Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kresley Cole's "Pleasure of a Dark Prince!" Feature

Even as a sane, self-sufficient, contemporary professional woman, you may find it tricky to explain to friends and colleagues why the idea of a guy hunting you down and trailing you because he’s convinced you’re his life mate to guard – and maybe, um, mark as his by aggressively latching on to your neck from behind in a moment of passion – is really flippin’ romantic.

To help them understand the classic appeal of the mating bite, you could give em a copy of Kresley Cole’s much-anticipated “Pleasure of a Dark Prince,” the newest in Cole’s wholly kick-ass, genuinely fun and entirely addictive Immortals After Dark (IAD) series. READ MORE, BELLAS!
TOMORROW: The AuthorView returns when Becke Davis chats with Patricia McLinn just in time for the Winter Olympics and the reissue of McLinn's olympic-themed romance, "The Games!"
Monday 2.8: Melanie Murray's take on Madeline Hunter's newest
Wednesday: Amy Kennedy brings you "My Zombie Valentine"
Friday: Becke Davis on Kristan Higgins' "Next Best Thing"

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