Sunday, February 05, 2006

MNBF, Christina Dodd

So, I'm talking to My New Best Friend Christina.

Christina Dodd.

OK, so she's not my new best friend. But we did talk on the phone the other day because she and the chicks at have been nice enough to invite me to blog with them on Feb 22nd.

That call was five days ago, and I'm still cataloging every mortifying thing I said.

I actually described to her parts of her books I love, as well as specific parts of her heroes I adore. Could I have been any more pathetic?

Probably. But here's the thing about getting paid to read romance novels, interview the authors, and gab with other romance fans about it: No matter how professional I am, no matter how literary my critique or how well I attempt to write, when it comes down to it --

I'm really just a Fan Girl at heart. I'm crazed for romance novels and am awed by the great writers who cook em up for our pleasure.

I'm still starstruck and plan on staying that way. Cause the day I don't get excited by a message in my inbox from Loretta Chase, or the day I'm not breathless when I open the new Julia Quinn, is the day I go back to reading Oprah's books of the month.

Have you had an embarrassing Fan Girl moment when you met one of your heroes? Canta, Bellas (tell all)!

Ciao for Now,


Encore! Visit MNBF Christina's group blog, I'll be there Feb 22nd, if she's still talking to me.

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Teresa Bodwell said...

I had to comment on this from an author's point of view. I don't think any author would ever be put off by hearing parts of her books or parts of her heroes praised.

Maybe when you hit the bestseller lists things change, but I don't think so.