Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Morning Tribute

Like lots of kids his age, our 12-year old son has had a little trouble navigating the ins/outs of tween society. Frankly, he's met some children who've clearly learned some pretty crappy ways of interacting; somebody's given them the message that it's OK to say ugly things to others, to make personal attacks on them, and to gather other kids to do the same.

Yet our kid has gone off to school every day with a smile on his face, courageous, getting good grades and moving forward -- living his life by his rules. We're teaching him that middle school probably isn't going to be the last place he'll to meet folks who do others this way; unfortunately, lots of adults drag that same behavior from childhood into their social and business interactions most of their lives. So we have to learn skills to accept them, and work with them when necessary.

Last week, our son won first place in his chamber in debate club, and it was cool to see how excited so many of his peers were to share in his success. Sometimes a kid just needs folks who believe in him to remind him of his strengths, and point out to him the flaws in what others would have him accept as reality.

So today's video tribute's for him and anyone who's dealt with -- or still is dealing with -- people who strike at others to gain balance in their own lives.

Oh, and, yes. Crank it.
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Vanessa Kelly said...

Michelle, your son sounds like a great kid! He's lucky to have parents who are teaching him that life can be a real balancing act, but that it's important to smile, to be courageous, and to strive to be a good person.

Love the song, and love the message. Thanks!

Becke Davis said...

Huge congratulations! It's so nice when we can share our kids' successes. It's a wonderful feeling to see them hit their stride.

LizbethSelvig said...

Your son IS a great kid, Michelle, and I miss having him (and his mom) in my neighborhood. Congrats big time on the debate win. But congrats even bigger time on the amazing attitude he hasn't lost. (Of course, that doesn't come from him alone. Great parents are a blessing for any child.)

What a wonderful post--things in here we all need to remember no matter how old we are!

amy kennedy said...

I love this song (which you introduced to me) and I love your son.