Thursday, February 16, 2006


I've noticed lots of romance blogs pay homage (pronounce it sans 'h' if you want to sound totally affected) to a particular hottie. Matthew Mac seems to be top draw. Tom "I-don't-know-why-Scientology-never-taught-me-the-value-of-staying-married-to-the-mother-of-my-children-but-I'm-happy-to-disparage-women-suffering-post-partem" Cruise is oft seen.

Yet I never knew so many women feel as I, that Clive Owen is a magnificent demi-god. So, I'll do my best to find great pix of him and post them early and often. Turn me on to some if you've got em.

Squawk-o-Meter: 6 days and counting...

Encore! Eve Silver ("Dark Desires," Zebra ) has contracted with Warner for a series of Dark Paranomals. Eve's a sweet woman who has a a freaky, creepy dark side which works out pretty well for Gothic romance fans. Don't know how her husband feels about it, but they're a really cute couple.


amy kennedy said...

I first stumbled upon the demi-god Clive in a bbc series called Second Sight--and after my jaw had closed and my eyes had resumed their more normal size I rented every episode and said to my friend, "Have you seen him-er, this?" and she said, "Ooooh, yes." She had already discovered him.
And what is "it" about him--I don't care

Eve Silver _www.evesilver.net_ said...

LOL! Yes, Michelle, I definitely have that freaky dark side. And I look like such a nice girl!

Shesawriter said...

I too pay homage to him on my blog whenever I can. The man is HOT. You are not alone in your obsess-- er ... I mean, you're admiration. :-)


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

His eyes, his eyes, they kill me. So clear, so -- grey-green, I think -- so knowing. Please let me know when I can see him on your blog.

Amy, how unusual that you developed an, as shesawriter calls it, "admiration," for someone.