via the cell phone) and pretty much stated some changes had to be made, PRONTO. We'll see tomorrow.

Okay, venting, and TMI, but hey, what are friends for?? =) Thanks for bearing with me!

Stacy~ said...

You ladies are so right on! I loved Harrison Ford as Indy, and really loved him as Han Solo. He was great in "Regarding Henry" and also in "Airforce One". Now he's trying to be younger than his age and to me that is just sad. He kinda comes across as a bit of a jerk. If he wasn't into conservationism, I think I would write him off all together (especially with that comment about his wife getting over loving him).

Sometimes it seems we all take turns venting at work with each other cuz we can all sympathize. And it helps a lot. Usually the snituations are revolving around other people or issues beyond us, so it makes it easy to be there for each other. Thank God we all get along LOL.

amy kennedy said...

Ack! I've missed a good one again--HF, how I used to adore--now I have a hard time looking at him.


amy kennedy said...

Ack! I've missed a good one again--HF, how I used to adore--now I have a hard time looking at him.


Anonymous said...

Okay ... I have to admit I've never seen an Indiana Jones movie.

Job woes .. usually I'll rage to my co-worker if it doesn't involve him. If it does, well then usually a friend online gets the worst of that rant. My fiance works the night shift so he isn't home when I get there ... and by the time Friday rolls around I'm not in a raging mood anymore - so he doesn't usually hear about them.

Monica Burns said...

I was in my early 20s when I developed my one and only pop/rock star crush. HF was it. I had pictures all over the place in my room. Pretty pathetic when I think about it.

HF has DEFINITELY not held up over the years. I'm appalled that he's signed on to do another Indiana Jones. I sure hope it's to pass the torch to a younger actor, say Johnny Depp or maybe Gerard??? *sigh*

Now Clint....that man didn't make my heart go pitter patter years ago, but OMIGOD!! Now!!! He and Tommy Lee Jones are TO DIE FOR!! I'm betting. Who said that people don't improve with age! LOL


Kristi Cook said...

Talk about 'snaxy'--nothing is more so than a young Harrison Ford as either Indy or Han Solo! Okay, that didn't even remotely answer the question at hand, did it?!