Sunday, July 18, 2004

"When Alex Was Bad" Excerpt

WARNING: This excerpt contains sexually explicit content from Jo Davis' August 09 erotic romantic suspense that may not appeal to all viewers. Enjoy!

After fifteen years together, Alexander and Olivia Quinn have become strangers, both in and out of the bedroom. When Alex is tempted to stray, Olivia steps in with a bold plan to save their marriage: she’ll allow him seven nights of decadent pleasure with anyone he chooses…if he confesses to each liaison—in explicit detail. And if he agrees to accept his wife’s wicked punishments.

Alex follows Jenna home and gives in to her relentless seduction for the first time…

He almost told her about his arrangement with Liv, but this was simpler, cleaner, and no less the truth. “I’ve wanted to do your luscious body from the second I hired you, and I can’t resist anymore.”

God help me.

Something dark and dangerous flashed in her topaz eyes, there and gone so fast he must’ve imagined it. “And why should you? Poor neglected baby, let me make you feel good.”

Taking him by the hand, she led him into the living room to stand in front of the sofa. Grasping the waist of his pants, she tugged them down, boxers and all. His shaft sprang free, ready and eager for whatever games she had in mind. Indeed, she seemed to be taking the dominant role, a role normally his, and the idea shot a thrill down his spine.

If Jenna wanted to control him tonight, he’d let her. Now that his fate was decided, he’d do whatever she wanted. Let his lover devour him whole.

Kneeling on the carpet, she ran her palms up his thighs. “So big everywhere. Muscular and fit. I insist on a man who takes care of his body.”

“Baby, you’re the gorgeous one.”

Apparently pleased by his compliment, Jenna grasped his c*** around the base. The initial contact electrified every nerve ending. Paralyzed Alex in a fog of need, leaving him at her mercy. Her pretty mouth surrounded him, suckled as though craving nourishment only he could provide. Inch by agonizing inch, she swallowed the length of him. Gasping, he watched his iron-hard shaft disappear between her lips. The most erotic sight he’d ever beheld.

With a low, husky laugh, she released him and straddled his lap.

“You need this, big boy?”

“Oh yeah.”

Grabbing a handful of blond hair, she yanked back his head. “Beg.”

“Jenna, f*** me. Please, baby, f*** me. . . . “

She sank onto him the same way she’d sucked him, slow and deliberate. He spanned his hands at her trim waist. Reveled in the slide of her fiery sheath gripping him. Down, down until she took all of him. Skin to skin, locked together.

So goddamned good. So f***ing nasty.

Dark, forbidden delight.

“This is what you’ve craved, dear Alex. What you need that no one else can give you, even your lovely wife.” Her voice was triumphant, her eyes glittering black pools.

But Liv made this possible, he wanted to cry in denial.

“Yes,” he whispered instead. Easier to agree.

“F***!” she cried. “That’s it, take what you deserve.”

He did. His hips pistoned, flesh slapping in delicious, noisy rhythm. A familiar quickening seized him, gathered in the base of his spine.

“Ahhh, God!”

He exploded with shattering force, pumping into her on and on, filling her with his release. She joined him in climax and they shuddered together for a full minute before Alex finally collapsed into the cushions, sated and spent. For now.

Grinning, she flicked the end of his nose with one bloodred nail. “The Boardman files?”

“Ugh. Must we?”

“Mmm. If you’re very efficient, we might dispatch with business and have time to play before you have to go home.” She cocked her head. “Unless you’d like to stay?”

“I can’t. You know I love Olivia.” He took a deep breath. “In fact, she—”

“I’ve heard that song before.” She chuckled knowingly.

A chill gripped his heart. “Jenna, after tonight, this can’t happen again.”

Cool topaz eyes bored into his, unconcerned. As though she knew something he didn’t.
“We’ll see, loverboy. Don’t bet the farm.”

From “When Alex Was Bad.” Copyright Jo Davis, 2009.

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