Thursday, March 02, 2006

Undercover Cover Guy

Have you seen this man? Do you know his name?

Update!!!! RBtheB Bella Stacy informs us this out-of-the-ordinary cover model is Nathan Kamp. Get thee over to to get a gander at his portfolio. Sheesh. He's a good one.

He's on lots of covers and I want him. Oh yes, I do. For an interview, of course. I actually contacted a publicist and, shocker, she didn't respond with any info about his whereabouts. It wasn't like I was gonna stalk him or anything. Just wanted to ask a few questions for the greater good of the genre.

What would you ask Cover Guy if you got him alone, I mean, had the chance?

J.R. Ward Watch: 4 days and counting til her LIVE blogchat March 7, 4 pm EST

Encore! I just got the advance copy of Edith Layton's upcoming "How to Seduce a Bride," the final book in her Song series. I can barely breathe; I'm so excited.


amy kennedy said...

I would ask him, "Who are you?" and "Where have you been?" and then I'd pee my pants.

Monica Burns said...

God, I'm a sucker for dark haired, intense looks type of guys. And this babe has that brooding look that I love. I'm also betting he's got a megawatt, killer smile that will set any woman's pulse racing.

Check with Lori, Michelle. I'm betting she'd know and could help you arrange an interview. Lori's really good at that sort of thing.


Stacy~ said...

His name is Nathan Kamp. I know this cuz I've had my own obsession and a delightful woman named Billie Jo Case was the one who solved the mystery for me. I can die happy now LOL.

Stacy~ said...

Oops, forgot the link:

I'd ask him to marry me but his bio says he already is. Darn. LOL.

Rach said...

Um, yummy! Thanks Stacy =). I just checked out the site and is he delicious. My friends and I define men like him as "snaxy". Sexy with an edible quality ;-).

As for questions, I think my brain would go blank the minute I looked at him. ;-P

Teresa Bodwell said...

I like that snaxy. Very descriptive.

Interview questions? I don't suppose, "may I taste your chest?" counts.

amy kennedy said...

Rachd, Snaxy! I love it.
Teresa, I think "may I taste your chest?" is completely appropriate when interviewing a snaxy man. Far more appropriate than peeing one's pants and if Barbara Walters can gush and blush at how handsome Matthew is and then get a foot rub, chest tasting is not far behind.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ok. You're all so making me LOL. Thanks for the info, Stacy. You solved the mystery. And, Rach, can we please use snaxy a lot on this blog? I give you full IP (intellectual property) rights. And I can make just about any discussion of romance novels into an intellectual one, so I think snaxy's perfect.

I'm off to email the very virile-looking, very married Nathan. Wish me luck!

BTW, aren't his arms wonderful? Just the perfect amount of striation, nothing too bulge-y? And those forearms? I am so totally a forearm chick... Oh, and the mouth on him?

Holy cow, when did I start objectifying men like this. He also looks very bright. He's probably modelling to work his way through MIT school of cranial surgery, or something.

I actually used to communicate in a way that made me seem bright, but apparently now have sunk deep into cheesy gawking at cover models.

Rach said...

He does have the most beautiful mouth, doesn't he? I also am a sucker for a gorgeous well defined, but not too shoulders and back.

Of course you may use snaxy! Sometimes no other word will work as well to describe a guy who is well, snaxy (YUM!) =). BTW, LOVING Bad Boys Ahoy! Thanks for the rec!

Oh, as for objectifying a guy, well, sometimes it just *has* to be done. Don't they do it all the time? Isn't turnabout fair play, and all that jazz? ;-P

Rach said...

One more quick post--having read the man's bio, how could you NOT lust after a guy who writes his life got better when he married his best friend and the love of his life????

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Honest. Ta. God, Rach!

And I'm happy you like BBA. I'll bet Sylvia Day'd love it if you sent her an email to that effect. She seems awfully nice.

Rach said...

I'll drop her a line and say you sent me =).

Amanda said...

Michelle, am jealous again! Can't wait for the new Edith Layton!

Never know what hot thing is going to show up on your page, but it is always easy on the eye...Keep up the good work;)

Kristi Cook said...

Ooooh, I *love* 'snaxy'!! What a great word!

Kristi Cook said...

Oh, and isn't Nathan Kamp also on the cover of Jackie Ivie's Tender Is The Knight?? Isn't that the same guy??

Stacy~ said...

Kristina, yes it is him! That's the cover that got me started, um, "researching" this guy. It is soooo hot! I mean, it must be, if he's not wearing a shirt.

(told you I was obsessed)

And "snaxy" is definitely making me hungry ;)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

New review's up at RBtheB! JR Ward, Lover Eternal.

I'm glad you like stopping by, Amanda. I've got something cooked up for one day next week that'll either be really fun, or ruin my marriage. And, i'm psyched about the Layton. I wish I could share...

Stacy and Kristina, someone just emailed me with the same question and as I was reading, your posts came through. Thanks! Do you think he's the guy on Sherrilyn Ks Seize the Night, too?

I've been trying to post for a while, but my computer got ornery and Ihad to restart.

I so hope I can get Nathan Kamp to do a little interview. My god, is he handsome, or what. And can I be the one to say it out loud, or write it out loud, as it were? --

The guy definitely plays for our team, Bellas. Some romance novel cover guys make me wanna snatch em up cause I know they'd be fun to go shopping with. Not our boy Nathan. He's the Real Deal. What a relief.

Trista Bane said...

I'd probably say "Umm. Haminahaminahaminahamina." *thud, Trista hits the floor*

I hope you can get this guy alone!

Rach said...

Last post for the evening here on the east coast--Nathan Kamp is one gorgeous hunk of male (to repeat myself *lol*), and I do so hope you can get him to do an interview. That would be sooooo awesome! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Teresa Bodwell said...

Michelle said: "I actually used to communicate in a way that made me seem bright, but apparently now have sunk deep into cheesy gawking at cover models."

This line cracked me up. Do you think it has something to do with having kids?

Deb's Book Nook said...

I will agree with you all, he is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to see an interview on the male's perspective of modeling. I much prefer the covers of a hunky male and those of couple in a clinch. Most of those look so artificial and downright uncomfortable! lol
And this guy can model for me anytime!

Can't wait to read your review of JR Ward. I finished Lover Eternal and loved it.

I envy you getting to read the newest Layton book. Good writer and series.

I'm reading Sally MacKenzies The Naked Marquis. A cute and lighter book. I needed a change. Also have a stack of ARC's to read. ugh. lol I wrote and send off two author interviews yesterday and hope to get them back within the next few days so I can post them to the store site. Keeps me busy.

I have to quit looking at the hunky men now and go to bed. My what nice dreams he should inspire! lol

amy kennedy said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh--I love forearms too. I thought I was sick or something. I used to ride the bus downtown and I had such a crush on the driver because of his forearms!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

If that were from anyone else but you, Amy, it'd be on the cusp of TMI!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...
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Lori Foster said...

Michelle! How the heck are ya! And lookey there - you have my Winston guy all featured and looking hot and sweet. LOL. Thank you! LOVE your blog spot. Very nice.
I would have been here sooner, but my 19 year old had his tonsils out, and he's normally such an active guy (and chatty) that being down and unable to talk kept him pretty cranky. Luckily, he's back to normal now.
I'll try to pop in more often.
And ya know, I sure wish I knew how to reach that model, but I have no clue. Too bad. Someone should really tell the guy that he's "snaxy." LOL.

Lori Foster

Lori Foster said...

Oh wow. I just read his bio, too, and what do you know!? He was a wrestler. That's the sport-of-choice around my house! All my boys were wrestlers, and all of them did great. Now I like him even more.
Thanks for sharing such great info on him, Michelle!


Stacy~ said...

Hey Lori, that is so cool! I don't remember reading that - I'll have to go back and look.

Btw, I did a little tribute to Nathan at my blog. If you'd like to check it out, just go to:

Let me know whatcha think....

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Bellas: I'm writing everyone I can think of to try to hook us up with Mr. Kamp. You can be assured, Lori, that I will report our opinion of his degree of snaxiness the minute I can get hold of him. For interview.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I never get like this over model/actor guys. But then again, was a time I thought I'd never read me no romances neither.

I'm glad you've gotten through the worst with your son, Lori. And, I hopped on over to your blog, Stacy, and really enjoyed it.

I'm thinking Clive Owen pics may not do the trick for us any more. Maybe occasional Nathan Kamps will be called for.

What say youz?

Lucy Monroe said...

He is a cutie, that's for sure...Michelle, I hope you can get him to do an interview or guest spot for you, or something. :) But I'm such a geek, do you know if you hadn't put those two book covers up at the same time, I would never have known it was the same man? That's just way embarassing. Maybe I need to have my eyes checked. LOL But you know, I saw like twenty covers with John DeSalvo on them before I started to recognize him. But he's the only cover model I do recognize. I guess that's okay so long as I recognize author names for books I love to read, right?


Teresa Bodwell said...

For the forearm fans in the group. Check out the cover of Jackie Ivie's upcoming Christmas book:

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You're not kiddin on the fores, Teresa.

My prob, Lucy, is that my eyes are bad, too. And I keep double-checking to make sure it is the same guy. What's worse? I can't remember titles, and clearly should be able to, unless they're right in front of me.

Lori Foster said...

Lucy, I'm the same. When the hero is depicted in various ways - period clothes, long hair vs short, a hat, a pose - I never recognize him! The models just look SO different depending on how the cover is done. SO you're not alone in that.
I have to say that I like him best on the Winston cover. ;-)
Very clean cut, lean and muscled, and just plain handsome!

Lori Foster said...

Stacy, I saw your blog, too. Very awesome! I had no idea that model was getting so much attention. But he deserves it.
Michelle, I can see why you're obsessing. He's a hunk!

Stacy~ said...

Thanx Lori. It's nice to know I'm not alone ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I have known this guy since he was a little kid! Still personally know him and he is a man after God's own heart... hope that is not a disappointment to any of you but I have his address... phone number... email address... :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, Anny! I have to agree that in the amount of time he generously gave me to interview him, I found him to be a thoroughly decent, admirable guy. I can't tell you how many viewers responded that they were happy to know he is devoted to his wife and his faith, and to helping other folks where he can.

I couldn't have hoped for a better guy to bust the myths about romance novel cover guys.

Thanks for stopping by! You're welcome back any time.

You must be one of those friends he said still razz him when he goes home to visit... :)

Anonymous said...

This Nathan Kamp got you girls fooled!!.. married??? I didnt know that!!! now i dont have to look for excuses to keep him away from me.

Male cover model said...

I can see that you finally got hold of the model you wanted to interview, that's good! Just wanted to comment on why it may seem difficult to get in touch with cover models.

The publicist can't really give away a models contact details by phone. If there's no scheme of proving that the caller indeed is the author, they can be anyone (I'm a male cover model myself, and my publicist and manager get a lot of bogus phone calls by people claiming to be other publicists, editors and authors).

Now, that being said there should indeed be a scheme for contacting a model while being able to filter out the fakes and to facilitate a meeting. Not only for interviews but also for auditions where the author can check out his physique to see whether he matches the setting, character etc. in her book. An author shouldn't really be using her valuable time at looking up contact details and arranging meeting, and publishers benefit from publicity, so a scheme is mutually beneficial.

(Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm assuming the model is male and the author is female, but that's the case in most cases by far. My manager/publisher has never employed a female cover model and all authors who've been here for an audition and/or interview are women)

Now, back to how to rule out fake calls or impostors. At my publisher, people need to prove their identity, by sending a copy of their license etc. Then _they_ will be contacted by the publisher to set up an appointment for an audition and/or interview. This has proven to effectively rule out scams, as people tend to hang up when asked to prove that they are who they claim to be. And there is an advantage for the author as well, as she only needs to send proof of her id, then she will be contacted without spending any more time on it.

Then, when my publicist calls, she asks her whether the interest is an audition (for new cover model shoots or to check if he's the right guy) or interview. If it's an interview she's asked to prepare questions in advance and if it's an audition the model will be asked to groom himself properly and diet/excercise to look photoshoot ready.

Male cover model said...

I have commented on this post before and sorry and I don't mean to be spamming but I really do support better author-model relationships in terms of getting in touch. Interviews should be a prioritized activity for models as networking is beneficial for both model and author. As a model it's good to be able to compete for assignments given by several authors/publishers and as an author it's beneficial to get the best looking model that suits the context and story. Also I find it to be disciplining in terms of lifestyle. When there's an interview around the corner I'll not slack off during my fitness/diet routine as I want to look my absolute best for the author. Without great authors like you models like us would not be needed so looking extremely good by your standards is always on top of my list.

And don't be afraid of expressing your opinion about models. We're here to be easy on the eyes of authors and readers. During interviews some authors seem to be shy about asking questions related to the models physique and/or asking him to take off his shirt or top but I personally won't mind. After all, this it's what we're here for!