Monday, April 17, 2006

Corpse and Dagger

Eve Silver writes dark-but-fun Neo-Gothic romances. Her debut, "Dark Desires" has this really hot corpse-totin' doctor hero, and a not-so-blushing, but still ingenuous heroine.

Eve Silver's gonna be here to guestblog, April 20! I don't know what she'll blog about, cause she ain't yappin', but it should be good. Eve's also a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, and turned me on to JR Ward.

Are you a fan of Gothic or Neo-Gothic romances?
Encore! Read it and whimper, Bellas: I just finished Emma Holly's "All U Can Eat." So awesome on so many levels, I can barely describe it. Which sucks if you're a reviewer. But, suffice it to say, it was freakin hot.


Vivi Anna said...

Oh, I love Eve! And I'm even more excited because she's Canadian and I get to meet her in November...she's coming to speak at my RWA chapter conference!! Wohoooooo!!!

amy kennedy said...

Gothics are what I cut my sharp little romantic teeth on in JHS. I just got Eve's Dark Desires and can't wait to start it.

So yes--any kind of gothic.

Valeen said...

I'm in a hit and miss situation with Gothic romances right now. Some of them I love, others don't work for me. But I almost always give them a try.

Are all the vampire books popping up and Dark-Hunters considered gothic as well?

Eve ... where are you in Canada? I'm in the Maritimes and swear summer has come and gone already.

Kristi Cook said...

I LOVED Eve's Dark Desires, and it totally reminded me of the old-school gothics I used to love to read--like Victoria Holt. Or even Daphne duMaurier. I don't know if duMaurier's books are actually considered 'gothics' but they certainly had some of the required elements.

Can't wait for Eve's next book--the cover is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I loved Eve's book and can't wait for her next one. She grabbed me right in the beginning it was so creepy. Someone gave me a Mary Stewart when I was in my teens and I read all of hers and then went on to Victoria Holt who was outstanding in gothics. Too bad we can't find very many now but I guess they're not what's hot right now. I'm glad Eve's helping those of us who really like gothics. The Victorian Era was perfect for them and nothing is creepier than a rainy night in a dark part of town. Better stop before I scare myself.

And Eve is one author who answers emails too. I know that for a fact.

Stacy~ said...

I remember reading Victoria Holt and (was it?) Phyllis Whitney when I was a young'un - I guess my mom felt they were safe enough (and tried to steer me away from her Harlequins LOL. I loved the sense of danger and mystery, and a bit of the supernatural.

Nowadays I would categorize some of the vamp books I read as neo-gothic. And I still love all those elements in my stories. Gothics are not my main reading pleasure, but every once in awhile I have a taste for them that must be satisfied. I haven't read Eve's stories, but inevitably I will be keeping an eye out for them.

Kati said...

I'm not usually a huge gothic fan, but I adore Lydia Joyce and think she's brilliant, and she writes a very "gothic-esque" (I made that word up) novels. MUSIC OF THE NIGHT was sensational.

I'm very interested in Eve's book, and since she obviously has exceptional taste in authors (JR Ward is in my top 5 favorite authors right now), how can I resist?! Can't wait to hear more about the book!

Anonymous said...

Vivi - can't wait to come visit you in November!

amy'skf - thanks for picking up Dark Desires. I hope you'll drop me a note and let me know if you enjoy the story.

Valeen - I'm just north of Toronto, and actually, I think spring has finally touched down here.

Kristina - thanks for the cover comment. The guy on His Dark Kiss is sooo hot!

anneg - oooh... I do love a dark, rainy night...

stacy - I agree with you. Some of the vamp books have a neo-gothic style. Lynn Veihl definitely comes to mind.

marykate - I am so with you on JR Ward!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Bellas. Hmmm. Why doesn't it surprise me that so many of youz have Dark Sides? I never read many Gothics, although I always dig a Gothic flick or depiction. Anybody catch "Gormenghast" on PBS? That might not be spelled right. But the coach/hero from "Beckham" starred in it. I also remember him bare-bummed in a dismal flick, that seemed promising, I think called the Governess. Neither here/there.

I like that folks are using what MK calls gothicesque(feel free to create and we'll add it to the Lexicon) ambiance, etc., in romance. But, like any "borrowing" of style, it has to be done right and done fresh (kinda like KFC, I guess). Or else it's just wallpapering, like Pamela Clare calls "faux historicals." So, just having a creepy guy with a couple literal skeletons in his closet isn't enough, the rest of the book has to have the darkness, the eerie flavor (can something taste eerie, I think not), etc.

AnneG! Glad to hear from you! It's true, that Eve's really accessible. I couldn't get over how romance authors seemed to want to communicate with their readers, and this was long before I started writing the column. I don't think other genres have authors who are quite so willing to be part of readers' reading lives.

OK. Guess who should be writing but isn't? That'd be me.

Hey! How 'bout our romance-lovin Neighbors to the North (as we Americans like to consider Canadians, since, we of course think of ourselves as the center of the Universe). You jeunes filles rock, Evie and Vivi and Valeen! What's goin on on the Can. Romance Scene?

amy kennedy said...

I'm giving a big hello to Anneg too--yah! Hope you comment all the time.

Seriously, I love Canada, and I'm not just sucking-up--maybe a little.

Michelle, I love the gothic movies as well--I really don't have anything new to add, I just like commenting.

Amanda said...

Dang it! Ya miss one day of the blog and all kinds of fun stuff happens!

Eve, I was in a grad program at UToronto in my previous life as an academic. Love Toronto. Such a cool city and the countryside to the north is lovely too! Also I was a big Victoria Holt fan back in the day and can't wait to get hold of your books...been wanting some good old fashioned ambiance...

Michelle, I can't remember the guy from The Governess, but that movie was dismal, wasn't it? It could have been so good. What happened?

Okay, going to check today's blog...