Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm Looking for A Few Good Men

I love a romance hero who is or was a mercenary.

Or a Spec-Ops guy. Or a green beret, knight errant, Navy Seal, Marine, Knight Templar, or -- you get the picture. He has to have been to Hell -- or the Peninsula -- and back, and seen and done too much horrid stuff to have a heart left. He's got to be wicked intelligent, not the most polite guy, and a BiMBiAW (Big man, big in all ways). A couple scars are a plus.

Then, and only then, is he worthy of meeting the woman who needs his protection more than anyone else's. And who can bring him to his knees when he realizes she's the only chick strong enough, smart enough, and, yes, stacked enough, to teach him to love again.

Ciao for Now,


Encore! Lucy Monroe's "Ready," "Willing," and "and Able," are three awesome, super-erotic mercenary tales. "Tell it to the Marines," by Amy J. Fetzer, is cool, too.

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amy kennedy said...

Uniforms slaughter a good way. Even when a man isn't wearing one, but you know he has one at home in his closet...I love my imagination.