Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tails Of Love Pet Photo Mascot Extravaganza!

Your furry, feathered, finned, etc. friend could be one of 1O randomly chosen photo mascots and 2 pet pals for the "Tails of Love" fund raising romance anthology!*

The Extravaganza begins 12:00 a.m. Eastern time zone May 12, 2009 and ends 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time zone May 25, 2009.
1O Randomly chosen Mascots and 2 Pet Pals announced at RBTB May 27 when "Tails of Love" authors return to congratulate pets/owners and award prizes from these packages!

See the up-to-date Pet Photo Gallery here!

How to Enter your Pet: Only 2 pet photos per household/address are allowed, please. Send your pet's digital photo to You must include, please:

1. PET PHOTO MASCOT in subject line
2. Your full first and last name
3. Pet's name
4. Snail mail address (no P.O. boxes, please)

Your information will not be shared or sold. Only your First name, pet's name and your state will be published w/your pet's photo. Ex: Michelle's "Sophia," IL. Extravaganza participation subject to rules posted on RBTB site in sidebar.

*From the TOL authors: Thank you! "Tails of Love" will help raise money for a no-kill animal shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, and awareness of the plight of abused and abandoned animals and pets.

Lori Foster, Stella Cameron, Dianne Castell, Kate Angell, Ann Christopher, Marcia James, Donna MacMeans, Sarah McCarty, Patricia Sargeant and Sue-Ellen Welfonder – have each contributed an original short story to "Tails of Love." That’s 10 original short stories in one really cute package. Have you seen the cover?

In addition, we’re donating all of our proceeds to the Animal Adoption Foundation. Our agents have pledged the same. That means with each copy of "Tails of Love" you purchase, you’re contributing to a very worthy cause. For your generosity, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


lamclane said...

Oh what a fun book and such a great cause! Love the title and the cover too :-)

smarthotblondie said...

Hoping to get my copy at the get-together with lots of autographs. What a wonderful idea!

Marcia James said...

Thanks, Michelle, for hosting this fun contest for our charity anthology! I'm thrilled to have a short story in TAILS OF LOVE, and I can't wait to see the pet photos submitted by your readers. ;-)
-- Marcia ;-)

Kate Angell said...

Michelle - I absolutely love your picture of Sophia! A real party cat. Tails of Love is an anthology of the heart; animals enhance all our lives. Lori Foster is an amazing lady, a true philanthropist. Hopefully TOL will raise lots of money and support for the No-Kill Shelter.

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Michelle.
Thanks for having us here.
There's nothing more fun than our pets and what we do for them and what they do to us. I sitting here with a cat on my lap and another across my printer. My for forever companions.
Can't wait to see you at the Reader/Writer get-together.
Hugs, Dianne

Tee said...

I loved this book! Every story not only has a love for a animal but the romance is very sweet. When you buy your book, you will be very pleased with your purchase. Enjoy!

Playground Monitor said...

What fun! I just emailed Michelle a photo of our last cat who no longer lives with us, but with someone better equpped to care for a cat with behavior problems.


Stella Cameron said...

I'll be keeping Michelle's site warmed up so I can check for more cute pictures. At first I thought Sophia was dressed as Robin Hood--hmm, maybe it's time for those glasses.

Thank you, thank you, Michelle for highlighting TAILS OF LOVE and our contest. I'm very glad I don't have to choose winners because I'd have to choose as many critters as show up!

I have a dog, Millie (Papillon) and cat, Mango (marmalade with orange eyes) who both sleep on the bed--or anywhere else they choose. Now I'm looking for another dog--a terrier mix appeals, or a dachshund mix, or any small dag that looks at me with hopeful eyes...

Thank you again, Michelle, and thanks to all for taking part.

Stella Cameron

Cara North said...

I look forward to this book. Our beagle, Jonah, was going to be put down if we did not take him that day. He has been such a treasure and joy for us. Such a sweet and playful boy. I hop ethis book sells millions and saves more four legged babies.
:)Cara North

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

iamclane, I'm with you; cute cover and title.

great idea smarthotblonde. Love your username.

You're welcome, Marcia! Thanks for stopping in. WE've got about 60 pets already!

Hi, Kate! Yes, Sophia's a doll. You want 'er? Just kiddin. sorta. Wish I could enter so I could win your baseball books.

What great praise, Tee! Thanks for letting us know.

Play, you mean you can give them away when they're problematic? Hmmm, wonder if I could do that with Sophia and my children occasionally for a short period of time. Or is that irresponsible even to joke about? Ok then. Just the kids.

Thanks, Stella! Don't think anybody's ever seen Sophia as 'jaunty' and dashing before. I love the idea of a pet looking at one with 'longing eyes.' Sophia looks at her food that way.

Oh, Cara, that's wonderful that you saved him and he's brought you such joy. Thanks for sharing that.

Judy F said...

Great contest. WOW. Hi Michelle.

I just have one cat now Sam. He is a trip is 11 and still acts like he is a kitten.

I get my dog fix with my sisters dog Trixie. She brings you something every time you walk in the door.

katsrus said...

Wonderful contest. Loked at the pet page and what beautiful pets.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Everybody! 3 folks sent me Extravaganza Pet Photo Mascot pet entries Wednesday night 5.13 around 10 or 11 pm Central. I somehow lost them when I tried to save em. Will you please re-send these to me so I can post them? I'm really sorry! Thanks!

iokijo said...

Great contest.. but only 2 pictures?? lol
well that's 2 of the 7 babies I have.
I can't wait to check out the book. It sounds wonderful.

Thank you to the authors for having the book support such a fantastic cause, and to all of you for the contest.

Unknown said...

Were the winners announced?

Janean said...

Who were the lucky winners?