Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hot Shorts Binge

These are Five of the Best Hot Shorts I've Read Lately:

Unrequited Kimberly Dean From "If This Bed Could Talk." Avon/Red
Playing Doctor Lori Foster From "When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys." Brava
The Lady of the Lake Erin McCarthy From "When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys." Brava
Moonlight Whispers Teresa Bodwell From "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys." Kensington
Hold on Tight LuAnn McLane From "Wild Ride." Signet Eclipse

Do ya like a nice Hot Short?

J.R. Ward Watch: 5 days and counting

Encore! Since I'm on a Hot Short binge, just one more rec: a super-value compilation of Lori Foster's Winston brothers novellas called "Wildly Winston." The cover alone is worth the price. I'm so diggin on this new model I see everywhere now.


Teresa Bodwell said...

Thanks Michelle. Wow, I'm honored to be in such company!

Kimberly Dean said...

Thanks, Michelle. I'm very excited about this upcoming anthology and am so glad you liked my story. I can't wait to read these other titles, too. Looks like some good stuff!

Amanda said...

Michelle, you are a bad influence...these look great!

Coming off of Devil in Winter high and starting in on Lord Perfect...too many good books are coming out this spring for my wallet's comfort. Oh well, eating is overrated anyway:)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hoooray! A bad influence on you, Amanda, and considered unsuitable for some viewers in the disclaimer on the sites. My mom must be so proud.

I loved Lord Perfect and am featuring it and an extended interview with Loretta Chase next week. I loved Mr. Impossible, too.

I'm so happy you stopped by!

Amanda said...

Yay! I've been preaching the Loretta Chase gospel for years! I love it when writers I love get the publicity they deserve:) I loved Mr. Impossible, too, and so far am loving Lord Perfect...(I overuse the term love, but it's the best word to describe what I feel--besides, it's romance:)

Keep the recommendations coming--I'll take out a loan if I have to...

Rach said...

I bought Bad Boys Ahoy! on your recommendation, and it arrived today. I can't WAIT to get to it =). I'm going to have to check out these recs too--I like your taste =).

On the hottie front, you are right about the cover of Wildly Winston. Man, is he smokin'!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Amanda: Embarrassed to say I just came across Chase not too long ago and am a complete zealot. I love the guy on the cover of Lord Perfect. He actually looks British.

You should see how many times I have to edit out the word love from my column. Remember the old woody allen (yukky man) line about how the only emotion stronger than love is lerve? That's used a lot in my husband's family. I wonder if I could use it in the Chase review...

Rach:Oooh.. I hope you like it. Is it naive as a reviewer to hope I made a good call? I've worried about it since the first column and I don't think I'll stop. I know it's the nature of the beast, but, Pollyanna here still worries.

I am on a mission. I'm gonna find out about that model. I've seen him on pamela clare "Surrender," I think Sherrilyn Ks "Seize the Night," and others. Think I'll post his pic tomorrow!

Bona Sera, Bellas!

lamclane said...

Hey thanks for featuring Hold on Tight ;-) from Wild Ride out this week. If you like cowboys, you'll enjoy my bull rider turned country singer...


amy kennedy said...

Michelle, I'm your woman to find out who he, seriously who is he?
My husband always asks me:"what do you write about on those blogs?" well honey, I write about how I want to locate sexy strangers...err world peace.
Also, I love the anthologies/short stories, it's how I find new writers--new writers to me.

Angela's Designs said...

I've read some of Teresa Bodwell's books... glad I popped by because I hadn't seen this one was available.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Annalee: The new one's a good'n, too! And I'm really glad you stopped by. Please come back, OK?

Awfully happy you wrote that story, LuAnn. Loved the country star. I obsessed on country music for about 6 or seven years a while back. Anybody see a patter on obsessive compulsion with me? Nah.