Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mr. Romance

Meet Travis Greiman, young, strapping Midwestern pre-med student. Son of popular romance author Lois Greiman. And with a little luck and the kind of hard work he's used to, the next Mr. Romance.

OK. Cheesy title, but a great opportunity offered to one guy each year by Romantic Times Book Club mag. The guy chosen as Mr. Romance at the RT Readers Convention coming up in May in Daytona, FL, will be featured on the cover of a Harlequin novel and from there, who knows?

We'll check in with Travis in the coming weeks to see how his prep is going, how he feels about competing, and what's involved on this road to success. We'll also talk with a past winner or two and see where the M.R. title's taken them.

So, you're our man, Travis. But not just because you're willing to strip down and grease up for our future romance novel enjoyment. We respect your mind, too.

J.R. Ward Watch: 5 days to J.R.'s guest blog and live blogchat, Tuesday March 7, 4.00 pm

Encore! For some very hot historical romance, check out the darker, edgier erotic novels of Monica Burns. And, she's got great recipes on her site, too, that correspond with naughty food references in her books.


Monica Burns said...

Wow! Michelle! Thank you so much for the website referral! That was really sweet of you.

I checked out your profile, and meant to comment on how much we have in common taste wise! Henry V (KB) has to be that man's greatest performance. His Crispin speech is riveting and I was right there ready to fight with him against the French. That has to be one of my all-time favorite movie moments.

Have you seen Dead Again with KB and his then wife Emma Thompson! OMIGOD That movie is out of this world. Talk about sexual tension.

I also saw you love Elizabeth, The Bird Cage (I adore Nathan Lane - love the John Wayne moment)and The Piano. I love the scene in the rain with Harvey Keitel and Holly Hunter. Ooozing with sex appeal.

And another Opera lover!! So hard to find these days. Thank you so much for recommending Cecilia Bartoly, I've got her Portrait album on my wish list for when my tax return hits the bank! One of my fondest memories of my grandmother is a hot summer day with her sitting her favorite lounge chair, feet up (bare fee - LOL) and listening to some of the great sopranos and tenors. Even with the scratchy sound of the phonograh, the music was exquiste. I took her to see Luciano Pavoratti a couple of years before she died,and it made her cry during the perfomance. Another fond memory. She was my first and last teacher. Always graded my annual Christmas letter. Ok I'm rambling her,but my stitches are keep me awake, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the nod toward my website.

Hot babe on your blog...the hotter the better. LOL


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, Monica: Is there an online acronym like COL (crying out loud)? You can't talk about opera and your grandmother and expect an Italian woman not to cry. :) Stiches?

I'm writing about Kenneth/Crispin soliloquy even as we speak for this week's column. (Are you and I on the same cosmic plane, or what?) My deadline's in 3.5 hrs; hoping the kids sleep late. Of course, I think that was KB's best role cause it was before he got dopey and left Emma for some younger Helena Bonham-Carter costume drama ingenue booty.

Isn't Travis a cutie? He's a good guy, too.

Monica Burns said...

It's definitely cool that we're so simpatico! *grin* So what's your favorite operatic moment? How did you come to have a love for opera? Oh and my Mom's maiden name was Castellano. Can't get more Italian that, the common man's name. LOL My oldest the other day complained that someone teased her at school about using her hands so much when talked, and she wanted to know why. I just laughed and said, "You're Italian babe, it's like food, it's who we are!" ROTFL

I can't wait to read the column with KB's mention. (Is it on your website?) You're right about him getting dopey. Sheesh

As for the stitches, it's a long story, which I blogged about under Forget Grey's Anatomy, Try Monica's. Short story. A handicapped door attacked my foot and dug a deep gash into the top of my foot. With my five stitches I look like I have a Star Trek insigna on my foot. How on edge for a Deep Space Nine fan. LOL


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I love the quartet from Rigoletto, that begins Bella figlia del'amore. (i spell Italian no better than English) I sang it in college (fairly poorly), but I've never forgotten it. And, everytime I watch "A Few Good Men," the courtroom scene when Jack can't believe he got Jessup to say he ordered the Code Red, and Kevin Bacon's trying to get Jack's attn, Jack Nicholson's talking to anyone who'll listen, and the Judge is trying to get order, I think of the quartetto. And, I turn to my husband and say, "man, that is just so flippin operatic," and he says something like, "hmmm, I think you may have mentioned that the last 20-30 times we watched this."

I also love il Sogno di Doretta from "La Rondine." It's got this exquisite high, suspended note that's kick-butt when you place it just right.

I remember being a young voice student and my teacher saying I needed to sing it with passion, didn't I know what it was like to feel passion for a man? Well, I was a 19 yr old Italian Catholic girl from a small town. What did I know for passion? Now, with a few hundred romances under my belt, I think I know what she meant.

And to think I used to laugh at people who said " if I only knew then..."

KBs up tomorrow or Fri in my feature for JR Ward's "Lover Eternal."

And, Hank V, one of the most influential, memorable films I'd ever seen. The battle scenes? The damn French killing the banner boys against the rules of war? The funny scene at the end w/ Emma Thompson when Harry steals a kiss. Was ever there a celluloid movie king more appealing than KB/s Henry?

I think I need to rent that again. My husband just started Netflicking.

Monica Burns said...

You're just gonna have to come visit! I own over 600 videos and that's one of them. Nah, NetFlix is definitely cheap. LOL Although you would miss the killer lasagna I make that's a family recipe. Never had anyone refuse seconds. (I use romano not ricotta).

Oh, and while you ordering from NetFlix, get Dangerous Beauty. It's FABULOUS!!! I can't remember the stars, but incredible acting! One of my favorite movies. Chow! I'm off to turn on a little Jerry Vale mixed with Pavorotti. *grin*