Thursday, April 06, 2006

In Seri(es)ous Trouble

I hate that I'm so crazed for series. I mean "single title" series. Once I've read one, I've gotta read all.

So I just finished a reissue of Sabrina Jeffries' "A Dangerous Love," one of the Swanlea Spinsters trilogy. Now I'm obsessed. Good news is: since they're all out already (sorta, cause "A Notorious Love," book 2 reissue is out in May and "After the Abduction" is still in print) I don't have to wait for her to write em. Bad news: I can't wait to read the rest.

I think Jeffries is a great writer/storyteller and her books are total feel-good, really naughty/sexy reads.

If you like series,' how's come? Which ones?

Encore! Add to your Blog Crawl: She's got a great list of books she's read to date, and the blogchat is pretty lively. She also has lots of links to places romance readers wanna be (besides in bed with a bag of cheese puffs and a steamy read).
Encore due! Tomorrow's my day for guestblogging on Cosmochix! What should I write about? I'm thinking thong underwear and black leather bustier...


Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for series. And I've very anal about reading them in order. I like the recurring characters, watching them grow, learning bits of their story before their own book. I love seeing a couple in a book down the line, how they are getting along, children.

Quinn's Bridgertons, Kurland's McLeods & dePiagets, Lindsey's Mallorys, SK's DarkHunters, Julie Garwood, Jude Deveraux, Nora Roberts, Lisa Kleypas, Gaelen Foley's Knights. I really could go on and on.

amy kennedy said...

Ditto on why I like series.

I don't know what you should write about, but I can't wait to read it.

Amanda said...

I think I like series because they seem to better reflect how we interact with other people. People live in social groups whether it be family or friends or co-workers and I like to see the dynamics among people in these groups. Also, there is just nothing like the anticipation for the next book in a series.

Some of my faves include Eloisa James' Pleasures series, Duchess series, and the Essex Sisters series; Madeline Hunter's Seducer series; Celeste Bradley's Spies and Royal Four series; Mary Balogh's Slightly series; and Edith Layton's various series over the years; and Jo Beverley's Company of Rogues and Mallorens.

For old school series fun, I adored Patricia Veryan's the League of Jewelled Men series. They were sweet, funny adventure/swashbuckling/romance stories and she was great at making you salivate for the last book in the series about August Falcon, The Mandarin of Mayfair.

Lucy Monroe said...

I love series because I get to revisit worlds that I loved reading about. So, if I love a story, I'm thrilled to find out it's connected to other stories. I want to see those characters again...their world...repeat the experience of joy I had reading the first book.

Julie in Ohio said...

I,too, love reading a series. I enjoy watching the characters from the beginning book and how the have grown in the last book.

I am like Valeen in the sense that I have to read a series in order. I can't mix up the sequence even with one book.

The downfall for me is if I have started a series and didn't like the first or second book, I have to read the rest of them anyways. That is my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at work. I have been burned by this, but if I don't it gets ugly.

My favorite series author is Julia Quinn followed very closely by Eloisa James and Lisa Kleypas. But you can add to the list in no special order Nora Roberts, Teresa Medieros, and Christina Dodd.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OMG, JIO. I'm withya on the OCD reasoning. Even if I don't like one book in a series, I keep plowing through the next just to give the author another try. I figure, there's something good here, so it'll probably get better. You're right. Doesn't always work that way.

I guess I read series also when an author's created such a rich setting and community, as it were, that it's ripe for more happenings. I also love a sister or BOB series.

Crikey, Manda! Love the seducer series (Romantic is my favorite; aah, Julian). Did you read Hunter's "By" medieval series? Hoo Baby, I lerve em. (a degree higher than love=lerve) the Jewelled Men? Sounds a little like a Broadway show, but you make it sound intriguing and now I'm dying to read it.

Valeen: I read the Liz Carlyles through the Devils, but out of order. But it didn't bother me too much. I love when I stumble on a series that's been out a while. I can read the whole thing and not wait a year for the next.

My first favorite series: Rose Hunters/C Brockway, bks 1/2 esp. Julia Quinn's Bridgerton's/the final comes out soon. Balogh's Slightly/Dangerous favorite. Suzanne Enoch's London's Perfect, etc. Lori Foster's Wilde and Truth or Dare series (reissue recently). Jeffries' Royal Brotherhood (esp bk 2 where the hero's so big he has to get on his knees just to kiss the chick at eye'level (I know, I know. I just love the whole BiMBiAW thing). Nora Roberts' Quinn Bros...

I went with the leather bustier blog for CosmoChix tomorrow, Ames.

amy kennedy said...


I have accidentally read a series book out of order--or started in the middle, and I can report the world did not explode. But then I got the first in the series and started from the beginning.

I'm getting less obsessive about that, because I have stopped people from checking out series books if they haven't read the first (I work in a library)

I read the W/D at around 15 or 16 and understood the rape scene had everything to do with a conquering Normandy army and nothing to do with love in my time. But I still could have done with a chat from my Mom.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Could you imagine having a talk with one's mom about that, Ames?

"Uh, Mom? If a guy throws me on the, bed, doesn't bother undressing me, rapes me, then falls asleep, does it mean he's the Right One for me?"

"Oh, honey, don't be silly. Is he rich?"

"No, but he's a man who's in all ways big."

"Hmmm. Well you can love a big man as easily as a rich one..."

Stacy~ said...

Hmmm, that woulda been some "chat" with mom... 'em. JQ's Bridgertons, JD Robb's In Death, LFoster's Visitation series, LMonroe's Mercenary series, SK's Dark Hunters, MJD's Undead girl, Shiloh Walker's Hunters....the list is endless.

But I'm with the OCD group here - gotta read them in order. When I first started the In Death series, I got #1, then had to get all 11 or 12 books that were also out at that time. Plus the ones in the anthologies. I'm really anal about that kinda stuff...

Julie in Ohio said...

I'm just beginning Christine Feehan's Dark series and, boy, is Amazon happy to have me as a customer.

Anonymous said...

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