Friday, March 17, 2006

Jude's Law is Live!

Read this week's feature review of Lori Foster's newest, "Jude's Law," and Lori's exclusive AuthorView on Romance: B(u)y the Book!

What a great title: "Jude's Law." Lori's follow-up will be "Murphy's Law."

What are some of your favorite romance novel titles?

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Stacy~ said...

Oh, there are some great ones out there.

I love Julia Quinn's take on her titles, like "How to Marry A Marquis", "The Viscount Who Loved Me", "When He Was Wicked" (with the yummy Michael Stirling), "The Duke & I", "An Offer From a Gentleman".

Julie Kenner has her "Carpe Demon" and "California Demon" series. And "The Givenchy Code".

Lucy Monroe with her "Ready", "Willing", "And Able".

I love these clever titles. And of course "Jude's Law" and "Murphy's Law". Too cool.

Lucy Monroe said...

I like the soundbite titles we use in category romance...a lot. They tell what the book is about and what kind of hook the story has. I like that. :)

But I love Kensington's titles too...they're always fun and Lori's had some of the very best.

The Secret Life of Bryan
When Bruce Met Cyn
and I love the "Jude's Law" and "Murphy's Law" thing. :)

There are some series titles that make it easy to remember the books are connected but hard to remember which one's you've read. They're great for marketing, I'm sure, but I have to keep a master list of some of my favorite author's books so I don't buy them over again. :)

That's my take...

Monica Burns said...

Got to love those Amanda Quick single word titles. I'll never forget the first book I read by her. Mistress. It said it all to me and I was hooked. Then there was Reckless, Scandalous, Seduction, Wicked, etc.

But don't ask me to tell you which story is which or what character is with what title. I have trouble remembering my own kids names, let alone the names of characters in a book. *grin*

Hope you're feeling better Michelle.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, everybody. I'm feeling great again. As my husband's Auntie Linda says: The secret to living well is and on the body. Explains why I love antibiotics and bleach in it's many forms.

Yeah, Stace: The R,W,and A titles are excellent ones, and I'm not just saying that cause Lucy's always here. They just describe Alpha mercs perfectly. Too often, titles have nothing to do with the books, right?

And I can't remember em either, Monica. But the Quick ones remind me of Madeline Hunters "By" series, By Design, By Possession, By Something or other. And her The Romantic, The Saint, etc, which do kinda make sense with all the heroes. Loved the Saint btw.

Since we're on a big LF lovefest, when I first saw the cover flat for Jude's Law, I thought it was one of the most clever titles ever on a ton of levels.

I love The Givenchy Code, Stace,(Cause I have very particular feelings about that other Code book that we can discuss at another time perhaps).

A couple notable titles I've seen lately are Sighs Matters; Pride and Petticoats; the Karen Hawkins' Her Master and Commander and Her Officer and Gentleman...

I will say that I do like either a really snazzy title that catches the eye and is clever, or one that really tells me succinctly what the book's about.

amy kennedy said...

Everyone kept coming--up with such good ones, Stacy, I love Julia Quinn and freakishly I am reading Carpe Demon, which of course drew my eye because of the wonderful title...I love some of the paranormal titles: A Girls Guide to Vampires, How to Marry A Millionaire Vampire, the list do go on.

Lucy, I love your title, Ready--kind of says it all.

Monica, I love those one word titles too--but some of my favorites are, Bitten, Stolen--They're both by Karen Armstrong but Michelle might quibble about them being romances.

He Loves Lucy
Match Me If You Can

Just a few more that popped into my head...Michelle love the chemicals quote...

Amanda said...

Late to the party, but want to play the party game anyway;)

Amy and Stacy, I loved Julie Kenner. Haven't read The Givenchy Code yet, but the title made me LOL.

Michelle, glad you are feeling better! Ain't drugs great? I too liked the Madeline Hunter titles from The Seducer series. They were so perfect for each hero.

Vicki Lewis Thompson's Nerd titles make me crack up every time I see them. Gone With the Nerd...Nerd Gone Wild...Nerd in Shining Armour.

The title for Eloisa James next book after Taming of the Duke is Pleasure for Pleasure (courtesy of Lisa Kleypas). Isn't that brilliant?

I really love titles that involve plays on words. Jude's Law is so great!

Lucy, Ready, Willing and Able are wonderful titles. Plus you automatically know which order to read them in;)

Hope everybody's weekends are going well...

Amanda said...

Uh, I still love Julie Kenner--please ignore past tense on that...

Vivi Anna said...

I love plays on old titles, like song titles or old movie titles...

I love Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking, The Good, The Bad, and The Undead, Every Which Way But Dead...

I think Lucy's R, W, and A is brilliant!!

I also love Janet Evanovich's titles for her Stephanie Plum and clever.

Lucy Monroe said... have all set my mind at rest. I loved the Read, Willing & And Able titles too as a series. But as they came out individually, I started to worry that standing alone on the bookstore shelves they didn't strike a strong enough chord. So, I'm really GLAD you all like them!

amy kennedy said...

Oh, Vivi Anna I love the Kim Harrison books and her titles--how about the cover art...I keep thinking I want to be THAT witch for halloween, or...just that witch.

Mandacoll, I forgot about the VLT titles and Michelle loves her.

Lucy--the beauty of those titles (words) is no matter which one you see/hear you think of the entire saying. Brilliant.

Stacy~ said...

Oh, cover art! We need to discuss that next! And I won't even mention any by a favorite hottie some of us all know and love (and want an interview with, LOL)

Vivi Anna, I love the cover for Sexy Beast & Hell Kat. And those are 2 very clever titles as well.

Lori Foster said...

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry that I didn't pop in here sooner. I can excuse myself by saying that I had absolutely stupendous fabulous news (on a personal level) on Friday, so I spent Friday celebrating, then Saturday shopping - which is sort of a form of continued celebration I guess, and then Sunday my grandson was over, so I played with him all day. :-D
How fun to chat on titles. Oh, and Michelle, THANK YOU so much for the awesome review and for doing the interview. You're a goddess among mere women. ;-)

So titles... Oy, I suck at titling anything, so I leave it to my editors. Kate is clever and has come up with many a great title.
One of my faves is for an upcoming novella. It features a SWAT guy and a pet psychic. (Kate didn't know anything about pet psychic, so I had to explain.)
Anyway, the woman "talks" to animals all the time, and the hunky down to earth hero thinks she's bonkers - but he still lusts for her. It's part of a Christmas anthology.
Kate titled it, "Do You Hear What I Hear."
Is that not hysterical!? LOL.

Once, when I was still attempting to title books, I tried titling what later became "Unexpected." The hero's name is Eli. Y'all remember that song: "Eli's coming, hide your heart, girl...?"
Well, I titled it...
Are you ready?
Eli's Coming.
It's like... duh. I didn't even think. But it sure gave the editors a laugh!
For a long time at Harlequin, I had one word titles. Impetuous, Outrageous, Scandalized, Fantasy...
When they finally gave me a title with more than one word, it was, "In Too Deep."
Yeah, that got lots of laughs too.
Readers kept writing me, asking, "Are you sure it's in deep enough?"
"Can it ever be too deep?"
and my favorite,
Why not try, "Go a Little Deeper."

Ah, the joys involved in books - crazy covers, laughable titles, typos that set your hair on end...
the chuckles never end. ;-)

ME (lori)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yeah, Hell Kat's a good one. And Sexy Beast, too, was also one of my fave movies. Like movie spoof titles, etc.

Covers and a He Who's Name Shall Not Be Spoken (Only Sighed)...yeah! How bout I prepare a week of Nathan covers/tributes while I'm in Jamaica?

Of course, we'll skip a day for Eloisa's guestblog. Too bad she didn't use Him for the Duke...

Monica Burns said...

You know Michelle, as much as I do like "He Who's Name Shall Not Be Spoken (Only Sighed)" I have to tell you my heart really belongs to Gerald Butler. I watched Phantom of the Opera again just to drool. I think he's one hellava dreamboat. What a voice, what a face! I SOOO wanted to be Christine. Drop dead sexy don't get better than that! LOL


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Monica. You're one of those women who demands that her men be well endowed in many areas rather than just one? I guess I can accept that. I've had my infatuation with a performer or two in my day. In fact, this thing with He Who's (or is it whose? Calling Grammar Girl)... is a new one for me. I usually go for the concrete, never just the pretty face. Must be my mid-life crisis.

Eli's Coming, Lori? Hilarious. Shopping? Good. Celebrating? Very good. Congrats and Best Wishes on your good news.

amy kennedy said...

I'm thinkin' what's wrong with Eli's Coming, that's cute, clever...oooOh. Now I'm not really that dumb--it's just sometimes my mind actually leaves the guttah; even though it does love to lounge about there in slatternly garb.

I have always wanted to use the word slattern(ly) in a sentence.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

And well you did, Ames! See what kreative outlet (k as in klassy) we provide here at RBtheBlog?

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Lori...I used "Come Up" as a short for my title "Come Up and See Me Sometime" for ages before I realized how it sounded. I think one of your Book Junkies made a joke and I smacked my forehead and blushed a couple shades of red. Congrats on your good news, whatever it is and good for you taking time to celebrate! I'm so all over that! and me both, huh? LOL

Monica...I haven't seen it...but you make him sound so delish. ;-)

Monica Burns said...

Michelle - Well endowed? Hmm, I do like them to have an expansive nature. ROTFL Although I confess some of the sexiest men I've ever met where far from dreamboat material. Brilliant intellect is something I prize highly.

Lori - I think they should have stuck with the Eli's Coming title! Naughty is as naughty does. LOL

Lucy - If you've not seen Phantom on DVD, I can highly recommend it. I saw the show on Broadway and the DVD is FAR superior IMHO. Besides, I've always been a sucker for masks and angst! LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Help me! ROTFL? I am AC (acronym-challenged.)

Now, can I be the big weirdo who loves music and is classically trained but, gulp, doesn't love musical theatre?

Oh man, the things you women get me to confess.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Rolling On The Floor Laughing (ROTFL), Michelle;) Took me a while to figure that one out, too.

I AM SHOCKED that you are not a musical theatre lover! SHOCKED, I say! Hehe, not really. Everybody's got their own thang...

Monica, I guess I'm gonna have to break down and see this Phantom movie because Gerard Butler is the fastest rising male commodity on the net! He gave Clive Owen and Matthew McConaughey a run for their money on the Squawk Radio Sexiest Man Alive Poll...and I'd never even heard of him!

amy kennedy said...

I am reserving Phantom as we speak--I don't know who Gerard Butler is, but if he's good for Monica, he's good for me.

Michelle you probably don't like musical theatre because you are classically trained--where as the first notes from Man of La Mancha play and I am a puddle. Puddle on the floor.

I have been known to act out the entire El Donza/Dulcinia (sp?) song. By myself. In the kitchen. With much stomping and flinging of hair.

Stacy~ said...

Amy! I just about fainted on the floor - you don't know who Gerard Butler is???? Okay, did you see "Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life"? He played Terry. Yuminayuminayumina is all I have to say.

Here's a link girl:

Have your sound turned on....

Monica Burns said...

Manda, Amy....Gerald has been in a lot of movies. Attila, Timeline (I LOVED that movie), Tomb Raider, etc. He's a Scot, so who better to play Beowoulf (sp?)
Sorry about the ROTFL Michelle. *grin* Check out this website for a list of acronymns.

Anonymous said...

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