Sunday, February 19, 2006

Squawk-o-Meter : 3 Days and Counting

The UpSide: It's just three days 'til I get to guest blog with the chicks at Squawk Radio. I sure hope you'll stop by and chime in. I'm gonna talk a little bit about how cool it is to do what I do.

The DownSide: I'm in sunny Florida for the long weekend, soaking up glorious sun and hanging out at biker bars along the scenic St. John river. OK. They weren't really biker bars, but there were these really nice bikers there with cool tats and everyone was eating fried gator tail and drinking cold beer. I kept looking around to see whether Asheron and some Dark Hunters were gonna walk in, but I guess that was stupid, cause they'd never be out in the light of day

The fun's keeping me from being at my most creative and coming up with wonderfully erudite and oh-so-humorous things to write about when I guest blog on Squawk Radio on Wednesday, February 22.

Encore! My fave of all Sherrilyn Kenyon's Were Hunter novels so far is her newest, "Unleash the Night."


Trista Bane said...

I'm so glad to find someone else who loves the latest Dark Hunter book as much as I did!

Good luck with your guest blog on Squawk Radio. Time permitting, I'll drop in and check it out!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Trista! I'm glad you checked in here, though. I just thought Wren was such a sweet character. And I loved the scene in the swimming pool. Kenyon does such great "ensemble" novels; there are lots of secondary characters that work to make the book and plot rock, and you can never wait to read their stories, too. Ravyn next! Do you like the DHs,too? I loved Valerius, but am looking forward to Ash.