Thursday, March 23, 2006


Update!!! Our brave woman on the front lines of romance, Brianna Yamashita, manager of PR for Dorchester publishing, reports she's made contact with Nathan Kamp's people. Thanks, Brianna, for giving us a fighting chance at knowing more about a romance novel cover guy than whether he looks good in a kilt.

That sound can only mean one thing: I went swimsuit shopping last night.

What is it about trying on svimvear that turns a normally confident and intelligent woman --uh, that would be me -- into one valiantly trying not to sob in a dressing room in the Mall of America?

You see, Bellas, I'm off to Jamaica Saturday for a week of sun and stress-reduction. But I'll be checking in every day to read what erudite and hilarious stuff you've blogged each day.

What clothes-shopping experiences drive you nutty?


Blog Alert!
Eloisa James guestblogs in 5 days to celebrate the March 28th release of "The Taming of the Duke!" I'll be checking in, and Amyskf will be your hostess for the day. I hope you'll join in the blogchat.

Today is a cheese-free day. More snaxy men to come. You know what I meant.


amy kennedy said...

You'd think the department stores would get smart and start using soft lighting--or better yet candles--in dressing rooms. Who doesn't look good in candle light. Plus I really think it would cut down on the weeping in spring time.

Absolutely swimsuits. I don't care who you are or what you look like--
swimsuit shopping is torture. Especially if you live in a cold climate and have spent the last five months perfecting the true winter skin, flaky and flabby. For some unknown reason I always tend to NOT shave AND to wear black ankle socks before I try on any swim wear.

Monica Burns said...

Solution - Don't buy one. Swim in the nude. ROFL AS IF!!

Playground Monitor said...

Thumbs up on Jamaica. Thumbs down on swimsuit shopping. Love the idea of candlelight in the dressing rooms.

I love Monica's idea of skinny-dipping even more. If you've never tried it you should. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Candlelight! Why haven't the marketing geniuses in swimsuit stores picked up on this idea?

One of my roommates in college had to buy new swimsuits every year-- she was a lifeguard during the summers-- but pale flabby winter skin+bad lighting+the fact that if you wait until you've lost the pale flabby winter skin, there won't be any swimsuits left in the stores, all led to: internet shopping. She'd order six or seven at once, try them all on (with appropriate squinting and dimming of lights and vows to give up dessert forever), and then send back the ones she couldn't stand.

The only thing worse than swimsuit shopping is bra shopping. At least when you buy a swimsuit there's the prospect of a warm sunny place in your future. When you buy a bra, there's just everyday stuff.

Have a great trip, Michelle!

Teresa Bodwell said...

Amy is a genius! We have a newly remodeled Safeway in town. The first thing you notice when you enter is the dim lighting. Everyone comments on it.

I would much rather have nice bright lights for choosing tomatoes and subtle, dim lights for trying on swim suits. Though in truth my expectations are so low, that I don't get worked up about the bathing gear. I pull it on, glance in the mirror (a quick furtive glance) to make certain nothing untoward is sticking out, and I'm done.

Pants. Those are worse. I actually have to look at myself in those. If the waist fits, the generous behind is likely crowded. The curves all finding room? The slacks are five inches too long. I hate shopping for pants.

OT--I have a post about what makes a yummy hero over at the Romance Unleashed blog I'd love to have your insights.

amy kennedy said...

I haven't skinny-dipped since I was a teenager--what a feeling. Vulnerability and freedom all rolled into one exhilerating package--and I had the extra added benefit of being shark bait--did it in the ocean. Aaaaah.

amy kennedy said...

So Michelle, did you or didn't you get a swimsuit?

The greatest swimsuit I ever owned was during my first (and only) year of college--it was a black one piece--my mother called it a maillot. I could tie it halter style around my neck or I could tie it in front for a strapless suit.

I wore it with a huge men's white button down shirt (still my preference for a cover-up) and a straw hat that could serve as shade for anyone remotely nearby.

I'm sitting on the beach with my suit tied in front, hat on, and my men's shirt, huge gust of wind whipped the hat off, I popped up, suit popped down, breasts popped out.

Of course.

The beach wasn't crowded that day, my boyfriend ran after my hat and we laughed hysterically about it.

I loved that suit.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yes. I was just telling my husband the other night how much I'd like to be a nudist. I think you'd have to be so comfortable with your body to do that, wouldn't you?

Anyway. I found a really cool suit that's actually kinda funky and bohemian looking. It's got a halter/decolletage thing going on which may lift the eye upward, as it were. Or I may be able to convince myself it does.

But here's the thing: I can remember being on-stage at the flippin Miss America pageant, Top Ten and competing in the swimsuit comp. I remember being horrifically uncomfortable in my skin even then. So this is nothing new. But it is sad, this body image stuff. If I can just keep my clothes on in public, I actually feel pretty good about the way I look. Much better now that I did even back then. The whole wisdom-maturity thing I guess.

I'm gonna miss being able to hand out with youz all day next week. Clearly I don't know how to relax if I'm going on vacation and am worried about wifi service.

But I'm looking forward to it, too. Got my books picked out and am looking forward to lots of fresh fruit and getting a little color on my skin.

Stacy~ said...

I hate trying on clothes anyway, so it doesn't really matter if it's pants, bras or swimsuits. I just wish I could step into a little booth, push a button, and out shoots the perfect outfit in one of my favorite colors (red, purple, or blue). Is that too much to ask?!

Michelle, have a fab time on vacation. I went on a cruise Nov '04 and was in Ocho Rios, Jamaica - it was gorgeous. Swam with the dolphins and went to Dunns River Falls.

P.S. - Yay for making contact with Nathan's people! One step closer to that interview - that's really why I responded to this post; the rest of the reply was just me and my niceties LOL.

Anonymous said...

Actually my husband and I are nudists and it's the most wonderful experience in the world. Without clothing (and the accompanying labels) everyone is operating on equal footing. Large or small, nudists are comfortable with their bodies and accept others openly and genuinely. Without the veneers of society, honest social interaction takes place.

Contrary to opinion, social nudity is not about sex. Overt sexuality is prohibited at nudist resorts. We take part in the same activities that folks at other resorts do -- swimming, sports, dancing, et cetera -- we just do it without clothing.

There are rules of etiquette, the most important being to always carry a towel to sit on.

Who is a nudist? It's your family doctor, a motorcycle cop, a retired school teacher, a chef or a truck driver. Forbes magazine reported that social nudism is one of the fastest growing areas of recreation, especially amongst Baby Boomers. Basically, they are ordinary people. I am an ordinary person. I just like to be outdoors without clothes.

And yes, we do wear clothes in winter. We're nudist, not stupid. ~grin~

If you're going to Jamaica, check out the nude beaches there. Trust me, you'll love the experience. And who's going to know if you don't tell? ~wink~

Teresa Bodwell said...

Going on vacation and worrying about wi-fi. It must be the 21st Century.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

That's what I'm talkin about, Anny. The idea of being so comfortable with your body, of feelilng that wonderful sun on the skin. How freeing that would be.

I went to a nude beach in St. Maarten when I was younger and remember how great it felt. But there were creepy young guys ogling the women, so that kinda took some of the peacefulness of the experience away. But the sun felt sooo good.

Maybe my husband and I could sneak away while the kids are in Camp Sesame Street...

Is there some kind of nudist association, Anny? Give us a website. And thanks for stoppin by.

Really, Teresa. I know it's pathetic. I just don't want to miss the guestblog Tuesday. Or any late breaking Nathan Kamp news. Or, to be honest, anything you all have to say. It's all so damn entertaining! Posting tomorrow's blog and off to bed til 2:30 am!

Anonymous said...

Yessiree! There's the American Association for Nude Recreation. Their website is and it will give you more information than you knew you wanted.

I know about those ogling guys. My husband usually looks at them and tells them to either drop trou if they have the guts, or to kindly move on. ~grin~

Our club is a nudist only resort. You're naked or you're not there. Clothing optional resorts let you choose. And I choose not to patronize them if possible because they're basically full of people who come to ogle. And I'm not there for someone's ogling pleasure. ~grin~

Sneak off if you can!

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