Friday, April 28, 2006

Week of Wet: T.G.I.F. For You, Anyway

I can't believe I almost forgot this one, Bellas:

I'm on my way to the Washington (DC) Romance Writer's Retreat at Harper's Ferry. They've given me the tremendous honor of inviting me to be their guest, and asking me to speak all about Romance: B(u)y the Book. The best part? I'm telling them all about youz. The surreal part? I'm on the program just before a pretty popular romance writer. Perhaps you've heard of her. Nora Roberts?

I'm perfectly calm. Feelin no pressure. at. all. None. Really.

So, wish me buona fortuna, "into the mouths of the wolves," whatever. The title of my presentation? "Free Reads and Snaxy Men -- The Romance: B(u)y the Book Story!"

How do you psych yourself up, and keep yourself cool, before a big event?

Party, job presentation, maybe a new playgroup with the ubermoms from one town over. What's your secret?

Encore! I'll tell you all about it Monday.

Encore due! Blog Alert: Emma Holly guestblogs Tuesday May 2 to celebrate the release of the yummy/sexy "All U Can Eat."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Week of Wet: Cent'Anni *

I once visited Argentina for three weeks. Without a doubt, these were some of the loveliest people I'd ever seen. At least as a 22-year-old.

So, at that time, if a woman smiled at a guy on the street in Buenos Aires, he took it as an invitation. An invitation. And followed her home. I found that out the hard way. I can still see him tapping his keys on the glass door of the apartment building were I was staying. He was really cute. It was really creepy.

There are a lot of people of Italian descent in Buenos Aires.

Raol Bova is Italian, really cute, and only partially wet in this very cool b/w.

Why do guys get the "wrong ideas?"
How can they know what we're thinking?

Encore! *Cent' anni (pronounced djen-dahn by most) is an Italian phrase that's used often to toast to someone's health. It means "one hundred years," and kinda means "hope you live to be a hundred." Or, depending on who you're toasting, it could mean "you're probably gonna live to be a hundred and outlive us all, you old coot."

Encore due! Raol's a cutie, but I don't think he does Italian as well as Nathan Kamp. Check out Nathan in the March blog: "On the Cusp of the Duke." Did I mention the 2-part ExtraView with Nathan Kamp is coming up May 9 and 16 on Romance: B(u)y the Book?

Encore tre! Check out my blog on CosmoChix and remember: CosmoChick Emma Holly's here to guestblog May 2!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Week of Wet: It's A Date!!!

Well, I'd love to stay here and talk
about nothing but the fact that

My EXCLUSIVE 2 Part ExtraView with Nathan Kamp will be published

Monday, May 9th Part I
and Monday, May 16th Part II

but I've got a CosmoChix blog going today.

So head on over to to read "Why I Dig Romance Novel Cover Guys," then come back and we'll discuss among ourselves. Please.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Week of Wet: E. M. D. *

* English Major's Dream

Who's your choice for Snaxiest Guy in Middle Earth?
Monica Burns asks: Who are some other guys who look snaxiest when they're at their scruffiest?
Daccord, AnneG! Do you mean Olivier Martinez?
Liberté, Egalité, et Snaxissité


Encore! Next week, special guestblog with Emma Holly, celebrating the release of "All U Can Eat." It's so erotic, and it's out May 2. The same day Emma's here! Cool how that works out, huh?
Encore due! I see Viggo here, and all I can think is: I wants my precious. God, wasn't he just beautiful in that last scene when he was all cleaned up real good?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Week of Wet: H2O-key Dokey

Buon giorno, and welcome to the
First Annual Romance: By the Blog "Week of Wet."
All handsome men. All mostly damp and/or dripping.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you...


You're welcome.

Why do we like to look at em wet?


Encore! Yes, I'm really busy this week and came up with this fairly lame concept to make for ease of blogging.

Encore due! I can't promise you this won't become bi-annual.

Encore tre! Did you know that "Darcy and Elizabeth: Days and Nights at Pemberly," by Linda Berdoll is out? It's the sequel to the sequel of "Pride and Prejudice," "Mr Darcy Takes a Wife." I'm looking forward to starting it. From Sourcebooks.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wet 'n Dreamy

This is Takeshi Kaneshiro. He's very wet.

Takeshi wants you to know that "My Favorite Witch" is the new feature review on Romance: B(u)y the Book. Pop on over. Don't forget to check out the AuthorView and Old Flame, too.


Encore! "My Favorite Witch" is a pro-jock romance. Do you know how hard it is to write about them without using sports metaphors?

What are some of your favorite sports metaphors and sayings?

Friday, April 21, 2006

My Kinda Romance Hero

Does this look like the kind of guy who
waxes rhapsodic over his love for his wife?

Well, let me tell you, when I interviewed him the other day, the things he said about his wife were some of the most eloquent, heartfelt, respectful words I've ever heard a man offer about the woman he loves.

Can you believe it? Nathan Kamp did the interview! It was terrif, and I can't wait to write the ExtraView series and give it up for you to read on Romance: B(u)y the Book.

I don't think he'd have given the interview if it weren't for your interest in knowing more about him than how many sit-ups he does daily. Molto grazie, Bellas!

Wouldja help me start spreadin the word, please?


Encore! Thank you, Brianna Yamashita of Dorchester Publishing, for making the contact with Nathan. You flippin rock, Bella!

Encore due! Thank you EVE SILVER for guestblogging for us. We're looking forward to having you back with us in November to celebrate the release of "His Dark Kiss." Great cover, btw.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Eve Silver Asks...

What is it about a dark hero that makes him so very hot?

He's tortured, isolated, even disconnected from the world. Terrible things have happened to him. Or perhaps he has done terrible things. He is secretive, even a little sinister, seemingly beyond redemption. And yet, the heroine loves him and the reader loves him, and on the surface, that is just... baffling.

He is the exile, the mysterious, passionate rebel, a flawed man made all the more intriguing by the nuances of his character.

Why does the heroine love him when he is so hard to love?

The truth is, the heroine in a dark story is as strong as—perhaps stronger than—the hero. She is brave, resilient, courageous, a woman of true valor, the only woman who can breach the hero’s tragic isolation and bring warmth to his barren soul.

In my debut novel, DARK DESIRES, dangerously attractive anatomist, Dr. Damien Cole, is suspected of being the killer who hunts in the back alleys of Whitechapel. Damien is tortured, tormented by emotional pain and he has blunted his senses, walling himself off from all hope of love. As the bodies line up one by one, the heroine, Darcie Finch, must decide if Damien is worthy of her love or if he is a terrifying creature, unburdened by guilt or remorse, a murderer who prowls the East End streets.

I do love the dark hero, so much that I didn’t stray from the path for my next gothic historical. HIS DARK KISS is the story of Lord Anthony Craven and Emma Parrish. He is a man shrouded in darkness and savage rumors… a monster, they say… a murderer. She is the practical young governess who must decide if Anthony is a saint, a sinner, or a cold-blooded killer.

Okay, I have chills just thinking about it.

Encore! "His Dark Kiss" debuts in November and is the first of three more dark gothics Eve is writing for Kensington Books. And, Eve's got a deal in the works with Warner to write dark paranormals. Spooky!

Encore due! Read my feature review of "Dark Desires" and Eve's AuthorView at Romance: B(u)y the Book!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bridesmaid Nightmares from Hell

Yesterday, I told you to get your bridesmaid's dresses ready for Julia Quinn's guestblog in June. And I started to think about Bridesmaids' Hellish Nightmares. I'm sure mine had some. Like when I left my Maid of Honor at the church after the Mass.

So, canta, Bellas:

What's your worst -- or best -- bridesmaid's tale?

(Not to be confused with "The Handmaid's Tale," which really was a nightmare. Her tale, not the book. You know what I mean).

Encore! Blog Alert! Eve Silver guestblogs Tomorrow, April 20! Her blogs a really good'un, so make sure to stop by, cause she's gonna check in throughout the day. :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

T.B.J.Q.E. *

Update!!! Julia Quinn has just graciously accepted an invite to guestblog with us to celebrate the release of "On the Way to the Wedding!" Get your bridesmaids' dresses ready, Bellas...

*The Best Julia Quinn Ever.

Encore! Out June 27. Gregory Bridgerton's story.

Encore due! Which Bridgerton story is your favorite?

Encore tre! Eve Silver guestblogs right here Thursday, April 20th! Truly wicked cool.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Corpse and Dagger

Eve Silver writes dark-but-fun Neo-Gothic romances. Her debut, "Dark Desires" has this really hot corpse-totin' doctor hero, and a not-so-blushing, but still ingenuous heroine.

Eve Silver's gonna be here to guestblog, April 20! I don't know what she'll blog about, cause she ain't yappin', but it should be good. Eve's also a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, and turned me on to JR Ward.

Are you a fan of Gothic or Neo-Gothic romances?
Encore! Read it and whimper, Bellas: I just finished Emma Holly's "All U Can Eat." So awesome on so many levels, I can barely describe it. Which sucks if you're a reviewer. But, suffice it to say, it was freakin hot.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Long Distance Down Under

Read this week's feature review of Carrie Bebris' "North by Northanger" at "Romance: B(u)y the Book!" All her Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries have great titles.

So this very nice young PR guy, Zak, writes me pitching a new book called, "The Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide." Zak, who's keepin' it real with his squeeze between OK and Australia, says the book helps couples know they're not alone, and don't have to reinvent the wheel when navigating long-distance relationships. The authors interviewed more than 100 couples for the book.

Zak says LDRSG's campy and fun and ultimately really useful. Well, use the words "campy" and "fun" around here, Zak, and you're our friend for life.

What do you think about long-distance relationships?
Had one? Thinking about one?

Wishing your husband would get lost doesn't count.

Encore! In honor of Zak's girl in Australia, a TGIF tribute to men Down Under. Bellas, I give you:


You Say Valet; I Say Valet

Almost every aristocratic Regency hero has a valet, or a batman (?) if he's a military big guy. Apparently, even a man who could move fields of troops with brilliant military strategery couldn't tie his own damn neckcloth.

So, what'd'ya think about this whole valet thing?

I look at the word and enunciate it with an hard "t" at the end, the result of some long-forgotten rule in Master Bates', I kid you flippin not, French diction class. And, gives w/wo the hard "t." What's your call? Cause you know we Nerd Girls all read with the appropriate enunciation.


Encore! Thank you Emma Holly for dropping by yesterday! You R 1 Cool Chick. Cause we said so.

Encore due! Liz Carlyle writes a recurring valet role in a couple of her novels. He goes from being a small, somewhat effete character, to an important secondary character who is gay. I really like him, and Liz's novels, especially "A Woman Scorned." The hero's name is Captain Cole Amherst, which is quite about enough to do me in, Bellas. But he was trained as a theologian and, while he's no saint, he's got this innate moral struggle. And there's this love scene where he reacts verbally to what the hn is doing, and I don't know if it was all subconscious for Carlysle, but it was flippin brilliant.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Emma Holly asks: Am I a CosmoChick?

Am I a CosmoChick? I guess I am, because I belong to a group calling itself the CosmoChix, but that suggests someone cool to me and, to tell you the truth, cool is one thing I've never been. Oh, maybe now and then I manage what I call The Cool of the Uncool--you know, the dweebs from high school that none of the popular kids wanted to get too near to . . . until they ended up founding brilliantly snide magazines or becoming software billionaires.

That kind of cool I occasionally feel sweep over me.

The other CosmoChix, by contrast, seem like the real deal to me. Betina Krahn is really cool because she's one of the nicest successful people I know, and also rather gorgeous. Lois Greiman is cool because she can ride horses really fast and also make them do that dressage thing where they dance for you (ditto on the gorgeous business for her, though she probably won't believe me even though she used to be a model!). Michele Hauf is cool because I think she was probably a fairy in another life--the Cool of the Otherworldly, if you like. Definitely one of a kind! I don't know Cynthia Williams or Michelle Buonfiglio very well, but I'm convinced Cynthia is cool because she hangs out with ghosthunters, and Michelle not only writes really witty book reviews, she writes them about my books.

This leaves me, now obliged to confess that I've never consumed a Cosmopolitan, buy most of my clothes at Target, don't spend endless hours discussing sex with my girlfriends, and have never had hordes of men vying for my affection. (Yes, I know: rats!)

On the other hand, I am reasonably comfortable with myself, very fortunate in my friends, and extremely fulfilled in my career. Which is, when you think about it, sort of cool.So maybe I am a CosmoChick, after all.

You're welcome to judge for yourself at our new blog ( where we'll all be chattering about this and that three times a week. Cool or not, you're bound to fit in!

How Cool R U?

Encore! Emma Holly's new novel, "All U Can Eat" hits shelves May 2. She'll guestblog for us again to celebrate!

Encore due! We're All Adults Here Alert: If you choose to explore the content of Emma's site, be prepared for writing, books, and more stuff celebrating women and their expression of sensuality, sexuality, and free speech. Yeah, Baby.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Indiana Jonesin'

La Famiglia Buonfiglio is watching "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." The phrase I just heard Indy say is, "I oughtta kill you right now."

Which is a phrase that would have worked perfectly for me yesterday because I really wanted to freak about a job situation, which would have degraded it pretty quickly into a total snituation.

How do you deal when something bothers you about your job?

Now, I loved Harrison Ford in the Jones movies, and Han Solo was the stuff of an uninformed 11-year-old's dreams. But I can't decide which Indy I like best in "T of Doom:" Prof. Jones, or Swashbuckling Adventurer Jones.

Encore! I'm reading Vivi Anna's "Hell Kat." Talk about swashbuckling adventur(esses). Hoo Doggie!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Get the Puck Outta Here...

...and slide on over to Romance: B(u)y the Book to read this week's feature review of "The Penalty Box," and AuthorView with Deirdre Martin!


How do you feel about pro jocks as romance heroes? Can you think of some pro athlete romance heroines?

Guestblog Alert: Emma Holly is here Wednesday, April 12 in the first in a series of blogs by the sultry and oh-so-sophisticated (they told me to write that) CosmoChix!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm a Goofball: Installment, the First

Last week, I thought I'd try to force-feed the word snaxy into the general romance readers lexicon by using it in my "Surrender" review, and giving props to the woman who offered it up in the first place.

I should have attributed it in the column to Rachd, but got confused. I'm officially apologizing.

Now, Rache never said a word about this, just came back on the blog and chatted with us per usual. But Stacy, to whom I'd attributed the "coinage?" She let me know the props weren't hers to revel in. So:


...wherever in cyberspace you call home, Bella, thanks for offering up snaxy, the best word we've heard in a long time to describe a good-lookin man.
Encore! This is kinda creepy, but the other day I realized that I think of the women who blog with me as my actual friends:

Does that make me pathetic, or just make a successful blog?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tee Gee Eye Eff

Well, it's Friday, Bellas, and youz know what that means. Yup. I'm exhausted from playing catch up all week, and I'm sick of hearing myself think, let alone reading what I write.

So, in homage to me, and the fact I just don't have much to say today that you can't read over at I give you...

Gerard with pretty hair:

Encore! Have you been to I really like the tone set here; nice, honest, and positive. Tell Valeen I sentcha.

Encore due! Amethyst has this great tribute page to most of the men I forgot were the most beautiful I'd ever seen...

In Seri(es)ous Trouble

I hate that I'm so crazed for series. I mean "single title" series. Once I've read one, I've gotta read all.

So I just finished a reissue of Sabrina Jeffries' "A Dangerous Love," one of the Swanlea Spinsters trilogy. Now I'm obsessed. Good news is: since they're all out already (sorta, cause "A Notorious Love," book 2 reissue is out in May and "After the Abduction" is still in print) I don't have to wait for her to write em. Bad news: I can't wait to read the rest.

I think Jeffries is a great writer/storyteller and her books are total feel-good, really naughty/sexy reads.

If you like series,' how's come? Which ones?

Encore! Add to your Blog Crawl: She's got a great list of books she's read to date, and the blogchat is pretty lively. She also has lots of links to places romance readers wanna be (besides in bed with a bag of cheese puffs and a steamy read).
Encore due! Tomorrow's my day for guestblogging on Cosmochix! What should I write about? I'm thinking thong underwear and black leather bustier...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Old School is In Session

There's an author I'm crazed for named Marsha Canham. She wrote fab Romance for Nerds starting about 20 years ago, and does a righteous medieval. Her heroes and heroines are dashing, and her dialogue can be intense or funny.

And. She. Writes. Great. Sex.

I love her series based around the Robin Hood legend including "Through a Dark Mist," and "The Last Arrow." Her latest book, "My Forever Love," has a fallen Knight Templar hero. Sigh.

Who's Your Favorite Old School Author?
Judith McNaught circa "Whitney, My Love?" Kathleen Woodiwiss? LaVerle?
Canta, Bellas!
Encore! Nina Bruhns' new novel, "Royal Betrayal" is due in July. It's part of the Intimate Moments Capturing the Crown series. And look for Sully's story in an upcoming sequel to Nina's "Ghost of a Chance."

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Highlanders, Nathan, and Stacy! (Oh, My)

Update!!! Our Bella on the Front Lines, Brianna Yamashita at Dorchester Publishing has made contact with Nathan Kamp re an ExtraView interview for Romance: B(u)y the Book news sites. Please, blog on here to help me convince Nathan I'm no pathetic stalker, that I really am interested in a legit interview!

Pamela Clare's "Surrender" is this week's feature review on Romance: B(u)y the Book! Head on over and read why RBtheBlogger Stacy just may be creating the biggest sensation since the first hunk was called a "hottie."

Encore! OK. I didn't wanna hafta do it, but nobody's biting yet from the Nathan Kamp, well, camp. So, I guess it's time to pull out the big guns. Remember: I'm the one who wants to give him a chance to be seen by romance readers as more than just an objectified body. Bellas, I give you...

Nathan's abs.

Encore due! I feel so dirty.

Monday, April 03, 2006

CosmoChix are in the HizOWse!

This is so wicked cool!

Please add a new blogspot to your daily Blog Crawl:

CosmoChix are:

Betina Krahn, Cynthia Williams, Emmah Holly, Michele Hauf, Lois Greiman and, Moi!

Yeah. I'm not sure why they're letting me hang with them, either.

We've banded together because we love romance and are all attending the upcoming Romantic Times Readers' Convention in Daytona this May. While we're there, we'll be hanging with readers, rubbing elbows with Industry Types, and, best of all...

Throwing a decadent Cosmopolitan party for a couple hundred of our closest romance readin' friends! We'll be serving up yummy Cosmopolitans, delicious food, and a certain Mr. Romance contestant we know and love.

Plus, we're giving away a gorgeous diamond and pearl necklace you can enter to win!

Head on over to CosmoChix every day for new blogs by all us Chix, and register for your chance to Win the Bling. You don't have to be at the party to win.

Encore! Stay tuned for more from our man in the RT Convention Mr. Romance cover model contest, Travis Grieman, pre-med student and all-around good sport.