Thursday, February 16, 2006

Connie Brockway Said What?

So, I'm at this meeting of my chapter of Romance Writers of America. And Connie Brockway says she's decided to stop writing traditional romance cause she's sick of writing sex.

Uh, Connie? Some of us aren't sick of reading the sex you write, OK?

Some of us, in fact, reflect fondly upon a scene from "My Seduction," one of our favorite romances of all flippin time, in which rough, strapping, earnest-as-a-Boy Scout Kit MacNeill woos the heroine thusly:

"I will have you on your back and I will have you against the wall and I will take you on your knees. I will hear you sob and plead for my touch, and then you will plead again, and I will have you again."

Go ahead, Connie. Spread your little creative wings; I know the new book'll be wonderful. And when I'm no longer bitter, I shall buy you a cocktail at the RWA conference and toast Kit MacNeill, one of the most noble BiMBiAWs of all romance.

Ciao for Now,


Encore! When Scott Pomfret and Scott Whittier realized the story of their romance wasn't the only one out there (!), they created Romentics for all gay men who believe in happily ever after.


amy kennedy said...

It took me until Sunday to comment on this--at first I was floored and sad, but then I remembered we all get tired of things, and who knows what great things could come of this. Right? Right?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well, Amy, you may be right. I, on the other hand, prefer to be bitter.