Thursday, February 09, 2006

That's Miss Romance to You

It's kinda funny, but folks often write me asking for love advice. I guess it's cause I'm listed as a "Romance Columnist" on the local TV news websites that carry "Romance: B(u)y the Book."

I take the questions very seriously, and would never share them with anyone. But, after I explain to the lovelorn that I'm not a romance advice columnist, I state my "I take no responsibility for anything that does or doesn't happen in your relationship" disclaimer, and I give my advice anyway. Hey? Why not? Who doesn't like to give other people advice about their relationships?

But follow it? Here's the worst relationship advice I ever received: Don't marry him, Michelle. He's only a poor reporter and you're Miss Pennsylvania.

Funny, but he's not a poor reporter anymore. And neither would I be mistaken for a Miss America contestant. Our two kids and two cats seem to think it worked out OK. Maybe my mother wasn't always right about everything...

I love "how we met stories." I've just hinted at mine. Wanna share yours?

Ciao for Now,


Encore! Marsha Canham is one of my favorite writers. Ever read her?


Teresa Bodwell said...

Can't believe no one is jumping in on this topic. I love sharing my story.

I was a third year law student at the University of Oregon. He was a professor from the University of Montana and coach of the Client Counseling team (yes--we have weird teams in law school). I was on the team from Oregon and we met in Vancouver, B.C. at the Northwest regional competition.

Both of our teams washed out in the first round, but my partner (the out-going one) introduced herself and we ended up having dinner with the Montana team. I sat next to him and we talked, went back to the hotel and kept talking until about 3 a.m.. After that it was letters and phone calls. Nine months later we were married. That was 23 years ago.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

How's come, as they say, everyone I know ended up "talking until 3 in the morning" on their first date with the guy they married? I was out way past that with my husband on our first date, and talking was only a very small part of what we enjoyed. Ice cream also was involved.

I met Dave a few weeks before I competed at Miss America. He was a local TV news beat reporter, and was on a "mock" interview panel getting me ready for the pageant. For me, it was love at first sight. I was dying to know who was the "cute Jewish lawyer" on the panel.

Well, turned out he was Italian, Catholic, and, as you know, a starving reporter. In fact, he bought his furniture at an estate sale and had paid a dollar for his couch. Luckily, they threw in an ottoman and an armchair for free.

Why did we end up together? Well, it all has to do with the "Treat them like crap" theory of dating. We went out, I asked him for a second date and he said no, he was busy. I was hooked.

Apparently, it was all part of his diabolical plan to snare me in his web of erotic passion and comfortable stability...