Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nothing is as good for the soul... a nice, trashy bleach job.

Just got back from the hairdresser. Can't decide what book to bring along to read while my kids are at karate. Lost the nomination for Mom of the Year cause I'm the only one there reading while my kids are karate-ing. The other moms just don't understand I can do lots of things while I read a romance, including give a smile and a thumbs-up.

Ciao for Now from the Depths of Bad Mom Hell,


Encore! Katheryn Jordan, "Hot Water: A Novel" Middle aged MN housewife hies off to hot springs, gets herself a young man, and lives change. Awesome, real.

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amy kennedy said...

Excuse me, I can top that--when my daughter was in dance I would park and stay in the car and read...AND smoke--that's right, sneaking cigs that even my daughter didn't know about.
Luckily I've quit and she's grown.