Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Highlanders, Nathan, and Stacy! (Oh, My)

Update!!! Our Bella on the Front Lines, Brianna Yamashita at Dorchester Publishing has made contact with Nathan Kamp re an ExtraView interview for Romance: B(u)y the Book news sites. Please, blog on here to help me convince Nathan I'm no pathetic stalker, that I really am interested in a legit interview!

Pamela Clare's "Surrender" is this week's feature review on Romance: B(u)y the Book! Head on over and read why RBtheBlogger Stacy just may be creating the biggest sensation since the first hunk was called a "hottie."

Encore! OK. I didn't wanna hafta do it, but nobody's biting yet from the Nathan Kamp, well, camp. So, I guess it's time to pull out the big guns. Remember: I'm the one who wants to give him a chance to be seen by romance readers as more than just an objectified body. Bellas, I give you...

Nathan's abs.

Encore due! I feel so dirty.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, Stace: I have had almost all of those novels come across my desk at some point and never, ah say, never realized they were all the same guy. I didn't even start picking up on him until Kenyon's, was it Sei(ie)ze the Night?

I really don't pay a ton of attention to the covers, cause I assume they have nothing to do with the story, and I've gotta get right to the meat. Maybe I should spend a couple more secs on the cover guys.

Anyway, congrats on your 15 minutes of Romance: B(u)y the Book fame! (a dubious honor, indeed) :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Whew...I'm home. And it's lovely to be here...and I'm so with you, Michelle! I had no idea that all those covers had the same model. Stacy, darlin'...you rock in your powers of observation!

Hugs to all,

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh...and Michelle...the link to Pam's review and interview is missing the n in romance. I got there though...I perservered. LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Lucy! Cursed html.

Welcome back from vacation. I still miss mine, you? How did the writing go.

So, listen, do you think this Nathan Kamp interview thing is gonna work out? I've been astounded by the numbers of referrals my blog gets from google searches, etc. on his name. He is, apparently , a very popular guy.

I think my wanting to write this interview has something to do with tearing down stereotypes and showing facets of individuals and subjects.

I mean, we read and write Romance Novels, for gosh sake. Who knows better than we about dying for folks to understand there's more to the genre we love than ripped bodices and men who are big in all ways?

Not that there's anything wrong with that in and of itself.

Wouldn't it be cool to stand the Romance Novel Cover Guy stereotype on its head and show a different side?

Rach said...

Hi Guys! Welcome back Michelle =).

Mr. Sanxy is one FINE fine man! =)

On a more serious note, I think an interview would be wonderful because, like you say, Michelle, we're trying to move past the stereotypes associated with Romance novels. What better way to do that than by interviewing a cover model. (And, to lose my objectivity once again, *drool*!) I sincerely hope it works out!

Lucy Monroe said...

Michelle...I think the interview idea is GREAT. Seriously...I don't understand why he wouldn't jump at the chance to demystify himself...unless of course he likes the whole mystery aura thing and that's part of his mystique. I don't know...but I hope he decides to do it. Another angle could be to interview his wife. Get her view of what it's like to be married to a cover model, what he's like...what they're like as a couple. Who knows? It could be way cool.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

As my son would say, Lucy, "Brilliant!" The whole wife angle would be great, wouldn't it? Don't we always talk about how committment makes a guy exponentially sexier?

Thanks, Rach. It's great to be back. I was explaining this whole interview thing to my husband tonite (he's an old school journalist from way back). I was suggesting that in my eagerness to scoop a kind of story I don't remember reading anywhere else, I may be starting to look as if I'm on the verge of seeming creepy.

He said, "I appreciate your being dogged about getting a story. But two weeks ago you didn't know who this guy was, and already it seems like we've been talking about it for months."

However it shakes out, it's kinda fun sharing with you guys what it's like to try to make an interview, article, etc., happen.

amy kennedy said...

Hey, am I too late to add my two cents--who am I kidding, it's way more than two cents.

You are not creepy. You are a professional who's going after the big story. Big in all ways.

And wasn't it your husband who encouraged you to start a blog? Remind him of this.

And Nathan, if you're listening, what could it hurt--I know you think If you do this for Michelle--you'll have to do it for everyone, but no. But no, you don't. Plus we'd love to hear from your wife too. Seriously.

amy kennedy said...

P.S. My favorite covers:
Wildly Winston
Sword of Darkness

A fine list you've compiled Stacy dear.

Stacy~ said...

Wow, this was a nice surprise! Um, Michelle you are no more a stalker than I am - only difference is you are a professional writer whereas I pretty much do it for fun.

As for the all those covers, ssually I'm not so obvservant either, but hey, this guy caught my attention ;) Amy, I love the Sword of Darkness cover the best, too.

Thanx ladies for putting up with my little idiocencracies. And Nathan, wherever you are, I hope you decide to let Michelle interview you and put a positive spin on the cover model aura.

Oh, for those who want to see my tribute at my blog, this is the best link:

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Stace: Thanks for link and the link back here. I was especially interested that you mention he's part of the Models for Christ thing, because I thought it showed there was definitely another side to this guy, and I've been researching the whole Inspirational (Christian) romance sub-genre of late.

I like the exploration of what some see as a dichotomy between sex in romance and immorality. I like how Eloisa James dealt with the issue in "Kiss Me, Annabel." And I like how many Christian authors like Tamara Alexander are really "sanctifying" the idea of sexual emotion as part of love and romance.

So I was wondering if folks would see the same kind of dichotomy in taking one's clothes off for the camera and being a Christian, as we get pounded for in writing reading romance.

Ames: Thank you! I'll keep reminding Dave that he empowered me to write silly things and to begin ogling younger men online as part of my self-defined midlife crisis.

Yeah, I do dig this blog. It's a fun release from the confines of writing the columns for the sites. But I should make myself clear: you know how I adore writing Romance: B(u)y the Book. It's one of the best things I've been fortunate enough to do.

amy kennedy said...

You sort of hit on some things I'd be interrested in knowing: Does Nathan ever say 'no' to certain covers, does he know what the books are about, does he care, etcetera-etcetera-etcetera.

Watched The King and I the other night--it's how, at the tender age of, well a really tender age, I fell in love with bald men.

TMI--I know.

Anonymous said...

When I interviewed a certain male romance cover model, I told him I was trying to understand what it felt like to be in his shoes. Did he feel objectified by the female attention? What had he learned about women by modeling for the covers of these books? As he must have spent so much time in the gym to get that physique, did he see other men hurting themselves trying to emulate him?

It worked. ;-)

Thanks so much for the interview and the review, Michelle. And good luck in connecting with the delectable Nathan Kamp. I'm delighted to have him on the cover of my book.

Jolie Mathis said...

Nathan's on my cover too, THE SEA KING (a Berkley Sensation 6/06 release)! :)

Take a peek at www.joliemathis.com

Hubba hubba!

I hope you get his interview!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Jolie: You lucky girl, you. It's a great cover. You know, in his upcoming interview, Nathan was talking about covers and...wait. I can't give it away. You have to read the interview May 9/16.

I'm intriqued. Vikings, Norsemen. Your book sounds interesting. I hope you'll keep visiting us!

Male model said...

Nothing wrong with some objectification in an interview if you ask me. I'm a male model myself and as long as my female clients/customers interview me properly I don't mind showing off some abs. After all it's great authors like you who's the reason me and colleagues have a nice job with many opportunities, in fact that's the reason I work hard on maintaining and improving my physique, so having images of what's desired is an advantage.