Friday, August 03, 2007

I Could Quit Anytime I Want

So I was on the phone yesterday with Evan "The Greatest Guy Ever" Silverman, V.P. Online at The guy who hired me. The guy I report to.

Anywayz, Evan's talking about the terrible tragedy of the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis two days ago. (Thank you, btw, all who've written and called to check on my family. We feel very fortunate to all be safe, and horribly sad for the families who lost loved ones).

So, Evan makes reference to a CNN report about the collapse, and I say, "no, I didn't see it. I don't watch the news."

[Imagine extended, uncomfortable silence].

See, it's not that I don't follow the news. I just can't watch it; it gives me agita to view other peoples' pain. It's part of the reason I started reading romance.

When I feel reality pushing too hard, I generally pick up a romance. Love that little moment when the book's so good, you just sorta sink into the embrace of the good feelings that are gonna follow. And I like knowing it's gonna turn out happy, no matter whether the road there is rocky.

Some people speak anecdotally of women who've become addicted to romance. I've often compared reading it to that lovely little warmth of a nice I.V. drip starting to do its thing, but that's just me. I've met a couple women who said they gave up reading it cause they never could find in real life men what they found in the storybook heroes.

So, I've got two different kinds of questions. First: Do you think you're addicted or could become addicted to romance? I mean, for real? Second: What's the last thing you said to your boss you wished you could have taken back immediately? Finally: Have you got a weekend book escape planned?
Books I loved above are some of the historicals I've used to practice soothing avoidant behavior in the last week
Encore due! I was torn as to whether I should show you this piccie of Daniel Radcliffe from a recent London production of "Equus." Harry, em, Da
niel's only seventeen, after all, but he does does deliver for God and Country, as it were, on-stage.

I'm showing you the photo not as one of my usual tasteful, yet sophomoric tributes to men with lovely bodies, but rather to show you how our little boy's all grown up. Anyway, and in a totally "I'm not a pervy older chick scammin on movie boys when I take my kids to a flick" way, I always thought the boy who taught Harry to play Quiddich in the first movie was much cuter.


rachd said...

Hi Bellas!! I'm on for now, but I've been trying to wean myself off the 'net for a while. Hubby's afraid I might get lost in the internet and I think he might be right.

But anyway, yeah, I try not to watch the news, it's all sensationalized and of course, the Monkey's tragic accident was ALL over the local news which just made me even more ill. (Hm, TMI methinks...)

Anyway, what were those questions? Oh, yeah, I am totally on the path to romance addiction. I can't remember the last time I read something other than a romance. Seriously.

I can't remember saying anything too bone-headed, but that's most likely because I've blocked it all because I *KNOW* I'm a bone-headed idiot. :oP

Weekend reading? No clue. Someone delightfully wonderful (Hi Ev!!) sent me her ARC of "Sugar Daddy" so I may just delve right in. But, someone equally delightfully wonderful (Hi Marilyn!!) sent me a packet of romances and I've been looking really hard at the Samantha James book inside. Decisions decisions...;o)

LeeAnn said...

I know I am addicted to romance novels. My house cleaning totally suffers because of it. I have to make myself put down the book to clean the house and try not pick it up on the week nights till my son is in bed because then I don’t spend enough time with him. I always have a book I’m reading sometimes I will stop in the middle of one to read another I’ve been waiting to come out and as soon as I’m done with that one I pick the other one back up. I will read till three o’clock in the morning knowing that I have to be up at six thirty the next morning. I could go on forever about this. Like I have said before hi my name is LeeAnn and I’m addicted to romance novels

My weekend book escape plan is to finish S17 tonight and then I’m not sure yet what I will start on Saturday it’s going to take some serious thought : )

LeeAnn said...

Hi Rach it’s so good to see you here! Samantha James is one of my new fav. Authors. I only have a few books to have read all of her books (like I said I have a reading addiction and tend to read everything someone has written if I really like their books)

LeeAnn said...

I only have a few boos to go till I have read all of her books. Wow I need to learn to proof read :)

Monica Burns said...

{{{{{Rach}}}} So good to see you hear sweet Bella

Am I addicted to romance...I don't think I'm addicted. Addictions mean you can't survive or be whole without something. So I'm not addicted to reading romance, but writing??? That I confess I am addicted too. I feel supreme guilt if I'm not pounding out a story on the keys. I live for it. Breathe it. It's the ultimate high and the ultimate withdrawal. Drugs can't even compare to what my addiction is.

As for the last thing I said to the boss that I regret...I can't remember. It's usually doing something stupid or making a mistake that has me going in to own up to it that is soooo painful. Hell it's worse than painful. It's excruciating. I despise making mistakes, because then I have to own up to them and pay the piper. I DO NOT like paying the piper. *sigh*

Monica Burns said...

ACK!! that's here! NOT hear! *sigh*

Vivi Anna said...

Hi Rach! (((((((big bear hugs)))))))))

Um, is it awful to say that I too have a rather pervy pic of Daniel. Not that one, but one more pervy. I totally feel leachous....

He totally makes me want to be young again. So I could innocently crush on him.

Daniel's going to grow into one handsome man I must say. But I totally have it for the twins, Fred and George. Bad Boys all the way. I adored them when they had the long hair.

I just finished WIRED by Liz Maverick, good reading, and RED HANDED a YA by Gena Showalter. A great read. I'm going to dive into God of Thunder: Rogue Angel by Alex Archer this weekend, and finish HARD AND FAST a Blaze by oen of my best buddies Lisa Renee Jones. I highly recommend it!!

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Rach... I second what Leean says... it's good to have you back. I hope the lovely books and arcs that you have for the weekend prove to be deliciously escapist reads.

I wouldn't say I'm completely addicted to romance novels, because I do like thrillers and other types of books too... but I'm not that far from addiction. I've been reading BDB in the last few days when I *should* have been writing my own stuff!

This weekend? No contest... Lover Awakened. :)

Bosses? I'm always saying dumb things to my boss... I talk to myself!

Portia Da Costa said...

Leeann! Hope you like the way S17 ends... :)

MaryKate said...

Rach! Hi love! BTW, the hero from Sugar Daddy, Gage, is my kind of anesthesia! Seriously. I'll take one of those in a size X-tra Large!

Addicted to romance? Yes, I think I probably am. Although I think of it much more as a hobby than an addiction. One that I love, and spend too much money on, and think about quite a bit, and talk about alot. Hmm, maybe it IS an addiction.

But I agree, Michelle, whenever I'm down or having a frustrating day, I love a romance novel to pick me up, or take me away. It's kind of a paper form of Calgon. You know? "Calgon, take me away!" that's me.

I say stupid things all the damn time, so I don't keep a list. I'm the queen of "open mouth, insert foot." I try really hard to think before I open my mouth, but I'm quick on the trigger sometimes.

Weekend reading? Well, I have a big stack of books I'm hoarding for my cruise, so I'll be re-reading this weekend. Just not sure what.

LeeAnn said...

Portia so far it has been amazing! I have to say that while clever bobby will always have that special place I like Valentino more so far. I think it’s because he’s more troubled and I have a thing for men with sexy hair. I just finished the phone conversation scene and WOW! I went back to my desk a little flushed with some very interesting pictures in my mind ;)

I’ll have to let you know if I like the ending when I finish it tonight. I’ll have to read it after the boy go to bed. My son is having his first sleep over with his cousin at my house (they’re two and three)

Portia Da Costa said...

Wow, I'm so glad you're enjoying it, Leeann!

And yeah, Valentino does have his hangups... I like doing complicated, ambiguous characters. They're much more interesting... Rafe, from my WIP is even more screwed up, he's got loads of trouble in his life...

I think that's why I like the BDB lads so much. They've all got massive issues to contend with...

amy*skf said...

Rach--so good to hear from you.

I think I'm addicted to any avoidance, especially reading--romance, fantasy, mystery...watching shows.

My oldest called us to let us know about the bridge--I refuse to watch the news--I'll read the newspaper--a bit more factual and not so sensational. So I hear you, Michelle.

I have so many books and so little time...We had my mother's 85th birthday party last saturday, moved her (think huge antiques) on sunday and brought her to the emergency room on monday (heart)--she spent the night at the hospital, brought her home on tuesday, picked up her car and drove it to her on ex (the father of my two oldest) went in to the hospital on thursday and had surgery today (heart)

Some kind of vortex...

Monica Burns said...

{{{{Amy}}}} Wow! That's some lineup you've gone through there. Hope things are better REAL soon.

You know bellas, I didn't mention it earlier and meant too. The picture of Daniel Radcliffe is merely a picture of what's to come in five or six years. When he fills out a little more, he's gonna try women wild with his dark looks. I love the dark overtones in the pic Michelle. Great shot!

Julie in Ohio said...

Amy-- You are definitely allowed to collapse now. I hope all are doing better.


I think it's safe to call me an addict. I am always with a book in my possession and would rather be reading than walking (which is why I need to lose that weight *g*). When I'm reading, I lose all sense of time and block out all noise (much to my children's dismay).

I am reading KMM's "Highlander's Touch". Mmmmmm, Scottish warriors....

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

AAAAAAnd the winnah, for Miss Purveyor of Understatement of the Year....Portia Da Costa for her comment:

. I like doing complicated, ambiguous characters.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Rach, Bella! Very happy to have you drop in, and glad that you've taken a sec from your Internet allotment to visit.

I was thinking a lot about you the last couple days, and especially because, well, I don't love hanging on the Internet. There. I've said it.

It drives me a little nutty. But mostly, it has all the makings of a lovely little addiction for me, and I have trouble maintaining balance; I'm kinda an all or nothing obsessive, ya know? Like, I eat only cheez puffs as snacks for a month then can't stand to look at them?

Really, the only obsession that's lasted past that point for me is romance. Though I remember one point about a year into reading them that I told Dave I was gonna quite cold turkey; I thought I was spending too much time reading, and wasn't paying enough attn to my kids and stuff.

But I got past it, thank God. I mean, how much attention do kids really need, anyway?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

oh, Vivs. I think I know the pic you mean, and I just couldna do it, lass.

But here's what I loove aboot the mon.(I'm writing in really bad Highlander brogue, in honor of JulieO's re-reading of Karen Marie Moning's Highlanders this weekend, some of the best Highlanders ever).

Danny's totally aboot makin light o his fame as a bairn. He makes really funny comments about why he's no maladjusted, and that he's "actually seen a real lass nekkid" and stuff. I loov that.

End of really bad Highland brogue. I mean, you see one Highlander with a big ol broadsword, you seen em all, you know?

leeann, I'm so with you on what you said. All of it. But Clever Bobby's still my fave office fantasy. Thank God I work in my home. Or too bad.

Hey, mon! I hear ya on the hating to make mistakes thing. I just make so many, and am constantly saying "sorry. my bad." But I met this awesome businessman once who said one of the keys to his success was the ability to say he was wrong, and that he generally said, "that was my responsibility, I'm sorry" at least once a day. And that made hims a stronger leader, not a mess-up.

One of the things I like about this blog is that I get to toss out my mistakes -- be totally "transparent," as they say in the blogher world -- and make ammends. Maybe that just appeals to my Italian Catholic martyr nature. Hmmm.

Anyway, it sucks to be wrong. And I especially hate when I think of exactly what I should have said to make amends five minutes after I've made the mistake.

Playground Monitor said...

Hey Rach! You're welcome.

I'm out of town for a family reunion and holed up in a motel til tomorrow morning. Of course I brought along a romance novel. Two as a matter of fact. And I brought the story notes for my own novel in case I get tired of reading someone else.

I don't read much of anything besides romance. The last non-romance I read was Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, and DaVinci Code before that. And before that... I honestly can't remember. I love reading about love and happily ever after.

Since I've been my own boss for 11 years, I can't say I've said anything to myself I wished I could take back. Well maybe "No, I don't really NEED the front loading washer and dryer." ;-)

Julie in Ohio said...

LMAO, Michelle! That really was a bad brogue but the thought was wonderful. Thank you. :oD

Kate Pearce said...

I've always been 'away with the fairies' ie had a problem distinguishing real life from the much more interesting world going on in my head, so I suspect I am a romance addict.
I spent 3 happy hours yesterday making up my own J R Ward story about a brother called "Vandal" (Van for short) and a heroine called Ashley who bore a startling resemblance to was so much more fun than looking at the laundry pile.

Michelle Willingham said...

So glad that you and your family were all right! Scary stuff. I dislike the news, too.

As for being addicted to romance novels, I'm more addicted to that rush you get when you've found a book that you absolutely canNOT put down (JR Ward comes to mind). When I'm bathing my toddlers with one hand and reading with the other, I know I have a good read. And that's just fabulous. Love it!

Cinthia Hamer said...

Evening, Bellas~~

Rach, so wonderful to see you!! I've thought a lot about you and Fancy Hannah this past week, especially when I throw my silk-festooned stethoscope 'round my neck.

Hmm, I can't say I'm "addicted" to romance, but I'm certainly addicted to books in general. An obscene amount of our monthly net income is spent on reading material.

Just finished a wonderful, wonderful paranormal by a gal named Cindy Miles, titled "Spirited Away". Ghost or not, Tristan was so yummy, I wanted to nibble him from his earlobes to his ankles.

As for words said to the boss you wish you could stuff back in your mouth... Nah, I'm pretty good at keeping my lip zipped. Wish I could say the same about other occasions...then, yeah, there've been times I wish I could make myself evaporate.

Julie in Ohio said...

My foot is a permanent fixture in my mouth. I say the wrong thing all the time. I try to censure myself. I really do but often I find in retrospect, I don't often succeed. That goes for any and all circumstances. I once got pulled over for speeding and tried to wiggle out of a ticket and needless to say it didn't happen. I believe he thought I was hitting on him and he was happily married, which he was annoyed to point out.

I would like to apologize in advance to any and all Bellas. If I happen to say the wrong thing please know that I didn't mean ANYTHING by it. I am never cruel intentionally.

Monica Burns said...

I would like to apologize in advance to any and all Bellas. If I happen to say the wrong thing please know that I didn't mean ANYTHING by it. I am never cruel intentionally.

I've never heard you say anything wrong or bad at all Jules. You don't have a mean, nasty bone in your body.


LeeAnn said...

Oh Portia I just finished S17 and all I can say is WOW!!! When I finished I just let out a huge sigh. It was a great ending! I adored Valentino he was so sweet and naughty.

Well I can honestly say that I’m tired after chasing two little ones around all night who didn’t even get tired till 10. I bow to women who have more than one child not to mention twins. But it was fun :)

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Leeann

I'm sighing now... with relief! I'm so happy that you enjoyed S17 and the way it ended. I think Valentino has turned out to be one of my all time favourites from amongst my heroes... I think Clever Bobby will always have a special place in my heart, but Valentino is just a hair's breadth away from the top spot. :)

ev said...

Rach- Hi Hon!! Relax and read em all!! You'll be here when you feel like it, but don't worry, we won't let you wander to far.

Michelle- Daniel turned 18 last week. Daughter and the rest of us are no longer pervs.

I am addicted to reading. All genre- romance, mystery and sci-fi. When they cross the lines of each other, I am even happier.

The last thing I wish I could take back that I said to my boss? Yes, I will come back to work for you.

Sara York said...

I don't like to watch the news. I don't think I'm addicted to reading romance but I do love it. I have found that with a little bit of patients my real life hero is getting better every day. I don't have a weekend book escape planned. I am my own boss, so I think the last thing I wished I could take back was "Pizza sounds good tonight." I love pizza, but we bought from a new place and it wasn't good.

Julie in Ohio said...

"I've never heard you say anything wrong or bad at all Jules."

Thanks, Mon!!!! {{HUGS}}

You must have selective reading. If so, keep it up... :p

jessica said...

Michelle--I was on the road and caught the bridge accident on CNN in a couple of airports and hotel rooms. I just couldn't figure out why it was on all day long, all the time. It is horrible and sad and a tragedy, but why all day? I saw the collapse over and over again, just like 9/11.

Anyway, glad all is well with you and yours.

In terms of being addicted to romance and or reading, I think escapism is great when you need it. I have a few odl favorite books that I pick up in times of trouble: Pride and Prejudice being the most oft read. And a People magazine will do in a pinch.


Vivi Anna said...

Oh thank goodness. I can legally crush all over Daniel and be the pervert I want to be.


rachd said...

Sammich potential, Vivs? ;oP

ev said...

Sammich in training???

Stacy~ said...

LOL. Ah how I love the Bellas: easch sweet, funny, dirty-minded, talking-to-themselves, fantasizing, brogue-talkin', kind, self-deprecating, clever, driven, caring one of you. I dig you guys, I really do.

Rach, sweetie, it's wonderful to see you. You know, I just want to make an observation: while you're fully aware of the danger of letting the internet take over and help you avoid life, I've seen that you and Brien and Lily haven't been holed up at home, staying away from people and not going anywhere. If you were spending each waking moment online, away from family and friends, then I'd be worried. But you haven't. The internet IS addicting, as most of us can attest to, but it's not like you're online morning, noon, and night. I hope you take a little comfort from that. {{{{hugs}}}}

As for other addictions, like romance novels, well, sometimes yes, sometimes no. It's what I spend my pocket money on. I don't smoke or buy expensive shoes or gamble, so I feel justified buying books. Besides, there are worse things to be addicted to, right?

I sent the uncensored version of Daniel to a few friends of mine, both who have teenage sons, and I didn't even think of that when I sent it. They both felt rather guilty for ogling the then 16-yr old. Me, well, I didn't feel a twinge of guilt at all. LOL. But then I don't have a crush on him or anything.

Portia, I just got your Suite 17 myself, and it sounds wickedly good. I have to order the other one since I couldn't find it in the bookstore, but I am curious about Clever Bobby.

Well there I go, rambling again. Hoping you all are having a fab weekend. Sometime today or tomorrow, I have a date w/ Gerard 300. Anyone seen it?

MaryKate said...

Hi Bellas - Just back from a gorgeous wedding. Gorgeous. The bride, who is a good friend of mine, was lovely and blissfully happy. And the groom?? Well, first, he's Army, so major dress blues. Oh yeah, he looks gorgeous. Second, as my friend Christine said, "Every woman deserves to be looked at the way he looks at Megan." I'm not settling for anything less. I've honestly, never seen a happier couple. Just lovely.

Then I went with a couple of girls to see The Bourne Ultimatum. It was outstanding, but man! You need to take a Dramamine before going. It's all hand held camera work and a bit nauseating with all the wiggling to say the least. My roomie walked out practically green with motion sickness.

This weekend I'm rereading NOW YOU SEE HER by Linda Howard. I love, love, love the hero in this. He's big, strong, rich, and totally adores the heroine. It's a good'un.

Well, I'm off to bed, hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

Vivi--I've told you once, that boy is too damn tender for you, you darn cougar! Leave that child alone!! Listen, if a man's (boy's) head is STILL bigger than his body...guess what? He ain't grown! He's still a baby! When his head and body match, when he has more than a sprinkling of hair down his belly...he's grown. Otherwise, let it go, or I'm calling the Canadian equivalent of the FBI on you!

Sorry, Bellas. But Vivs KNOWS she had that coming! I've warned her about her oggling of adolescent boys once before, lol!!!


Vivi Anna said...

Okay, okay...I have been properly scolded by Miss Kim.

I'm done oggling poor young Daniel and back to my regularly scheduled oggling of older sexier men like the two lovelies I have on my blog...

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

I scold in love, Viv, it's all in love. Don't want the po po to lock you up and I have to bail you outta jail ;)

ev said...

Hey Vivi- what's the link for the pervy pic for Harry, I mean Daniel???

Kristina Cook said...

How pathetic that it takes a discussion of pervy pictures of, get me out of lurk mode?! I, too, have seen the even pervier pictures--but someone told me that those (the X-rated photos that circulated) were hoaxes. Did anyone else hear that?!

And yeah, I'm SO glad he's finally 18, 'cause now I don't feel QUITE so pervy (though I have been saying all along that he was going to grow up to be HOT!).

MaryKate said...

Kristina - Yes, I heard that too. That he'd been photoshopped. But then a bunch of his fans came out of the woodwork to say they'd seen him live on stage and that it was definitely him.

And welcome, you can delurk for topics other than neekid Harry Potter you know. We also like to talk about other naked men! LOL!

ev said...

What a bunch of dirty old ladies we are!!

I love it.

Kristina Cook said...

Thanks for the welcome, MaryKate! And LOL, Ev!

And okay, I did some "research" online last night--I saw pretty definitive proof that the X-rated photo of Daniel R. was indeed photoshopped. Not that it's not still nice to look at, but....

danetteb said...

I won't watch the news either, something bad is constantly happening somewhere and it's hard not to get the heart strings pulled at while watching.

Daniel has gotten better looking as he got older.I still feel a little old saying that.*g*

MsHellion said...

I'm sure someone has pointed this out (and I'm not a pervy old lady either, really I'm not)--but he's actually turned 18. He's legal everywhere.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, mshellion! Methinks we alllll protesteth too much on this one! Hope to see you at the new digs again soon!:)