Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm a Goofball: Installment, the First

Last week, I thought I'd try to force-feed the word snaxy into the general romance readers lexicon by using it in my "Surrender" review, and giving props to the woman who offered it up in the first place.

I should have attributed it in the column to Rachd, but got confused. I'm officially apologizing.

Now, Rache never said a word about this, just came back on the blog and chatted with us per usual. But Stacy, to whom I'd attributed the "coinage?" She let me know the props weren't hers to revel in. So:


...wherever in cyberspace you call home, Bella, thanks for offering up snaxy, the best word we've heard in a long time to describe a good-lookin man.
Encore! This is kinda creepy, but the other day I realized that I think of the women who blog with me as my actual friends:

Does that make me pathetic, or just make a successful blog?


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Author Pamel Clare just stopped by the post "Higlanders, Nathan, and Stacy!" to tell us bout her own experience interviewing romance novel cover guys for the newspaper for which she's editor.

amy kennedy said...

You're a goofball? It took me three times looking at your comment to figure out what you meant. Finally the light bulb went on.

I'm glad Rachd got her due.

And I was going to say hi to Monica Burns--I wondered where she had been to, here all this time she'd been writing--welcome back.

Rach said...

Well, call me pathetic too, because ya'll are definitely friends. Strange though it is. I guess that is definitely a sign this is a successful blog. As I have said before, I like to be here and at SR because I know the people are going to be nice and respectful to one another. I only wish I had more time to blog now that I'm back at work. Unfortunately, I get to the so-called party late, and then I just feel stupid leaving comments, ya know?

Oh, and Michelle, I forgive you! =) (Duh, like I wouldn't. Snaxy just seems to be a word we should all use since it is perfect! =0) ).

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL on both the faux pas and the feeling of friendship. I'd say this blog is very successful and frankly, I feel that way about a lot of my cyber...yes...friends. :)


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I love to e-meet folks, too, Lucy. It's one of the "funnest" bennies of my job. I guess we congregate toward women who think a lot like we do. But also, I think we feel safe enough here to toss onto the table differing views without fear of criticism or group ostricism. sp? What I mean is, we don't devour our own, which is important among romance readers and writers.

Rach said...

You are so right, Michelle. We romance junkies gotta stick together! This is so horrible to admit, and I don't know why I do it, but I still get embarassed when I tell people I'm a romance reader. Why is there such a stigma? I know this has been blogged to death, but I still felt the need to put it out there. And, since we all are so kind to one another, I knew I could put this out there.

Monica Burns said...

Of course you're NOT a Goofball! Phsst! I think the most wonderful thing about the Internet is that it's allowed people with like interests to hang together just like those coffee klatches my Mom had when she was first married. You know, where all the gals get together and chat?? Well, this is our coffee klatch, Michelle, and I for one love coming here!

As for faux pas, I'm the reigning queen, so you're just gonna have to settle for the princess title ok? *grin*

Thanks for missing me Ames, I didn't get to write The End tonight. Primarily because I lost 8 hours writing time yesterday cuz I wound up in the ER with a bad, bad case of indigestion. HOWEVER, I'm always one to Carpe Diem, and I had a full staff of female docs and nurses in stitches as I elaborated on the wondrous life of an erotic romance writer. Naturally I had GREAT encouragement from the drugs they pumped into my IV. I was on a roll and the DH just ROLLED his eyes every time, but I made him hand out my business cards, and the ladies all wrote the title of my book down. Anything for a sale the DH groaned as we were leaving. LOL

So I'll be popping in tomorrow or Tues to see what everyone's up too. Michelle, I love visiting your place. I sure as hell can't talk romance at work, home or with my non-cyber friends like I can you all.

Hugs, Monica

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Monica! The only reason, ever, to spend time in the ER is to gawk at handsome young doctors. Research, of course. I hope you're feeling better and I so know and love that IV drug feeling...lucky girl.

We're gonna talk romance readers' embarrassment tomorrow. I LOVE the subject.

I hope you're feeling better soon, and will keep stopping by. It's fun to have you here, and an honor to get to know so many fine new friends.

Rach said...

Yes, Monica, feel better soon!

Michelle, I too love the embarrassment topic, and would love to comment, but probably won't get to until after bed time tomorrow night. Boo hoo hoo. Can't wait to read all about it, though!

Stacy~ said...

Okay, I'm joining the party late (you're not the only one Rach! It's the story of my life LOL) And I agree about loving the fact I have you guys here to chat romance with - not something I can really talk about at work or w/ my closest friends (one of whom I was just with and we celebrated her birthday today)

Rach, you do deserve credit for bringing us such a cool, decadent word - it just sounds so deliciously wicked ;)

Hi Lucy! (waving)

Monica, I'm glad you're doing okay and I would have loved to have heard that conversation with the nurses and the doctors - funny how you were the one that kept THEM in stitches (okay, sorry about that!)

Stacy~ said...

Oh, I forgot to mention I am currently reading Eloisa James' "Much Ado About You" and it is amazing.

The other thing I forgot to mention (Michelle, apologizing for shameless plug here!) is I'm having a Lucy Monroe contest at my blog (don'tcha just love her?) and here is the link for anyone who's interested :)

Amanda said...

Oh, Monica, I was going to ask earlier if you'd gotten to THE END. So sorry about the ER visit, hope you are feeling better.

So true about the good looking guys at the hospital. I'm always sad when I realize this because invariably my single self is looking all sickly when I end up there. But I am convinced it makes one heal faster...

Michelle, if you are a goofball then I don't know what that makes the rest of us!!! I definitely agree with Michelle that this is a modern day equivalent of the coffee klatch. I think of the folks on the blogs I visit as friends too.

Long live SNAXY and the ladies who know what it means!!!

Amanda said...

Oh and Hi Lucy!

And glad you are loving Much Ado About You, Stacy! Isn't Lucius snaxy?

Amanda said...

And hi to Amy and Stacy and Rach, too. Some days I don't feel like I don't get to talk to everybody...

Stacy~ said...

Morning kids! Have a great day :)

Um, yeah Manda, Lucius is very snaxy ;)

amy kennedy said...

Stacy and Rachd--I usually get back on the blog after bed time as well, so I'll see you tonight. Rachd--love the pic of what I assume is the family.

Monica, how I wish I was an er dr. or nurse--you made their night I'm sure.

And Mandacoll I was just thinking about my mom's coffee klatch too--I'm sure it's what kept most of these women sane.

Lucy, cyber friends--that's it.

And Michelle once again--we love a goofball, because we are all goofballs.

Rach said...

Thanks, Amy. Yup, that's the fam! =)

see, we really *are* all friends here. Welcome goofballdom. Um is that a word??

Anonymous said...

Not creepy atall!! I do the exact same thing. And wonder the exact same thing! LOL

Snaxy! I love that!