Saturday, March 25, 2006

In Praise of Monly Men

As you're reading this, I'm probably flying to Jamaica with two cranky kids and a husband who's sworn under pain of death not to say "mon" when we get there. I got a swimsuit I almost feel comfortable in, and a sunhat that may look silly. I'm not sure.

Check out Encore Presentations of the feature review of "Kiss Me, Annabel," as well as Eloisa's poignant and funny AuthorView on Romance: B(u)y the Book. KMA was the last novel in Eloisa's Essex Sisters series, and leads into "The Taming of the Duke."

Blog Alert: Eloisa James guestblogs Tuesday March 28!

Encore! If I said I wasn't excited at the prospect of scoring an interview with Nathan Kamp, I'd be lying. We spend a lot of time giggling and groaning about cheesy covers; it'd be cool to find out what a romance novel cover guy thinks about his bread-and-butter, his life and goals. Maybe he'll tell us about his wife, whom he's called his best friend. Isn't a committed guy just too snaxy by half?


Stacy~ said...

Wow, that book sounds really great Michelle. I missed this review the first time around, but now I can't wait to go get it. Luckily today is my day to work my p/t time job at B&N, so I will definitely be hunting it down.

Hope your flight wasn't too bad. I fly rather frequently, and it's not one of my favorite things. I can't sleep on the plane, so if it's a long one, I'd better have at least one book to pass the time. Man, I so wish I was going somewhere warm than going to work today. Just soak up the sun, relax, and you'll look just fine in your bathing suit. You'll be tan!

Amanda said...

Hey Michelle! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time! We'll try not to trash the joint while you're gone;)

Rach said...

Ah, sun, sand and three kids, er, I mean two =). I hope your trip is fantastic!!

amy kennedy said...

I am so excited about the blog on tuesday. I love to slip into an Eloisa James book. Stacy, I hope you got Kiss Me, Annabel. Mandacoll, Rachd, and Stacy if she isn't having fun I'm gonna yell at her.

Mandacoll, did you buy the chips?

Stacy~ said...

Hey Amy, no I didn't cuz I had a feeling (while I was staring at it in the store)that it was part of a series, and sure enough, it's book #2 so I gotta get book #1 as well.

I can't wait for Tuesday either. She sounds like a great lady.

Amanda said...

Got it covered, Amy!

I am so desperate to read this book but can't drive because of the darned cast on my right foot so have to wait on the whims of Amazon and the mailman...grrr...

Stacy the series is really good. It's a four part series about the Essex Sisters. TAMING OF THE DUKE is book three. The first two are MUCH ADO ABOUT YOU and THE TAMING OF ANNABELLE. They are wonderful and sexy and funny and as addictive as crack! (Hence my withdrawl symptoms as I wait for the release of this one...)

Can't wait until tomorrow!

amy kennedy said...

Here's my dirty little secret: I haven't read the first one. I know, I know--I'll go back and read the first one--the funny thing is, I work in a library and I'm adamant about people starting with the first in a series--any series--and then I didn't do it.

Ah well, do as I say not as I do.

Mandacoll, when do you get the cast off? And I hope you get the book soon.

Sharon@WV said...

My usual perscription to avoid the ugliness of withdrawl is to get out my Eloisa clooection and re-read as much as I have time for.

Refreshes characters and relationships in my mind, gets me ready for the next installment :D

Sharon@WV said...


Amanda said...

Well, the cast is supposed to come off Wednesday, at which time I'll get a "walking cast" that will give me more freedom, but still no driving...Never knew I'd miss rush hour traffic so much:)

Good idea, Sharon. I was thinking of reading KMA to get in the proper frame of mind.

Amy, don't beat yourself up. I do the same thing sometimes. But MUCH ADO is good stuff so don't put off reading it for too long. Felton is a dreamboat and there is a lot more Mayne in that one than in KMA---if you're into that sort of thing;)

amy kennedy said...

I first met Mayne in, Your Wicked Ways--loved how bad he was in that one. I can't wait for a book about Mayne, pleasepleaseplease.

Sharon, good idea--I love to do that with a few authors, my husband always says, "why do we have to keep all these books?" Because I love them. And re-read them.

Mandacoll, I'm glad it will be a walking cast soon, it's amazing what we miss...

amy kennedy said...

Oh and I'll get MUCH ADO soon.

Stacy~ said...

Okay ladies, I just got home from and I got EJ's "Much Ado About You" and "Kiss Me Annabel". They both sound great! I'm in my historical phase right now, so these sound perfect. Thanx for the recommendations.

Now Amy, this guy Mayne is in another book? Should I have gotten others? OMG, I am doomed!

And Mandacoll, because you have a cast on, I'm not gonna even ask you how you know how addictive crack is LOL. Get better soon.